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May 3, 2011

I remember a day in the summer when my father and I were sitting in our living room unknowlingly awaiting a suprise visit from Uncle Mike. I had asked my dad whether he'd like to order pizza when there was a loud banging at the door. I opened the door to my complete suprise as Uncle Mike was standing there as happy as ever to come in and chat... only I could not see how he had gotten to our house as there was no car or bus gone by... how peculiar? Even stranger still was how he had arrived... ha ha. Had he just spontaneously hopped on a plane to Toronto? Did anyone know he was in town?

My father did not seem the least bit suprised and had a smirk on his face as Uncle Mike beheld the change in our neighbourhood and  chatted about how different it looked. I asked him if he was hungry to which he replied "no not at all, thanks" so I ordered a pizza that I thought would suffice in case he changed his mind. When it arrived he put it on the table and ate every slice! Got up said it was nice to see us and casually said goodbye. He swiftly left the house , again with no car or bus in sight to my bewilderment and left. I called April and asked if she knew her father was in Toronto to which she belted out a laugh and said "no! he said he was going out" to which I laughed a full ten minutes.

Uncle Mike is and always has been the coolest and most random uncle I have ever had the pleasure of knowing/having! My friends have always enjoyed hearing about him and his visits. His name alone has always brought a smirk to my face much like the one my father presented that day on his suprise visit. You never knew when he might show up and how interesting his visit might be! Uncle Mike didn't even have to have been aquainted with people that found him fascinating! ha ha. I remember sharing stories with April when she came to visit that even captivated my roomate who had never even laid eyes on him! Unlce Mike, a legend for always = )

Lets Go Fishin' With Mike!

April 20, 2011

I remember when Mike and I were working for Tommy Hog in Alberta selling Niagara Adjustable Beds. One time I was down from Edmonton visiting my sister Kathy in Calgary. I remember Mike showed up out of the blue (he was like that ya' know - just shows up outa' nowhere). We couldn't think of any thing to do so we decided to take Willy fishing.  Mike was going on about this great fishing spot he and Willy found along some river nearby. Wasn't too far.

The only problems were I was driving, he was directing and out of beer. When it came down to it - he couldn't really remember where the spot was. A few hours into the not too far away beer location we eventually arrived at the "Great Fishin' Hole."

Turned out to be over a cliff in a steep, narrow, rocky pass. It was so roaring loud we had to shout over the sound of big, water, gushing through the gap at 100 miles an hour. Hell, there was nothin' there but thundering rapids a steep embankment and Mike, Willy and I.

Oh! Did I mention Fish?

Well if there were any fish they were smart enough not let us know that they weren't stupid enough to be there.

About all Mike and I could do for fun was threaten to throw Willy in the river.

Never knew until I read his story why he didn't really seem keen on going fishin with us that time. Now I know. ( see William Pataky's story below, one of Mike's Nephews) 

We were probably the reason he never went with us again too.

Hey! Did I ever tell you the time Mike and I (looking for a cheap breakfast) went fishin' for Artic Char while lying on Niagara Adjustable beds, with our fishin' rods dangling from the back windows of our Vans, while on sales calls in Fort McMurray?

It was like shootn' fish in a barrel up there!

Or, how about that time in Kincardine when Mike, Pat and I dragged that old dead Carp home for Mom to fry. We were like Cool Hand Luke, only younger. It took all of us 4,5 & 7 to drag that big, stinky, old, dead fish home. That fish was so big (how big was it?) ... we wore the tail right off of it.

Or, did I ever tell you about the time Pat and I borrowed Mikes rubber raft to ...

Funny. For a guy who never really did a lot of fishin' sure had a lot of equipment around when you needed it. Thanks Mike for some of the best, fun, fishn' memories I ever had.

Lets go fishin

April 19, 2011

Uncle Mike took me fishing/camping up in the mountains when I was like 5. My first cast i got the hook stuck in my thumb, second cast i threw the rod in the water. We never did catch anything but I loved every minute of my trip with my Uncle Mike. He was like a Super Hero to me as a kid and he will forever by my Super Hero. I dont have alot of memmories as a kid but this one is my favorite. He inspired me in a way that he knows helped me when I was heading in the wrong direction fast.  I will miss you my Hero!!!!  You will forever be in my heart and mind. I Love you!!!!

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