This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Maude (Bubs) Clarke, 84, born on April 19, 1928 and passed away on January 21, 2013. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Evelyn Hawira on January 24, 2021
8 years passed Mum since you left us all. You are still missed so much by the whanau and all whose hearts you touched. Now reunited with Dad up above looking down on us all. Rest peacefully with Dad and brother Kev plus all the other heavenly whanau. Forever in our hearts Mum and Dad. xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Nadene Waaka on January 21, 2021
Thinking of you today Mum,on your 8 year anniversary & sending love to you & Dad.We all miss you both so much,& often talk about you & all the memories we had together.Rest peacefully Mum,& know that you are both always in our hearts.xxxx
Posted by Nadene Waaka on May 11, 2020
Happy heavenly Mothers day for yesterday Mum!! Miss you still,and always will.tell Dad we all miss him too.You are both always in our thoughts.xxxx
Posted by Nadene Waaka on April 22, 2020
Hi Mum,like sister Eve & Jack,its been awhile since I have visited you on this page,its not that we have forgotten you,that will never happen as you are & always will be our precious Mum & we do miss you so much!!We also miss our dad very much too,but its actually a blessing that he is with you now, as theres so much unrest in the world today with a deadly virus going around.It would have been so hard for you & Dad to cope with what we are having to do,just to keep safe,the biggest problem is not being able to see our loved ones for awhile & that would have been to hard for you & Dad!!Anyway Mum,lets hope & pray that we do get through it all,& be together again.Think about you & Dad often Mum,& look forward to the day when we can be together again forever!! Sending all our love to you & Dad!! xxxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on April 20, 2020
Hello again my dearest Mum, happy 91st birthday for yesterday. Sending big hugs and kisses up to you for your special day and every other day. We, the family have all read your message from the school time capsule. How interesting it was. If only you knew how relevant your words would be today. The world we live in is in total turmoil with a new virus that has taken many lives and will probably take a lot more in the near future. We are currently living in our own little 'bubbles' with no physical contact with our extended families. So as much as we all miss you and Dad so much it is a blessing that you are not physically on this earth to witness this tragedy. We will all look out for each other as you would want us too Mum. As always Mum rest peacefully until we meet again. Loads of love to you Dad, Steven and the rest of our whanau angels.
Posted by Jackie Edwards on March 25, 2020
Have not been here for some time aunty but you are never far from my thoughts..Sending much love to you and uncle and all our loved ones peacefully resting with you both in paradise. This world is going through some strange phenomenom at the moment and I'm sure you will watch over us all...miss you all tremendously.
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on January 22, 2020
Hello again dearest Mum, it's been a while since we talked. Couldn't get into here to talk to you but managed to today. It was your anniversary yesterday Mum. I visited you and picked some roses from your garden for you. Then today George, Raewyn and I came for another visit and a big tidy up.We left you all looking nice and tidy with pretty flowers. You are still missed heaps Mum. Losing our precious Dad was very sad and hard to accept even though as he put it "he had a good innings". The only blessing and peace of mind we have is knowing he is resting peacefully alongside you Mum. The whanau are plodding along with their lives with all the trials and tribulations that go with it but we also still enjoy our happy times and whanau get togethers for special occasions. Miss my best mate Steven every day Mum, it's lonely growing old alone but I try to keep busy so as I don't dwell on it too much. Going up to your whare again soon Mum to do the gardens. I will try and keep the place looking nice as you always did. Well Mum I'll say bye for now until next time.As always sending huge hugs and kisses to you, Dad and of course my Steven. Love you all forever.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Delma Heyder on January 22, 2020
Hi Aunty, was thinking of you today as I do most days and a vision came to me of the day we came to visit with Kim and Rado from Australia. Uncle Bill was driving along just past the Pa and saw us coming the other way from town. He tried to pull over and ended up in the ditch. Suffice to say Jim jumped out to see that he was ok and he told Jim that he was on his way to Upuk for a couple. So as Rado didn't want to go with them as Jim had offered to drive Uncle to the pub, they took off. Rado drove us up to your home and I will never forget how he introduced himself to you. Upon opening your kitchen door, I found you in the middle of cooking a meal as you always did, a knife in your hand and pots boiling on the cooker, a roast in the oven by the back door and before I could say anything Rado came through the door and said " geez Aunty something sure smells bloody nice". You answered with "whose calling me Aunty" and he replied "me Rado all the way from Australia came just to meet you".. Well that was that huh and he ended up staying with you for 2 weeks. Didn't want to come to a bloody city with lots of Concrete and boy did he enjoy himself with you all as all of those before him have done. An end of an era now Aunty but what a lot of memories in my heart for you all. 67 years of them now and nothing will be able to erase those memories I will always hold dear in my heart for you all. Love Delma
Posted by Cheri Te aho on January 21, 2020
I just found this Aunti Bubs, and it's the closet I feel other than hearing your voice.
been thinking about you a lot lately.
So what to do but scribe these words.
We love you.
Your ever Marzi & Cuddles.
Posted by Nadene Waaka on January 21, 2020
7 years today Mum,that you left us heartbroken,we are thinking of you today with loving memories & thoughts,missing you as much today as we did 7 years ago,when God called you home.Our hearts are also broken when we lost our dearest Dad last year,but get comfort from knowing you both will be together once more,without any pain and suffering.Life is not the same without you &Dad,but we are doing our best to live our lives without you both.Love & Miss you & Dad very
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on May 11, 2019
Happy Mothers Day 2019 dearest Mum. The whanau have spent the weekend up at your whare at Arakuhu having a big tidy up. You would be so happy to see the whare all spruced up. Visited Namakura to say hello on my way home and off to see Dad soon. Love you forever and ever Mum. Hugs and kisses for all the heavenly whanau, especially you and my Steven. Talk again soon Mum
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on April 22, 2019
Hi Mum, Happy belated birthday for your 91st, so wish you were here to celebrate. Tod, Gina and I visited you and Steven on your birthday and sat with you a while. The family always remember you on your birthday and other special times Mum. Dad is doing as well as can be expected, he's such a legend eh Mum. He talks of you now and then but cannot remember a lot of stuff but you know how he is Mum, he's never been much of a talker. Rest peacefully Mum and
as always much love and hugs and kisses for you Steven and all the other whanau up in heaven. Ev and whanau. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Sara Clarke on April 19, 2019
Happy bday my beautiful Nan. I think about you often and miss you very much.
Posted by Nadene Waaka on April 19, 2019
Another year has passed Mum, and today is a very special day..your 91st birthday.if only you were still here with all your whanau to celebrate your special day,but Im sure you are on all our minds today.We are learning to live without you in our lives Mum,and to carry on,but its not the same,and never will be,you were not just our mother/grandmother,but our best friend and mentor.I often sit and think about all the good times we had over the years growing up,times were hard back then,but your love for all of us got us through and made us who we are today!!Im so glad I had you for my Mum.and I miss you so much.God bless you my Mum,sleep peacefully and Happy Birthday.xxxx PS..xxxFrom Dad.
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on January 23, 2019
6 years have passed without you in our lives Mum. All we have are the many beautiful memories. You are still sorely missed by Dad and the rest of the family. Dad's memory fades with every passing day, he will always remember you but sadly he can't remember how long you have been gone. Love you forever Mum, until we meet again. Ev and whanau. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on January 4, 2019
Hi Mum, just want to say I love you and miss you and my Steven every day. Life for me is quite lonely but I keep busy working and going to see Dad most days. Coming up to 6 years now Mum but it never gets any easier,
however your legacy lives on. You will never be forgotten Mum. Big hugs and Kisses for you and Steven from Dad and I. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on January 4, 2019
Thinking of you Mum as another Xmas draws near without you. Dad having Xmas dinner at my house this year Mum, probably just him and I and Darron and the mokos. Came up to see you and Steven earlier today. Will be back on the weekend for a tidy up. Hugs and kisses for you both, love you forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Nadene Waaka on January 2, 2019
Hello Mum,been thinking about you a lot lately,especially at this time of the year,being Xmas, and your anniversary coming up.We are all well,some not so good,but managing to get through each day.Dad is still hanging in there,but getting very frail,and cant remember things, or sometimes who different ones are,but he is doing ok at this time.We try to visit him as much as we can so he doesnt get lonely.Eve has been a tower of strength to him,and caters to his every needs,he always looks forward to her visits.Mahia hasnt been well,but seems to be coping ok,we all hope she will be feeling a 100% again very soon.Dave and I went and had Xmas dinner with Eve &Dad at her place,it was nice,just the 4 of us.Although 2018 wasnt too bad for me,heres hoping 2019 is even better,for all of us.Anyway Mum,we all still miss you so much,but we know you are in a better place,with no pain,and I cant wait until the day we are together again,if its meant to be.Love to all our loved ones that are there with you Mum,we love and miss you very much.xxxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on October 2, 2018
Hi Mum. Felt like talking to you again to let you know we took Dad home for his birthday. 96 years what a milestone. Unfortunately Dad can't remember due to his rapidly failing memory but hope he enjoyed being home again. Still missing you Mum. Wish we could turn back the clock.As always big hugs and kisses for you and my Steven. xxxxx
Posted by Nadene Waaka on August 12, 2018
Just thinking of you Mum,you are never far from my mind,missing you very much.Sending much love,hugs and kisses,from me and
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on July 25, 2018
Just wanted to say Hello Mum. Steven's memorium coming up in a few days and have been thinking of him a lot recently and wishing he was still here. Not looking forward to growing old alone but can't do anything about that. Love you and miss you Mum. Big hugs for you and Steven xoxo
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on May 31, 2018
Have a challenging day ahead today Mum and I always think 'now what would Mum do'??. You are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart.
Big loves to you and my Steven.xoxoxo
Posted by Nadene Waaka on May 12, 2018
Another Mothers day without you Mum,but you are still tucked safely in my heart!! The best ever mothers day gift would be just to have you here with us once again.Sending you all my love my dearest and loving Mother.xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on April 19, 2018
Happy heavenly birthday from Dad and I Mum. Came up to sit with you a while today just to feel that much closer to you. If only we could turn back time and still have you with us Mum. All the family remembered your birthday today, and they all send their love and big hugs. We will never ever forget you our precious Mum.Love you for eternity. xxxxxxx
Posted by Nadene Waaka on April 18, 2018
Thinking of you today our dearest Mum,on your Birthday!! We have been through some hard times since you left us,but your love and caring for us over the years has helped us stay strong.Life without you has been so hard at times,but we know that you are still with us in spirit Mum,and that helps us to get through the hard times.Our love for you is never ending and one day,god willing,we will all be together again in Paradise.Sending much love to you Mum.xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on February 22, 2018
Kia ora Mum thinking of you tonight and just need to say I love you. Tod and his whanau will be home soon Mum for Sara's big day. You will be so rmissed up at Arakuhu but we know you'll be there with us all. Lots and lots of hugs and kisses for you and Steven Mum xoxoxoxo
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on January 20, 2018
5 years today dearest Mum, seems like an eternity. Will visit you later his morning Mum. I know you will be remembered today especially by all the whanau who will be reminiscing with their special memories of you. See you soon my beautiful Mum. Love you and still miss you so much. sending big hugs and kisses to you and my Steven. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Nadene Waaka on January 20, 2018
Another year has passed,5 years in all,that you left us dear Mum,and we still miss you so much!!I find myself talking to your photo and like to play music that reminds me of you from time to time.We are all getting older now and some of your mokos are growing into young adults .soon to become the next generation.Dad is doing ok,but is becoming very frail and very tired.We know he misses you very much Mum,even if he doesnt share his feelings,but thats Dad!!Sleep peacefully Mum,knowing that we all love you,and you are never far from our thoughts.God Bless Dearest Mum.xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on January 9, 2018
Another year passed without your physical presence Mum but our memories of you will be with us always. We think of you often and wish we could turn back the clock to have you back in our lives once again. Doing our best with Dad Mum and wish we could fulfill his wish and take him home again but it's not to be at this point in time. I hope you can forgive us for not having Dad live with us Mum but just now it can't be managed, so sorry Mum. Love you forever and ever.xoxoxoxox
Posted by Nadene Waaka on December 8, 2017
Another Christmas coming up without you Mum!! Even though we miss you everyday,its times like this that we miss you most of all!!Where would we be without our memories!!Almost everyday,a thought,a song or something we see,brings back memories of you Mum,so you are never far from our thoughts.Sleep peacefully dearest Mum,knowing that we are all coping as best we can without you.So until we are together again in paradise,just know that we love and miss you very
Posted by Nadene Waaka on November 8, 2017
Almost another year gone and still missing you just as much Mum!! What I would give just to see your loving face.hear your voice and hold you in my arms again,but life for all of your family,carries on without you because we know that is what you would want us to do.Our love and memories of you will never end though Mum,you are tucked safely in our hearts forever!! xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on October 23, 2017
Been thinking of you lately Mum and just want to say Hello from Dad and I. Dad is doing ok Mum, as good as he can be at 95. I try to go see him every day so he doesn't get too lonely.I think he wishes so much that you were here with him Mum but I know he holds you close in his heart. Rest peacefully Mum, loads of love to you and my Steven until we meet again
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on September 16, 2017
Hi Mum, Feeling lonely today, missing you and my Steven and just want to say Hi, I miss you both so much. I'm going to see Dad later today. It's hard seeing him where he is but keep telling myself that it's the best place for him, where his needs are taken care of 24 hours a day. I imagine he misses having you beside him as he grows older but know he carries you in his heart. Sending big hugs and kisses to you and Steven Mum. Love you both for eternity. 
Posted by Nadene Waaka on September 13, 2017
Hi Mum, I have been thinking about you these last couple of days and feeling lonely without you!!we have all carried on with our lives Mum, but it's just not the same without you.When I look at Dad these days,I picture you by his side. Poor Dad,he's hanging in there Mum!! He just lays in his bed and sleeps most of the time these days!!I'm sure he thinks about you often Mum,and he must miss you so much,but Dads never been one to show his true feelings though aye mother!!Putting him in the rest home was one of the hardest decisions we as a family have ever done,but we think it was for the best,considering his condition.AnywayMum,he is well looked after,and the family make sure of that.We want you to know that as a Mum,you were truely the best,and we all love and miss you very much.R.I.P our Mum, See you in paradise.xxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on August 1, 2017
So need your support and missing you terribly Mum especially at this particular time. Love you for eternity. xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on May 20, 2017
Hi Mum, Been thinking of you all day today. Love you forever Mum.
RIP until we meet again. Big loves to Steven xxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Nadene Waaka on April 19, 2017
Another year,another Birthday Mum,theres nothing more to say that hasnt been said over and over again ..which is...we miss you so much and life for us has never been the same without you!!We remember you with love always Mum so,sleep peacefully until we meet
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on April 18, 2017
Happy heavenly birthday for tomorrow dearest Mum. Another special time without you in our lives passes and can never be replaced. You will be in my thoughts all day tomorrow but then you are in my thoughts every single day and in my heart forever more. I mentioned to Dad tonight that it was your birthday tomorrow and immediately he said " the ninteenth" so he does remember that Mum.God bless you and God bless our Dad as well. Love you both eternally. Love and big hugs for my Steven as well. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on February 12, 2017
Missing you terribly at this difficult time Mum. We are doing the very best we can to take care of our precious Dad. Knowing you are with us every day will give us strength. Love you for ever and ever. xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on January 22, 2017
4 years Mum, the years are passing by so quickly. You are still missed beyond measure by Dad and all of us.The whanau grows bigger every year with new mokos that you would love so much. We know in our hearts that you walk beside us every day no matter where we are and this is what makes us strong and able to carry on. Love you so much dearest Mum. Give Steven my love and big hugs for you both. May you both Rest in Peace. xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Nadene Waaka on January 21, 2017
What can I say Mum on this your 4 year anniversary?except that I love and miss you more and more each day,and You will always live on in my heart!!Sleep peacefully Mum,until we are together
Posted by Alana Clarke on January 5, 2017
Hi Nan x
I have been thinking of you a lot lately. I miss you, we all miss you.
I am looking forward to coming up the river to see you in February I am bringing Ty up as well Mum reckons you'd like him he's a cheeky Hua. I cannot wait to be home.
Love you
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on September 28, 2016
Dearest Mum, took Dad up to see you a few days ago and went to visit at Arakuhu. Breaks my heart to see your lonely little whare so quiet and empty. I imagine it makes our Dad feel really sad as well.That little whare holds many happy memories for us and it will never be the same  again. You are always in our thoughts Mum and will remain forever in our hearts. Still missing you heaps Mum. Give Steven a big hug from me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Na-Keta Clarke on September 7, 2016
Missing you so much Nan. I remember all the times you would make sure that your mokos were fed and happy. Every time i see a butterfly I instantly think of you, knowing how much you loved butterflies. I will always love you Nan. I miss you so much and sometimes I wish I could come visit and see how you're doing and just talk about life. I hope you're at peace Nan. I love you ❤❤❤
Posted by Jackie Edwards on August 13, 2016
A quite moment and my thoughts drift to the many loved ones now at rest in gods glorious garden.Never far from my thoughts and always in my heart.As the years pass us by the memories of the loving times we all shared will remain with me forever. Rest peacefully our loved ones.xx
Posted by Evelyn Hawira on August 12, 2016
Missing your love and support Mum. No matter what problems arise during our lifetime you always taught us to be strong, stick together and always look for the positives. Love and miss you my beloved Mum. xxx
Posted by Nic Clarke on July 24, 2016
Always loved... Always missed... especially your phonecalls ... its just not the same without you.... xxx
Posted by Alana Clarke on July 23, 2016
Hi Nan xx
I could go on forever trying to explain the impact you have had on our lives and how much we all miss you but it just wouldn't be enough.. It's so beautiful to see family adding their memories for everybody to enjoy
Another place we can all come to have a chat with you xx Mum always says Khody is a little Miss Maude and she is! She has your stubbornness and attitude but most of all your kind heart
I wish you got to meet her but I know you can see all her and Hemis mischief from where you are! All of our cheeks are still kept warm by Dads pinches too! I love you and I miss you
Posted by gina clarke on July 20, 2016
Beautiful lady
beautiful soul
beautiful memories always in our hearts
miss your cooking
miss you
love always gina
Posted by Teri Teki on July 20, 2016
Hey Nan! Words just ain't enough to say how much the whanau miss you Nan... u have left so many footprints on all our hearts... so many fond memories and stories to share...tots missing your cooking made with love... and laughing with you while we gossip... u have definitely left a legacy of manaakitanga with us nan cos no matter who's house we are at... it always feels like home as long as we got whanau!

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. Thanks for the lesson Nan. Love and miss you... everyday. Love to my whanau xox
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Posted by Evelyn Hawira on January 24, 2021
8 years passed Mum since you left us all. You are still missed so much by the whanau and all whose hearts you touched. Now reunited with Dad up above looking down on us all. Rest peacefully with Dad and brother Kev plus all the other heavenly whanau. Forever in our hearts Mum and Dad. xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Nadene Waaka on January 21, 2021
Thinking of you today Mum,on your 8 year anniversary & sending love to you & Dad.We all miss you both so much,& often talk about you & all the memories we had together.Rest peacefully Mum,& know that you are both always in our hearts.xxxx
Posted by Nadene Waaka on May 11, 2020
Happy heavenly Mothers day for yesterday Mum!! Miss you still,and always will.tell Dad we all miss him too.You are both always in our thoughts.xxxx
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Missing you!!

Shared by Nadene Waaka on January 25, 2021
Think of you often & miss you Mum xxx

My Nan, Our Nan

Shared by Kevin Waaka on March 28, 2020
Kia Ora Nan,
Not sure where to start Nan. I feel like its been a lifetime since we last spoke. Im sorry its taken me so long to write Nan, but I wasn't sure where to begin. I miss you so much Nan and not a day goes by that I dont think of you. As you know I came up to see you few days ago and I know you knew we were there. I wish you had a chance to meet my beautiful girls (Your Great Mokos) but I know you are with them anyway as you were always there for me. I added some photos of the girls earlier Nan, but you will see them more as I promise to visit you as much as I can. As I told you when I visited we haved moved home for good. Going to make a home in Palmerston Nan. I love Whanganui nan but it hasnt felt like home since you passed. Me and Karen still together Nan which at times seems like a miracle, lol. Taine is 18 yrs old now, Ataahua is 10 and Maia is 7. Im 44 now Nan and starting to look my age. 

Uncle George attended the Upokongaro 125th Anniversary last weekend Nan and he shared with everyone the letter you left in the capsule. It was unbelievable to read and how accurate it was even after 25 years. I have to say though Nan that nothing much has changed since which I guess is a bit sad. 

In fact Nan, at the time of this writing the world is going through which could be called a catastrophic event. New Zealand and most other intelligent countries have been put in lock down. People have been told to stop working, we are all told to stay indoors and the fucken kids are driving me crazy, lol.
Sorry for the french Nan. I was kind of hoping you'd walk in the door and clip my ears, lol. I really miss you Nan.

Im staying with Craigy, Amber and kids at the moment Nan and its currently Day 3 of the Lockdown. Its meant to last 4 weeks but we will see what happens. To be honest, I couldn't have been locked down at a better place. You know Craigy nan. Big man, even bigger heart. 

Well Nan, theres so much Id like to tell you and chat to you about so I promise to come and korero with you more often. I also promise to come up and see you as much as I can. I really just wanted you to know that I love you and miss you very very much. I wish I had taken more time out to tell you when you here, but hei aha my beautiful Nan I know that one day I will get my chance to do that. Again Nan, I love you. Tell DanDan I love him too. 

Talk soon Nan, Love always
Kev xxxx

Mother Day 2018

Shared by Nadene Waaka on May 12, 2018

Missing you on Mothers Day my dearest Mum!!