Tribute by Didi

Shared by Yvonne Atieno on April 21, 2021
My dear friend and sister,
A tribute is hard to write but for you I must and  proper one as you'd expect of me.
If I was to write all our experiences and encounters together, I'll need a publishing contract for a whole small font book.
We've traversed the journey of life together, memories forever etched on my mind.
I remember how back in primary school,you never got over the fact that I once lost you  during riots in the city , we laughed at how we were running for Safety, you with crutches on either hands and your bag on my back, it was a "mguu niponye "situation.
Fast forward  to few years ago when we saw a ghost cow and no one believes our story to date. You had a knack for tasteful things,Oh weren't you the fashionista! Strong business acumen with tenacity and resilience unmatched.
Mary, I'll miss the spontaneity with which we lived this life how we'd just pick a Destination and travel, sometimes a direction and off we went.
I'll miss the intentionality in every decision and action, and the loyalty you showed to your friends and family.Your unwavering faith in God is my consolation,  there was no plan B, it was God or God.
You lived each day like it was your last and embodied the phrase "setting your house in order".You always ensured you made ammends with anyone who you may have wronged, you always expressed gratitude for any assistance accorded. You were a gentle being, beautiful inside and outside with a smile that could warm the hardest of hearts.
We had plans, of how we were going to dance when you come back, how you'll try running on your two legs for the first time and experience how it feels. I know for a fact  that you are with The father free from pain ,
I will miss you my friend but for now so long..

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