• 16 years old
  • Born on June 17, 1999 in Portland, Oregon, United States.
  • Passed away on March 4, 2016 in Molalla, Oregon, United States.

In Memory of Matthew Kutnerian Albrecht    06/17/1999 - 3/04/2016

This memorial website was created in honor of the many people whose lives Matthew touched while he was with us for an albeit short time. So many stories to share, so many memories, so many laughs - Please use this website to bring us all together to heal as best we can in our time of grief.

God Bless and Love to each and every one of you!

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Posted by Theresa Gerig on 4th March 2019
It's weird to think it's already been three years. Even if some days it feels like forever ago, some days it feels like only yesterday. You've changed the world for the better and all you loved and all who loved you will never forget your kind heart and free spirit. Even though you have parted, we will always love you until the end of our days. Love you always <3
Posted by Ricki Milner on 4th March 2019
Today Mark's the start of another year without you. Not a day goes by that I dont miss you and think about you. How you never failed to make me smile and your contagious laugh and goofiness. I miss your laugh and your daily hugs. I was so blessed to have you in my life and am grateful to have you as a guardian angel. My heart aches a little more on this day. I love you so much Matt and I miss you more every single day. I hope heaven is treating you well because you deserve the best.
Posted by Jocelyn Brown on 31st December 2018
Merry Christmas Matthew. Almost 2019, which is crazy in its own way. Time is a weird thing, in one moment it can seem like it's been years and years since you were here and then it can also seem like it was last week. I can only imagine where you would be tonight and how you would be celebrating the start of this next year. I think of you often and will always remember you. Here's to a new year
Posted by Lizzy Rivera on 29th July 2018
Hey you, I miss you. I can’t even explain it in words. I find myself on this site.. never sure how I get here. Just looking through pictures. Watching videos just to hear your voice again. I wish you were here. I miss you. I miss your hugs. I can’t wait for the day I get to see you again..
Posted by Flora Esraelian on 4th March 2018
Our Matthew!! Love you and miss you honey!! Your loud laugh so innocent and contagious! I know you're looking over your mom and sister from Heaven! You'll never be forgotten our dear Matthew!!
Posted by David Lawler on 4th March 2018
Matthew, I miss you every day, but today even more than usual because I cannot believe that we have had to live without you for 2 years. Time heals all wounds, but I suspect that I will not have enough time on this planet for this wound to fully heal. And even should the wound heal, there will be a scar to remind me always of what was lost. Please continue to watch over us and help guide us to a peace grounded in a thankfulness for being granted some time with you and a knowledge that you are in a better place. We will love you always. - Uncle David
Posted by McKenzie Leigh Wharton on 4th March 2018
Hey bud. Its been two years now, but it feels like forever. I miss you every day, and every time I pass your fountain in the garden at school, I wave and say hi to you. I hope you can hear me. Sometimes I’ll even sit down and tell you about stuff, how my life is going, how the world is doing. I find comfort in still being able to tell you this stuff, cause I know it was important to you too. I always picture you sitting at our morning lunch table, with your head propped on your hands, listening and nodding, like a teenage girl who loves gossip. Dork. I’m reminded of you constantly, whether it be a flag, a random white Ford pickup, a cold and clear night sky, or even the sound of a saxophone sometimes. You always come to mind, and it’s a feeling of happiness and love, because that’s what you were. The love you gave to everyone, the pure happiness you radiated wherever you went, is eternally in my heart. I never got the chance to thank you for being unconditionally supportive and loving, even when freshman me was totally treating you like you didn’t deserve. You were always so forgiving, and by my side through all the drama, and your hugs made me feel okay again. Every time. I used to call it your “skinny kid magic.” In the end, I just want you to know that I love you so much, and I can’t wait until I can have those stupid arguments over NFL teams and car brands with you again. I hope Heaven is treating you well, guardian angel ❤️. All the love, Kenz (aka, “Kid”)
Posted by Lizzy Rivera on 24th October 2017
I found myself on this site tonight. Not really sure how I got here but I did.. I love and miss you kid. Hope heaven is "lit". Love you lots hun <3
Posted by Krystian Davis on 21st June 2017
Oh how I miss you. You are my best friend and brother.
Posted by David Lawler on 17th June 2017
I wish I could wish you a happy 18th birthday in person. I will miss you always, especially with each reminder of lost opportunities. I hope you that my each and every action does honor to your memory. Love, Uncle David
Posted by Shelley White on 17th June 2017
Matthew, I think of you often. You would have been 18 today, graduated and ready to set out for the future. Your future would have been bright. I do not understand why your days on earth were cut so tragically short, but I am thankful for the opportunity to have known you and for the friendship I now have with your mom and sister. Your death has made me appreciate each day with my family and friends more.
Posted by Natalie Muller on 17th June 2017
Matthew was one of those people who lived his life to the fullest. Spreading love and laughter everywhere he went. This quote describes how I feel Matthew lived his life. Full of love and laughter. Happy 18th Birthday Matthew. I hope your having the most amazing party ever. "Do not pity the dead Harry, pity the living and above all those who live without love." ~ Albus Dumbledore
Posted by Kim W on 11th May 2017
This is a poem I came across today and I though both of Matthew and of you, Karen. Love you both. I Lost My Child Today I lost my child today People came to weep and cry as I just sat and stared, dry eyed They struggled to find words to say to try and make the pain go away I walked the floor in disbelief I lost my child today. I lost my child last month Most of the people went away Some still call and some still stay I wait to wake up from this dream This can't be real, I want to scream Yet everything is locked inside God, help me, I want to die I lost my child last month. I lost my child last year Now people who had came, have gone I sit and struggle all day long to bear the pain so deep inside And now my friends just question Why? Why does this mother not move on? Just sits and sings the same old song Good heavens, it has been so long I lost my child last year. Time has not moved on for me The numbness it has disappeared My eyes have now cried many tears I see the look upon your face "She must move on and leave this place" Yet I am trapped right here in time The song’s the same, as is the rhyme I lost my child.........today --Netta Wilson, written in memory of her daughter Caprice Cara Wilson, who was killed in an auto accident (December 2, 1968 - November 20, 1994). Printed in the newsletter of The Compassionate Friends, Atlanta, May-June 2001
Posted by Rosendo Sosa on 11th May 2017
Remember that day in wrestling practice when you and me went at it. That day i beat you on the mat but i always thought you would beat me in a much bigger stage. I always thought you would win in life. What am i to say other than i lost a brother. We became so close and i feel like it is selfish on my part to say that you left me hanging but it hurts to know that you are gone. For many you will become a distant memory for many but to me you will always be constant loud ring to be the best that i can be in life. i wish you were here so you and me could complete one more year of wrestling like you wanted. i wish you the best of luck wherever you may be. Don't forget to save me a spot for when i come for a visit okay.
Posted by Cindy Lefton on 4th March 2017
Thinking of you, today, Matthew. You are in so many hearts, always...love, love to you.
Posted by Flora Esraelian on 18th June 2016
Our darling, funny, handsome Matthew.. I know you're celebrating your 17th Birthday in Heaven with Taco Bell right now!!! It seems so unbelievable that you are truly not present in our lives.But always present in our hearts, with beautiful memories with cousins in Fresno. We will always treasure that amazing spirit of yours and Never forget your smile and loud funny sense of humor. We will of course hang out again in Heaven some day, oh what fun that will surely be. You are LOVED so much by many special people. The stories shared at your service, on this site and so many other places are a true testament of how very special of a young man you truly were. We will carry on just like the song says until we see you again, hanging tight to the touching memories we created with you. Matthew your Fresno Family loves and misses you... and Karyn and Amy, Fresno is home for you anytime!! Sending you California LOVE and HUGS!
Posted by Rachel Taylor on 18th June 2016
Matthew always had a spot in my heart, one place just for him. That place is not empty, it is glowing because of how much life he had in him, and how happy he must be looking down on all of us joining together and laughing at the good times on his Golden birthday. When I was attending school with him, I always thought about how any one of my fellow friends could be taken at any moment.. and I imagined how much hurt I would feel the moment I knew they passed. When Matthew was taken from this earth, the pain was so severe, I could not breathe, I cried for days, I never imagined It would hurt that much. There isn't a day where I don't think about that amazing young man, he affected everyone around him in the most amazing ways. He was committed, true, loyal, respectful, considerate, and he was a hero. I can't wait to join Matthew in Heaven and celebrate together for eternity. God gave us this gift, showed us the good in people, and how one person could impact others life so much. I love you, Matthew, there won't be a day I forget your name, there won't be a year I forget your birthday, and there won't be a lifetime I forget how much you impacted my life growing up.
Posted by Elsa Molloy on 17th June 2016
Happy Birthday Matthew, I know you are in heaven celebrating loud and proud to be an American! We miss you dearly and honor today of what an amazing young man you were and how you touched our family, the friendship and love you shared with Alex & Austin will always be cherished, and the impression you left of us as parents will never be forgotten. I have posted new photos here today, oh, how you touched our hearts! You will forever be a part of us. Celebrate in heaven, your rainbow is never far away.
Posted by Karyn Kutnerian on 31st May 2016
Matthew - when I felt you flutter for the very first time that cold January morning in 1999, I laid my hands on my swollen belly and I promised you that I would protect you from harm and love you unconditionally until I drew my last breath. I never considered for a moment that you would take your last breath before I did - and I suspect it is you now that will be protecting me and Amy from harm. You loved those you cared about generously, completely, unfailingly. As a son, a mother couldn't have been more proud of the fine young man you had become than I am of you - and I couldn't have asked for, nor wished for, a better relationship in my life than the one we shared. We had it all, you and I, and while I can't imagine living any one of my remaining days on this planet without you, that is exactly what God has tasked me to do. How I will do this is beyond comprehension. I love you more than life itself Matthew, and I miss tremendously everything about you, every second of every day - your thunderous footsteps around the house, your loud voice, your laughter, your smile, your endless jokes/joking around, your amazing accents (Scottish was my favorite!), your height, your intelligence, your compassion, your understanding, and the incredible depth of your unconditional love. You simply were a truly amazing human being, impacting and touching more people's lives in your seventeen years than most people do in their entire lifetime. I was truly blessed to be a part of the gift that you were to the world in the all too short time you were here - and I love you to "twaka" infinity and beyond. With all the love a mother could possibly give, Mom
Posted by Michelle Huizenga on 21st April 2016
We are so saddened to hear of the loss of Matthew. He sounds like an amazing young man. You must have been so proud of him. Our heartfelt sympathy and love to you. You are in our prayers and we pray God's peace to comfort you.
Posted by Dave McCarthy on 21st April 2016
I only met Matthew once but he struck me as a cool layed back human, and he loved Heavy Metal. So he quickly gained my respect and made me feel that a younger person had good taste. I have experienced a lot of loss it is difficult when someone close to you leaves the earth and I wish the best for the Karyn and her family.
Posted by Marilyn Mastor on 11th April 2016
My deepest sympathy to you, Karyn and your family, in your terrible loss. Losing a child is the greatest pain one can endure. We all send our love, Marilyn
Posted by Kendra Forster on 10th April 2016
It has been a little over a month, and my heart hurts so much for your family- and for Matt for not being here to enjoy life. What little time Matt did get to spend with our family, it will never be forgotten. He was a magical kid, and my boys adored him. We all did. I am here if you ever need anything. I cannot even imagine what you must be going through... As the mother of 4 boys I pray for safety & happiness more than ever now.
Posted by Herb Sharfenaker on 10th April 2016
I wish to extend my deepest sympathy the Albrecht family.May God Bless Matthew........ RIP and SEMPER FIDELIS. Cpl.Herb Guyer-Sharfenaker USMCR 1964/70
Posted by Staci Cherry on 1st April 2016
To the family and friends of Matthew, I share my condolences. The story that Matthew's mother shared is an incredible one - full of love, laughter, strength, survival and sacrifice. Matthew's life may have been brief on this earth, but from all of the tributes, memories and pictures, he certainly left behind a story to tell. Matthew's life echoes what the Bible says at Ecclesiates 7:1, 2 - "A good name is better than good oil, and the day of death is better than the day of birth. Better to go to the house of mourning than to the house of feasting, for that is the end of every man, and the living should take it to heart." When Matthew was born, he was simply know as Matthew, a new born baby. But when he left this world, he made a good name for himself and will be remembered as so much more. May God bring you comfort during this time of loss knowing that the time will come when you will see Matthew again. (John 5:28, 29)
Posted by Adin Shook on 26th March 2016
Im sorry family.
Posted by Shannon Marshall-Reck on 19th March 2016
The first time I met Matthew was at frog camp with LeAnn Savage when we were 11 or 12. I was helping her Matthew and some others I don't remember help Bunny keep track of all the little kids who were part of the camp. Matthew and I became great friends after frog camp, we talked almost everyday finding someway to make each other smile no matter how terrible our days had been. We even "hid" the fact we were dating from Karyn because she said he couldn't date until he was 16, but he thought that was dumb so he asked me to be his girlfriend anyways. He would take and write all the lyrics to a song he heard that he liked. The most memorable one was treasure by Bruno Mars, the text came in as about 10 different messages in random order and when I told him I couldnt understand he emailed it to me instead of text. Haha.. Soon into dating we realized we were better off friends, so we broke up but we didn't stop talking. Anytime Matthew would text me, snapchat me or just talk to me in general, when he had to go or I had to go, he always said "love ya" never once did he stop saying that to me. No matter how long it had been since he and I last talked, not after we broke up or if we were mad at each other, he always said he loved me and I always said it back. He was one of my only friends, and I still can't wrap my mind around what happened. He'll be forever loved, and missed.
Posted by Brooklyn Smith on 19th March 2016
Matthew was really kind and nice. He was a great gymnastics teacher. He always called me Watermellon and himself Capt. America. He always made everything so fun and silly. I will miss him.
Posted by Alice Lazarian on 17th March 2016
Condolences from Alice Lazarian and Family in Vancouver BC
Posted by Adin Roberts on 13th March 2016
Posted by Hovig Tahanian on 12th March 2016
Dear Kegham and Kutnerian family. Losing a child/grandchild has been for all epochs and cultures, one, if not the most difficult responsibility to carry as a parent/grandparent. Words are surely not enough to provide solace. Please rest assured that through this note of mine, each member of St Gregory Armenian Church is also lighting a candle and laying a flower. May the combined notes/prayers/flowers and candles of all the above and below be a testament that in the most difficult of times -when answers are inadequate and even the voice of the Divine appears incomprehensibly silent- we are with you, He is with us, and we will be with Matthew once again. In deep sorrow, V.Rev. Fr. Hrant Tahanian (John 11:21, 34-35, 25) “Martha said to Jesus, ‘Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.’ … ‘Where have you laid him?’ he asked. ‘Come and see, Lord,’ they replied. Jesus wept. … ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die’”
Posted by Abbie Heimowitz on 11th March 2016
I will forever miss you Matthew. You were my best friend, and part of my family. I will hold you forever in my heart. I have had fun with our trips to Lummi Island and our fishing expeditions.
Posted by Rachel Taylor on 10th March 2016
I remember Matthew always being interested in what was going on with me, during AG he always came up to me when I entered the room and sat next to me and just said, "Rachel, hows it goin?". He was that kid who never wanted to see pain in anyone! He'd usually take my phone and do silly little things, post on my social media and blow up my phone gallery with nothing but attractive selfies. I very much enjoyed that. One of Matthews best features were his hugs. I love that kid.
Posted by Melly Kazel on 9th March 2016
Matthew was the type of person who could bring people together. In the morning I would always sit at the same lunch table as him and it was insane how many people, who otherwise probably wouldn't have spoken to each other, gathered there. It was as if people felt so comfortable around him that, when he was there, they could be comfortable around anybody. It takes a pretty amazing person to be able to do that. I will miss that crazy Seahawks fan. (9ers forever the rivalry remains alive).
Posted by Savanna Bright on 9th March 2016
Matthew I remember when you first walked through those high school doors and how amazing I was to meet you. You were so full of life and was always smiling. I was so lucky to have you in my life you changed and impacted me for the better. You will forever be missed and I will never forget you. I love you Matthew! Forever an always
Posted by Matthew Mittig on 9th March 2016
Matthew, I started out freshman year with no friends, nobody to tall to, and nobody to hangout with. But then the second day of school, you talked to me in sixth period. From then on we became great friends and Mr brown pretty much hated us in sixth period. we have stuck by eachother throughout our years in highschool and I'm thankful for every joke you've told me, every laugh, and every single great memory you have given me. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. And will be dearly missed. I love you. Fly free. R.I.P.
Posted by Leah Puhlman on 9th March 2016
Karyn - I remember one night watching the stars with you, and seeing a shooting star. You talked about a shooting star always reminding you of your mom. When I saw the photo of the Perseids you posted, it reminded me of that night. I found this quote, and it seemed so appropriate for Matthews - our own shooting star - burning so brightly and gone too soon. “A shooting star, for me, acts as a reminder of the greatness we have yet to know and the vastness we have yet to discover. When I think of a shooting star, I think of Heaven, spirituality, God. I think of the people that have come and gone and the love and light they left behind. Sometimes, I think a shooting star may just be their way of saying: “I’m still here, I’m thinking of you, I love you and am waiting up here for you”
Posted by Cassy Larson on 9th March 2016
Dear Matthew, Your light will be shining through your everlasting memories. My favorite memory was riding horses on the beach with your family. You rode Hope and you made me laugh ALOT. The conversations with Hope were priceless. The best is the connection you had with her. She truly enjoyed you and the ride. You matched so well because you both had loving hearts and great personalities. Please give her a hug and ride her again. For she is with you in heaven. You will be missed! But we will see you again. Amen!
Posted by Natalie Muller on 9th March 2016
Matthew. Man when I first met you, I thought you were the most annoying person I have ever met in all my years of moving. I thought to myself, "Why is this kid so crazy?! How could one person hold all this energy inside them all the time!!" Turns out it was just you being you. Matt, while you were annoying most (if not all) the time, you were always making me, and others around me laugh our butts off! You were such a positive person no matter what you were going through. I remember our math study group the summer before freshmen year and boy was that a waste of time. We would always get distracted and talk about other things like basketball and then we got kicked out of the library because heavens forbid you would not shut up!! But I am glad we wasted our time away because those were some of the best memories I had of you. We would always play street ball at Bethany during our three (yes three people) recesses we had. It was the most fun to guard you because you challenged me as a player and you trashed talked all the time! But you would always shake hands with me at the end and say good game no matter if you won, lost or there wasn't a score at all. Matt I hope you saw me on Monday with the rest of our old crew. It was like the ild days playing ball, laughing, and being really stupid. You would have loved to have raced against Dakota, Logan, Cheyenne, and Matt S. down the street to Rite Aid. You would have loved making fun of all of them with me as you were also being stupid. It's weird seeing your desk in math empty, your seat in Spanish bare, and not hearing Perttu in Chem tell you to sit down. Your freedom drawing sits above us in Chem watching over us as we blow shit up without you. Mr. Albright doesn't know who to pick for skits anymore. Mrs. Bashor loves you. But I know you already know all these things because both you and Mr. Bonham can see all of us. Matt I hope your glad I was a (very) amateur videographer back in the 8th grade and filmed everything because I got you on some pretty funny stuff. No matter what I say in the letter, I know that I could never explain how awesome and amazing and inspiring you were to me, and other people around me. To quote The Help "You is KIND. You is SMART. You is IMPORTANT." I think that quote was made for you Matthew. I will miss and remember you always and forever. With a lot of love and a very teary face.
Posted by Debra Aalto on 9th March 2016
I didn't know Matthew well but he echoed the passion for life his mother always displays. He will always be smiling in your hearts Karyn & Amy. God bless you both!
Posted by Shelley White on 9th March 2016
Matthew was a neat young man - Chaz wrestled and played football with him for many years. Whenever he saw me, Matthew always either waved to acknowledge me or came over to strike up a conversation in person. He was always very respectful and nice. As an adult, kids like Matthew give me hope for our future - kids raised to be kind, respectful and helpful to others is exactly this world needs. Many are hurting from this loss, but I hope Matthew's memories will inspire others to live their lives deliberately - to share a smile, to be kind to someone who's having a bad day, and to care about others just as Matthew did. You may never know what kind of an impact that will have, but as we can see from the many memories on this page, those kind acts from Matthew made a difference in many lives.
Posted by Jillian Bliss on 9th March 2016
I remember when me and Matthew had gone to see Mocking Jay part 2 and after we watched the movie and were walking out of the theatre someone took Matt's hat. We were both expecting it to be a buddy of his, but it was his mom Karyn accompanied by Amy. He was so mad but I thought it was the funniest thing ever! Then there was when I took him to youth group a couple time and before we would go he'd hang out at my house. One day it was Matthew, Alex, and I, and he was wrestling with my little brother for awhile. Afterwards Grayson was trying to punch me and Matt said hey Grayson hit me. Grayson took a cheap shot and punched Matthew where the sun don't shine! But Matthew although was hurt was a really great inside joke later on xD I will definitely miss Matthew, and he is someone I looked up to as a brother. He is apart of my family and we all love him. Karyn I can only imagine what you and the rest of the family are going through... Just know I'm here for you like Matthew was always there for me :) Much Love, Jillian Marie Bliss
Posted by Dakota Parmley on 9th March 2016
Matthew, I could write a novel about you. Your crazy laugh, crazy jokes, and your crazy personality. You were my best friend for the longest time, and while I regret not spending as much time with you in high school, I'm glad we reconnected. We were the friends that just picked up right where we left off, like nothing had changed and we were back at Bethany, cracking jokes and being best friends. You will be missed forever. With a caring heart, a brilliant mind, and a fun soul, you touched everyone you ever met. They knew you were special, that you were going to do something great one day. I just regret that I couldn't see what it was going to be. Because it would've been great, Matt. So keep singing your songs you loved to sing, keep speaking in your absurdly loud voice, and most of all, entertain God up there, because I know you could. I love and miss you, Matt.
Posted by Cindy Lefton on 9th March 2016
Matthew, I met you on your first day of life. Your mother held you with such awe and pride. That awe and pride stayed with her for your life, which was too brief. I have memories of you running around your farm, and playing on your play structure. I watched you grow into such an energetic and caring young man, one that I wished I knew better. I know that you were passionate about your sports, and in many areas of your life. Your passion will live on in those who knew you. Our hearts are grieving so deeply. I love your mother dearly, and we will watch over her, as will you, I am sure.
Posted by Katrinna Johnson on 8th March 2016
Matthew, growing up with you over the years was wonderful. I have so many great memories of us riding horses, playing games and sleeping outside when I would spend a week at the farm. I'll love and miss you always.
Posted by Kyndra De La Cruz on 8th March 2016
I will never forget my best friend Matthew, and his love for blueberries. He was there for me when ever I needed him. He was such an amazing guy. And when we talked. He would always bring up blue berries.
Posted by Travis Loose on 8th March 2016
On behalf of Doug's family, we want to extend our deepest condolences for Matthew's loss. We know he and Doug were close. If there's anything we can do to assist you at this time, Karyn, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Posted by Makayla Howe on 8th March 2016
Matthew was a person who always made someone smile, always filled with life, and very energetic. I walked into AG today and expected his to be there, that this had all need just a bad dream, but it wasn't, it was real. I will always remember the last time I saw you, you and Hynes-Stone had walked into class laughing about whatever you were talking about and now whenever I look at where you were sitting my eyes start to swell with tears. Your set in English will never be filled no one will touch it is now reserved for a special Matthew Albrecht.
Posted by Rochelle Berry on 8th March 2016
Matthew was a good person full of energy and life nobody could bring him down he was always there for people and was a teal jokester he made my day by a simple high five or smile and he sure loved the seahawks we will all miss his hold spirit and positive attitude he was very enthusiastic he will be missed lots
Posted by Grace Drescher on 8th March 2016
I have known Matthew since 3rd grade. Freshmen year, we had math class together, and I remember him always cracking jokes. I will never forget you Matt. Whenever I see a rainbow, or a seahawks logo, I will always think of you. You were so kind, and loving, and people will always remember you for that. Rest in peace.

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