Posted by Busola Akande on June 30, 2021
On May 26th I got a terse message from my friend and sister, Opes, that read, "Sister passed away early today." In shock, I called her. She confirmed it and I teared up.

Sister's brilliance preceded our physical meeting. We both attended Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girls' Secondary School (ACMGS) Elelenwo, near Port Harcourt, Rivers State. I didn't meet her as a student in ACMGS as she finished in 1960, and I started in 1961. She performed brilliantly in the 1960 School Certificate Exams. Being "Mbamiri" (Riverine people) the few of us in Elelenwo, were naturally extremely proud of her and held our shoulders very high.

Fortuitously, in 1967, when I enrolled at UI, her younger sister, Opes, and I were in the same class and we immediately became friends. It was then I got to meet her and was enamored with her. She became my big sister too! From the day I met her until I graduated from Ibadan, and subsequently, when we both resided in Lagos, she was my big sister and friend.

Every time we met, we gisted, shared stories and laughed. We were very open with each other and we talked about everything. She would advise me and sometimes offer me her shoulder to lean on. She was a professional par excellence and cared for her patients with love. And so from LUTH to SIFCON and Idems-Kala in Surulere, I would go and spend time with her and we would gist. I would visit with her when they resided in Surulere too.

She was funny and thoughtful. And she cared for everyone that was in her orbit. She cared about her family and loved her siblings dearly, and was mother to the younger ones. She was a very industrious woman and her desire was to ensure that her children were well taken care of and had everything to succeed. And she worked to ensure that this happened. This must have prompted her taking up an appointment outside the country at some point in her career. Lagos had become quite challenging and stressful for people residing in Abuja and, because of this, I didn't visit Lagos much. I hadn't seen her for some time, but she was
always tucked away in my heart. 

Sister was a blessing to us. I shall miss her laughter and joyfulness, and, of course, her singing. A classmate of hers sent this message when I informed her in the US:
"So, so, sad. Our Elems UK "Onu okwa" (Nightingale) soprano singer and soloist! May her soul RIP."

Sister is now in a better place where there is no more pain. Those we love, we keep their memory in our hearts forever. May God comfort the family. And may her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.

Dr Timiebi Koripamo-Agary, OON, KSM
Posted by Enita Ejoor on June 25, 2021
Aunty Mercy,

Where do I start? You have run your race well and you have finished your course. The legacy you left behind is testament of your race. What a race you ran - spiritually, physically, as a sister, a mum, a friend, an educator, a clinician, a mentor, etc. 

The little time we spent together you always had a smile on your face, a word of encouragement and a big hug for me. Thank you for the example you set, for your beautiful children whom I am blessed to call friends. It was indeed a privilege to have you in my life and I am the better for it.

Rest well in the Lord's loving arms.

Gone but will never be forgotten ... your legacy lives on.
Posted by Temitope AdenijiAdele on June 23, 2021
My dear, darling Aunty Mercy! My personal elegant stallion and fashionista! Modest, clever and beautiful, inside and out! I was a little girl (in Form 1) when I had the privilege of being flower girl at your wedding. I never forgot your full names as called in church that day, Mercy Idemokuma Kalango, and you proudly called me ‘my flower girl’ any time we met.
You were an embodiment of love and of everything good, no guile could be found in you. What a pleasure to know you. Always smiling, and able to make you smile in any situation.
My X-ray at Eko Hospital for sciatica was done by you, and even then I could smile even though in pain. I’ve taken your advice ever since, wear wedge heels, and it worked.
Aunty Mercy, you were simply the best, a role model to all who knew you.
Your departure is painful, but I know you are in the best part of heaven— you deserve it. I’m sure you are smiling now as you have met my parents, who loved you to bits, and whom you loved too.
Rest well, my sweet Aunty Mercy, until we meet again. I will be your flower girl over and over again!
Love you plenty 
Posted by Gabriel Olusegun Taiwo on June 23, 2021
Sister Mercy,
I remember the special way you laugh whenever we discuss. Indeed, you will be greatly missed. May your gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Oluyinka Esan on June 22, 2021
My darling Aunty Mercy,
You're one who I loved and admired from childhood. We were at your wedding in Ibadan, my sister was your flower girl. My parents were proud of you. So were we all. 
My beautiful aunty, a proper lady, you were an inspiration. You may never know, what fashion tips I learnt from you. 
Our link to Bayelsa, you were there at significant moments in my life. I'll never forget your smile, your voice, your encouragement at all times. You brought much comfort and joy. 
I didn't see much of you for many years, especially in your later years. Erroneously, I was content to wait for the next opportunity. Now this. Your race is done. To God be praise for the blessing you've been and the hope of glory that you've now received.
Rest now, our kind and gentle Aunty.
Oluyinka Esan (nee Oyebanjo)

Posted by Egirani Ezibato on June 22, 2021
My dear Sis Mercy you will be missed especially your smile ☺ and the way you do things calmly with no harsh words may your soul rest in peace love Ezibato Egirani
Posted by Ruby Nyananyo on June 21, 2021
Rest In Peace aunty. 
Posted by David Alagoa on June 21, 2021
TRIBUTE - Mercy Idemokuma Ojemuyiwa (nee Kalango) 1942 - 2021(79yrs).

A woman of inestimable value - late Mrs Mercy Idemokuma Ojemuyiwa (nee Kalango) popularly and fondly called Idemskala - Mama Niyi was a very strong devoted mother, not only to her biological children but all around her.

Idemskala was a sweet mother, loving, caring, irreplaceable and forever adorable who passed on to the great beyond on Wednesday 26th May 2021.
Idemskala was an inestimable value to her family and those around her.
Idemskala had been many things to many people: a loving mother and wife, an inspirer and mentor to the needy, a helper close at hand in times of distress, a disciplinarian and encourager per excellence, a prudent manager of human and material resources, and above all, a devoted and committed Christian.

Idemskala you were a rare gem, an epitome of hospitality, peace, love and a unifying factor in the Ojemuyiwa and Kalango extended families.
Ripe fruits fall when they are due.

Rest in perfect peace, Mrs Mercy Idemokuma Ojemuyiwa.
Adieu Idemskala! Adieu Idemskala!! Adieu Idemskala!!!

Anthony B. Alagoa, KSM, JP
Posted by Bonnie Dorathy on June 18, 2021
Tribute to my Dear Aunty:
Dr/Mrs Ojemuyiwa Mercy Idemokuma was indeed a mother to me.
I live all my life as an orphan but the day I met her, she she took me as her daughter. She taught me good ways of life e.g in marriage Academic n Business.
As a matter of fact she was a Woman of Substance, God fearing, had integrity n humane in heart.
Who will replace this vacancy in my life. How do I forget these blessed memories.
I believe she's already with Jesus Amen.
Posted by Noble Iketubosin on June 16, 2021

Writing this piece was one difficult task to do,where do I begin.
You were a mother to all, you had a soft heart but firm in your decision. You stood by principles and examples, that is why you brought honor to the Ojemuyiwas, the Kalangos and the entire Bayelsa state as a whole.

You were strong in body and spirit, showed love and commitment in your own unique way right up until your last days. It was indeed a fulfilled life. Although it is painful to lose you now but Heaven has gained you

Good night Mum, meet to part no more.

From : Benjamin Kalango’s children
Posted by Joseph Ojemuyiwa on June 16, 2021
Nana, we all loved you and we will all miss your love, your wisdom and your awesome dance moves so much. I look back on the times were we sat and talked about the bible and life in Nigeria with joy. As you were so close to the Lord, I know you’re with him now.
Posted by Joseph Ojemuyiwa on June 16, 2021
From Michael Ojemuyiwa

Nana, so many things pop into my head when you mention her name but the one thing that stands out the most is love , she was always so caring and supportive so much so that it is impossible for anyone not to love her.
Posted by Dapo Akande on June 13, 2021
We are grateful to God for "Nana" (as we called her) - grateful for who she was, for the life she lived, for the example she displayed, and for the faith she had. Nana focussed on excellence in everything that she did. This was true in her professional life - where she had accomplishment after accomplishment - but also true in her personal life. If things were to be done, they were to be done properly and done well. What a wonderful example for us, and for our children.

She was a woman of tremendous faith, and in that too was a great example to us and others. We miss her a lot but we also know that we will be reunited with her and we'll see her radiant smile and have the pleasure of her company again.
Posted by Albert Salako on June 13, 2021
Dr (Mrs) Mercy Ojemuyiwa was a medical educator "per excellence" a kind mother and teacher.

She was always willing to help everyone who comes her way in any way she could.

We will greatly miss her but we are comfortable because we know God loves her better.

Sleep on in the bossom of Jesus Christ your Saviour.

Good Night

Posted by omolara kehinde on June 13, 2021
Dr Mercy Idems ojemuyiwa a.k.a mama kemi.. I guess you'll remember me as that shy little girl.. but I admired you in my own little way and I went on to become a doctor like you. I was grateful that you later helped to get a placement as a houseman in LUTH and i promised myself that I would make you proud..
..and can anyone who knew you forget that beautiful soprano voice? I remember listening to you enthralled and hoping that one day I'll be able to sing like you..
Good night and rest in peace aunty..till we meet at the feet of Jesus...your niece Lara Kehinde nee Adekoya
Posted by femi ojemuyiwa on June 12, 2021

This is how I always addressed you my darling Mother: Stating I saved the best for last. Words cannot express the love in my heart I feel for you. The numerous life lessons you taught me: adhering to the word of God. Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

It is an absolute honour to be of your lineage. I’m forever grateful for the love, sacrifices and opportunities you afforded me. I will surely miss your humour, your wisdom and that beautiful radiant smile of yours. I have 40+ years of numerous fond memories of times we spent together. Right from roller-skating in the corridors of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) when you took me to work with you during the holidays. During term-time you were always punctual to pick me up from school and always ignored my request to park outside and wait for me, but rather you would appear outside my class and give me a hug and kiss. This earned me quite a bit of “Femi Femo omo mama e” teasing, but I wouldn’t have traded those moments for anything in the world. We hung out on weekends and you often gave me a blow-out treatment at mama Morins hair salon. We had fantastic summer holidays in Saudi just because you had the ability to even make a place as boring as Saudi, pleasant for me. We had our secret traditions which I’ve passed down to my sons e.g. Polo green on every birthday. ‘I soo get it now by the way’
Even as a man when I informed you of going to be a father out of wedlock and was worried about your reaction: Your response was “well now at least we know you don’t shoot blanks”. Then you proceeded to advise me on responsibilities and to trust in the Lord with regards to providing for my family. I cannot thank God enough for blessing me with you. And now I give thanks to God the father for the gift of eternal life through his son Jesus Christ. That precious gift mentioned 41 times so that we may be encouraged and know the hope of his calling:

You ran your race, you fought the good fight and now you are in your heavenly body. Sitting in the heavenly pantheon, cheering us all on.
Posted by Patricia Barbosa on June 12, 2021
I will always remember Nana’s stories and our conversations about God, faith, family, love and strong women. I had the opportunity to be with Nana every day for about a year or so and although it was not the ideal conditions, I will cherish those conversations and I will always remember our cheeky trips to Bluewater for some shopping after hospital visits, exams and such. It was truly special to be part of your life and to have had you be part of mine.

We love you very much Nana.

“So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.” – John 16:22

Patricia Barbosa, Isabella Ojemuyiwa and Eva Ojemuyiwa
Posted by Jon Ak on June 12, 2021
Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die."
John 11:25-26

Nana you will be greatly missed, but I draw comfort from the knowledge that I will see you again in heaven. A strong woman with a great sense of humour, you always made it seem like your day had been made complete just by seeing me. Loving and kind, you leave behind a world made better for all those who you came into contact with. Gone from this earth but not from our hearts - may you rest in peace.

Jon Jon
Posted by Nneka Sule on June 12, 2021
Oh Mercy, we were too far apart both in form and dormitory at Elemis Uk., so we hardly spoke to each other. But I did admire you digging your native dancing with two white handkerchiefs.
Your sister—Opusi—I was in her dorm—took care of me in my form two. Who could have guessed that twenty years later, you and I would meet in Lagos—sitting close at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina—you being my big sister and best friend. We made all the jokes, had so much fun, laughed so much and so loud—you were so good and so dependable.
Now we are so far apart again—I cannot even view your beautiful face or touch you for the last time. Rest in perfect peace. Maybe there is Elems Uk over there where we shall meet again. Who knows? May God grant you Eternal Rest. Amen. Isabella Nwokoma (née Okongwu).
Posted by Busola Akande on June 12, 2021

Auntie Mercy, It is hard reality to take in that you have gone to be with the Lord, but we yield to God’s Supremacy and Will knowing HE Loves you more and you are definitely in a better place.

Auntie Mercy, you had such high standards and lived by very strong values, it is no wonder you’ve raised our cousins to be the exemplary, upstanding citizens and high achievers that they have become today.

You were a role model, a disciplinarian, and a strong yet loving support that now we can proudly say you left indelible footprints in the sands of time.

Auntie Mercy, as kids we looked forward to moments we visited your home, and we have such fond memories of countless holidays spent with our cousins - Tonye, Busola, Niyi and Femi. To you, we were all one big family and were more like your biological children. We remember those delicious Easter Sunday meals and picnics at the beach, indeed those experiences were an important part of our formative years and won’t be quickly or easily forgotten.

Fare thee well our dear Auntie, you fought a good fight and won the race. It is therefore in order that you are with our Lord Jesus Christ and the heavenly hosts wearing your crown.

You have left an enduring legacy Auntie Mercy, one that will read through generations, current and to come. You will forever remain cherished and live on in our hearts.

We LOVE You Auntie Mercy.

From your Nieces and Nephew, Oyinda Falokun née Matanmi, Wale Matanmi and Temilade Jolaosho née Matanmi.
Posted by Busola Akande on June 12, 2021
Tribute from Opusi. (Aka Mercy's sister)

Now you have left me with no name.  All through our school life I was called "Mercy's sister", from secondary school to the university. Even our siblings referred to me as your sister, as if they were cousins.

Somehow we attended the same institutions. I was to attend St Anne's secondary school, but our father arranged a transfer to ACMGS, Elelenwa, Port  Harcourt, to keep you company. Then, I got married to one of your colleagues, Dr. Ben Mengot, and that now cemented the association of running mates.

I know you have lived a good and fruitful life and are very happy where you are. Sleep well. I know your bed is cosy as you usually like it. Your loving memories linger on..
Posted by Busola Akande on June 12, 2021

Sis, I remember in 1953, in OLOIBIRI when our beautiful pregnant cousin very close to us ARIAH bled to death, we cried so much and you told me you would study medicine. Such was the love and empathy you had for family and humanity that birthed your career path in life even from a very young age.

You were a sister in a trillion, very loving, caring, compassionate and very generous to all with your time, resources and finances. You were A RARE, PRECIOUS, PECULIAR GEM to us Papa, Mama, all your siblings, relatives, friends, colleagues, associates and community. You loved, feared and obeyed GOD, you kept the commandments of GOD and commitments as much as you could even when it hurt you.

You always spoke wisdom into our lives with the word of GOD, you were dedicated, prayerful and grateful to our LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST all your days.

You were very hard working, responsible, fruitful, resourceful, and well behaved.
You were well bred, obeyed our parents, loved all your siblings and took very good care of us all.

SIS MI, I loved your captivating, warm, sincere smile and your LOVELY BEAUTIFUL SONOROUS SOPRANO VOICE.

You were always looking elegant, gorgeously dressed, classy and graceful.
MY SISTA, my flesh cries and misses you but I know you are in heaven enjoying the Wonders of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

THE RETURN JOURNEY is A mysterious one we all have to go through with OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

You were a blessing to us and you graciously blessed and gloriously influenced others. We part to meet again in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.
LOVE YOU MUCH SISTA, your carbon copy. (I.O.K.M)

Posted by Dupe Adefala on June 11, 2021
Mummy lives on ......... Homecoming!

Unassuming, strong in faith, loving and lovable!
We thank God Almighty for mummy’s life and legacy! She knew, loved and served God in her generation. She also made Jesus known far and wide!

She was not ashamed of Jesus her Saviour and He is not ashamed of her! It is a glorious homecoming! Mummy worshipped with us in Oxford with her daughter’s family. She stayed in touch with genuine love and care. We appreciate God for His fulfilled plans in her life.

It’s not too late to know the Saviour of her soul!
Sweet memories of a Mother in Israel!
Posted by David Alagoa on June 11, 2021
Tribute to my mother

A mother’s love is always with her children. Losing a mother is one of the deepest sorrows a heart can know.

Mummy stood as a mother figure in my life, from my childhood up until I got married. She played a huge role in my life and I learnt a lot while staying with her.

She was there for me when I had my children. She always came through for us. I remember when she showed up at the hospital and arranged for proper treatment when I was sick.

Mummy was a strong and loving mother to all of us. There are not enough words to describe how important she was to me.

Mummy, I miss you.
Your memories will never be forgotten.
May your beautiful soul Rest In Peace. Amen.

Ekin Alagoa
Posted by Busola Akande on June 9, 2021
I thank God for the life of my sister,I admire her

courage inspite of various family challenges and her commitment to Jesus Christ.

Mrs Taiwo Ojemuyiwa
Posted by Sarah Akande on June 9, 2021
To my Nana,

Growing up, you have always been an inspiration. You taught me how to be a Christian, a young lady and a role model for my younger sister. You are no longer on earth with us but you remain in our hearts and your influence will never be forgotten. I know that right now you are smiling down on us from heaven, having fought the good fight of faith during your life on earth. Thank you for everything.

Sarah-Grace Akande

And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed indeed, for they will rest from their hard work; for their good deeds follow them!”
Revelation 14:13 NLT
Posted by Roselene Abumere on June 9, 2021
My Friend,Dr Mercy,my patient,my sister.
Olurs was a very unique relationship.
I was told you could be difficult but I discovered a different you.wediscussed like old friends,we were able to relate shared your joy,pains and fears.we prayed togetherand u renewed ur relationship with the savior and Lord.His lovehelped u forgo the past bitterness and you were ready when the master called.Rest in peace my beloved sister.lreally wished our fellowship was longer, but so the Father ordained.Goodbye..Roselene Abumere.Alpha Nursing Agency.
Posted by atuma adedeji on June 9, 2021
Aunty ‘Sister’ like we jokingly called her, behind her though. Hmmm! She was a mother to me, I am her niece but she treated me like her daughter. I love how whenever she wanted to tell me something deep and serious she would speak ogbia language (which I don’t understand) and when I remind her I do not understand, she pulls up this beautiful smile. I see that beautiful smile as I type this tribute. Aunty Mercy taught me so many life lessons I cannot enumerate. She was a loving disciplinarian with a big heart who wanted the best in all around her. She was a woman of great faith... She was a true Matriarch of the E.B Kalango Dynasty. She lived for us all. 

My boys (her grandsons) loved visiting with Grandma Ogudu, they looked forward to hearing stories about their granddad and my childhood. They looked forward to her smile whenever they got on the piano and played her ‘whatever it is’ they knew how to play. They definitely would miss her fresh fish stew.

Rest on Mommy! You fought the good fight. I will miss you...

Your Daughter
Atuma Ayo-Adedeji
Posted by Busola Akande on June 9, 2021

From sister Funmilola Mrs Adekoya
Posted by Oluwole Akande on June 9, 2021

Dr (Mrs) Mercy Ojemuyiwa was an in-law par excellence and one who related to us as a sister! Long before we became family, we had a relationship with her through her sister Mrs Opusi Mengot who was both a close friend and a colleague at the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Moor Plantation (I. A. R. & T. ), Ibadan.

Dr Mercy Ojemuyiwa was a loving and devoted mother to her children, grandchildren as well as all the other children in the family. She was, indeed, a woman of excellence, diligence and humility.

She exhibited great courage and faith throughout her illness and she always had a smile even during difficult periods.

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. We will always miss her!

Dupe & Wole Akande
Posted by Busola Akande on June 9, 2021
Sister, my ever smiling second mother, subtle disciplinarian with a unique soft but firm voice of correction, a true mother in a million indeed. Can I personally ever forget you? You fought the good fight of faith. Rest on in the bosom of your Lord till resurrection morning.

Boye Ojemuyiwa
Posted by Kelechukwu Nwokoma on June 9, 2021
While growing up, and attending Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos, I was acquainted with a handsome woman who was my mother's friend. Her name, I learnt soon enough, was Mercy Ojemuyiwa. She was, I understood, a few years my mother's senior in secondary school. They hooked up in Lagos and I couldn't understand why they were apparently such good friends. I was in secondary school and could never fathom becoming friends with any of my seniors, irrespective of number of years of seniority. It was a lovely sight to behold: these two young to middle aged women who seemed to love each other like sisters. The families got close. I remember she had a daughter, Tonye, roughly my age...and who wanted to study medicine like her mother...and another Busola, who happened to be my sister's school mate in QC. We attended functions together and somehow the grace that this woman exhibited...the knowledge and compassion she possessed (she attended to me once when I felt faint in church and had to be rushed out) made me solidify my decision to study medicine. Somehow...before I could let her know my decision...she checked out of Nigeria (or so I was told) to Saudi Arabia. She never got to learn, from me, that I was to travel out also, but to study medicine.

Fast forward 20 some years:
I'm now a consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at the EKO Hospital in Lagos. I hear a new Radiologist is joining the team of doctors in the hospital but I don't give much thought to it. One day I send a patient for a sonogram and when I get the report I look at who signed it (to see how much to accept the report or how much to challenge it)...and lo and behold: Dr (Mrs) Ojemuyiwa! I dropped everything and went downstairs to Radiology Department.

Dr. Ojemuyiwa recognised me immediately and rushed to hug me. I was dazed. She hadn't changed one bit. And she recognised me when I might not have recognised myself after all those years (my father even had problems recognising me). Needless to say we had a very good, very relaxed working relationship. She was a mother figure to me yet, YET, she always called me her ọgá. At first I thought she was just teasing me but she told me, matter-of-factly, that I was her boss: firstly because I was higher on the totem pole of consultant's hierarchy and secondly because I'd been in the system before she joined. I then realised she was serious and I became very uncomfortable. But she insisted on it and said I was to accept it and relax with that knowledge cos that's how it was just to be.

She was very good at her job. She was a professional's professional. Someone you'd like to have on your side when facing a diagnostic dilemma. I remember she would call me in before writing up a report to explain what she was seeing, ask pertinent questions from the patient's history so that we could both make sense of what was going on. I never heard a cross or harsh word from her to anyone and I never heard anything but good things of her throughout the period I was at EKO.

I learnt today that Dr. Ojemuyiwa has passed into glory. The last I saw of her was more than 10 years ago but I heard she had recently asked after me. What a maternal heart! She shall be sorely missed.

My condolences go to her family: her husband, her children: Tonye, Busola, Niyi and Femi. May God grant you all the fortitude to bear this loss.

Rest in peace Doc. May the LORD speak well of you.
Posted by Nneka Sule on June 9, 2021
Dr. Mercy Ojemuyiwa was a wonderful and cheerful woman. She was my mother's senior at secondary school and her daughter, Busola and I were classmates at secondary school. We were family friends and attended the same church as well. I still remember our families sitting together in church as well as times when I visited their house on our school outing days. The Jollof rice and chicken I ate on such days were simply to live for. We remain comforted in the fact that you have gone to a better place. Rest on dear Mummy, in the bosom of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Posted by David Alagoa on June 9, 2021
A Matriarch is with God - Dr. (Mrs) Mercy Ojemuyiwa Tribute

Aunty Mercy Ojemuyiwa will be greatly missed by us! Fondly called “Sister” by our mother, we would look forward to visiting her at Sam Shonibare Street back then when she arrived from abroad.

Our favourite memories were playing on the piano and waiting for her to tell us to stop and go have lunch, and also helping her in sorting through old documents and pictures. Her impact and wisdom was held dearly by us and we will never forget.

She lives on in our memories as she rests with God.

Tari Alagoa on behalf on the Alagoa family children
Posted by Samuel Ajulo on June 8, 2021
*Dr Mercy Ojemuyiwa -A life of Resilience and Excellence *

She was sitting on a low stool in the back garden, bantering with and supervising the hired women as they were cooking on an open fire. The food was for a few family members and guests who had come for my wedding and she was out there to ensure everyone was fed. Though it was evening, there was still enough daylight to see her face clearly. You would never have guessed in a million years that she was a top Consultant Radiologist, a pace setter and record breaker. She had blended so well with the hired hands that I would never have singled out my future wife’s oldest sister and I was marrying her little sister the next day. I’d never met her until that day.

Though it was our first meeting, I did try to visit her earlier in Lagos but her busy schedule did not permit.
I was quite nervous and she saw it. “Good choice”, she said, when I was introduced, as she rose from her seat with a broad and radiant smile. Her words of approval and her embrace were so soothing for my frayed nerves that I was put at ease in an instant. It was the 14th of July 1978 that was my introduction to this great woman and the beginning of a relationship that spanned nearly 43 years and for which my family has been richer, wiser and very grateful.

I had just finished from medical school in Ibadan the previous year and working my first apprenticeship year in Benin. She had been through the same medical school several years earlier and she not only qualified with an MBBS degree in Medicine but had taken an extra year to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy also.
To put things in perspective and the enormity of her achievements, there was only one girl out of 50 in my class in 1971 selected out of 22,500 candidates who sat the concessional entrance examinations to read Medicine in Ibadan. I wondered what the odds were for her as a female nearly a decade earlier! She did not only excel but also got a distinction in and then completed a degree in Anatomy. She had to be a genius and with nerves of steel in a man’s world.
It wasn’t surprising that she went on to complete her specialist training in record time in the United Kingdom and the United States as a scholar on merit!! And she did so as a nursing mother.
Her remarkable achievements did not go to her head as she was often self-deprecating and was content to be addressed as Mrs rather than ‘Doctor’ in a culture where titles were bought, revered and highly sought after. I hear she was the first medical doctor of her generation from her clan. Remarkable!

It is therefore not surprising that all her children are today high achievers, record breakers and pace setters and her grandchildren are working for Deloitte and some treading the lawns of Oxford University and are role models to their siblings and younger relatives.
To say she was a genius does not begin to describe her talent. Infact the word genius is probably inadequate and an understatement.

Her sacrifice was legendary. She took a massive risk especially as a woman and alone to seek employment in Saudi Arabia in the middle of a raging Iraq war and stayed there for more than a decade to ensure that her children had the best education and chances in life. We spoke almost daily till the war was over.
Don’t be fooled by her external appearance. She was a remarkable woman and my ‘Iron Lady’!

She led and lived by example and taught us all that hard work, resilience and determination were to be desired and pursued and always paid off in the end.. She set a benchmark for us all to emulate and we are ever so proud that she was a reason why many of us have excelled in our fields of endeavour.

But above all, she was a lover of Jesus and she shared her faith in Him everywhere she went. She even got into trouble with the Saudi authorities for taking in and sharing Gospel materials, even at the risk of imprisonment. Today, all her children love the Lord. Oh what a legacy!
Resilience was her first name and in her bones and Excellence was her consort and her goal. She fought the good fight and with every fibre of her being.

I think I speak for everyone when I say she was an excellent mother, humility in motion, with a heart of gold and a legacy to emulate that will live forever.

Auntie Mercy, Sister, Auntie Sister, Dr Ojemuyiwa, Idems (for those who were that close),
Rest now,
Enjoy the Lord’s presence and
Join the choir of Angels until we meet again on resurrection day.
Have a glorious Molemude in heaven.

Sam Ajulo @ *_Molemude_*

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