Let the memory of Michael be with us forever
  • 26 years old
  • Born on July 2, 1980 .
  • Passed away on May 19, 2007 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Bragdon 26 years old , born on July 2, 1980 and passed away on May 19, 2007. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 25th December 2018
Merry Christmas my Angel.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 9th December 2018
Today is the world wide candle lighting ceremony remembering the children who passed away throughout the world. We did not attend the annual compassionate friends service this year. Last year's service was quick and uncomfortable. Not like years past. We lit our own candles at home this evening. We miss you everyday Michael. I wish you were here so I could express properly how much I love you. 4ever loved 4ever missed Mom
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 22nd November 2018
Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven Michael. We hope you and grandma are enjoying a heavenly feast. Wish you were here to enjoy Turkey and pie with us. Ethan made pumpkin pie cupcakes and cookies. We are thinking of you today as we do everyday. We miss you so much
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 2nd July 2018
Happy Birthday to our special Angel
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 21st May 2018
It is high school graduation time again. I always think of your graduation. Gosh it was so hot that day. Moving the graduation
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 19th May 2018
Another year has passed. 11 Years without you. My heart is still broken
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 10th May 2018
Well it is getting to be that time again. The years pass by so quickly yet also stand still. Mothers day is also approaching. I was thinking about us going to the renaissance fair. It was a great time. You were kind of tired playing those games. I wish I knew then in a week our lives were about to change forever. High School proms are also nearing. I was just laughing over your Junior prom. Sitting for hours waiting for to be called in to alter your tuxedo. It was a long wait and you were tired so after being called in you lied saying the tuxedo fit fine. The day of the prom Katie and I had to pin the tux because it was way to big. You could not take your jacket off all night. My nutty boy. Thank goodness you were a bit more patient for his senior prom. I miss you so much my first born boy. I think of you all the time. 4ever loved Mike
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 1st April 2018
Happy Easter in heaven my Angel. It was a decent day. I wish you and grandma were here I miss you so much. Here are your balloons
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 10th January 2018
Happy New Year in Heaven my sweet
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 25th December 2017
Merry Christmas in Heaven Michael!
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 5th December 2017
Well Christmas is 3 weeks away and I feel heartbroken as usual. It's really hard to get in the holiday spirit without you and grandma. I will go thru the motions. This weekend we are going to see some new Christmas lights in grand prairie. Last week we went to the ice sculpture at Gaylord. I'm sorry I didn't write for Thanksgiving. The day for away from me. I wanted to take a moment to let you know I am always thinking of you. Sunday is the candlelighting ceremony. We will be there lighting one in your memory. I will write again before Christmas. Love you always❤ Miss you says
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 31st October 2017
Happy Halloween in Heaven.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 27th October 2017
We are a few days away from Halloween. You liked this holiday. I wish we were back home. Maybe you would still be here. We could take Ethan on the haunted train ride in Essex that you and your brothers went on. I loved that train. I wish we could go to Jones farms for pumpkin picking. Dad was talking about all the pumpkins, warm cider and cookies. I haven't found a fun pumpkin patch around here. Tomorrow we are going to Dallas botanic gardens. 90,000 pumpkins. They have a wizard of oz theme. We don't go to Dallas often but It should be fun. I love the holiday season but I also get depressed. I miss you so much. I wish you were coming to Dallas tomorrow. I wish you could come to ICE at the Gaylord and this new Christmas light show in Arlington. The holidays are magical. Too bad there isn't enough magic to bring you home. Enjoy Halloween in heaven. I'll bet the angels have the biggest best carved pumpkins. You are 4 ever loved❤❤❤
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 23rd September 2017
Today we went to flight of the monarch. They released monarch butterflies, had music, food. We were unable to get butterflies for the 12:00PM release. Shortly after the release a woman said excuse me ma'am but you have a butterfly on your back. It stayed there for sometime before landing on our lunch table. I heard if a butterfly lands on you it is a sign from heaven. I wondered if it was you? It would have been great to have a visit from you. I miss you more then anyone knows.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 4th September 2017
Happy labor day in heaven. I hope all the wonderful angels had a huge picnic. We grilled out yesterday and today. We took Ethan to a waterpark. It was small but nice. The lazy river was nice. I was just looking at a photo of you under the waterfall in Allentown. Better times before our move here. I wish you and Grandma were here. We could have went to the lake. There is so much going on I would love to talk to you about. This world has gone crazy. Love you. Miss you. Mom.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 30th August 2017
Well Mike summer is coming to an end. School is back in session. This weekend is labor day. It got me thinking of a time at the amusement park. Michael and I were on the spider ride, Dad and Ryan in the car behind us. We were stopped leaning backward. Michael asked if I was scared ( Yes I was) because he was also. Lol Ryan was screaming and trying to climb out of the car as it spun around. It was a fun day. We played games and won a stuffed animal. Those were the good old days. They ended way to soon. I miss you my son. Love you ❤❤❤
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 13th August 2017
I still wake up sick to my stomach. My mind screams out to speak to you. The tears still flow frequently. So many people get second chances at life. I don't understand why you were not given one. Parents should never outlive their children. My friend Lori lost her daughter 3 years ago before Christmas. She struggles every day. My friend Debbie lost her son and daughter in a car accident right before Christmas last year. I can't imagine losing 2 children. So many times I want to tell you something or ask you something only to remember you are no longer here. I use to feel you here, notice some sign but not in a long time. I wish you would visit moor. I miss you every minute of everyday. I wonder what you would have become. Job, wife, children. 10 years, 1 decade, yet it seems like yesterday. 4 ever loved missed 4 ever loved. Mom
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 8th July 2017
Ok so dad and I went to see Spider-Man as promised. We took your little urn with us. I remember joking with you back home about Spider-Man movies being better then a sleeping pill. Well my Angel this time I am not joking. I was so bored. The movie did not make sense to us. But my son as long as they keep making Spider-Man we will continue to watch. Maybe on DVD. I wish you were here to fall asleep in the theater with me. I am thankful your brother took you to your last show in 2007. Off to bed. 4 ever missed Mom
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 8th July 2017
Hello my angel. A new Spiderman movie came out yesterday. Dad and I are on our way to purchase tickets. We will be bringing your small urn. Wish you could be here to see it. We got you covered. Will write again after the movie. Love Mom
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 4th July 2017
Happy Independence Day in Heaven my Angel. It has been a quiet day. Going to an event in a couple hours. Food, music, fireworks. The other night we went to the after park to see fireworks. Dad and I were talking earlier about the past 4th of July' s at hammonassett park. We would celebrate your birthday, the 4th, and your brothers birthday. Cooking out, playing horseshoes, swimming. Everyone is gone now. Times are different. I miss you. I think about you everyday and what your like now. Frisky is having a hard time with the fireworks outside. 4 ever loved Mom, dad and Ethan
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 2nd July 2017
37 years ago I have birth to a precious 5lb 6 ounce bundle of joy. You were so small for awhile people asked if you sound be out of the hospital. I remember it was raining and a police officer asked if I was carrying a doll. Seriously?! He took us home so we wouldn't have to walk. I have such memories. Cheryl and I walking you in your stroller when it began to snow. You looked like a tiny snowman. Going into labor cousin Patty driving me to the hospital her husband called out to a police buddy of his and we got a police escort lol. Happy birthday my precious son. I miss you beyond words. Love Mom.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 29th May 2017
Happy Memorial Day my Angel. With mother's day and your anniversary so close together I spent days looking at pictures. I was chuckling over the one of you in the parade. There was an issue with the musical instrument so you carried a gun instead. You looked so happy. Dad, Ethan and I went to a memorial Day Ceremony. It was nice. A different way to spend the holiday. A 21 gun salute, ww2 planes, bag pipes. I think you would have found it interesting. I wish I could have brought you home for the day. We miss you. 4 ever loved❤ 4 ever missed
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 19th May 2017
Ten years ago our lives changed forever. I can not remember What I had for breakfast but the day you left is forever etched in my memory. What I wouldn't give to see you smile or hear your voice. Just one more day. Thinking of you Today and everyday. 4 ever loved ❤ 4 ever missed
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 17th April 2017
Happy be lated Easter my Angel. Easter was ok. I wish you and Grandma were here. Dad , Ethan and I went to the Renaissance Festival. We went to a 16th century Easter Church service. It was interesting. Ethan and the other children layed lilies at the cross. We didn't get to see the jousting. Time went so fast. Ethan went into the spooky castle. I remembered the time you and Matthew went. We saw some shows and Ethan bit my toe. He was only 3. It was a fun time. Little did we know the following weekend our lives would change forever. You would be gone. The festival has changed some since we all went. We have only been back twice. I remember us all gong to Sterling Forrest Festival in Tuxedo New York. That was a fun festival. The shows were great. I miss you
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 8th April 2017
Even though you went away. I think about you everyday. 4 ever loved. In my heart you will always stay. Until the day we meet again. 4 ever loved ❤ 4 ever missed my Angel.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 23rd March 2017
Hello my
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 14th February 2017
Happy Valentine's day in Heaven my Angel
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 1st January 2017
Happy New Year in heaven my Angel. Today is our 10th new year without you. I miss you sooooo much. Every year I wonder what your life would be like. What kind of job? Wife? Children? You left this earth far to young but you have no pain no stress. Love you forever Mom
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 25th December 2016
Merry Christmas our Angel. I don't why I am having such difficulty leaving messages lately. Another Christmas you are spending in the clouds with the Angels. It must be amazing. I wish you could visit for awhile. Ethan had a great Christmas. It was a nice day. We made dinner Christmas Eve and finger food today. At the last minute dad wanted a dinner so we made a turkey. It was a good thing I did not freeze it. Dad loves his Turkey. ❤u miss u always
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 16th December 2016
Again I am trying to post and it will not. This will be my 5th try since Monday. We miss you Michael. Christmas is coming soon. Another one without you. Look out for your balloon. Dad, Ethan and I went to the annual worldwide candlelighting ceremony Sunday evening. Candles are lit at 7:00pm in every time zone beginning in New Zealand in memory of children lost. It was nice to speak with other parents, hear their stories and to share the story of you. You are 4 ever loved
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 24th November 2016
Happy Thanksgiving my Angel. Could you give your grandma a big hug from us please? We sent you a balloon as always. Dad and Ethan put up the tree. This year it is artificial. Dad did not want a real one. We bought a huge turkey. You know dad loves his turkey. Matthew is doing well. We all missed you today (everyday). Ethan went snow tubing today. He had a great time. 4 ever in our hearts. Love you Mom
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 19th November 2016
Hello my Angel. I wish you could come back and stay awhile. What I wouldn't give to hear your voice and see your smile. Just one hug and I would never let you go. I would just continue to tell you how much we love you so. 4 ever loved 4 ever missed Mom
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 6th November 2016
Hello my Angel. Thanksgiving is fast approaching. That is dad's favorite holiday. We have plans to eat out this year. We are going to a Thanksgiving brunch. I want everything festive for dad. Tonight we are having Turkey for dinner. He is so happy. Dad wants to take a trip back home and to NYC. I recently saw a photo of the steam train and boat. It made me think of the brunch cruise we took. Me, you, Matthew and grandma. After eating sitting on the deck listening to the music. I don't think they have the brunch cruise anymore. It was a beautiful afternoon. A lovely memory. I miss you my Angel. Love you to the heavens and back Mom
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 1st November 2016
Happy belated Halloween my Angel
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 16th October 2016
Friends on FB posted about their weekend McMahon reunion class of 81. They posted pictures of the school. Wow it has changed since you were a student. It looks like there is a game room. Beautiful pictures on the walls. I started thinking about your graduation. It is hard to believe that was 18 years ago! We were so proud of you. We miss you Michael.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 13th October 2016
Hi my Angel up in heaven. We talked to Matthew yesterday Things are looking pretty good for him. Your dad goes for a scan next week then treatment will begin. I will be buy his side every minute just as I wss with your grandmother. Dad and I did not leave the hospital once grandma was taken off life support and hospice took over. Jason dad and I slept in the same room with her for days. May I ask a favor? Could you ask our great God to watch over your 1/2 brother Ryan? He is very misguided. He has a lot of trouble getting stories right. He claims to be happy but is a very angry man. When happy you don't lash out. Maybe if our great Lord reaches out to him he can help him to become a happier person. A better person. Ryan spent his life making you feel unwanted and now you are his brother. To use this page to spew his misinformed misguided stories is disrespectful to you. I will block him if I see it again. This is to be used for memories of you. He was right about only one thing and that is you helped to keep the family together. The one thing that had helped me during these years is that toward the end you found out what I had to live with. It was great to hear you say you finally understood the lack of cooperation I received. You tried the last week to get certain people to be agreeable. You wanted to show me that you all could run the house but you also received no cooperation. I love you and miss you more than anyone will ever know. I will be busy with dad for a bit but I well write again on Halloween.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 11th October 2016
Halloween is fast approaching. We took Ethan pumpkin picking. I was remembering all the Halloweens we went to Jones farm for our pumpkin. So many to choose from. The Apple cidar and cranberry cookies. Dad & I were Talking about the haunted train ride in Essex. Good memories. I wish we could turn back the clock and do them all over again. I miss you. Chat soon Love mom
Posted by Ryan Bragdon on 25th September 2016
Thankfully, Michael doesn't have to put up with the last nine years of what his family had become. His youngest brother sits in jail waiting to spend his life in prison, using Michael's death to excuse behavior the preceded his death. His other brother had to flee from the house because his mother threatened to kill a newborn just because he felt uncomfortable with her holding him. His nephew has grown obese and vulgar. His mother has used every opportunity to exploit his death for attention. Now his step-father, who broke vows to stop drinking is paying for those broken promises made on Michael's memory with deadly prostate cancer. If Michael had been alive, he would have been disgusted to see his mother abandon his dying grandmother so she could go to Disney. He would have been appalled that his mother and step-father scammed one of his brothers out of a lot of money to upgrade that Disney trip. He would be sitting in depression while his mother ignored his feelings to make his step-father's cancer all about her. Michael's memory deserves a lot better than the exploitative ramblings of the people who took it upon themselves to co-opt it. He was a good person who was in tremendous pain every day of his life in his final years and was mostly ignored by the people moaning about how much they now miss him cuz he's gone. He was a good man broken by bad decisions and time spent in a private school that returned him to his family as an angry and violent kid. But he loved his family and did all he could to keep them together in the end, but he was fighting for that goal alone. His mother wanted to mean something as a jobless wreck without any control. His step-father wanted to chug a six pack every day and preferred that over family. His youngest brother wanted to get away with being a criminal but never learned how to cope with loss and was so guilted with the thought that his dead brother was punishment for his actions that he imploded on drug abuse and crime. His other brother just wanted to survive it all. Michael's family was a jumble of selfish people held together by him and with his death, there were no more excuses to continue. No more obligations. No more emotional or familial leverages to be abused. I miss Michael all the time but it never crosses my mind that he wasn't the lucky one. You deserved better in life, Kakarot. You deserve better in death.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 14th September 2016
Hi Mike.II have been thinking of you and grandma alot. I am having a really difficult time and could use you and grandma here. We found out dad has stage 4 prostate cancer. I am so scared. You were always the voice of calm. Dad is trying to be positive. He doesn't want us to worry. Like that will happen. I have never been able to hide my feelings. I am trying to be strong for him. I am at every test. Every Doctors appointment. I wish you could come down and visit for awhile. It would be nice to have you here. I have been looking for signs from you or grandma. It has been a very long since I have seen any. I miss you very much. 9 years and my heart is still broken.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 11th August 2016
School will be starting soon. I can't believe he is in middle school. Ethan is taking band as you did. It is sooooo hot here. The humidity is awful. I was remembering your high school graduation. It was so hot that day also. They moved the graduation inside. If course with no AC it did not make much difference. Matt and Ryan had top sneak in since we didn't have enough tickets. We were so proud of your accomplishment and proud of you. I chuckle when I think of your junior prom. The issue with the tux. You looked so handsome. I really miss you. 4ever loved Mom.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 4th July 2016
July 4th independence day today. We really didn't do much. I have been very irritable the past 2 days. I was thinking about all the years at the beach watching fireworks. They were beautiful. You kids loved them. The traffic leaving was horrible. I thought about the birthday/ holiday picnics at the state park playing baseball and horseshoes. You and your brothers swimming. Those were good times. Macy fireworks are coming on now. I love and miss you my angel.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 2nd July 2016
36 years ago I gave birth to the most perfect little baby boy. 5lbs 6ounces. That tiny perfect baby grew into a wonderful sweet kind man. I am so grateful for the 26 years that we had you. Happy birthday my sweet angel.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 23rd June 2016
My Angel up in Heaven. I am sitting here thinking about your birthday coming up next weekend. We will be sending your birthday balloon. Family dinner and cake to celebrate your life. You would be 36 years old. I often wonder where you would be in life. Married? Kids? You would be a great dad. Would you had finished school? You were getting ready to begin pharmacy tech courses. We were so proud of you. I don't think I said that enough. I don't know what happened to compassionate friends. I can no longer find our chapter. We really miss releasing butterflies in your honor and the worldwide annual candle lighting ceremony. I will write again on the 2nd. Love you always Miss you always my Angel. ❤ mom.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 30th May 2016
Thinking about you this memorial day. I miss the parades we use to go to back home. I was looking at the pictures of the parade you were in with the junior high school band. That big grin and fluffy hair. I miss you today and everyday. Love Mom ❤
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 19th May 2016
It has been 9 years today that you received your Angel wings. I was not ready for this. You are always on my mind and in my heart. 4 ever loved and 4 ever missed. If it stops raining we will be sending your balloon. Love mom. ❤
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 14th May 2016
Hello my Angel. It is almost that dreadful anniversary (9) again. I just can't believe so much time has passed. It feels the same now as it did in 2007. I miss you very much. Mother's day was ok ( not really ). I was emotional. You are not here. Grandma is gone.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 27th March 2016
Happy Easter to my Angel up in heaven. It was a very emotional day for me. After 9 Easters without you my heart still aches. I will never get over missing you. Dad and I sent up our balloon for you and grandma this afternoon. I love you soooooooo much. 4ever loved 4ever missed Mom ❤
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 8th March 2016
Today was a crazy weather day. Torrential rain high wind sirens and hail. The rain was coming down circular. We couldn't open our screen door. It reminded me of that storm from late 2003 or 2004. Same weather conditions. We had never seen swirling rain. Grandma the dog and I were hiding in the walk in closet. Lol. Candles burning. You Dad Ryan and Matthew standing outside singing getting soaked hoping to see a tornado. Silly boys. You said don't worry mom when we see the tornado coming we will come inside. I remember saying by the time you see the tornado it will be to late. The four of you thought it was hysterical us ladies hiding in the closet. Thank goodness only lots of rain and heavy wind that night. Funny how a memory will just show up. That was a great night. Thanks for that memory Love mom
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 24th January 2016
CT had a big snowstorm yesterday. It got me thinking about our last winter back home. It snowed alot every couple of days. We had like 28 inches that winter. You, dad, Ryan and Matt had to shovel out our drive way almost daily. No city plow on a private road. I would make hot chocolate for you all. It was so beautiful to watch the snow come down sitting by the fireplace. It would be so great to be back there again with all of us together building snowmen, snowball fights. Shoveling. I miss you my Angel Mom.
Posted by Sharianne Bragdon on 11th January 2016
My Angel up in Heaven you were always the glue that held everything together. The person to talk to. I've had the wind knocked out of me and could sure use your calming voice and wisdom. I wish you would visit me in a dream so we could talk. My gosh I miss you so much. 4ever loved & 4ever missed. Mom

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