Let the memory of our beloved Pam be with us forever
  • 62 years old
  • Born on February 2, 1955 .
  • Passed away on September 13, 2017 .

Mary Pamela Olesen, lovingly known to her friends and family as Pam, was born Wednesday, February 2, 1955, and departed us on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

She was the wife of Steven Olesen for 48 years of adventure and challenge. Together they built a family and parented four children (by blood): Steven Olesen, Jason Olesen, Bryan Olesen, and Kimberley Poole. A few of the children’s close friends would come to spend periods of time in the Olesen home and be considered a part of the family as well. All four children married making Pam mother of eight, and eventually grandmother to eight: Darien Contu, Alexander Olesen, Bryan Olesen, Julien Olesen, Alyssa Poole, Harrison Olesen, Christopher Poole, and Kayleigh Poole. She was a rock that created a foundational family environment full of good food, unconditional love, thoughtful care, and crazy fun.  

The family has asked that, in lieu of flowers, any remembrance be made by donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Central and South Jersey at http://komencsnj.org.  If you elect to send a tribute card, please send to Steven Olesen, 410 Coolidge Avenue, Bayville, New Jersey 08721.  Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Please feel welcome to leave a note, tell a story, or share a picture on this site.  While you are here, please read Pam's granddaughter Darien's beautiful testament to her grandmother in the "Stories" section of this site.

We all love her so very much, she will truly be forever missed.
Posted by Jason Olesen on 13th September 2018
I hear you momma...in my head. Its not the birthday phone call I'm used to and much prefer. I dont wanna celebrate anything today. I just wanna talk to you and plan the next dinner with everyone. Jenny and I are getting married! I wish so much you were here to be a part of it! On this day last year, I never wanted to let you go...I remember dad telling me you were gone. I miss you and love you so much everyday!!! I'm always thinking of you.
Posted by Jason Olesen on 8th September 2018
HI momma... I've been talking to you a lot, just haven't written it like i prefer. I love you and miss you soooo much!! Lots is happening and I can't wait to share it with you! This is gonna be the toughest month for us...but we're all sticking together and always talking about you. Summer is almost over... the boys are back in school and it's not the same without you. My heart is so heavy this morning.... I love you always!
Posted by Jason Olesen on 17th July 2018
Hey momma. I've been meaning to put a lot of how I'm feeling on here over the past couple months; life just happens. I know you understand. I think of you every time I see flowers and every time there's a solid thunderstorm... We were just in Maine for the annual Kenlon summer vacation; it's so nice up there! We had Jules over for dinner, he says such warm things about you. We all talk to dad daily and we're so happy he's taking care of him self. Things are happening as they should and exciting things are on the horizon! I wish I could talk with you...I have so many things I need to ask. Jenny and the boys are wonderful and miss you so very much! It's a typical hot Jersey summer, so we try to stay cool. I love you and can't wait to share MORE!! Always loving you!!! Jason
Posted by Jason Olesen on 13th May 2018
So...the boys and I went out yesterday and picked up two flats of flowers and some hanging plants! For as far back as I can remember; always giving you flats of flowers on this day...this Mother's Day. I am really sad...but in remembering you on this special day and sharing a tradition; I am warm. Thank you for always planting them and doing all the work. You always looked so happy when you were gardening! I miss you A LOT!! I love you so much!!!
Posted by Jason Olesen on 1st April 2018
HI mom... I'm super missing you on this Easter morning. Oh, happy Easter. I'm both excited for today and really sad; it's so hard to not see you, talk to you and to sit next to you. I miss you so much!! I have to carve out time to think about you out loud, since it puts me in a sad mood for a while. Like you, I prefer to stay focused on the things that are happening, not whats happened. I'll never get used to you not being here. I'm thankful to the Morris's for giving me a piece of your stained glass from wayy back. I remember standing around the kitchen table in Jackson, watching you create the things that brought so much joy to so many people! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, We're all, ALWAYS thinking of you! I'm ready to wake up from all of this and just have you back. I love you every minute of every day!
Posted by Jennivere Kenlon on 2nd February 2018
Missing you, treasuring all the love and strength you infused into your beautiful family, feeling grateful for the time we had together and for your amazing son who has your same fierce loyalty and generous heart. I celebrate your memory today, happy birthday Pam, I love you.
Posted by Jason Olesen on 2nd February 2018
HI momma... I just wanted to tell you, happy birthday. I'm really sad, cuz I miss yiou sooooo much it hurts. A lot of good things are going on right now that I wish I could sit and talk with you about; not just tell you. I think about you everyday! We are all going out to Red Lobster tonight to celebrate YOU! The past week or so leading up to today have been especially difficult, since we all just wanna sing to you and hug you. We're taking care of one another though, just like you have always taken care of us. You've made us strong and kept us close, I'm the luckiest! I'll talk to you again soon, momma. I love you with all my heart! Happy birthday; again! xoxo
Posted by Jason Olesen on 10th January 2018
Hi momma... just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. i miss you so much! I always have so much to tell you... Happy New Year! I miss your voice
Posted by Jason Olesen on 25th December 2017
Merry Christmas, momma! I love you and I miss you so very much! My whole life has been filled with memories of you being the first person to wish me a Merry Christmas...Until today. I'm not upset....I just miss you so much! The boys had a nice time with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandpa. It's so hard you know... I like to talk about you as if you're with us. I guess it's because you never really left...we just see you in a different way. Dad is doing an amazing job with keeping tradition. He misses you so much. I wish you were here. love always, Jason
Posted by Jason Olesen on 23rd November 2017
Happy Thanksgiving, momma! I love you with all my heart!
Posted by Jason Olesen on 15th November 2017
Hey momma, I miss you! Just keeping you up on what been going on... Halloween was fun, as usual; the boys had a great time dressing up as their favorite cartoon characters, Rick and Morty. I was doing so good not eating ALL of their candy...until yesterday!! hahahaha...total sugar crash at 930pm! LOL There will always be memories of dressing up, where you were KEY in making it the best day! Julien is back into sports and his soccer team won the championship...I wish you could have seen how happy he was; and been sop proud like me! Harry is STILL writing his Christmas list...cuz Kimmie has taken charge of all the kids' lists. I'm always happy to talk to dad everyday; just checking in and making sure he's alright...we ALL are! I'm afraid for the holidays and completely losing it, cuz you're not there...I'll miss your company, your love and ALL the delicious food you tirelessly prepare for us! I miss you so much and think about you every day! I am doing fine...leaning on Jenny a lot. She really DOES carry out what you would expect from her; you would be proud. Anyway...I wanted just fill you in, I'll check in from time to time., I love you
Posted by Jason Olesen on 28th October 2017
Hey momma! I'm in Nashville for the weekend with Jenny. Just had the most delicious grilled Mac n cheese sandwich I've ever tasted!! Thinking about you always... especially since the Patsy Cline museum is in town; I'm sure you'd love it! These southern folks tho.... Anyway, just wanted to share. I love you every day!
Posted by Jason Olesen on 14th October 2017
Hey momma... just thinking of you. Big Bill came thru and brought back so many memories of Jackson. Making stained glass in the kitchen....I was so lucky to have learned from you. I often tell storied about the HUGE cucumbers we grew in the garden. I miss you so much...I want to talk to you so bad! In my heart...I talk to you every day!
Posted by Jason Olesen on 27th September 2017
Hey momma... Just thinking of you. We all had Chinese tonight and it was so nice to be with Daddy. We love you and miss you so much...I need to talk to you. I miss your voice... I'm so sad.
Posted by Gina Olesen on 22nd September 2017
You will be in our hearts forever! We will take care of each other and rejoice in the memories we have of you! Rest In Peace Mom!
Posted by Walt Pendleton on 20th September 2017
Words cannot express just how much Pam and the entire Olesen Family mean to me. The Olesen Family and my family were like one family! As neighbors in the duplex in Belmar, we shared so many good times. Cookouts on the front porch, Thanksgiving dinners, weddings, birthdays and yes, even Kimmie singing Kumbaya on the front porch! When I think of Pam, a smile immediately comes to my face! I will always treasure the many memories that our families shared! Pam, may you always Rest In Paradise!
Posted by Jason Olesen on 20th September 2017
Hey momma.. I went to the dentist today! You would have been proud of me! LOL To think of all the Dr visits you took me to... I think of Dr MIckowski visits every time I hear the Go Go's on the radio. I miss you so mcuh and just can't believe that you're gone. I love you so much!
Posted by Kerri Lavin on 19th September 2017
May you all find peace and hold her un your hearts. Xoxo
Posted by Aggy Moyer on 19th September 2017
Pam was my cousin. Her mother Sandra was my fathers big sister. I was born in 1971 so I think Pam was 16 when I was born. It took me 43 years to meet many of my cousins Pam included. Unfortunately We met at my Aunt Sandra's funeral. I lost my father at the age of 14. My parents were divorced and my mother didn't keep touch. So Aunt Sandra was very special to me. I searched for her and found her. In my 20s. There was/is something very special about both Pam and Sonya who particularly reminded me of there mom and all of family that even at this time of emense grief I felt. That is love. All of the family was so welcoming and warm. I can not even begin to imagine the void that you must all be feeling. Pam instilled so much love into all of you that will always live on through you. I pray for all of you during this time. So sorry for your loss.
Posted by Ashleec Capone on 19th September 2017
I love all of you and this beautiful woman is living in each and every one of you every minute of every day. She will be terribly missed but she lived an amazing and truly fulfilling life and will continue to live through each one of you. ❤️
Posted by Tiffany DeSousa on 19th September 2017
My flower of choice for you is a Sunflower because it is unique amongst all the other flowers. It must ensure harsh winds and rain that threaten to snap the stalk or lift the roots. To survive against such harsh elements, a Sunflower, face always toward the sun, must be strong and resilient. It's Golden blossom fills those around it with joy. It has seeds that fall producing more Sunflowers. These seeds from it's core also feed animals and people. They give of themselves to anyone in need of what they offer: joy at their beauty, awe at their strength, amazement at their survival and fruits of their labor. They bring smiles and comfort to onlookers. Sunflowers stand out compared to other flowers, with their intense meaning and symbolism. As do you. Rest in Peace
Posted by Jason Olesen on 19th September 2017
Thinking about you...
Posted by Elizabeth Schwartz on 18th September 2017
To my Kim and her family. There are no words to ease the loss of a mom. And your mom was one special lady, I only knew her a short time, she was kind and real, and loved  all of you more than life itself.  All of you show all the qualities that were admired in your mother. Your strength your closeness, your laughter and your courage. I hope you can take comfort in that knowledge  and that she will always be remembered when anyone looks at any of your family. The loss is great and no one will ever make sense of it. . She will Always be with all of you in your hearts through your  memories and pictures. May she rest piece and guide each and every one of you. Love you

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