This tribute was added by Amanda Juliano on September 13, 2020
Dear Melinda,

You were a true and wonderful friend. We have been friends for so long, through so many places and so many stages of life, and you were always so thoughtful, consistent, and caring. We always managed to find one another wherever we were, even if it was just for a short visit, and it was like time hadn’t passed and we had never been away from each other. 

There are so many things I admired about you. You were a wonderful dancer. I remember watching you in a performance in high school- you lept so high and were so graceful, it is something I will always remember. You were so talented and it was mesmerizing to watch. I will miss seeing you dance again, even the crazy dances you did with Vicky. 

You had a great sense of style. I loved how unique your taste was, and you had such vision. I remember you telling Alex that one of her sweaters was your favorite color, and it immediately became her favorite sweater and her favorite color because her stylish Aunt Melinda liked it. I also remember how beautiful your wedding reception was. I was amazed at how you transformed a room into a wonderful reflection of you and Joseph. I remember looking at the reception hall and thinking “how could you have any idea what to do”, but you did and it was beautiful. 

You had so many accomplishments, and you were so modest about them! I truly did not know about half of them until recently, and I am just beyond impressed and proud of you. You were so smart in how you pursued your career, so diligent in your work, and balanced in your life. You were a truly talented person.

My favorite thing about you was your perspective. I loved hearing you tell stories, even about simple everyday things. You were so funny. You had such good insight and I knew you would truly understand what I meant. I was so looking forward to your perspective on motherhood and it makes my heart ache to know I won’t hear it. After years of friendship I also learned how to tell the casual from the significant when you calmly shared your news. I remember you telling me about Joseph for the first time, Even though you had only been dating for a few weeks, I knew by the way you said it and the look on your face that he was very important.

Melinda, I will always miss you. I will miss our phone dates, your crazy and right-on stories, and your beautiful smile and calm influence. I will miss you at every life event, and I will miss celebrating our 40th, 50th, and 75th birthdays together. My heart is broken for you, Joseph, and Adelina, and you will be forever missed and remembered.

This tribute was added by Emily Covey on September 14, 2020
I remember when Tita Melinda came to visit me in NY. She stayed over and brought me to my first day of kindergarten the next day. She also let me make bracelets when she made another time. I'll never forget her family-loving spirit. May she fly high.
This tribute was added by Amy Mei on September 12, 2020
My dear friend and college roommate, you will be missed. My years at TCU would not have been the same without you. I will cherish all our memories together. Melinda, I am so grateful for our friendship and especially thankful that we got to hang out in NY and Houston last year. I hope to meet Adelina one day and tell her how awesome her mom was. Til we meet again, roomie.

This tribute was added by Kathryn Pink on September 11, 2020
Melinda was my roommate at OBC. She was so kind to me in my stage of pregnancy during that time and I was so excited when she shared with me her pregnancy. We kept in touch over the past year as her excitement grew. I am saddened by this terrible loss of a vibrant, caring wife, mother and officer. She will be truly missed.
This tribute was added by Sean King on September 11, 2020
Melinda, we crossed paths for a few years at TCU and your bright spirit left an impact with everyone you knew. I don't know that I ever saw you without a big, sincere smile. My prayers are with and for your friends and family. Thank you for bringing joy into the world.
This tribute was added by Rebecca Proctor on September 11, 2020
One of my fondest memories of Melinda was dancing together. We have known each other since we were three years old. We attended nursery school together and then dance classes from an early age. We loved dancing and would often catch up in ballet, tap, jazz and modern classes. I would sometimes meet her at her house to practice for performances and afterwards we would look over our costumes, excited at the prospect of wearing them on stage. When we weren’t dancing, we were hanging out, watching movies, shopping and going out to eat.

But then, after we spent one year of high school together, I moved away to Italy when I was 16 and haven’t lived in the US since. Melinda always made a point to stay in touch. I would see her each time I came home. She’d always put in an effort to see me during one of my short trips, sometimes driving from hours away. Oftentimes, she would would write ahead of time, asking when I would be home so that she could plan to visit me. Then there was the summer I interned in Washington DC after studying in Paris. She took me around, introduced me to people and we finally had the chance to go out like we used to in middle and high school.

No matter how much time we spent apart it was never awkward to see Melinda again. She was one of those friends you knew you’d have for life. She was one of my dearest friends from childhood. She was also one of the first friends I ever had. In many ways, through her actions Melinda taught me what friendship was. What I cherish most, even as it pains me to write this after learning of her tragic passing, is her loyalty, humility and perseverance. You knew Melinda would always be there no matter how much time passed or how far away we were from each other, even if I missed, due to distance, important milestones like weddings and birthdays. She was soft-spoken yet confident of her path. She knew early on she wanted to help others which led her to her career in nursing, touching the lives of so many people in distress around the world. She was one of the most accomplished, giving, talented and loving people that I knew. But it was her humility and kindness that shed her light. She lived her life for others. I always admired the grounded approach that she took to life, even as she embarked on adventures around the world. There was always this sense of collected calm about her as if she knew everything would be alright. Sometimes she would laugh and say, “Rebecca, you worry too much.” And yes, I always did and still do at times worry too much. I’ve lost a very dear friend, and the world, a pure and loyal soul. I know that you will always be looking down on us, sharing your light as you will for Adelina and Joseph and everyone else. I will always be dancing with you.
This tribute was added by Eugene T Chu on September 10, 2020
Melinda was a fellow Army ROTC cadet with me at Texas Christian University and graduated in the year after my class. I remember her for being both smart and tough for persevering through military training when others chose to quit. It is a shock to learn of her passing at such a young age. Her family has my deepest condolences during this difficult time period
This tribute was added by Weena Munoz on September 10, 2020
To Melinda's friends and family, I extend my deepest sympathies on this terrible and unexpected loss. Melinda was a bright light in the Commissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service. She will be deeply missed.
This tribute was added by Anne Jones on September 10, 2020
You were a joy and a pleasure to call a friend. I cannot believe you left us so soon. Our time at Walter Reed and the fun we had outside of work are memories I will always cherish. My you have peace my friend, I love you.

CPT Anne Jones
This tribute was added by Martha Wakeman on September 9, 2020
A bright shining light: Melinda was kind, caring, sensitive and intelligent. We watched her grow from a sweet pretty three- year- old into a beautiful accomplished young woman. Melinda and our daughter, Rebecca, first met in nursery school. A close friendship developed, nurtured by a mutual love of dance. We treasure the memories of watching Melinda dance in performances over the years, culminating in a special memory of Melinda and Rebecca performing a ballet duet at The Williams School during their junior year. Melinda was always a faithful friend, staying in touch through the college years, graduate school, and as both girls moved on to their careers. How many beautiful memories we have to cherish. Truly it was a privilege to have known Melinda Pritchett. Our hearts and deepest condolences are with her family, with Joseph and with Baby Adelina at this time. Martha and Robert Proctor
This tribute was added by Tahira Ali on September 8, 2020
Dearest Melinda, you are part of some of my fondest memories of TCU, when we were both seemingly invincible college students. I remember being in awe of your many talents, not only were you an intelligent and empathetic nursing student but you were also a graceful dancer, a strong ROTC cadet, and boy did have an amazing sense of style. What a truly powerful force you were. May God bless your family and give your loved ones strength and patience. Rest well in Heaven sweet friend.
This tribute was added by Telma Sevilla on September 8, 2020
My dear Melinda, your life was a blessing for all of those who knew you. Distance was not an obstacle for our friendship, all I can say is that you will be missed beyond measure.
You might be gone from our sight, but never gone from our hearts. Te quiero amiga... Descansa en Paz.
This tribute was added by Chinwe Ononogbu on September 8, 2020
Melinda, I still can't believe you are gone. I am gonna miss our extremely honest conversations. There aren't many people on earth who are kind, caring and straight-forward. I have been rehearsing all the things we go to do and I am so grateful that you were intentional in our friendship. You were an amazing friend and I will miss you dearly. Rest in heaven my friend.
This tribute was added by Andrea Fuster on September 7, 2020
Melinda was so generous and had a candid soul. I will never forget the dancing nights and your great company. Heaven is receiving a beautiful soul. Rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Arlene Tyler on September 6, 2020
To my dearest friend Melinda. I wish you eternal peace. Know that your tribe will forever look over Joseph and baby Adelina. We miss you dearly. I’m honored to have called you a friend, sister, godmother to my children.

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