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In Memoriam 2011

December 30, 2011

In Memoriam  2011


I am saddened to have just learned of the death of a long ago friend, Mercer G. Rhodes Jr. It seems but a precious moment from now to remembering back in time when we met in Madison Park where I was living and soon found ourselves on a sailing trip on his friend’s yacht.  I can see from memorial comments that the waterways and mountains of the Pacific Northwest were an inspiration his entire life. 


He had come to Seattle to work in sales for IBM at its new iconic building.  Dusty was witty, intelligent and strikingly handsome.  Before he left on a Christmas ski vacation in Colorado he gave me a gift of Joy perfume and I gave him a book of poetry.  On the wall in his room was a poster of Mont Saint-Michel, France which became a symbolic reminder that I had to travel too.  When I was living in New York he wanted me to meet his father so I visited him at his home in exclusive Bronxville, N.Y.  I had brought him and his wife Jean a vase from my visit to Rhodes, Greece.  Mercer Sr. was a lovely man who exuded a gentlemanly elegance.  To get back into Manhattan he insisted on having his driver take me there.


When I heard of Dusty’s death I imagined the inconsolable loss of his friends closer in present time and that they too will carry his memory forever as a treasure.  In this time of sorrow the memories came flooding back and I realize that it was the confidence of his personality which informed my life like a spiritual gift. I would have wanted to have talked with Mercer a last time before he passed away.  I could have told him of his influence and that the ideas generated will carry on.  My subsequent studies became fine arts and intellectual history.


In trying to reach out in remembrance the poet’s words came to mind:

     Time present and time past

     Are both perhaps present in time future,

     And time future contained in time past….

     But only in time can the moment in the rose-garden,

     Be remembered; involved with past and future.

     Only through time time is conquered.     T.S. Eliot


Hope always flies on the wings of the dove.  Rest in peace sweet soul.

Tribute from:  Judith “Judy” Rasmussen Adam


Little more

September 14, 2011
08 Comin' Home

Heres's one that i hope will come true in the feature and i meet Dusty again.

What would  he say? well i'm sure it would be ( it's about time my friend.)

Never ever

September 14, 2011
05 You'll Never Walk Alone

Dusty had so many friends he will never walk alone

Dusty & Lucky

May 31, 2011

Think it was 1985 and Dusty had gone skiing and broke his leg,here he was gimping around his house on Lk. Wa. Blvd.he hated those crutches.i guess Lucky his German shepard mix was jealous or feeling sorry for his bud so he was hit by a car and had to have a cast put on the same right leg as Dusty it was a real car stopper ,lot's of gawkers and horn honkers those 2 limping up and down the blvd ,trying to get back in shape.if only i had a picture of that great scene ,i think anyone who knew him can picture it and have a little chuckle.

  We lived so close we would could reach each others decks and pass things back and forth and always get each others attention by calling out.

                                        Pass the Grey Poupon Please

  I have many more stories and memories that i will pass on from time to time .

    So glad we all have this chance to relate our memories of a real neat guy. and he was truly a good friend to me .

   I hope Dusty and Lucky are back together again ,but without the broken legs.

      Love Yah Man your Bud

                Gene Cox


Moving Day

May 28, 2011

Many years ago Dusty was moving and invited friends to bring a box or two and pack them with items and write which room they came from and drive them to his new residence and put them in that room.  Then he ordered pizza and had a party.  I thought it was very clever, and fun.



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