This memorial is dedicated to the memory of our dad, Michael (Mike) Elmore Sr, who was born on March 6, 1946 and passed away on August 24, 2009.  We will remember and love him forever.

Michael Jr and Courtney welcome you to this site and hope you enjoy our cherished memories and pictures of Dad.  Please light a candle with a little memory of your own.


It has now been over a month since our dad’s passing.  We miss him deeply and that will never change.  Michael Jr and Courtney would like to thank all our friends and family that have lit a candle or shared a fond memory for our dad.  Your kind words have brought smiles and of course tears to our faces.  We hope you will continue to view this website and through the years add additional memories.
We had a wonderful Memorial Celebration to honor our dad.  We are very grateful for those who traveled to be with us.  Our family and extended family are very close.  In time’s like this, one truly understands how blessed we are to have such extraordinary people in our lives.  One thing Michael Jr and Courtney have learned throughout the past few weeks is what type of a man our father was.  We always knew he was a Dad to be proud of, but only now  have we come to realize just how many lives he touched.  For some people it was just a brief moment and for others it was a lifetime.  It seems that it did not matter how he knew you,  him just knowing you made a lasting impression. 
Posted by Twyla Cope on September 1, 2009
You touched many hearts during your short time with us. I'm glad I was one of your many friends.
Posted by Carolyn Elmore on September 1, 2009
My Darling Brother Michael...thank you for touching my life in such a very special way. I know I will forever have you in my heart. I will love you forever and, your sister, Carolyn
Posted by Mary And Bernie Fledderma... on September 1, 2009
The twinkle in your eyes is now a star shining above watching over us all and your loving smile will always be part of our hearts. We will miss you so very much!
Posted by Earl Anderson on September 1, 2009
to the family of Mike,
Enjoyed playing golf with Mike on thursday night league for years and his great sense of humor.
so sorry for your loss.
Earl Anderson
CDA, Id.
Posted by Shana Adolph on September 1, 2009
It's hard to believe that you are gone, gone but not forgotten. Thanks for all the times you let Court and I think you didn't know what we were up to :) Miss you,
Posted by Jen Barnett on September 1, 2009
You were a great man and thank you for the great ski memories when you would take Courtney and I up and you would sit in the lodge and wait for us to ski all day. XOXO
Posted by John Hartnett on September 1, 2009
Mike, you were always a joy, always a friend, and also a wonderful father. I see the very best of you in Courtney and Michael. There are so many that will truly miss you.
Posted by Dave Elmore Jr on August 31, 2009 and I always seemed to end up together in the Cup races - evidenced by the pair of 63's we each carded in Myrtle! You could make me laugh like few others could...I'll miss you terribly.
Posted by Patricia Elmore Costa on August 31, 2009
Thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I hope Mike is dancing with all of the angels and saints and is reunited with his loved ones in heaven. Peace and blessings,
Cousin Patricia ELmore Costa
Posted by Bill Elmore on August 31, 2009
A mans measure is not by material accumulation, but by the loyalty and love shown family and friends. Your's has been a life well lived. I miss you terribly little brother.
Posted by Michael Elmore III on August 31, 2009
Grandpa, I will forever love you. Also thank you for eating sushi for me on my 13th birthday at Ra
Posted by Sheri Elmore on August 31, 2009
I have so many fond memories of Elmore gatherings that include you. You always made me smile & I particularly enjoyed when you & Ralph visited our house a few years ago. We all miss you very much!
Posted by Jennifer Elmore on August 30, 2009
I will miss our kitchen conversations & secret ingredients but know that your recipe for life will continue through the generations ~~ You know I love you, miss you greatly. xoxox
Posted by Sharon Berlet on August 30, 2009
That twinkle in your eyes, charming smile, and infectious chuckle are embedded in my heart. You have left so many cherished footprints for all of us who have known and loved you. Peace,dear cousin.
Posted by Abe Elmore on August 30, 2009
Grandpa, Thank you for taking me to the Arizona Cardinals game when they played the Rams. I had a great time. I love you!
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 29, 2009
My Dear Brother...Yours is a voice stilled but your words and well lived life will be forever remembered and celebrated.
Posted by Linda Fleming on August 29, 2009
Dearest cousin Mike..."You touched my heart in so many beautiful ways!!! Thanks for that awesome gift...I will miss you.Until I see you again...May God rock you gently in his arms!
Aloha With Love!"
Posted by Glenn Sward on August 29, 2009
Dear Mike...thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter. You will always be loved, you will forever be missed, and you will remain in our hearts and memories.
Posted by Peggy Coddens on August 29, 2009
My Dearest Friend Michael...The special place in my heart that you hold will always exist.  Our unique connection will go on forever. Thank you for all concerns and advice. I love you.
Posted by Sharon Elmore on August 29, 2009
Michael-I'll miss your chuckle, your calls to check up on us, the twinkle in your eye when you dance, your attempts to convince us that Ralph was trained, and most of all, your love for all of us.
Posted by Your Son on August 29, 2009
Your move to Arizona was a blessing that left memories Jennifer, Michael, Abe, and I will never forget. Your parenting has led Courtney and I to where we are today and we thank for that. We’ll look to you to guide us and be a model for our children’
Posted by Randy Giles on August 28, 2009
Your passion and love will be missed!! Never will be forgotten.
Posted by Courtney Sward on August 27, 2009
I love you dad and miss you so much. Please watch over us and protect us through the years.
Posted by Debbie Giles on August 27, 2009
Many cherished memories of you will live forever in my heart! I love and miss you very, very much. Give hugs to Grandma and Grandpa for me, ok? xoxo
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Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2020
Hey Murk...Carolyn and I are celebrating your birthday again with one of your favorites... KFC. And you know what I'm washing it down with...your's is still sitting but I'll see that it's emptied before the end of the night. Thankful for the time we had you but I'm selfish enough to wish we had more. Anxious to see you again and time will take care of that. Bear hugs Brother! Down the road Murk, down the road.
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2020
Hi my brother, just FYI..I miss you terribly. Give mom and dad a hug from me. Love you, Carolyn
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2020
Still here Mike, but have about 120,000 miles on my bod. Think about you all the time. Happy BD.  Bill
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Shut the Box

Shared by Courtney Sward on March 6, 2014

This was the last video taken of Dad, only a month before he got sick.  It was taken during the Elmore reunion of 2009 and we were playing our favorite family game, Shut the Box.  Of course, in the true spirit of late night games it was Dad and all the kids, no other adult. 

A Thanksgiving memory

Shared by Courtney Sward on November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving is upon us.  I wish I could say it will be an easy day to get through, but I have yet to figure out how to give thanks for something I simply do not understand.  I have been thinking of the Thanksgiving memories with Dad and have one that always brought laughter to us.  I thought I would share it with you.

I do not remember what year it was, but I know I was in high school at the time.  Dad decided to make a Thanksgiving dinner for Michael and me.  Instead of the traditional turkey, he wanted to make something called a ham loaf.  I thought, great!  I love ham and was never a fan of turkey so this will be perfect.  The day began with Dad and me in the kitchen.  He worked on the ham loaf and I did whatever he asked.  I finished the side dishes and now it was on to the pie.  For some reason the two of us thought it would be a great idea to make a pie from scratch.  Neither one of us had ever made a pie from scratch before but really, how hard could it be?  Lets just say something went horribly wrong.  To this day we still do not know what happened but the crust turned out to be quite rubbery and definitely not flaky.  It was truly inedible - even our dog wouldn't eat it.  After all these years we still scratched our heads and blamed the other one for the debacle that was our apple pie.

Finally, time to eat.  I started loading my plate with my awesome side dishes and then loaded up on this thing Dad called a ham loaf.  Dad assured us it would be the greatest thing ever.  We said our thanks and began to eat.  I took one bite of the ham loaf and told Dad something was wrong with it.   He tried it and said, it was perfect - just as he remembered.  So, I tried it again, yet still thought, nope not right, debacle #2 for the day.

Over the years we always had a laugh about that day.  Dad still assured me that was how a ham loaf was supposed to taste and I would tell him the pie crust mishap was not my doing.  I cherish this memory, not because the dinner was a big success (not even close) but because Dad and I spent the entire day together in the kitchen, talking, and laughing.  This is what Dad and I always did together, laugh.



Shared by Marcia Matthys on September 18, 2009

Hey Bud, Morning Mike, Morning Mr. Melmo, Hampshire and 
Elbel Golf Courses, Damons - Ribs and a loaded baked potato, ND football games and basketball games, and "RALPH! be quiet". These are just a few of the many memories we have for the time you worked with us. You always brought laughter and a smile to us everyday - and  that was the best way to get our day going.  I'm sure the Christmas Eve you spent with us was still etched on your hands, as you helped us retrieve the car keys out of our daughter's trunk, locked inside by her son - and this was at 10 PM in  20 degrees below zero weather  and of course snow!  Mike, this time you picked the perfect 19th hole! "We raise  our glass, and our hearts, to you.    Ken and Marcia Matthys,  Todd, Kim, Kristin, Ryan and their families.