This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mary Yusuf. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Vine Okoro on February 28, 2021
What can I say, the best Mummy every girl will want to have, you accepted me without knowing me when I came to Kaduna with Buti, I had so much fun, it was and still remains my best holiday. Mummy is so warm playful and kind, nothing I say can express how I feel, rest on Mummy.
Posted by Comfort Audu on February 27, 2021
Mummy,It's so hard to believe you're gone.You were a focused and firm Woman ,a disciplinarian but so warm and receptive.,I remember how you always crack is up with your jokes.How relaxed you were whenever you come around to the house to see our mum who happen to be your colleague and Friend.Rest on dear Mummy!!!!!Till we meet at Jesus' feet!
Posted by Dolly Ibrahim on February 27, 2021
Mummy you were left me with so much fun memories filled with lots of laughter,Rest on Ma till we meet at the Master's feet.Beauty darling God will keep you all He is Faithful....Hugs and kisses 
Posted by marvlyn yusuf on February 25, 2021
My dear sister in law and friend. Words are inadequate to express my deep felt sadness at your passing. You had a big heart and great sense of humour, whenever I think of you you put a smile on my face. You were a great woman of prayer, love always, rest in the peace of the lord
Posted by Betty Emmanuel on February 25, 2021
Mummy.. I really wish all this was a dream ,it's still hard to accept this void your absence has left.
Words fail me to express how much of an angel you were , your love ,care ,patience ,kindness and strength. Your smile warmed our hearts and you brightened up our darkest days.
Thank you for teaching me to love unconditionally, to be patient in times of trouble ,pray without ceasing, give without reservation and for caring and nurturing me .
It's hurts so much to know you are gone, but consoling to know your are in a better place. Until we meet again you're forever in our hearts .
Posted by Zipporah Jock on February 25, 2021
Your voice still resounds in my ears from our last conversation,Thank you for the prayers Mamah it was from your lips to God's ears,Little did i know it will be the lastMay your gentle soul Rip and may the Almighty grant us all the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Our Loss Heaven's Gain You will be greatly missed Mummy.
Posted by Rita Galadima Ige on February 25, 2021
Hmmm, it's hard to come to terms with your passing. But as believers we take solace in the fact that you are in a better place, and someday we shall all meet at Jesus's feet.

The memories of you and your good deeds shall indeed live with us forever. Thank you for what you represented In our individual and collective lives.

Rest well Dah Nyat as you were fondly called
Posted by illah Virginia on February 25, 2021
Dear Mum,Thank you for all you did for me, you were precious a gift from God, so much beauty,grace,love and patience u possessed. Forever in my heart. Rest in christ Jesus mom.
Posted by Yusuf Madaki on February 25, 2021
You are a blessed to the society at large. Thank God for the life well spent on this earth. Adieu Ma! Adieu Ma!! Adieu Ma!!!. Sai mu zo.
Posted by Sadiq Kabir on February 25, 2021
Rest on ma....we ve been a blessing, a guardian an inspiration n alot at peace mummy...GOD bless u ...
Posted by Godwin Otsapa on February 25, 2021
           Number One Teacher

A teacher should have a special place in every child's heart, because in this game of life, they help them get their start.
  I just want to thank you, Dr.Mary Bilki Yusuf, for all the things you've done,plus i could remember you helping me saw my first ever apron back in Command Secondary School,kaduna( Home economics practical in Jss), never knew I could have the patience as a boy then to do that but with you,i did it with all joy and smiles.
  You're a very special teacher and to me you're number one. Rest in Peace Mama.
Posted by Gotep Deborah on February 25, 2021
Mummy, I can’t forget how u took care of us in csskd,The warmth reception and motherly treat with good meals which made us feel like we’re at home ,u can imagine what it feels like to be in a boarding school with all the motherly care and love.Appreciate your selfless love and care ❤️continue to rest with the lord swt Mummy.our lost heaven gain 
Posted by Gideon Dogara on February 25, 2021
Am so speechless because I can't stop counting every good deeds you had done to me and my family, most especially my days in command. Mummy you were always ready to teach each and every of your students even if it meant scolding that student(s). I can only write what people can read and tell what people can hear but deep in my heart I have a whole lot of stories to say. Good night mummy please say me hi to my dad your friendship continues because I know you all are in heaven celebrating and also watching us from above. Finally don't forget to correct us when we are going the wrong way, as soon as I receive a knock on my head I know you were the one. God bless you mama and good night.
Posted by HillarySteven Barde on February 25, 2021
Mummy you lived a life worthy of emulation, you were an amazing being with high sense of humor. Humanity will miss you. May your soul find rest with our Maker till we meet again. Sleep well Mummy.
Posted by Dorcas Emmanuel on February 25, 2021
Oh mummy we will really miss you , you are a great mother and have play your role well not just to your kids but to most of us in command secondary school kaduna , you took us all as one with your will always be remember.keep resting with the Lord
Posted by Christie Dasaro on February 25, 2021
Your life touched many lives on this planet earth. You fought the battles of faith as a brave soldier of our Lord Jesus Christ you were, finished well and retuned home to Him in peace. Continue to rest with the King of kings my dearest sister! We will miss you, your joviality and your love greatly!
Posted by Lydia Edet on February 25, 2021
Thank you Mama for everything!....Rest in power Mama!❤️
Posted by Julie Kore on February 25, 2021
A light, a pillar and a blessing. You were larger than life. It is simply heartbreaking. Thank God this goodbye is not forever.
We love you Mummy.

Dr Benjamin Wayo
Posted by Stephen Hassan on February 25, 2021
Dear Mommy,
I remembered while in FGCK when we use to visit with Joshua, in Command Secondary School Kaduna where you and my Aunt worked, and latest in Maitama where you visited me on my sick bed at home.
You are what a passionate mother is. Many of us that came across you can testify of your kindness to humanity. Your memories will remain with us till eternity. Rest well dear Mommy till we meet to part no more. My condolences to the family, friends and well wishers.
Posted by Pinkett Jock on February 25, 2021
Losing a mother is one of the deepest sorrows a heart can know. But her goodness, caring and her wisdom live on like a legacy of love that will always be with you. The loss is immeasurable, but so is the Love left behind. You were indeed a great woman. A beautiful soul is never forgotten, we will miss you so much. Rest Well Mummy sending love, light and healing to the Yusuf’s 
Posted by Elizabeth Yusuf on February 24, 2021
Rest in peace Aunty,
Thanks for the happy memories, Christmas will definitely feel different without you. It hurts deeply but God knows best.
Posted by Barnabas Madaki on February 24, 2021
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints Psalms 116:15 You touch lives you make people around you smile you win souls through your character and love for humanity continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Amen
Elder Barnabas Madaki
Posted by Rita Pearl on February 24, 2021
Mommy dearest,a strong pillar you were to all and sundry.I got to meet you a few years ago and it feels like it's been ages coming.Thank you for giving out your heart and hand to all who needed them while you were here.Thanks for those motherly hugs I got whenever I stopped by,they meant alot to me. You lived an examplary life which is evident in the different testimonies people have been giving since the day you passed.You are in a better place now and I pray that even in your transition, you'll continue to be a source of strength to your children and loved ones. Rest in perfect peace, mommy!!!.
Posted by Rejoice Igoh on February 24, 2021
No love can be compared to that of a MOTHER to her child. You will be greatly missed ma, no doubt you are part of the making of what many of us are today and forever will be appreciated. You left an irreplaceable gap no one can fill but I pray that God will console your family, loved ones and your baby last( LEAH) in jesus name. Rest in perfect peace. Adieu ma.
Posted by Hilary Gami on February 24, 2021
Good night mummy. I don't have the heart to put what I feel into mere words . Say hello to my friend daddy( Levi) .you have found peace . we will all join you someday. Thank you for all the beautiful moments you gave us while were growing up. You are a beautiful , honest and loving soul. May the good lord grant you eternal rest .
Posted by Dorcas Yusuf on February 24, 2021
Aunty Mary,
words can’t express the hurt your demise has created in my heart, but we are comforted because we know your father has called you home.
Bara will never be the same again without you. Thank you for all you have done for me, you are a part of my success story and I will always be grateful to you.
Good night and continue to Rest In Peace till we all meet at his feet.
Posted by Eremo Zanye on February 25, 2021
It’s really hard to believe you are always went all out for not just your own but everyone. The type of woman you were is evident in your kids that have the most beautiful hearts. Rest In Peace ✨
Posted by Naomi Daboh on February 24, 2021
Mommy thank you for all you have done to humanity,indeed you've left a footprint that everyone is talking about...
You where a mother in Israel and i wish i sticked more closer to you to enjoy that motherly love...
I know you're in a better place now where you are free from pains, sickness and troubles of this world...
Rest in Christ Mommy,till we meet to part no more....
Posted by Juyin Maryam on February 24, 2021
Thinking about you leaving us makes me know life is so short and not long enough, I still find it hard to belive you have left this world, anyone who truly knows you will know you were a support system.
Memories of how you make fun of me whenever you see me anywhere even in a crowd or teased us In secondary school when we came to your staff room will linger in my heart forever.
You will surely be missed by many but I believe Heaven gained another Angel. Bless your soul mamah.
Posted by Gyam Audu on February 24, 2021
Forever goodbye is the hardest thing to say but my consolation is that heaven has gained,rest on mama til we meet at the masters feet️️. Your legacy lives on!
Posted by Halema Musa on February 24, 2021
Everyone can be a mom but it takes someone special to be a mother i never met you in person but i heard you stories, you are that special mother everyone want we all love you but God loves you more, you will forever be in our heart your legacy will continue to live on Adieu Mama!!❤❤❤
Posted by Enobong Ladi on February 24, 2021
Mummy.... You're such a wonderful person...
I haven't spent much time with you but my late mum jummai always talks about you... December last year was the first i spoke with you freely

You were teasing me about bringing my husband home soon
I didn't know you were leaving so soon...
I love you but God loves you more...
Rest well mamana say hi to my mom for me up there....
Enobong loves you so much ma

Posted by Hawwah Haroun on February 24, 2021
You were such an amazing woman. U carried everyone along irrespective of their tribes and religion.. May your soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by ruth paul on February 24, 2021
Words fail me , We met in November and you told me you where ready to dance a lot at my wedding and you left without seeing me get married. It was a shock hearing that you are sleeping and would never up again . What I have of you now are just memories of you and a lot of Events. I will greatly miss you ❤️ till we meet in heaven Mummy
Posted by Valada W.F. on February 24, 2021
Dear Mommy, putting my thoughts down is one of the most difficult things I will ever have to do. Thank you for allowing God to use you to put smiles on the faces of many, you were a true daughter of Zion. I will never forget how you stood for my mother when the world turned its back on her, you were there for her as a mother not just a sister. You were the only that truly cared for us during that tough time, because you expected nothing in return. Or was it when I was getting ready to wed?! My heart is heavy but who are we to question God? It is so shocking and sad that you left so soon but I believe you are in a better place dancing with the angels. We love and miss you so much, rest in peace ❤️
Posted by Joy Baidom on February 24, 2021
Mummy I can't still believe you have gone to be with the Lord I keep looking at your picture and wondering if it's true.especially when you yab and insult me and we would laugh since from my jss1 u have cared for me like yours.i would never forget on mum
Posted by Estee Jingina on February 24, 2021
Yes, death is sure to every mortal being, we all know someday one day we shall leave this vain world..yet we ain't accustomed to it..
Indeed, this world isn't our home we all are passersby..
Mummy I came to know and get close to you through your daughter..your aura of jokes and teasing has been an unforgettable experience which can't be forgotten. This makes me laugh often whenever we meet..
I pray for your repose to rest eternally in Gods bossom.
Adieu ma.
Posted by Maison Mels on February 24, 2021
Mummy! I still remember the first time my sisters and I met you. we were having breakfast that morning when you came to the house, I don't remember all the conversations we had but I remember that we laughed so hard until you left the house and the rest is history. You were strong, fearless, loving and a force, we have lost a mother and it hurts really bad but we believe in the doings of our creator and are thankful that he chose it to end this way.
Rest mama rest! we will keep holding on to your teachings until we join you in heaven. I love you mummy and thank you for the gift of siblings you gave to us, we will cherish them till death

Goodnight mama
Posted by Mamaki Dan3 on February 24, 2021
Mummy! Your type of person is rare, the only woman who accommodates and cater for a whole family, my family will forever be grateful to you. Thank you for opening your doors for us when my late father brought us all from the village to come join him in jaji, i am who i am today because of you! It hurts! But then, i am glad you are in a better place, my consolation is the lovely memories of my childhood with you. Rest in perfect peace beautiful soul❤
Posted by Oluwaseun Ogundele on February 24, 2021
You will be greatly missed ma
The few times I met you you were so cheerful and caring
May your beautiful soul rest in peace.
Posted by Baba Sambe on February 24, 2021
Hmmmm, mummy I am still in shock over your demise. You were a mother to us after we lost our parents. You always cared and wanted to know what and where everyone of us is. Our welfare was of Paramount importance to you. I for one wished you stayed back to witness my wedding being the motherly figure I had on earth but as it's always said God has a reason for everything that happens under the surface of the earth. Who am I a mere mortal to question him and his decisions. Good night Mama.
Posted by Eleojo Aderibigbe on February 24, 2021
Mummy.. my daughter's birthday mate... I remember the first time I met you, you treated me just like your daughter. It's a bitter pill to swallow but my joy is that you are resting with our Lord Jesus. Rest in perfect peace mummy.
Posted by Toro Gimba on February 24, 2021
Posted by Restina Olumeka on February 24, 2021
Mummy you can no longer be seen by the human eye,but your soul and your love that you gave to so many will never die.
Heaven has gained an angel,you will forever remain in our hearts.
Continue to rest in the lord.
Posted by Yimi Yakubu on February 24, 2021
In the days, months and years that lie ahead,
When we talk about how things used to be,
Some will say this, some will say that
But on these things we’ll have to agree:
Our aunt was godly, and wise, and fun;
The best mother, grandmother, sister and friend;
And in the hearts of her nieces and nephews
She’ll be special from now till the end.

Rest In Peace Aunty.  
Posted by Felicia Lubo on February 24, 2021
The beautiful life you lived was and still is seen in the lives of your biological and non biological children. You’ll be missed ma. Rest with the Lord till we meet at the masters feet.
Posted by Comfort Yusuf on February 24, 2021
A special person to our hearts had left us, but we know you are now in a better place. We Myself and Gideon missed u alot...all d lessons u impacted into our lives, d love, d helps u showered on us cannot b quantified. There was never a dull moment with u. We love u from d depth of our hearts. Till we see in d next life!
Sammy and Giddy.
Posted by karen mamman on February 24, 2021
Mommy we love you and cannot question God, you will be greatly missed ♥️♥️♥️ Keep resting with our Lord till we meet to part no more
Posted by Joy Theyra on February 24, 2021
Heaven has indeed gained an Angel!!! There was never a dull moment with you while you were here. When I first heard that you left this earth to be with our heavenly father, I cried my eyes out but I later consoled myself because you're in a better place. I'll really miss your jokes, your insults, your voice and above all, your person you were so blunt, never sugar-coated anything. We'll really miss you, but we are indeed comforted. Adieu my sister and my friend's Mom.
Posted by Yusuf Sarah on February 24, 2021
Aunty, I’ve known you my whole life and I really can’t begin to express how empty my memories are becoming. You will be missed, Bara will always be different from now on.

If there are reunions in heaven, give my love to those who have gone before you, you are missed and will never be forgotten.
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Posted by Vine Okoro on February 28, 2021
What can I say, the best Mummy every girl will want to have, you accepted me without knowing me when I came to Kaduna with Buti, I had so much fun, it was and still remains my best holiday. Mummy is so warm playful and kind, nothing I say can express how I feel, rest on Mummy.
Posted by Comfort Audu on February 27, 2021
Mummy,It's so hard to believe you're gone.You were a focused and firm Woman ,a disciplinarian but so warm and receptive.,I remember how you always crack is up with your jokes.How relaxed you were whenever you come around to the house to see our mum who happen to be your colleague and Friend.Rest on dear Mummy!!!!!Till we meet at Jesus' feet!
Posted by Dolly Ibrahim on February 27, 2021
Mummy you were left me with so much fun memories filled with lots of laughter,Rest on Ma till we meet at the Master's feet.Beauty darling God will keep you all He is Faithful....Hugs and kisses 
her Life


Birth and Early Life

Dr Mrs Bilki Mary Yusuf was born on the 26th of March, 1958 at Kwoi, Jaba Local Government Area of Kaduna State to Late Rev. Yusuf Paul and Mrs Mache Yusuf Paul. She was the 6th of 10 children and is survived by 8 living siblings. Dr Mrs Bilki Mary Yusuf accepted Christ at an early age and lived a Christian life.


Dr Mrs Bilki Mary Yusuf attended Mallam Moude Primary school, Kwoi in the year 1965-1972, she proceeded to Women Teachers College Zaria in 1973-1977, then to College of Education Kafanchan(Now Gidan Waya) where she obtained National Certificate of Education(NCE) 1988. She went on to Ahmadu Bello University(ABU) Zaria where she bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in the year 1991 and a Master’s Degree in Educational Planning and Administration in 1998.

She went further to Nassarawa State University, Keffi in the year 2019 where she obtained a PhD in Educational Planning and Administration.

She attended several local and international training and career development programmes and seminars.

Career/Work life

Dr Mrs Bilki Mary Yusuf had a very fulfilling career and work-life:

She started her career as a Primary School Teacher in 1977-1985, She then joined Ministry of Defence Education Department in 1988 until her retirement in 2018. Bilki was a seasoned teacher and class manager both in primary and secondary schools.

Other positions she held include:

Head of Department Home Economics, Command Secondary School Kaduna.

She was the one-time National President of the Nigerian Army Officers Wives Association (NAOWA) at the appointment of her late husband Lieutenant General LN Yusuf (Rtd) as the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) 2007 - 2008.

Coordinator APC Adalchi Project 2014/2015

Permanent Commissioner Kaduna State Fiscal Responsibility Commission (2017 till date) 

National Treasurer Conference of Southern Kaduna People (COSKAP) from 2019 till date

Marriage/Family life

Dr Mrs Bilki Mary Yusuf and her Husband met in 1977 when she was a young teacher and he was a young Army 2nd Lt LN Yusuf, after a brief courtship they were joined in Holy Matrimony on 31st May 1978

Through the years, God blessed their home with 6 children:

1 Late Levi N Yusuf,

2 Bilhatu Yusuf Abner,

3 Major Philip Iba Yusuf,

 4 Jummai Yusuf Adewole,

5 Laura Yusuf Ufua 

6 Leah Yusuf

 At the last count by God’s grace, she has 12 grandchildren.

1 Yusuf Ndola Abner

2 Mary Bilki Yusuf

3 Oluwanfewa Jotham Adewwole

4 Levian Nicole Abner

5 Levi Nyat Yusuf

6 Oluwasewalore Jevan Adewole

7 Hikima Adewole

8 Tamara Shunanum Yusuf

9 Aziel Kunamaxam Abner

10 Ivan Osemudiamen Ufua

11 Leroy Omoese Ufua

12 Halita Adewole

Her husband had a very successful military career rising to the rank of Lieutenant General and holding the prestigious office of Chief of Staff Armed Forces of Liberia and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Nigerian Army with his wife Dr Mrs Bilki Mary Yusuf by his side all the way.

 Christian Life

Dr Mrs Bilki Mary Yusuf was a devout Christian, a leader of Christian women fellowship ECWA Goodnews Gonin Gora Kaduna. Until her death, she was a board member of EMS

She was a recipient of Meritorious Service Award In recognition of her tremendous support to the growth and development of ECWA Women fellowship by the Fadan Kagoma Zone in 2018

Recent stories
Shared by Agboola Tolulope on February 25, 2021
Dear mother,you were a great teacher,a great guard Ian and a sweet mother to me ,on behalf of the Agboola’s family,you will be greatly missed ma,rest in pe