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Ladies Dinner Group

January 22, 2021
Dearest Mei Ling, It was an honour knowing you and having you as our friend. We will always cherish the memories of happy times spent together at our gatherings. Our ladies'  dinner will not be the same without you. You will be dearly  missed and fondly remembered. May your soul RIP.    Foo Wang Leng 
Whatever needs to be said is covered by Susan.  I have lost a very close confidant and a traveling companion.  Diana Tan
Dearest Mei Ling, a true friend, a fantastic travel companion, a good chef and much more. Till we meet in that beautiful shore...  Bee Kee Yin
Dearest Mei Ling,  what an honour to have met you.  Will miss your gregarious personality at our dinners - certainly, would not be the same without you.  Will cherish all the wonderful times and sharing...Rest In Peace!   Josee Lee
Mei Ling  had fought a good fight. She had finished the race.  Linda Koh 

Every milestone

January 21, 2021
I've had the gift of knowing Aunty Mei since the day I was born. My earliest memories of her were from my single-digit years when she would invite us kids over for poolside fun, pasta lunches and to play with the rabbits. The Christmas seasons were never dull with spreads of food, arrays of ice cream flavours and gifts of toys. I still recall the thrill when she gifted Barbie as Swan Lake to me (circa 2004). 

I could count on Aunty Mei to be there in my life's milestones or events. When I did well for exams, she would be there with a reward. When I had fallen sick with hospitalisation, she had porridge made. Even during the March lockdown, Aunty Mei made sure we were more than comfortable. 

Visiting the pet shop with her one year, I remember when she picked up a live worm in her hand and examined it. I was so startled and she looked at me as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Again she never stopped to amaze me and show how extraordinary she is. 

I am yet to meet someone as affable and endearing as Aunty Mei. She can carry any light-hearted conversation just as much as she can delve into a deep one. She is as well-read as she is well-loved. Her heart is generous and kind. I will always remember her and miss her greatly. 

Twenty years ago

January 21, 2021
Her hair. The first thing I noticed about Dr Young was her white hair. It was year twenty years ago, and as a student, it didn’t take long to discover that she was the most outstanding person in the room – her charm and personality made everyone noticed her, not knowing yet who she was. And it’s just that – that we would sometimes wonder if we could ever have that level of charisma.

More than ten years later, I met her again – from a different perspective. She was determined, and she knew what she wanted from me as a faculty. Over the years, to me, she was strict, brutal but honest. Yet, she motivates. She was always the life of the discussion. She pushes you and she knew every aspect of the business.

And it isn’t fair that we couldn’t learn more from her now. And it’s not fair that our workplace will be without her passionate leadership. IMU and the network of alumni have lost a visionary and creative genius and the world has lost an amazing human being.

Dr Mei Ling, when you continue to give so many advices when you were battling sickness, I realised the importance of being there for the people around you. Thank you for being a great mentor and friend. Thank you for making the effort every single time.

We will miss you.

Erwin Khoo & Siew Houy

15 June 2008

January 20, 2021
IMU Bukit Jalil. My first day, 1pm: A motherly graceful woman walked towards me, "Oh you are finally here, we have been waiting for you for 6 months. Why did you drive to Seremban this morning? We couldn't find you. They told me you have gone to Seremban. You should be here in BJ. Have you had your lunch?" Those were the first words I heard from Dr Mei Ling Young the first time we met. "I am Mei Ling Young, you must be Verna. Come, come, come, let's bring you to meet Tan Sri and Kenneth. You belong here. We are very excited. We are going to build a hospital, IMU own hospital". 

That was my story and my beginning in IMU. 

Thank you Dr Mei Ling Young for waiting for me, for greeting me with such warm words, for trusting me, for giving the opportunity to dream, for allowing me to explore, giving me space to make mistakes, to change and to believe in myself that I can do it. I vow to be a better teacher, better mother, better wife, better doctor, better friend....better continue Dr Mei Ling Young's dream.

Sweet memories

January 20, 2021

My wife, Christy was one of the pioneer staff of IMC, and she still works for IMU. Throughout the many years, decades now, my family and I have the pleasure, joy of sharing our lives journey together with Mei Ling, Mark, Wui Leng (now with Zhou), members of their extended families, members of the household, staff and associates of IMU. We remember and reminisce fondly of the fellowship, laughter, events and meals we had together.

There were good times and not so good times. It is our responsibility, now during this sad time, and hereafter, that we support this family, and together journey ahead with continued love, empathy and blessed hope for the glorious eternity.

Mah Pung & Christy Chiu

Jonathan & Larissa, Emily, Selyna

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