Posted by Lisa Reppard on March 13, 2019
Today is your birthday. You are not celebrating with us but I know you and mom are celebrating, Happy Birthday Dad. Love ya
Lisa and Sue
Posted by Lisa Reppard on March 12, 2019
SWWWWE       Dad tomorrow would have been your birthday and we would have celebrated with spaghetti and meat balls and German chocolate cake.( your favorites). I will eat spaghetti in honor of you. We had a rocky path after mom died but we made it through and then you were taken from me way too soon. The week after you were buried your baby brother died. Now its just Uncle Jimmy. I want you to know Dan has done his best and a great job taking care of me and Sue. Which you know is not a easy task. I am very bull headed, I get that from you. Now everything is good. I had to stop driving due to MS related seizures, so now I take a Medicaid cab or bus everywhere. Sue is doing good still going to four seasons and still has Abby as a case manager. She spends her time beading, looming and of course her puzzle books. Chuck moved back to Greene and have a very nice farm house. He and Sally have been married over 25 years. Jayson is married and has 3 boys. He and his wife Nicole live in Pittsburgh. Geoffery is also married and he and Liz have 3 little girls. Jeni has 2 little boys, Gannon and sorry I forgot the other one. Well Danny and Maxi are all grown up. Danny has graduated from high school and Broome. They are both handsome young men. Dan and Mollie did such a good job raising them. Dan and Mollie have divorced and he is living with a very nice woman Jackie Arnold. She is a identical twin and has fraternal twins

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