Posted by PATRICK ANIDI on June 7, 2021

The elders who rule well should be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labour in preaching and teaching.

PASTOR DR. KEHINDE AJOSE was truly an elder of note and the above statement is worthy of him. He was an apostle of wisdom and a leader per excellence!

Though, the great general has rested his amour and gone, we are consoled because it is as natural to die as it is to be born. The memories of PASTOR DR. KEHINDE AJOSE will forever live and remain fresh in my heart and entire family! A song writer - Irving Berlin said “The song is ended, but the melody lingers on…”

Posted by PATRICK ANIDI on June 7, 2021

PASTOR DR. KEHINDE AJOSE was truly a Man of God of note; an exemplary follower and teacher of God’s words that will surely be missed by his teeming admirers!

He was a Man of God whose work and labour of love for humanity was well spoken of by all and sundries; and that he hugely invested his Time, Talent and Treasure to the service of mankind.

Though, PASTOR DR. KEHINDE AJOSE had completed his assignments here on earth and returned to eternal glory by way of death, the words of Martin Luther King Jr. that “Death is a comma that punctuates life to a more lofty significance. Death is not a blind alley that leads the human race into a state of nothingness, but an open door which leads man into life eternal” should be encouraging at this time. 

Nelson Mandela of blessed memory also said “Death is something inevitable. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace”

It's our prayer that the Lord will uphold the entire members of his family, his ministries and the body of Christ.


Pastor Tope ILESANMI, Chairman

Rev. Dr. Amos Obidare, Vice Chairman

Dr Patrick Anidi, Secretary
Posted by Peter Elumeze on June 4, 2021
Oh dear pastor Kenny, I really don't know how to start this tribute in your honour, you were such a gentle and easy going God and people loving man of God, I fondly called you cac rccg pastor , because of your rugged commitment to God and His kingdom.i was actually just starting to preparie to build a quality relationship with you and lo and behold , you left. You left me and many in great shock , but with grrat memory of your sweet and honourable personality...I Peter Elumeze will always remember your gentleman approach and will always love you ..
Sleep on great soldier of Christ
Posted by Bolaji Salami on May 21, 2021
Pastor Ajose, it's too sadden to accept the news of your death. May God accepts your return, forgive you of your shortcomings and may your soul find eternal rest AMEN.
Posted by Nkechi Ajose on May 16, 2021
Courage failed me to accept you have transited on to glory, that i will not see you again until we meet again at the feet of our LORD Jesus Christ. That i will miss you is an understatement, who will hail me "mama Maugbe" in Egun dialect, each time you visited the way Maugbe cuddles up in your arms, she never did with any one except her father. Or is it your prayers for me every morning. You never failed to send me prayer points to pray with every day. Or is it the recorded messages you send to me from time to time to help build my faith in Christ. Hmmm, your love for your twin brother, my husband, you two were so close. The bond was second to none. You were so caring and genuine, no pretence. An ardent lover of Christ, full of faith. You never failed to reassured me of what the word of the Lord says concerning certain issues when I have my fears and doubts. Past. Kenny, you came, you saw, you conquered. Death has been swallowed up in Victory. I have lost one very good friend. My husband's replica. (Identical twins) Baba oko mii, a very gentle and humble man to the core. A lover of Christ, a preacher per excellence, an Evangelist, My prayer warrior, always carrying my matter to God. You helped me a great deal in building my faith in Christ. Oh death where is thy sting!! If only I could turn the hand of the clock. But I can't just question God. Am only consoled that you are in a far better place than this wicked world. Rest in HIS bossom till we meet to part no more!! Good night God's General, Kachifo Ezi Ogom, Su re o Baba oko mi.
Posted by Adedapo Osanyinbi on May 12, 2021
Matthias, you left suddenly without any warning! You had a good heart, and cared genuinely about other people's welfare and feelings! I remember all the good things you did on my behalf and I am grateful! We had an interesting conversation going on WhatsApp which we never concluded. May the Light comtinue to shine upon your countenance! Adieu. 
Posted by Mark Omonze on May 8, 2021
A brother and friend , a gentle soul . A man of honour . What can I say ? A beautiful Spirit has gone to add his shine to the Palace in heaven . He will be remembered fondly by those of us whose brief moments knowing him was a blessing. We say Thanks to Almighty God for the life of our brother . We will meet again in glory .
Posted by Mercy Okanlawon on May 7, 2021
Pastor Ajose,I'm still trying to accept the reality that You are no more. Your memories keep Flashing. The last moment of your life with My Family dropping Us home that Tuesday evening after Digging Deep. And telling My Husband, my children and I (ODARO) Goodnight, I never knew it was to Eternity.You were a perfect example of Our Lord Jesus Christ. You were a caring,loving, burden bearer, lover of God and His work and a man of sacrifice. My Family and The Church miss You greatly. Rest on Pastor
Posted by Olushola Omotosho on May 6, 2021
Your departure is still strange to me and make me feel as if am dreaming
You brought joy, happiness and laughter to all who met you, you were the most caring and loving person I have ever met.
You made the world a brighter place. Time may pass and fade away, but your memories will forever live in my heart.
Continue to rest in the blossom of our Lord Jesus Christ till will meet to path no more.
We love you but God love you most!
Rest on!
Posted by Opeyemi Bukola Fapojuwo on May 5, 2021
Ajoss, as I used to call you, the news of your sudden and early flight home was and still a rude shock to me and my wife. I find it difficult to comprehend that you have gone. It is very hard to take it that you are no more.
Pastor Dr. Matthias Kehinde Ajose you were a friend that became a brother. Since our path crossed for over 25 years. Your optimism about life can't be rivalled by anyone.

You are a problem solver. All you try to do is to see to the welfare of people. You created so many platform for people's empowerment; vocal skill do empowerment of widow, various whatsapp platform to reach out to people.
Your love for God and the things of God is excellent. You attend church services without missing anyone. Your roles in the church was performed excellently well. Every day you send prayer points to to people.
Pastor Dr. Matthias Kehinde Ajose, sleep on till resurrection morning. Goodnight brother.
Posted by Ifeanyi Akazue on May 4, 2021
Pastor Ajose is second to none.  I have been under a few pastors - white and black alike - but he remains my Number One.    A true man of God.  His zeal for the work of the Lord is evident in the way he related to his parishioners.  When I celebrated my sixtieth birthday he took it upon himself to arrange everything:  the venue, the music and even catering.  I've never known such kindness.  My joy is that he died the death of a righteous man and he is now having a ball with Jesus! See you man of God when it's my turn!

-Florence Akazue of Kingdom Life Assembly;

Hull, UK
Posted by Esther Emmanuel on May 3, 2021
A Tribute to God’s own General: (Pst. /Dr. Kehinde Matthias Ajose.)
My Pastor, my prayer warrior, my confidant; lover of God and men and God’s own General in His end time army!
We are all living witnesses of your genuine love for God! I remember your virgin love for ALL, devoid of pretence and flattering. You distributed generously to all; yet it multiplied in the reservoir! You were ever there to fix it for EVERYBODY, spiritually and materially.
You were never known for negative confessions or complains even when the winds of life blew on the contrary! You put up a bold smile and confidence in the Lord that ALL THINGS would work out for Good! And you would always say, “Jesu yoo ṣe iyanu”.
My pastor, all your God given virtues ceased with immediate effect! But why? Only eternity would unveil the reason behind your sudden departure from this world of woes to a land of No toils!
You will be painfully missed in the front line of God’s army.
Though you were not a General Overseer, you were a GENERAL in the army of the Lord, a central pillar in the church of Christ: you fought a good fight of faith and you have won victoriously!
Take your rest my Pastor, in the Bosom of our Lord till we all meet to part no more!
RCCG (Kingdom Life Assembly Parish)
HULL – UK/ Abuja.
Posted by Olugbenga Ogungbemisola on May 2, 2021
Hmmm... Iku Doro, omu Eni rere lo. Pastor Ajose, it's still very hard for me to believe you are no more.... I called your phone immediately I got the news but, it was switched off and I said to myself that maybe the news was false. You are indeed a blessing to this generation. The last day I saw you, you were still trying to encourage me... You're more than a confidant, you're always bringing different ideas on how to be financially free. You advice, your calls and teaching will go a long way. I talk about you everyday with my wife... You're indeed a God sent. Sleep on.... Rest in peace my Pastor, my brother, my friend and my financial advisor. Till me meet to part no more.
Posted by Ogunlade Kenny on May 2, 2021
Pastor Ajose
May your soul rest in peace
May God comfort and uphold the family you left behind.
You came,saw and conquer
Rest on in the blossom of the Lord
Till we meet again,it is well.
Posted by Okafor Chukwuemeka on May 1, 2021
Pastor kenny,i don't know what to say at dis moment of writing this tribute. You were a giver to a fault. Knowing you was a blessings in my life. I remembered when I got married and had my first child,you stood by me like a blood brother,always praying and encouraging us,that all will be well. I learned how to say "IT IS WELL" in all situation from you. You were everything to me and my wife. REST IN PEACE (SUN RE)
Posted by Oluwafunmilayo Ajose on May 1, 2021
There's a time and season for everything in this life, a time to born and time to die Eccl 3:1-2.
Dear, your time in this life was short but glorious and divinely purposed. The only consolation is that God in his infinite design decided to take you at this time. Rest in the bosom of the Lord. Till we meet to part no more.
Fondly remembered by Oluwafunmilayo and Hadassah.
Posted by Gbenga Adewoye on May 1, 2021
Kenny, (MAN OF GOD) I felt saddened for days. This is because we met again not too long ago, during my usual visit to Lagos. You were so cheerful and full of life. We had useful business discussions and you prayed and wished me save return back to Abuja. Now the news came from a friend that you have gone to meet with the Lord. Our God is unquestionable! Please rest in peace with the Lord, where we shall all meet and part no more. To your lovely wife and the entire Ajose family, please accept my heart felt condolences..... Adieu Kenny!
Posted by Okafor Bose on May 1, 2021
I found it hard to believe that you are no more; my eyes and heart are heavy because of your exit. The vacuum created by your death is what cannot be replaced. The part you played in my life during my wedding, naming ceremony of my firstborn, your word of encouragement can never be forgotten. You perfectly understand others and shared their problems, joy and sorrow with them. We love you but God love you most. Rest on, till we have opportunity to meet again on the resurrection morning.

Your wife sister
Mrs. okafor Bose.

Posted by Sulaimon Adekunle on May 1, 2021
Hmmmm. My former oga in water corporation(data control unit), i still find it difficult to believe you are no more with us. I was so happy when i got the news that you were a pastor some years back because i knew that the gifts of God were in you when you would be telling those people claiming serving God with their lips but their hearts were far from God their secret sins to their faces and they would be very surprised how you came to know what Christ should not found them doing in both open and secret places. I knew then, that you would one day use your anointed gift for God. When it also come to giving, everybody knew you as a giver. You accepted me as your brother when we were working together and never allowed me to go hungry as you always gave me and seyi matimoju something to go home with and we were always happier and left better anytime we came to you for any help. Rest on pastor on the bosom of the Lord in my father’s house(John 14:1-2)
Posted by Adeyoyin surat Pedetin on May 1, 2021
Pastor Kenny i can't believe that you are more hmmm medaho ovi awhagonu jetarovi may your soul continue to rest in peace. Forever missed you my double prince .ezun gbede lo
Posted by Akeme Omotayo on May 1, 2021
Pastor Ajose! hmmmm I'm still in shock that you're no more with us. On Wednesday morning at about 3:59am before your demise when I saw ur message on Whatsapp saying that you needed to be taken to the hospital asap, I had thought you'll call back later in the day to appreciate the quick response and to say you are better already but that was not to be. Never ever knew that was the last time we will comunicate again. Ohh Pastor Ajose, you were an encourager, lifting souls with the word of God and helping humanity at any opportunity you had. But who can question our maker, He knows we love you but He loves you more that's why He took you out of this sinful world to be with Him in glory. You fought the good fight with all thy might. My family will dearly miss you. Adieu Soldier of Christ
Posted by Oluwafunmilayo Ajose on May 1, 2021
Daddy you are called to glory.Thank you for everything and I will continue to make your proud I wish I got to spend more time with you, thanks for everything .You are a wonderful dad love Hadassah
Posted by Faith Belynda on April 30, 2021
Heaven's Gain......

It is with a heavy heart that I write as this came as a great shock to us but our consolation is that you lived a life of service to God and humanity, also knowing that you are in the bosom of Your Maker.

Pst Matthias Kenny Ajose ,you will be greatly missed by all those that loved you though God loves you more....

May the God of all comforts, comfort your entire family and the Body of Christ at large

Goodnight God's General till we meet again at the Resurrection Morning to part no more. You fought the good fight of Faith....

Oh death, where is thy Sting ?
Oh grave ,where is thy Victory? 1 Corinthians 15:55
Posted by Victoria Eze on April 30, 2021
We will miss you sir! Rest on sir in the blossom of our Lord!!A true man of God.
Posted by Jessica Brown on April 30, 2021
Pastor Kenny was a wonderful pastor and man of God. I was always inspired by his online messages. I remember one in particular from 2018, he wrote about debt cancelation from a biblical perspective. After reading in agreement, I had over $7,000 in debt forgiveness take place within the next week!
Posted by Bisi Akinlaja on April 30, 2021
Simply short of words, I didn't imagine myself writing tribute for Pastor Keny so soon. God knows best. I pray he find rest in the blosoom of the Lord. May is soul rest in perfect peace iJnm. ☹️
Posted by Muritala Wawu on April 30, 2021
Pastor Dr. General Matthias Prince Kenny Ajose, We love you but God loves you most.
Continue to rest in peace with the Lord.

May God comfort the wife, children, siblings and entire family left behind.

Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!
Posted by tolulope durojaiye on April 30, 2021
Hmmmm.......Am short of words, because I never think of anything like this in years to come but God Almighty knows more than us we do, bible verse says God gives and he one to question him for his ways. I remember alot about him even during the life time of my mum(late now) which is the sister to him, He loves his family members, infact when I had a little issues then,I called him and he asked me to come and meet him in Alausa area and he solved it for me.He is a role model in the family, I never thought of missing him at this time. I will forever missing you...... Uncle rest in perfect peace. R.I.P
Posted by Elizabeth obazee on April 30, 2021
Pastor Matthias Kehinde Ajose as I am accustomed to calling you! It's hard, very hard to express the effect of your sudden and final departure - devastating painful and unexplainable!! The chilling news of your demise was just unbelievable.

I had called Bro. Okanlawon in the Morning the very day of the sad incident to ask of your well-being, having witnessed the way you were, the previous night. His response and answer to my question was the unexpected. "He has gone to be with the Lord this morning " In an effort to limit his trauma, I cut off the phone and I cried like a baby and it was my cry that woke up my husband from sleep since we were there together with you at the hospital before your departure. Since It is not possible for mere mortal like me to query God, I therefore thanked HIM for your life.

Pastor Ajose my friend, brother, confidant and a biz partner, you made your mark and finished the journey of life...if we have control over would definitely still be around for more decades. I would truly miss you. I appreciate all you have done for me as a person. You'll greatly be missed Matthias Ajose. Goodnight LION!

Posted by Ronke Akinnola on April 30, 2021
I'm still in deep shock about the demise of my brother and friend, Rev Ajose, in spite of having lost six very close persons this year, including my bosom friend of 47 years and my closest and best buddy uncle; but Ajose's news surpasses them all! He was one great, dependable, consistent and amiable man; a lover of God and of men! An enthusiastic enigma, who had no dull moment, full of hope and positivity regardless of any excruciating circumstance. I remember telling him only 3weeks ago on his way to another funeral outside town to slow down on his activities, and he responded in his usual enthusiasm that he was okay and there was no cause for alarm.
I miss his frequent chuckles that accompanies his words. I miss his daily prayer posts. I miss his voice on the phone saying "Alafia o, Iya mi.." as he fondly refers to me. I miss a wonderful brother and friend, even as I struggle to come to terms with this reality. Praying for comfort and healing for his twin brother, wife and daughter. We submit to the Lord God Almighty as my tongue remains cleaved to the roof of my mouth.

Dr Ronke Akinnola
Posted by Adijat Lasisi on April 30, 2021
Hmmmm. Oh death you have struck again where it hurts. Pst Kenny like we called you, you were such a good person who took out time to care about others. You will be greatly missed.
May God grant your soul eternal rest.
Posted by Soyingbe Sunday Segbeyon on April 30, 2021
Hard to believe you have gone to be with the Lord!
You are a kind hearted fellow, always willing to help everyone around you succeed.

I cannot forget your passion for service of God.

Forever in my heart.

Rest on God’s General.
Posted by Bishop SAINT ROBINSON on April 30, 2021
Kenny !'s hard for me to say a word about my friend and brother who's demised is still brutally shocking to me and my family; you left us to be with the LORD in your prime age. You were an embodiment of hopes and encouragements to me as well as to many. We loved you and you will forever be in our hearts for your brotherly love, uncommon benevolence and undaunted faith that things will be better.
Our consolation is that you're right now in the bossom of the LORD your Maker and Redeemer in the abode of eternal rest, peace and glory with the LORD of lords and King of all glories.
"The righteous perishes, and no man takes it to heart: Merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come." Isaiah 57:1

Rest on in CHRIST.

Saint Robinson and family.
Posted by Franca Sanyaolu on April 29, 2021
Pastor kenny, my sister's husband's identical twin brother, most times on our online prayer handle, I always use to mistake your voice for Bishop's. 
Your passing was a huge shock to me because it was too sudden. You were truly God's general who fought the good fight of faith, conquered and finished strong. God deemed it fit to take you home. Now you are home with the King of all kings. Adieu man of God, goodnite my good and kind inlaw. rest on gentle soul. I miss you sorely especially your section in BAM. May God comfort all you left behind especially Bishop Taiwo, Nkechi, your wife and kids.
Posted by Bolanle Rotimi on April 29, 2021
Your departure was a great shock for me. I saw a flash of your image while waking up on Friday morning and I remembered Evangelism day,I quickly told my husband not to forget the next day will be Evangelism day and getting to the church estate while going for an examination,I got the bad news which left me so depressed through out the examination period.
Indeed,you are a servant of God whose only goal is to populate heaven and take as many as you can with you to heaven.
Though, I'm not really close to you but I can't forget your last word the last time I you preached:-" let's live our life as if rapture/death will come in the next second". A watchword for every heavenly bound Christian.
Sleep on beloved on the bossom of the Lord.
Goodnight till we meet and part no more.
Posted by BABATUNDE OLUSHOLA on April 29, 2021
I first met Pastor Kenny 28yrs ago.Apart from the fact that he was an in-law,he blended very well into family.People around us never knew he was an in-law.We will surely miss that fatherly advise and mentor role you played in our family.Just too hard to swallowed the bitter pill of your demise.
Posted by Solomon Esene on April 29, 2021
We spoke just few days to your demise, hmm,.. Even in the face of adversity, you stood your ground for Christ.. Thank you raising the banner till death.
Pastor Ajose.. Rest well Sir.. We all miss You.
Posted by Kemi Oyedeji on April 29, 2021
The news your passing away.....
Few days were telling me....`my Teacher its been a while you attended house fellowship and I promised to attend again.....
You are an encourager.......a fighter....U neva gave up on what you believe......
It hurts to see you no more.....but my solace rest on God who gives and takes...
I know you are in a better place...
For those of us still fighting the fight here on earth......we pray for grace, strength and endurance to keep up the faith.
Rest in peace Pastor Ajose
Posted by Admat Haile on April 28, 2021
Pastor Kenny, was great teacher of the Word of God. He love our Lord Jesus Christ and he had great love and compassion for the body of Christ. He was always on fire for God and always demonstrated the gospel with Love and kindness hallelujah! I will miss his songs and prayers the deep teachings of the word of God. He was truly a great teacher, mentor and a blessing in my life. I’m so happy that I have met him and I will miss greatly. Great General of God rest in God’s glory for eternity heaven is rejoicing Angels are singing over you, Hallelujah!!❤️❤️
Posted by adedoyin odukoya on April 28, 2021
Dear Pastor Ajose, thank you for living a great life. You were an incurable soul winner. Rest in perfect peace sir.
Posted by Onos Orotoma on April 28, 2021
Pastor Ajose, a brother and a friend with a great humble heart of a shepherd. Rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord, Jesus Christ. May the God of all comfort be with the family you left behind
Posted by Adenrele Mofolasayo on April 28, 2021
Pastor Ajose, a humble man of God with the heart of a shepherd. Rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord, Jesus Christ. May the God of all comfort be with the family you left behind.
Posted by Isaac Olaniyi on April 28, 2021
Beloved pastor K, I never believed i will not see you physically again. I still pictured your visit to South Africa when you participated actively in my conference. You were an epitome of brotherly love, gentle and speaks truth with humility. I am glad that you already in the bossom of the Lord where we shall meet to part to more.
Posted by Abiodun Awoyale on April 28, 2021
So sad to lose you at this time.
You were a very friendly and loving soul.
Thank you for being an amazing friend.
I pray God rest your soul and fare thee well.
Adieu Pastor
Posted by Olukani Ayodeji on April 28, 2021
Pastor Ajose was a good man, he can never be forgotten, I never see him get angry,he loved God. I will Never forget his advices one of which was never to walk faster than my family, that I should always walk side-by-side my wife. We miss you a lot sir, your fatherly advice will also be missing. Sleep on pastor, we see again. You left too soon pastor.
Posted by Abidemi Aina on April 28, 2021
Veni , Vidi, Vici
Posted by Okanlawon Olufemi on April 28, 2021
Hmmnnn... My pastor, My Coach, My Brother who did not come through my mother but finally discovered, My Friend who was so close to me despite the age difference... Pastor Dr. Matthias Kehinde AJOSE... Watching you letting out your last breath was a memory i have to live with and forever remember because apart from my Father and Mother, you are the 3rd person i watched departing from this world. Oh... Daddy Ajose as my Children do call you... You will be greatly missed. How I wished I can stop you that very moment you left your body on the bed for me to close your eyes. You spoke with me till the very end... Oh pastor Ajose... An intercessor to the call, you were going and yet you were still praying for people in both tongues and understanding... Oh Pastor Ajose... Words failed me to express what I am feeling since you left. I can't forget the PUSH... All the energy left in you that you used to open the gate for me so as to rush you to the hospital. I was trusting God that you will stand on the Altar to share your testimony but God understand.
How do I live without your advice and counseling, just yesterday Tuesday, I was expecting your usual arrival in the Minister's room at the time you always arrive forgetting that you have moved on... Pastor Ajose you will be greatly missed as your place in my life may not be easily occupied.
Too much for me to swallow is your passing away Sir and I know that your prayer for us will surely be answered Sir.
I salute you my Coach, God's general rest on.


Pastor Okanlawon Olufemi & Family
Posted by Mautin Zannu on April 28, 2021
Is only God that can heal the wound, because anytime I remember what we used to do together, I am confused.
There's nothing on this planet earth you will do to him that he would not tell me. 
We are very close to the extend that at times, he would call me in the middle of the night on phone to intercede for brethren.
You gone early, continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Obed Atewe on April 28, 2021
You were fervent in your service to your God. You won Souls to the very end. You indeed have fought a good fight, you have finished your cause. Sleep on beloved of God until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Bishop Dr Praise Oliver on April 28, 2021
A man is by his immense contribution to his generation, Rev kehinde Ajose came, he saw and conquer. He was a men of love, humility and exceptional exemplary life style. A friend of all who pays allegiance to friendship. He loved God passionately and would do anything to spread the great Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ. You will be greatly missed brother. May your soul rest in peace, some days we shall meet to part no more.
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