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July 16, 2012

Hi, I just wanted to mention how into Computers Michael was . He helped many of his friends and family with theirs. He was able to make a living almost repairing them.Most of all he was self taught and also as a Video Photographer. He never went to school for either. He was so skilled and talented. As you can see I wasn't a good student. My skills (if i can use that word ) are very limited. I always thought I would be able to always call him when I had a problem. One time he had talked on the phone several times to a friend who was having a problem with his computer and he couldn't understand what Michael was telling him to do, frustrated Michael went to his house to fix it, a short time later there was a problem with the sewage at Michael and Cheryl's house and the friend was called and came over fixed the problem in a few minutes. Just as it seemed simple to Michael with the computer it was also simple to his friend with the sewage...............

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