Let the memory of Mary Ann Butler be with us forever...
  • 78 years old
  • Born on October 20, 1932 in Lauringburg, North Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on May 13, 2011 in Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Mary Ann Butler, 78, born on October 20, 1932 and passed away on May 13, 2011. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Sarah Lindquist on May 13, 2017
So here we are lady, another year has passed. I think that where you are is a much better place than the rest of us. Pretty lady, the living ain't that great is it?
Posted by Sarah Lindquist on October 20, 2016
Happy Birthday beautiful lady
Posted by Sarah Lindquist on May 13, 2016
Well beautiful lady, I guess you already know a lot has been happening don't you. This tribute Chucky has set up is more for those of us still here walking around. You have already seen what is going on. You and Jim are sitting up there watching. Of course you know I believe we will come back here and try it again. We have our own thoughts on everything don't we? Jim gave up a good fight and we sure do miss his laugh but I think he probably feels better sittin next to you. The little bugger always did like you. Lol We love and miss you both but that's ok, something would be wrong if we didn't.
Posted by Sarah Lindquist on October 20, 2015
Happy Birthday beautiful lady.I know you are taking care of Jim for Chucky. Smack him one time for me. It's been hard for Chucky losing both of you but he is going to be ok. I promise you that. Take care of Jim till Chucky gets there. It's going to be a while cause I'm not done with him yet here.
Posted by Sarah Lindquist on May 14, 2015
Another year has gone by. It seems the years go quicker but then you know all about that don't you. It's been a hard year for a lot of people this time. The economy sucks and there seem to be a lot of health issues. You, my dear lady , although greatly missed, are in a better place than any of us. Your beautiful memory lives here with those that still love and remember your snappy comebacks and your laughter. Those, we will never forget.
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on May 13, 2015
Hi MOM well we have survived another year I still miss you so much it does get easier but it will never be the same. I feel you all the time. I love you so much....
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on October 20, 2014
Happy Birthday Mom. I miss you so much still but you let me know each and every day that you are still with me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Jim and I went to the Chinese restaurant. I had the pepper steak that you loved. Happy Birthday Mom.
Posted by James Ezzell on October 20, 2014
Hey Mom, just wanted to wish you a very "happy birthday".Sure miss you much ,but you let me know you are still here,trying to keep me in line lol...Chuck says i'm going to tell mom on you and she will get you straighten out, and then i try to get better mmmm but its not working.The little things you do lets me know you are with me still....I love you mom,always will... Mom say hello to Pam my daughter,and my mom.. they will love you as i do...
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on October 20, 2014
Posted by Sarah Lindquist on October 20, 2014
Happy Birthday beautiful lady !!!!
Posted by Konnie McCauley on October 20, 2014
Happy Birthday. I think of you always.
Posted by James Ezzell on May 29, 2014
three years have passed, doesn't seem like it ,but you are very much missed more and more each passing year.I remember the good times we had ,laughing,joking,and enjoying life.Thanks for the memories that keeps me going.I miss you and love you dearly.
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on February 12, 2014
Hi MOM, here we are again its almost Valentines Day another year without you. GOD how I miss you each and everyday. But I know you are well and looking down on me. I stay strong just knowing that you loved me and how much I loved you. We will see each other again when God calls for me. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MOM WITH LOVE.
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on February 12, 2014
Posted by Sarah Lindquist on May 13, 2013
Two years have come and gone since you left us on this earth. You still live on in our hearts. Your family thinks of you with every passing day and will for many more to come. You are and will forever be loved and missed by those lives you touched through the years.
Posted by James Ezzell on February 13, 2013
Hi Mom, happy birthday ... sorry i'm late with wishing you a happy birthday,but i got caught up in reality life (lol) but i still miss you so much i never forget about you i think of you each day...i miss you mom and love you very much ...
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on February 13, 2013
Hi mom, its Valentines Day tomorrow. God how I miss you, I wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine Day Mom. I Love you with all my heart. I never thought living without you here. Never thought I could but you raised me to be a strong person. Well I am and will honor your life always. I LOVE MOM
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on October 14, 2012
Good morning mom, it coming up on your birthday and miss you so much. I talk with you so often to get thru. I wish your didnt have to leave so soon, but i know you were ready and you were so tried. I just miss you and the laughs we shared. You are missed and so very muched loved. I know one day we will be together again. Love you mom....
Posted by James Ezzell on October 14, 2012
Hi Mom, well its been another year without you and God i miss you so much. life just isn't the same not hearing you call JimBob,but i know you are still with us because i feel you in my heart,As i walk by your memorial i look at how much you look so happier no hurting,.I seen preacher Gore,he was talking about Mrs. Butler how he missed you to,"and things like that' :>) love you mom
Posted by James Ezzell on May 13, 2012
Hi Mom its me again JimBob,Its been a year now since you departed us and it still doesn't get easy as usual.You departed us in 2011just after mother's day and here its mothers day again and miss you even more.As i walk by your memeriol in the dinning room i look at it and think what a wonderful lady to have known.We miss you mom,and love you "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO A WONDERFUL LADY."
Posted by Konnie McCauley on May 13, 2012
Thinking of you today and every day. Wishing you happy Mother's day today. I know you are enjoying your day today,  I love you.
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on May 13, 2012
Happy Mothers Day mom, I love you so much. I really miss you.....
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on April 8, 2012
Thinking of you today mom and wanted to wish you a Happy Easter. I love and miss you.
Posted by James Ezzell on April 8, 2012
hey mom its me JimBob...just wanted to say how much i really miss you...your laughs, your wisdom,and the glourious times we had togather.Your passing has left my heart empty.I miss you dearly mom.Happy Easter to a wonderful sweet lady...I LOVE YOU MOM
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on March 25, 2012
Was thinking of you today and smiled feeling your hug. It has gotten easier day by day, but there some days its hard. It is coming up on your passing and not sure how I will be, Mothers day will soon be here and we are making plans on going out to dinner like we did last mothers day to celabrate. hugs and kisses mom
Posted by Konnie McCauley on October 20, 2011
Thinking of you today on your birthday. I know you are enjoying it, you put a smile in my heart yesterday as I was thinking of you, wondering what you would be doing today. I know you are smiling down on us, I feel the laughter in my heart. I will always love you. Kon
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on June 14, 2011
Mom I miss you and your laugh, and hugging you. I feel like there is a huge part of me missing. I didn't think I could feel this alone. Jim and Angi is here but its not the same.. I LOVE SO MUCH and MISS YOU...
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on June 5, 2011
I miss her more each and every day but day by day I keep going, its hard at times but I do. Sorry the funeral home messed up with the obit that was suppose to be in the paper, they never did it.. but its alright. I LOVE YOU MOM...
Posted by Jamie Bowles on May 31, 2011
I met Chuck many years ago and through him I met his mom. She adopted me as one of hers, just like she did many others. (Just as my mother adopted Chuck.) We kept so many people confused when Chuck and I talked about our mothers. People never knew wh
Posted by Jamie Bowles on May 31, 2011
I have too many fond memories to list. But one of the most recent is when I wemt to visit and she said "Is that my little fat Jamie?" For some reason that one question touched my heart so much. I will miss that little woman! But I know she is watchi
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on May 23, 2011
Its been a week since the memorial service. Some days I don't think I can get out of bed, but I know that is not what mom would have wanted. Its funny I visit her site everyday and still some of her family cant say anything in remembrance of her.
Posted by Sarah Lindquist on May 23, 2011
Isn't it funny how we walk around things and remember someone when they have left us. Let go of the things and hold onto the memories. They will carry you through a life of crying and smiles.
Love you bunches
Posted by Sarah Lindquist on May 23, 2011
That little lady loved everyone. She always said I deserved to be happy. She didn't care about her own happiness. Funny huh, she found her own in other people. I'm sure she is smiling now isn't she sweetheart?
Posted by Angelita Emanuel on May 18, 2011
I'm sorry for your lost bout your mom. I know how you felt bout her and what you thought. I wished I could have been there for you to give you a hug. I didnt know her that good but from what I do know she was a very special lady and had a great heart
Posted by Konnie McCauley on May 18, 2011
I had the honor of meeting Mom about 11 years ago. What a blessing she was in my life. My life is better because of her. I have so many wonderful memories I will always hold dear. I love you mom!
Posted by Patsy Farley Zabarsky on May 17, 2011
Patsy Farley Zabarsky, Hi Chuckie ,I am so sorry about your Mom. I no you love her and will miss her.so keep her close to your heart, tell you meet again Love you Aunt Pat
Posted by Chuck Meadwell on May 17, 2011
Mom you were my best friend and you always knew what to say to make things so much better. I know you will be watching over me and Jim-Bob. I will always have you in my heart and will alway LOVE YOU... SOAR NOW MOM
Posted by Judy Farley Soto on May 15, 2011
Chuckie I am so very sorry on the loss of your MOM.. Remember the good times you had together. She was a very special lady.. I am here anytime you need me.. Take care as I know that is what she would want you to do.. Love you. Aunt Judy
Posted by Jim Ezzell on May 15, 2011
The few years i knew Mrs. Butler, we became very close to each other and she adopted me as one of her family .Mom as she became to me was such a sweet person and she named me JimBob,from day one.She let everyone know i was her JimBob.We laughed, joke
Posted by Jeremy Kelly on May 15, 2011
Sorry to hear of your mothers passing, Chucky

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