It is with great sadness that we announce the peaceful passing of Dr Mei Ling Young this morning on 20 January 2021. A co-founder and board member of the International Medical University, Malaysia, her contributions to medicine and education are immeasurable. In 1992, together with Tan Sri Datuk Dr Kamal bin Salih and the late Dr Saidi Hashim, they had embarked on a mission – to establish an educational model that would allow more young Malaysians to pursue their ambitions to become doctors and other healthcare professionals through a globally recognised curriculum. Her determined and visionary leadership has been an example to us all for the near 30 years since our establishment.

For students and staff alike, Dr Young nurtured in us an unending thirst for knowledge. By her own example, she encouraged a humble but unyielding pursuit of excellence, and in her personal and professional life, she gave us the greatest gift of all: the dream of discovering new things for ourselves, and the ability to realise that dream.

Known for her charismatic, exuberant and caring nature, she will continue to touch countless lives - even as she passes on from this one. Her legacy will live on in IMU, through each student, staff and everyone else who have passed through IMU’s doors.

Please join us in a moment of silence and a prayer in your own way for Dr Young. May she rest in peace. Our deepest condolences go out to her family and friends, may they find solace and strength in their time of grief.

At the request of the family, please do not send any wreath. Instead, please make a donation in memory of the late Dr Mei Ling Young to Penang Hospice Society (CIMB Account Number 8003864144, Bank Swift Code: CIBBMYKL).
Posted by Chinthaka Balasooriya on March 17, 2021
I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dr Mei Ling Young. I had the pleasure of meeting Mei Ling on several occasions during my visits to IMU. I was struck by her kindness, grace and wisdom, and we all benefited from the wisdom that she brought to our discussions. She was a wise and charismatic figure, making strong contributions to fostering relationships with partner universities. She will be sadly missed and forever loved. I extend my condolences on behalf of UNSW Australia.
Posted by Wuraola Akande on February 24, 2021
Thank you
Posted by John Marley on February 7, 2021
How limited words are when we try to describe some 24 years of life-changing friendship with the wonderful Mei Ling and Mark. How so much more precious these years have been through the privilege and richness of counting them among our most special friends.

Nobody else could have built IMU to what it is today. I remember so well how she negotiated those stormy early AC meetings at IMC and the relationships that she negotiated and nurtured would have come to nothing without her unique combination of determination, warmth and hospitality beyond all human measure. At her wake, Susan described the Vice Chancellor of Strathclyde saying he had been, ‘Mei-Linged’. I too am so very grateful for having been ‘Mei-Linged’.

At Mei Ling’s wake Susan so powerfully listed the words that described Mei; how could we add to those? What we can do is express just how enormously grateful we are to have known such an amazing, and as the young would say, totally awesome person.

John and Anne
Posted by Joanna Bosco on February 3, 2021
  Aunty Mei was so central to my life. She filled my life with such warmth, joy and an abundance of love. She stepped into my life after my father Prof John Bosco died and opened a different window that allowed light to enter again. She had worked closely with him in establishing the clinical school of IMU. I still remember seeing her at the door the day my father had died. I was 17 and had never experienced grief at such magnitude before. Her smile and gentleness reminded me of my dad and I clearly remember feeling less scared. In the absence of my dad, over the many years, Aunty Mei became a tower of support and love. She gave me endless strength, advice, guidance, laughter, all with that famous twinkle in her eyes. She, Uncle Mark and Wui Leng were always present with their support and company. Their family and extended family shined with warmth. Uncle Mark would always have some of the best life insights, being an anchor in times of uncertainty, and being a champion to celebrate when joys appeared. I used to go for lunch with her lovely late father, discuss history, explore his library, realising her warmth, curiosity for knowledge and understanding of this world was also influenced by him. I was able to spend time with her mother, who was beautiful, wise, and strong- i saw her strength in Aunty Mei too. Her son, Wui Leng, who carries her wisdom, humility, kindness and contentment with him, has also been a great friend to me. His wife Zhou too reflects this genuine kindness and steadfastness.
  Aunty Mei encouraged me in my journey of being a doctor. She always saw the best in me whilst giving advice in overcoming challenges. Her passion in finding solutions, the ability to cut through the noise and rise against any setbacks whilst still exuding joy was unmatched. For an anxious young person at that time, this was something I treasured so deeply. This steady reassurance was not only evident in her but also her and Uncle Mark's family. Aunty Susan, Aunty Liap, Uncle Kour and many others also carried this similar radiance. She and Uncle Mark has always cared for my mum. Since 1999, they have been present, supporting my mum through the good and happy occasions, keeping her company and providing a shoulder to lean on in difficult times. Going for meals with Aunty Mei and Uncle Mark and Wui Leng , seeing Aunty Ah ying in their home, were comforting - these times shining like bright stars in my life. Aunty Mei was only a phone call or a conversation away despite how busy they both were.
   Aunty Mei always reminded me of leading a purpose driven life and encouraged me in my service to patients and their families. She recognised my heart beat and continued to support me in that calling. She always felt great joy when IMU students continued to carry the flag where they worked, contributing to others and the greater plan of healthcare.
Healthcare and medical education was something so integral to her. Her compassion for others found its way into the core of IMU where she gave of herself. Her mind focused on the ability of this instituition to continue to give back to Malaysia and offer opportunities for young people from around the world to work in health care. She was always enthusiastic, her eyes would light up when she spoke about the people she worked with in IMU, the various teachers, students , and the growth of the uni - the joy she felt was so palpable. Her founding values are evident in IMU , where most students who attended it still describe their years there as some of the best in their lives and a place where some of the best friendships were found.
  There is a massive gap where Aunty Mei used to stand. Waking up to a world that she is not physically in, is incredibly painful. I give thanks to God for her life. I am so grateful that I met her and her family, and was able to feel all the love and joy she carried for life. I am grateful for the time that I got to spend with her over the years and even when she was sick. I am grateful that she had the ability to keep working and doing all that she loved. Even in her illness, she continued to shine with her deep love of life. Her quiet moments, reflecting her desire to still be of service.
She was so loved and cherished by thousands of people because of her genuine compassion. She gave of herself. I keep imagining visiting her house when I return to KL and am still not prepared to not see her come down the stairs to greet me with a big hug.
She is a mother, wife, aunt, sister, sister in law, friend and colleague. She still had dreams of doing more for people and healthcare in Malaysia and her legacy of kindness lives on.
Love springs eternal, and when I think of love I think of my Aunty Mei Ling. The last few sentences she said to me was "love you too! We have a lot to talk about." I guess I will just have to pick up that conversation in heaven. I love you too Aunty Mei. You are in my heart forevermore.
Posted by Avinash K. Chand on January 28, 2021
Thank you for all you have done for the fraternity of private medical education in Malaysia. I was blessed to be a in your path during my time as a student in IMU and also part of the Student Council. Your warmth, sincerity and kindness left and endearing impression even till this day. You always made me feel like you knew me very well even though our interactions were brief and almost always in an official capacity. Thank you for opening your home to us but more so your heart. You will be always remembered and missed. Thank you for the legacy you have created and letting me be part of it in some small way. Rest in peace and see you someday on that beautiful shore.
Posted by Mariam Yap on January 27, 2021
An extraordinary mentor and leader. Full of positive vibes, would dash in and instantly bright up the office ambience. Her smiles, her gestures, and those sparkling eyes. She gives you the lesson of life; to be kind, to be nice to always stands up high. Always have time to listen and to give advice. Very caring and loving.

You will never leave us. Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear.
Posted by Muneer G Babar on January 26, 2021
Dr Mei Ling you will be forever remembered and missed. You were full of energy and ideas, always encouraging and motivating to keep improving. Like so many people you have impacted, you have also impacted my thinking and inspired me to be a a better version of me. My deepest condolences to your family.
Posted by Trudie Roberts on January 25, 2021
Mei Ling you were such an inspiration to me and many, many other people. It is difficult to believe that we will no longer be able to have your wisdom and energy alongside us. However your legacy in what you have created at IMU will live on in the people you have touch and inspired. I am very sad because I know your family will be hurting and missing you so much now. I hope it will be of some comfort for them to know how much you were loved, respected and admired. You will be forever in my heart dear friend.
Posted by Yan Yi Chang on January 24, 2021
Dr Mei Ling Young, you will forever be missed and remembered for the love and light you brought to us, your colleagues at IHH Healthcare.

Though our working relationship was but a brief drop in the ocean, you have left remarkable memories and a legacy that will ripple through the ages. May you rest in peace for you have ran a good race, you have finished your fight and you have indeed kept the faith.

Deepest condolences and prayers to her family and friends.
Posted by Cindy Chu on January 23, 2021
As one of the earlier students when it was still IMC in the PJ site, I know full well the difference Dr Young’s vision has made to many people’s lives allowing many to become doctors and other health related professionals.

As I look at Liverpool where my husband and I (both from IMC) have settled down post graduation, I see the legacy of Dr Young lives on. We have 4 IMC/IMU graduates who are now consultants in a big university teaching hospital on the Wirral where I am, never mind the rest of the other hospitals in Liverpool. We continue to have trainees (undergraduates and postgraduates) from IMU. We have a healthy reminder of IMU’s effect on Liverpool and UK, many who have gone on to be consultants here or elsewhere in the world.

I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to her family and friends. Please let it be known that you have touched many people’s lives. You are an angel and have now gone to be amongst other angels. @cindychu828
Posted by Vishna Nadarajah on January 23, 2021
Mei Ling is a dear friend and mentor to many of us at IMU. She influenced our professional and personal lives through the many nurturing roles she had. Amazing , charismatic, vibrant , passionate, humble are just some of the words to describe a person who has challenged status quo and broken the glass ceiling many times. 
It’s been a privilege to know and work with Mei Ling . I owe the opportunities and successes I have had in medical education to the support and trust given by her . There are countless beautiful stories to share , to celebrate her life and legacy. We will share these stories lovingly amongst good friends, over good food and a glass of wine .
I will miss her so so so much , and my heartfelt condolences to her darling family and many thanks to them for sharing her with us . May her soul rest in peace . Amen.

Posted by Su-Lin Chong on January 23, 2021
Mei Ling - the embodiment of 'joie de vivre'. A ball of energy with her huge beaming smile and warm personality, ever ready to charm us into agreeing with an idea or proposal! 
Posted by Chit Loh on January 22, 2021
A woman of vision, energy, passion, drive and infectious charm! The fingerprints you have left behind on medical education is everywhere to be seen, from giving many young aspirants the opportunity to pursue and realise their dreams, to seeing some of them now serving their communities, helming leading positions in medical research and education. Though sorely missed by all of us here, you can look back with some satisfaction what you had achieved. Requiescat in pace.
Posted by Rosa Johan on January 22, 2021
Thank you for everything you have done for me and many others Aunty Mei. From taking the time to ensure I was settling into IMU to listening and acting on my concerns throughout medical school - I feel I wouldn't be where I am today without your immense generosity, kindness and encouragement. I only wish I could have done more to show you my appreciation. Your warmth and loving spirit will be missed forever.
Posted by Irene Low on January 22, 2021
I've known Mei Ling since 1988, working with her at the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research and subsequently helping in laying the groundwork for the setting up of the International Medical College. I've seen the courage and tenacity of Mei Ling to push through the formation of the IMC and then IMU. A very generous lady, feeding us ever so often with her home-cooked food, she is always full of life and with so much energy. 

You will be missed. May you Rest in Peace.
Posted by Tania Tai on January 22, 2021
Thank you Dr Mei Ling for being such an inspiration to us during the healthcare brand journey. We truly treasure the moments shared, and love the meaningful ramifications of the stories told. Humanity and humour are a powerful combo. Your legacy will live on as we bring the healthcare brand to life!
Posted by Johan Saravanamuttu on January 22, 2021
A true friend, generous to a fault. Mei's bubbling personality was truly infectious. How brave and courageous she was to the very end! The USM days of camaraderie will remain indelible for me. Susan's lovely, moving words at the wake said it all. To Mark and Wui Leng, may Mei’s wonderful spirit stay with you always.
Posted by nandini jeyaratnam on January 22, 2021
My association with Mei Ling started in 1993 when I joined a small team of academicians & educationists involved in setting up the very first private medical college with international partnerships (IMU). It was indeed a daunting task. Nevertheless I couldn’t but notice Mei’s inexhaustible energy & tenacity when facing the challenges posed before us.
Over the 15 years I worked with her we gradually hit a good friendship between us. Even after my retirement my husband & I continued to enjoy the great hospitality that was extended to us by Mark & Mei. She was a people’s person & loved life. After leading a fulfilling life she has now been called Home. May her soul rest in peace & let’s celebrate her life.

Sent from my iPhone
Posted by Francis Achike on January 21, 2021
Always a shock to hear of the death of a friend. So it was when the sad news popped up on my cellphone last night. I shouted and my wife sitting next to me soon joined me in the pain of the loss of a friend. We both visited with Mei Ling at the IMU in August of 2018 little knowing this was coming. Mei Ling, your legacy lives on definitely in the IMU and beyond. To live in the hearts of those who love you, is to live forever. Sleep on in the peace of your creator.
With love, Francis n Ozo Achike, TX, USA.
Posted by Shamir Das on January 22, 2021
Dr. Mei Ling was always with a smile and during all my encounters with her, exhibited a sense of humility and empathy towards the students and staff alike. A woman of great substance as well as style, she will definitely be missed. Keeping you in our prayers and rest in power, Dr. Mei Ling <3
Posted by Kharis Ibrahim on January 21, 2021
Thank you Dr Mei Ling Young for your service to our country . You’ve touched so many lives and personally gave me the chance to attend your prestigious school.

Your school didn’t just teach medicine , but understanding relationships and building life skills.

My deepest sympathies to your family .

Your kindness will never be forgotten and each student that you have helped succeed will continue your legacy.

Rest In Peace !

A. Kharis Ibrahim MD
Class of 2/ 1996

Posted by Benjamin Cheah on January 22, 2021
Always a good listener. The passion is felt even after so long. The commitment to medical education and her aspirations for a better healthcare ecosystem is admirable. Her dream and legacy will live on in those whose lives she touched and the doors that she opened. Your warmth will forever be missed. Till we meet again.
Posted by Hai K Ong on January 22, 2021
Comrade-in-arms for almost 30 years, very dear friend, perfect hostess, charismatic and caring leader. Other words that I can describe Mei include quality and class in taste, persistent, tenacious, meticulous, penchant for cleanliness and tidiness. Of course love of IMU.
You’ll live forever in our memories. Thank you for having touch many of us. Rest in peace.
Posted by Michael Haneline on January 21, 2021
Mei Ling was such a wonderful person who was dedicated to her calling in life. I remember when first meeting her she expressed her desire for excellence in everything we do. Her positive impact on the administration, faculty, support personnel, and students at IMU will be ongoing. One more thing; my wife Melanie said that she gave great hugs.
Posted by Lesleyanne Hawthorne on January 22, 2021
As Associate Dean International at the University of Melbourne, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr Mei Ling Young annually on behalf of the Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences over many years. While our focus was the School of Medicine cohort agreement, our meetings were also memorable for their genuine sense of friendship, fun and warmth. I am shocked to learn of Mei Ling's untimely death this week. She deserved a long and rich retirement, which she would have excelled in as in every other life stage. My sincere condolences to her family and her valued IMU colleagues. I would also like to convey my congratulations for her manifold contributions to medical education in Malaysia.
Posted by Ramesh Jutti on January 22, 2021
From the time I first met Mei in 1999, I found her to be a multi-talented person; a person with lots of passion, an immense determination to achieve results, a stickler for details but never losing sight of the bigger picture. What impressed me most was her ability to deal problems with a smiling face, her caring attitude towards every one and her helpful nature.

IMU has truly lost a great personality.

I miss you Mei

My family and I will always cherish the memories of our acquaintance
Rest in peace Mei

Ramesh Jutti
Posted by Gita Sinha on January 21, 2021
I first met Mei Ling during my First visit to Malaysia. I was invited by her to teach at IMU. She had a beautiful smile and bursting energy. I still remember when we first met at the university. She was incredibly down to earth but yet had a powerful presence. She also visited us at Dalhousie where we had a chance to meet again. 

She had forever left her mark on the teaching world and will be missed.
Posted by Morshidi Sirat on January 22, 2021
My first meeting with Mei Ling way back in 1982 has shaped my views on the future of Geography in the university. As a fresh graduate in Planning but assigned to teach Geography at the School of Humanities, USM I was unsure about my future career in academia. But you opened up a young mind on the potential of Geography, which I have not imagine prior to our exchanges. For that, I thanked you forever. RIP my friend.
Posted by Wendy Hu on January 22, 2021
On several memorable occasions I had the very great honour of being Mei Ling's dinner guest. Immediately her very great and rare combination of warmth, generosity of spirit, deep and penetrating intelligence and insight came through. Mei Ling's work and humanity will live on in generations of students and colleagues - and their students in turn - for many many years to come.
Posted by Brian Furman on January 21, 2021
Karen and I were devastated by the incredibly sad news of the passing of Mei Ling, whom we have known for more than 22 years. So much has been already been said about her vision for medical and pharmacy education, which culminated in the establishment of IMU, a unique institution and a lasting tribute to her. However, on a personal level, we shall always remember her friendship, her warmth, her generosity, her smile, her mischievous sense of humour, and her wonderful hospitality, through which we were entertained by her and Mark at their home on our numerous visits to Malaysia. It was a tremendous privilege to know her and we shall miss her hugely. Our heartfelt condolences and love go out to Mark, Wui Leng and Susan.
Posted by Anna Maria Choy on January 21, 2021
Mei Ling was exceptional in so many ways, not just for her vision, achievements and legacy in the sphere of education and creating the opportunities for so many young people but also for being that person one is fortunate to meet in one’s lifetime, a true life enhancer. An abiding memory is her all-encompassing joyfulness, humility, generosity of self and genuineness. The many dinners, formal and informal, were memorable because of her and Mark’s warm company and generosity. Her hospitality and concern for her guests was legendary. I remember her showing, at a dinner she and Mark hosted for visitors from the University of Dundee in 2018, how to eat steamed prawns, a lesson I now pass on to my children. Even when ill in 2019, and unable to attend the Academic Council dinner, her attention to choosing the menu and insistence on the best and calling during the dinner to check if all was well, was so typical of her. We miss Mei Ling dearly, but we are grateful to have been blessed with so many happy times with her and Mark, and to have met so many good friends through her. Like so many others, our life’s journey has been enriched because of her. Our thoughts and prayers, for Mark and Wui Leng, and Susan and family. Although we met Mei Ling and Mark for the first-time many years ago under sad circumstances at the funeral of Professor John Bosco, a dear mutual friend, out of the sadness came the joy of enduring friendship with her and Mark. In the same way, her leaving too early is painful and sad beyond words, but gives us the opportunity to reflect on the person she was and her qualities that made her touch so many lives and made the world a better place for her time on it, a lesson to reflect on, a true educator to the very end. Chim, Anna Maria, Andrew, Jonathan and Elizabeth Lang
Posted by Lil Tai on January 21, 2021
Dr. ML Young, you will always be loved and remembered by all who have crossed paths with you. You lived an exemplary life, ( especially in IMU) fought a good fight and finished the race well. The beautiful memories of you will linger on. May you rest eternally now and forever
Posted by Al Amaladoss on January 21, 2021
I knew Mei Ling whilst I was at the University of Southampton, a partner University of IMU. She was always a charming host, unfailingly gracious and polite, and a true Malaysian.Her first priority was the welfare and success of her students, and the wellbeing of her staff colleagues. She will be greatly missed by her own family, and by her IMU family, to whom I send my condolences at this time.
Posted by Ronald Harden on January 21, 2021
I feel very sad. In Mei Ling I had a close friend and an incredible colleague. I feel sad that I will no longer be able to have conversations with her when she shares her excitement, passion, and visions for medical education.

What I do have, however, is a wonderful bank of memories. Memories of the early days, sitting at the pool at the Mandarin Oriental, with Mei under the umbrella in the shade, talking about the creation of an International Medical College with partner schools around the world – what seemed like an impossible dream. Memories of how she persuaded deans in different schools to sign up as partners for a collaboration which, at that time, was unique. Memories of how she charmed Michael Hamlin, then Vice-Chancellor and Principal at Dundee University to assure the potential partners of the viability and strength of the partnership. The memory of how she saw with pride the first graduates of the school. Memories of the numerous Academic Council meetings where she ensured that progress was made and problems were resolved. Memories of the wonderful dinners and barbeques we had at her house where she always arranged for me to have my favourite rum and raisin ice cream. This attention to detail as well as the big picture was characteristic of Mei. More recently, memories of Mei addressing the Academic Council from her hospital bed and of seeing her just last year at home when she talked excitedly about plans for the future for IMU.

Mei had received many awards recognising her numerous achievements and there will, I am sure, be other opportunities to document these. IMU is a wonderful and fitting legacy for her. She supervised its growth from just a dream to a successful reality – an important development in medical education that has broken new ground in international collaboration and in curriculum planning.

Mei has a marvellous can-do attitude. She always wanted not only to do well but to do better and to plan for an exciting future. All who knew Mei enjoyed her friendship, admired her interpersonal skills, and sampled the passion which was so infectious.

Mei was blessed by her husband Mark, who was a huge support to her personally and professionally. Together they had a marvellous relationship.
Mei, you were a unique package. We will miss you. What you achieved cannot be overstated.
Posted by Viktoria Joynes on January 21, 2021
My abiding memory of Mei Ling will be how keen she was to ensure that everyone had a wonderful time when they visited Malaysia. She was always so warm, kind and generous, and welcomed the IMU partners to her home as if we were long-lost family.

She was also an inspirational academic leader, forging her own path where many others followed, and always keen to identify and develop others, pushing for collaboration wherever she could see an opportunity (and sometimes even where she could not!) 

I'm so happy to have met and shared some fun times together, and to have been able to welcome her to Liverpool, where the highlight was showing her the tiling in the male toilets at the Philharmonic... a very special lady, she will be sadly missed.
Posted by Carol Chong on January 21, 2021
I was with IMU Finance Dept for 5 years. During my IMC/IMU days, Dr Mei Ling always with a lovely sweet smile whenever I greeted her. She treated all the staff well with support and encouragement. She was an inspiration and role model to everyone.

My deepest condolences to the family of Dr Mei Ling.

May you rest in peace, Dr Mei Ling. The legacy you leave behind will never be forgotten. You will be dearly missed.
Posted by Maznah Mohamad on January 21, 2021
Sweet farewell, Mei, as I shed my tears of deep sadness for the loss of a remarkable life, and the dearest of friends. You will be remembered as the sunshine radiating its light of joy, playfulness, and warmth and comfort to all who have been fortunate to have been touched by you. The sparkle in your eyes, the intensity of your attention, the vibrancy of your company. An irreplaceable jewel who will be forever missed and forever loved.
Posted by Josee Lee on January 22, 2021
Ladies Dinner Group

Whatever needs to be said is covered by Susan.
I have lost a very close confidant and a traveling companion. Diana Tan

Dearest Mei Ling,
It was an honour knowing you and having you as our friend. We will always cherish the memories of happy times spent together at our gatherings. Our ladies' dinner will not be the same without you. You will be dearly missed and fondly remembered. Rest In Peace Mei Ling. Wang Leng Foo

Dearest Mei Ling, what an honour to have met you.  Will miss your gregarious personality at our dinners - certainly would not be the same without you. Will cherish all the wonderful times & sharing.  Rest In Peace Mei Ling.  Josee Lee

Mei Ling, a true friend, a fantastic travel companion, a good chef and much more. Till we meet in that beautiful shore... Bee Kee Teh

Dear Mei Ling. You had fought a good fight. You have finished the race. May you rest in peace. Linda Koh

Dearest Mei Ling, thank you for yr friendship and fellowship at the ladies dinner group. Will miss you dearly, future gatherings will not be the same without the chirpy you. Till we meet again. Love, Leng Sung

I will always remember your warm charming smile. Rest in peace, Mei Ling. Shirley Toh
Posted by Lay Tin Ooi on January 21, 2021
I know many people worked with MLY for a very long time. So did I....for 13 long but wonderful years, from IMC days to the Bukit Jalil university campus.

Under Mei Ling's wings,  I felt very confident in carrying out my work as she was such a caring, generous, kind-hearted and supportive boss, friend and mentor. She also cared for my young children then and gave them gifts in the form of books.

Mei Ling always carried a wide smile and through the years, we still kept very much in touch as she was always enthusiastic about the higher education industry.

You will be dearly missed, Mei Ling.

My deepest condolences to Mark and Wui Leng.

Posted by FM Cheong on January 21, 2021
My heartfelt deepest condolences to Mark and family.

Mei Ling had been an inspiration to many with her zest for life, contagious smiles and laughter, selfless contributions to the betterment of society and care for the people around her. She has touched the lives of all who had the pleasure and privilege of knowing her. She will be missed dearly. Her inspirations will be etched permanently in memory with fondness.

May she rest in peace, in the loving presence of the Lord.
Posted by Deb Matthews on January 21, 2021
Mei Ling was a remarkable woman – a true visionary, full of energy and enthusiasm. She was charismatic, generous and brilliant. When you spoke with her, she made you feel like you were the only other person in the room. She will be sorely missed, but her legacy lives on in IMU. My deepest condolences to Mark and her family at this most difficult time. My thoughts are with you.
Posted by Molly Lee on January 21, 2021
Mei Ling, we met during your USM days. We used to have those lovely dinners at late Mrs. Moo's place. You are one of the most warm, generous and fun-loving persons I have met. You are gone much too soon. You will be greatly missed. May you rest in eternal peace. Deepest condolences to Mark, Wui Leng and Zhou Ling.
Posted by Jon Chua on January 21, 2021
My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Dr Mei Ling Young.

I first met Dr Young as a medical student in IMU in 1999. She was a friendly person who would strike up a conversation wherever she went.

Years later, I got to know her a little bit better as a faculty member of IMU. She had been a source of hope, and help, as she was not one to turn a person down.

I believe, that like ripples in a pond, whatever that she had done here on Earth, will continue to resonate. Our loss is Heaven's gain.

Thank you, Dr Young, from the bottom of my heart. You will be missed.
Posted by lai chun wong on January 21, 2021
Dr Mei Ling was a visionary and is an inspiration to all. She will always be remembered by IMU community and beyond. Deepest condolences to her family.
Posted by Ed Peile on January 21, 2021
How lucky I am to have known Mei-Ling and Mark - my many visits to IMU all have a focal point in my memory which is Mei-Ling. Discussing academic matters and medical education revealed her sharp mind, always open to new ideas. Her hospitality was world-famous, combining as it did sumptuous provisions and warm informality. We so enjoyed holiday time with her in Normandy and a memorable trip to Penang. There is no other like her and she has left her mark on this world. With sincere condolences to the family.
Posted by Jamie Kang on January 21, 2021
Thank you Dr Young for giving me a chance to pursue surgical career when other doors were close. For all the patients that I am blessed to help, you are the reason. You will be missed dearly.
Posted by Mehra Ahsan on January 21, 2021
Dr. Mei Ling was an inspiring figure to all, and those of us who worked with her knew of her compassion and lighthearted spirit. Although she has passed on to embark on the eternal journey, the candles of her contributions will always burn bright :)
Posted by Saad Khan on January 21, 2021
Dr Mei Ling was a visionary a brave and a bold leader by nature, an educationist at heart and an entrepreneurial in her skills. I often found her thoughtful and extremely observant, soft spoken and caring in nature. She spoke with brevity and charisma guiding and mentoring many of us. She has left back a legacy and an empire of young healthcare graduates and colleagues around the world who will dearly miss her! Many colleagues whom I have worked with in IMU would agree that everything we have learnt in IMU under her leadership is now being disseminated in other higher education institutes in Pakistan and around the world in respective organization. That is legacy!

I believe this loss will always be felt in our hearts but her presence will remain through her work and memories.
Posted by Rozilini Chung on January 21, 2021
We will miss you Mei Ling. We will miss your kind and beautiful smile. Rest in God's peace.

Chung & Roz
Posted by Yew Beng Kang on January 21, 2021
She is gone, and we can be sad
Or we can rejoice for how she had lived
We may pray that she may return
Or accept that she has left
Our hearts can be empty because we can’t see her
Or we can be full of the love that she had shared
Mei Ling had touched many a heart
and I for one am forever grateful.
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Posted by Chinthaka Balasooriya on March 17, 2021
I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dr Mei Ling Young. I had the pleasure of meeting Mei Ling on several occasions during my visits to IMU. I was struck by her kindness, grace and wisdom, and we all benefited from the wisdom that she brought to our discussions. She was a wise and charismatic figure, making strong contributions to fostering relationships with partner universities. She will be sadly missed and forever loved. I extend my condolences on behalf of UNSW Australia.
Posted by Wuraola Akande on February 24, 2021
Thank you
Posted by John Marley on February 7, 2021
How limited words are when we try to describe some 24 years of life-changing friendship with the wonderful Mei Ling and Mark. How so much more precious these years have been through the privilege and richness of counting them among our most special friends.

Nobody else could have built IMU to what it is today. I remember so well how she negotiated those stormy early AC meetings at IMC and the relationships that she negotiated and nurtured would have come to nothing without her unique combination of determination, warmth and hospitality beyond all human measure. At her wake, Susan described the Vice Chancellor of Strathclyde saying he had been, ‘Mei-Linged’. I too am so very grateful for having been ‘Mei-Linged’.

At Mei Ling’s wake Susan so powerfully listed the words that described Mei; how could we add to those? What we can do is express just how enormously grateful we are to have known such an amazing, and as the young would say, totally awesome person.

John and Anne
her Life
A charismatic, exuberant and passionate social scientist, Dr Mei Ling Young, was one of the three founders of the International Medical College (IMC), Malaysia’s first private medical college in 1992. Together with Tan Sri Datuk Dr Kamal bin Salih and the late Dr Saidi Hashim, they had embarked on a mission – to establish an educational model that would allow more young Malaysians to pursue their ambitions to become doctors and other healthcare professionals through a globally recognised curriculum. With the help of two established professors of medical education, Ron Harden and Ian Hart, they devised a simple, brilliant but daring model and the only one of its kind in the world where all students who achieved the required standard, the outcomes, can be transferred in their clinical years to initially, five, and later, to nearly 33 renowned medical schools throughout the English-speaking world. 

Mei Ling was born in Seremban, Malaysia in 1949. She obtained her BA (Geography) from the University of Auckland in 1971 and was awarded a Senior Scholarship during her studies. She continued with her postgraduate studies at the same university and in 1974 was awarded the MA (First Class Honours) and concurrently offered a New Zealand Postgraduate Scholarship and the Australian National University (ANU) scholarships for Geography or Demography. She took up the latter offer and completed her PhD thesis after her return to Malaysia.

In 1979 she joined Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang as a lecturer in Development Studies at the School of Social Sciences. Because of a keen interest in research, in 1987, Mei Ling joined Kamal Salih as a foundation associate research fellow and helped establish the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER), the first independent, non-profit think-tank in Malaysia.

Over the years, she has penned over 70 papers on migration and employment, urbanization, industrialization and socio-economic issues and has spoken at numerous seminars and conferences at both national and international levels.

Mei Ling’s contributions and achievement is largely seen in the establishment of the International Medical College (IMC). Throughout her journey in developing IMC, she had assumed the position of Executive Director, and Registrar of the college. Holding both positions, she was able to balance and make decisions for both corporate and academic matters to ensure the smooth implementation of the college project.

During that period, education and health have always been regarded as the government’s responsibility and there was no precedence where a private medical school used government clinics and hospitals to train doctors.

Mei Ling played a pivotal role in persuading and convincing the Malaysian ministries of education and health to support the vision and mission of the college.

She also played an important role in managing two very eminent retired medical professors, Prof John Beck who was appointed as the first IMC’s Foundation Dean, and Sir Patrick Forrest who later joined as the Associate Dean. The management of the international faculty and the negotiation with some of the world’s best medical schools to be part of the unique collaborative education model - the Partner Medical School (PMS) was no easy task.

In 1998, the Asian Financial Crisis resulted in the depreciation of the ringgit and made all overseas education prohibitively expensive. This was especially true for medical education. Responding to this challenge, Mei Ling immediately negotiated for students in UK to transfer to less expensive PMS in New Zealand and Canada. More importantly, she fast tracked the establishment of an IMU Clinical School in order to provide students the opportunity to complete the entire medical programme locally. Within nine months the clinical campus adjacent to the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital was built and the development of the clinical curriculum completed, with faculty on board. The IMC was awarded university status in 1999, becoming the International Medical University (IMU), the first private university in the country.

Expanding its plan to be an integrated healthcare provider, IMU took the bold step to provide healthcare services to the public. In 2010, IMU Healthcare was formed with the establishment of its oral healthcare centre, chiropractic centre, medical clinic and Chinese medicine centre. Mei Ling was the major driving force in this ambitious undertaking, adding the development of an IMU hospital, scheduled to open its door to the public by 2022.

She was the Advisor and Board Member of the IMU Group. Mei Ling previously held the positions of Provost (1999-2015) and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, International and Engagement (2016-17) at the International Medical University.

Actively contributing to the private education landscape, Mei Ling also held the positions of Deputy Secretary- General and later the President of the Malaysian Association of Private Colleges & Universities (MAPCU) from 2005-06 and 2015-17, respectively. During this period, private education flourished in Malaysia, making it equal to government providers. MAPCU worked closely with the government to ensure quality and to change the mind-set where instead of being competitors, private and government providers work together for the common good of the country.

Internationally recognised for her contributions in medical education, she was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Science from the University of Strathclyde in 2013 and the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa from the University of Dundee in 2014. Mei Ling was also the first Asian to be awarded the prestigious Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME) Gold Medal in 2017.

Striving for perfection is Mei Ling’s greatest strength. She was always able, by a combination of diplomacy, gentle persuasion and tenacity to motivate her peers and subordinates to doing their very best. And it has been largely through her efforts that the university has managed to achieve and maintain its premier position in Malaysia.

Reflections of Mei - Eulogy by Dr Susan YuLing Young

Mei was born in Seremban in 1949. Mum's family were very close and she was brought up with grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts very much part of her daily life. This gave her an incredibly strong sense of family unity, which stayed with her throughout her life. From our father she developed her love of books and learning and like him was a walking encyclopaedia. For me, who came along some 13 years later, she was my beloved older sister who I both adored and have looked up to my entire life. She has taught me so much and was akin to a second mother to me. 

To a great extent, we were both brought up as only children - such was the age gap between us. Mei left home for university in Auckland when I was just 5. By the time she had completed both her Bachelor and Master degrees and was on her PhD journey we had decamped to the UK,  missing her return to Malaysia where she took up a post as a Social Science lecturer at the University Sains Malaysia in Penang. I remember summer holidays spent with her, hanging out at the university campus whilst she worked and have many happy memories of her friends and colleagues known affectionately as 'The Penang Gang'  

In 1981, she married Mark after a courtship that had lasted some 20 years! He has been her devoted, ardent and loyal supporter throughout their lives together. Her soul mate - and she so clearly his. They built a wonderful life together - and should have had many more happy years to look forward to. Mark... the wonderful memories will always remain.  

As Mei's career progressed, her interest in development issues eventually led her to become one of the principal co-founders of IMU in 1992. At the time, Malaysia had around 3,500 doctors for the entire population. Mei wanted to give more access and opportunity to more Malaysians to be able to have a medical education beyond the government quotas and with the limitations of expensive overseas training. She guided the IMC from its infancy working tirelessly nurturing and developing the people whom she worked with to make IMU the success it is today.  Her passion and obsession was for IMU to have its own hospital, and we grieve all the more that she will not be present when this hospital that she worked so tirelessly towards, is opened in 2022. 

Most important to Mei was her son Wui Leng. From the day he was born, the bond was exceptionally strong and I have been particularly impressed in how he has looked out for her over the last 2.5 years of her illness. Taking care of all the important background work - researching treatments, arranging appointments, sourcing medicine, supplements and finally hospital equipment so her wish to return home could be fulfilled. All these things unseen and easily overlooked by others. I have watched him comfort and soothe her. Massaging and stroking her limbs as she lay helpless in bed, trying to ease her discomfort and all this whilst working too.   

When Wui Leng introduced Zhou to the family, Mei, quickly welcomed her and integrated her into the family and over a short time I know Zhou came to mean a lot to Mei. When I was allowed out of quarantine to visit her briefly in hospital, she told me how she thought Zhou was very good for Wui Leng and how kind and caring Zhou had been with her - all this during my so short visit and Mei so short of breath. In her last years she was blessed with a devoted daughter as well as a wonderful son.

So, where and how do I begin to describe my sister Mei Ling when there are so many words that would fit the bill. 

Exciting, adventurous, mischievous, far sighted, positive, charismatic, persuasive, visionary, brave, bold, inclusive - it did not matter who you were, she could make you feel special and treasured. 

We, each one of us will recognise in her all of these descriptions and yet, I could still go on. 

Loving, generous, kind, thoughtful, joyous, loyal, a true and committed partner, parent, friend, sister, mentor and workmate. I could tell you a story about Mei Ling for each of these descriptions, but we would be here all evening. So, I will just share one or two with you. 

Sadly, both our parents were not alive to witness the 3 honorary doctorates or the ASME Gold Award for Medical Education that Mei was to receive for her outstanding contribution to medical education during her career. Norman and I represented them on all these occasions. As we proudly sat at the graduation ceremony awarding her the first of her honorary doctorates at Strathclyde University Institute of Pharmacy, I was amused to hear how Prof Brian Furman described how they had been "Mei Ling-ed"! Their intension had been to accept a handful of IMC students but found themselves accepting more than 100 such was her boldness, charm and persuasive powers. I know more than one of us will recognise having been Mei Ling-ed in the past.

Her sense of adventure led her, along with family and friends to all corners of the globe and her sense of adventure did not necessarily have to involve her taking part. Wui Leng found himself scaling Sydney Harbour Bridge, I found myself sampling bats in Luang Prabang. We had to try everything. 'Must Try' was one of her memorable phrases. 

As her fantastic PA Pearly puts it ... the world is less happening without her. Heaven is going to be a busy place with her now in it and we should take comfort in that 

Above all, we must give thanks for the life of a woman I am so proud to be able to call my sister and for her life that gave so much.  To quote her own words addressed to undergraduates:

“When you are young, you feel you have everything ahead of you. I felt the same. It’s natural. One never thinks it is going to end and even in a fleeting moment, if you think it may, it seems unreal. But life is fragile. So, whatever good you can do, do not delay it. The chance may not come up again. And if you need a perspective, whatever agitates you or upsets you, when you reflect on the big issue, the impermanence of life, all these things become small and inconsequential. And in the context of your work in healthcare, please remember, it is a privilege to serve. Service and to be useful and relevant can be a legacy.”

Little did we know then that those words would be prophetic. Even in her very last days she confided to me when we were alone, that she had not given enough. I asked her how she could possibly think that, and I am still baffled. Yet I know it's also rings true. Hers was a life cut short when she still had so much more to give and had wanted to give. 

The Hengs have lost the very heart of their family. The Youngs, Blacks, Chongs, Lims and Vongs that make up Mei's history and family have lost their brightest star and IMU a leader in the truest sense of the word. We are all united in our shared grief at our loss, but we must also remember that everyone of us grieving today has brought love and meaning to Mei's life and has helped her achieve all that she has done.

Recent stories

Ladies Dinner Group

Shared by Josee Lee on January 22, 2021
Dearest Mei Ling, It was an honour knowing you and having you as our friend. We will always cherish the memories of happy times spent together at our gatherings. Our ladies'  dinner will not be the same without you. You will be dearly  missed and fondly remembered. May your soul RIP.    Foo Wang Leng 
Whatever needs to be said is covered by Susan.  I have lost a very close confidant and a traveling companion.  Diana Tan
Dearest Mei Ling, a true friend, a fantastic travel companion, a good chef and much more. Till we meet in that beautiful shore...  Bee Kee Yin
Dearest Mei Ling,  what an honour to have met you.  Will miss your gregarious personality at our dinners - certainly, would not be the same without you.  Will cherish all the wonderful times and sharing...Rest In Peace!   Josee Lee
Mei Ling  had fought a good fight. She had finished the race.  Linda Koh 

Every milestone

Shared by Emily Mah on January 21, 2021
I've had the gift of knowing Aunty Mei since the day I was born. My earliest memories of her were from my single-digit years when she would invite us kids over for poolside fun, pasta lunches and to play with the rabbits. The Christmas seasons were never dull with spreads of food, arrays of ice cream flavours and gifts of toys. I still recall the thrill when she gifted Barbie as Swan Lake to me (circa 2004). 

I could count on Aunty Mei to be there in my life's milestones or events. When I did well for exams, she would be there with a reward. When I had fallen sick with hospitalisation, she had porridge made. Even during the March lockdown, Aunty Mei made sure we were more than comfortable. 

Visiting the pet shop with her one year, I remember when she picked up a live worm in her hand and examined it. I was so startled and she looked at me as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Again she never stopped to amaze me and show how extraordinary she is. 

I am yet to meet someone as affable and endearing as Aunty Mei. She can carry any light-hearted conversation just as much as she can delve into a deep one. She is as well-read as she is well-loved. Her heart is generous and kind. I will always remember her and miss her greatly. 

Twenty years ago

Shared by Erwin Khoo on January 21, 2021
Her hair. The first thing I noticed about Dr Young was her white hair. It was year twenty years ago, and as a student, it didn’t take long to discover that she was the most outstanding person in the room – her charm and personality made everyone noticed her, not knowing yet who she was. And it’s just that – that we would sometimes wonder if we could ever have that level of charisma.

More than ten years later, I met her again – from a different perspective. She was determined, and she knew what she wanted from me as a faculty. Over the years, to me, she was strict, brutal but honest. Yet, she motivates. She was always the life of the discussion. She pushes you and she knew every aspect of the business.

And it isn’t fair that we couldn’t learn more from her now. And it’s not fair that our workplace will be without her passionate leadership. IMU and the network of alumni have lost a visionary and creative genius and the world has lost an amazing human being.

Dr Mei Ling, when you continue to give so many advices when you were battling sickness, I realised the importance of being there for the people around you. Thank you for being a great mentor and friend. Thank you for making the effort every single time.

We will miss you.

Erwin Khoo & Siew Houy