Posted by Michael Mason on March 4, 2021
Last Tuesday we had some chocolate cake and remembered you on what would have been your 71st birthday. Kinsley is already a year old! I wish you could see her. Its been a crazy start to the year but we have been blessed. Happy birthday!

Posted by Jenny Brandt on March 5, 2020
I just wanted to say I love you. I miss you. It’s not the same without you here. But we talk about you all the time. So it feels good. I’m sorry about all the things I put you through. But, I’m a different person now. I have come to know Jesus as my personal savior. You never said it. But, I know you were praying for me. God is faithful! Love you dad!
Posted by Michael Mason on March 2, 2020
Just stopping by dad to say happy heavenly birthday! Thinking about you especially this day. I wish you and mom were still around to see your beautiful granddaughter Kinsley. We miss you.

Love, Mikey
Posted by Mayeli Anaya on January 25, 2020
   I can’t believe it’s been 8 years. I have really tried to live a Christian life and I hope I have made you proud of the person I have become. I remember the oldies music and don’t forget to put a turtleneck over that or take a sweater.. So many fond memories. I still regret not going to your funeral-my daughter was sick but every Sunday I pray for you and mom. I miss you and one day I will see you again.

Posted by gregory kalata on March 3, 2019
Hi Mike Greg here to wish you happy 69 birthday we will be together soon
Posted by Michael Mason on March 2, 2019
Happy birthday dad on what would have been your 69th! Everything is fine but the world is getting way more crazy. Miss you
Posted by Jenny Brandt on January 25, 2019
Dad we know your waiting for Gabriel to blow the trumpet!!!!! We JUST had a blood moon! Gods final warning!!!!!! Jesus is about to come!!!!!! We will see you SOON!!!!!!
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on November 11, 2018
Thinking about you today dad!!! Happy Veterans Day!!! I love you and miss you so much!!!
Posted by Michael Mason on March 2, 2018
Happy birthday dad! We celebrated your birthday/memory with some cake yesterday, something I will continue to do every year for you and mom. Hopefully you and mom will be reunited with Sparky who passed away this evening. He was one of mom's babies and along with Poptart probably the best family dog(s) we ever had. I will visit your grave site pretty soon and we can talk more.  -Mikey
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on March 2, 2018
YES & AMEN Uncle Greg!!!!! Hallelujah!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! Love and miss you so much! Looking forward to seeing you soon!! Mikey is about to get married this month!! I know you know!! So this birthday must be a HUGE celebration for you & mom!!
Posted by gregory kalata on March 2, 2018
Happy birthday Mike get some rest we got a lot of work to do when the LORD comes back.
Posted by gregory kalata on January 26, 2018
Its been 6 years it wont be much longer we will all be together for thousand year reign get a lot of rest we got a lot of work to do.
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on January 25, 2018
I can’t believe it’s been 6 YEARS today that you went to be with Jesus!!! I know you’re having a great time!! And especially there with mom!! I hope you’ve been keeping up with all the “FACTS” on the grandkids we keep sharing! Ha!! The older grandkids have so much going on right now. You would be so proud of them!! We miss you so much and know we will be seeing you again VERY SOON now!! I LOVE YOU DAD!!
Posted by Krista Mason on January 25, 2018

Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote, so much has happened.
Just more proof that you and mom are helping me, because I got
through the toughest year pretty easily. I miss you both so much!!! We watch home videos often it’s nice to see you guys again!!! I can’t believe it’s been 6 years...wonder what y’all are doing? I love when y’all are in my dreams I think it means y’all are with me...watching me. This is the day I like to do you were one of a kind for sure miss you every single day!!! Dad bet you finally have a garden and a boat!!! I bet you are so happy and proud of Mikee, can’t wait to see him get married March 31!!! We know how much that meant to you... I can’t express how much you guys mean to me and how much we all love you!!! Thank God for the rest of the family here they mean everything. Thank you for helping me y’all and Jesus! :) love hugs xoxo
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on March 2, 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!! Miss you so much!!! Me, Little Sammy, Jaedon, and Kenna are letting balloons go up to you today for your birthday! The kids wrote notes on them for you!! So keep your eye out for them!! I know you are busy celebrating and I love that mom is celebrating with you! Looking forward to seeing you soon!! Looking up! I asked Jesus to give you a hug for me... so be expecting to see Him today! Hahaha!! Love you and miss you so much!!
Posted by Michael Mason on March 2, 2017
Happy birthday dad! You know every time me and Ashley watch Everybody Loves Raymond I think about you and mom and how we all use to watch it lol. Love ya.   - Mikey
Posted by Jenny Brandt on March 2, 2017
GOD, please tell my dad I love him SO much! And my mom. I still can't believe sometimes their gone. You just always think their going to live forever. Anyways, I hope to see them very soon face to face. And we can continue laughing at how my dad was REALLY bad at figuring out which actresses and actors played on certain movies. Lol! He was ALWAYS WRONG! Lol I miss you dad and mom! Jesus IM READY!!!!
Posted by gregory kalata on March 1, 2017
Hi Mike happy birthday 66 yrs. old will see you on the last day will all be together forever praise JESUS
Posted by gregory kalata on January 26, 2017
Well its been 5 yrs. now it wont be much longer he will be back soon . I will see you on the last day will all be together forever that's wonderful. Greg
Posted by Michael Mason on January 25, 2017
Thinking of you dad especially today on your death birthday, 5 years already. Don't think I will ever fully get over your loss but I hold on to the many funny memories you left us and I listen to a lot of your oldies music it helps me remember you.
Posted by gregory kalata on March 2, 2016
Hi Mike happy birthday hang in there it wont be long Greg see you on the last day.
Posted by Jenny Brandt on March 2, 2016
Hey, dad it's me Jenny, Its funny all the times we laughed throughout the hard times. The most vivid memories I have is the last weeks of when your life here was almost over!! This world has gotten SO bad, you wouldn't even recognize it anymore. Your blessed to already be there. But, VERY SOON, we'll ALL be eating together at the CELEBRATION!!! So don't ruin your appetite. JESUS, please give my mom and dad a hug. I know your busy getting ready for the rapture. so I won't bother you Too much!!! I love you GOD, JESUS, mom and dad!!
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on March 2, 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU & LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! The world is getting really bad.... looks like we'll be seeing you very soon now!! I know you are getting that Brisket ready for the dinner!! =) Hope you and mom are having a great time together!! BIG HUGS!!! Tell Jesus to hurry up!!! Heehee
Posted by gregory kalata on January 26, 2016
Its been 4 yrs mike get some rest for the thousand year reign see you on the last day.
Posted by Krista Mason on January 25, 2016
Hey dad...

It's been 4 years today...hope you liked the balloons !!!
I can still hear your voice, the way you laugh and even remember some of your jokes ...things are going so good...we are so blessed!!! Big kisses and hugs to you and mom! Love you more than words can say!
Heaven must be fun, can't wait!

Love you,

Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on June 21, 2015
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY IN HEAVEN!!! Dad, your guiding hand will remain on my shoulder forever, I miss you every day you're gone. Can't wait to see you again....I love you!!!! Thank You Jesus because it is not much longer now!! BIG HUG & all my love!!!!! Vicky
Posted by gregory kalata on March 2, 2015
Happy birthday mike the big 65 see you on the last day UNCLE GREG
Posted by gregory kalata on January 26, 2015
well mike its been two years now . get some rest you got thousand years ahead of you we will be working together for the LORD that's gonna be great see you on the last are only sleep your not dead.
Posted by Fred Cote on July 22, 2014
Keep on playin' them bongos', Mike!
Forever your friend!
Posted by Krista Mason on July 10, 2014

Mom has gone to be with you today and The Lord. Take her around Heaven and show her everything! I know she is excited to see you again!!! I'm happy for both of you, but my heart hurts for you dad, I still miss you everyday...I can still hear your laugh, we repeat quotes you use to say from movies. You and mom meant so much to me! I just thank you both so much for all you have done. My amazing parents who are finally in their own mansion!

Save us room...the circle won't be broken!

We love you and miss you! Hope you are dancing in Heaven!

Your daughter - Krista ;)

My heart is with you both!
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on May 23, 2014
NEW PICTURE ADDED!!! Oil painting picture now in the slideshow to the right!

Uncle Jeff had a special gift made for Mom in honor of dad. He ordered a painting from a Custom Generational Art Studio that specializes in authentic oil paintings done with creation remains mixed into the paint. This is so unique! The painting can stay in the family and be passed down to each generation as a family heirloom. This was a surprise to Mom!!! It's gorgeous!! We can only imagine the breath-taking beauty where you are in cannot be duplicated. However this painting reminds us of the days you are now enjoying!!

Thank you Jeff for an incredible and very thoughtful gift!! There are no words to share that compare to the feelings in our heart!! God bless you!!!

Hope you like it Dad!!! I love you!!
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on January 11, 2014
Dad, Christmas is just not the same without you AGAIN! We had dinner at my new house, but the food we made hardly compares to the anticipation we had for yours every year. Well, we finally did it!! We moved into our own house and mom is now living with us. God has blessed us GREATLY!! So throw Jesus a high-five for me!! Make sure you tell Him also, that I'm still jealous you are there before me!! :) (remember talking about that?) Mom is doing ok. She has cancer, but is receiving Chemo treatments. She is tough! You would be so proud of her. She is walking closely with the Lord now as I know you are happy about that too! Just wanted to say I love you! You are still missed!! ...and ALWAYS will be
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on May 28, 2013
Dad we had a party to remember you this Memorial Day. Mom made sure the flag & our tribute wreath was out for you. I fixed up the house for you too. Little Sammy says he thinks you'd like it. :) Mikey brought his new girlfriend over. You would be so proud of him, she's really great. We had fun...but the burgers were not as good as yours. We miss you...I love you dad.
Posted by Michael Mason on May 27, 2013
Memorial Day cook out today!! Even mom and Vikki are going to eat something lol. This will probably be our last family cook out at the Southwood Oaks house :( We are all remembering you today  -Mike
Posted by Michael Mason on March 2, 2013
I wonder if they celebrate birthdays in heaven? Happy birthday dad!!
Posted by greg kalata on January 31, 2013
Well mike you been gone a year cant believe its been a year already the LORD should be back within 6 or 7 years it wont be long . we will all go up for a meeting in the air and then come down for the for the thousand year reign so that's what GODS WORD says . LOVE UNCLE GREG
Posted by Michael Mason on November 11, 2012
Remembering you dad on this Veteran's Day 2012. When you were around we never said it enough, but we are still proud of you for your service to our country!

Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on November 8, 2012
Well Obama won dad. :( I'm pretty sure you would have loved the suspense in this unpredictable election.There was a high anticipation on both sides. I took mom to vote this year, but I remember how proud you were when you used to take her. Feels like the pride of "America" is gone. It's just not the same anymore. Wish you were here watching this crazy world with me. I miss you & love you.
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on October 5, 2012
Dad it felt wierd not watching the presidential debates with you. Even though I believe this time around you would NOT be supporting I miss you yelling at the tv & getting all worked up. :) Things are so different now dad...I wish you were still here to talk to. The world has gone completely crazy. Won't be long before we'll see you again though. Can't wait!! I love you Dad!
Posted by janet mason on June 18, 2012
Mike, I miss you so much.  This the first father's day without you. Its just not the same. We miss your barbecue and grilling for father's day. You were the greatest father and husband . I talked with you yesterday, as you know. The kids and grandkids miss you and also talked with you yesterday. I love you, Mike.
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on June 18, 2012
Yesterday was hard. First Father's Day without you. But you were here in spirit I know. :) We miss you terribly! I talked to you all day about things and feelings...I feel deep inside you were with me. I hope you're proud when you see the impact you made on our lives.Even though we didn't have much growing up, I wouldn't change it if I could. Thank you dad for all the memories! I love you
Posted by Michael Mason on June 17, 2012
Just remembering you on Father's Day, the first one with out you :(. I would have gotten you a blu ray movie or 2 and and some scratch-off lottery tickets lol. Miss you
Love,  -Mikey
Posted by janet mason on May 25, 2012
Michael, I love and miss you so much. I think and talk to you everyday,but you know that. Every time, when I'm driving in my car, sometimes I hear, "I need you now", and everyday and night I think of that song.Its hard living without you, but when I do things, that you use to do, I think of you. But I'm taking care of things, as you would, and hope you are proud of me. Love you, jan-wife
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on May 25, 2012
Remembering you this Memorial Day. Its our first one without you...your "fat-daddy" burgers & chest full of cokes. I miss you everyday. I made you a Memorial Day wreath but placed in the yard instead of your grave because I know you are not there. I believe you are HERE...& still watching over us. It's a small gesture for the huge sacrifice you made for our country. I love you dad!
Posted by Michael Mason on May 1, 2012
It was nice to finally visit your grave site and talk with you dad. I will be back soon.
Posted by VICTORIA HANSON on April 27, 2012
Dad, today is my birthday. Even though mom remembered all our always had them written on your bill calendar & made sure you were the FIRST to tell us "Happy Birthday." I miss you soooo much. But my faith has kept me strong...knowing that we'll be seeing each other again very soon. What I would give to have you kiss my forehead one more time & tell me you love me too.
Posted by Jennifer Brandt on April 23, 2012
Hey dad, I was driving in my car and heard daddy's hands . I started crying. It's just so hard sometimes. I keep thinking your at Walmart . Or getting a Subway sandwich for mom. ( by the way she still gets them everyday), you probably already know that. But when I see a picture or hear a song it all comes back to me that your not here anymore. But I have feeling we'll see you very soon!
Posted by Krista Mason on March 29, 2012
Hey dad just thinking of you...again, I feel guilty for not watching the texans in playoffs with you, I wanted to..i just couldn't make it. I love you so,much..hope,you are proud of us...because im so proud,of u...the circle will not be broken.. krista
Posted by Michael Mason on March 2, 2012
Happy Birthday dad! I can just see you up there relaxing, playing chess, going fishing then for dinner eating a nice prime rib steak and maybe having a margarita or 2 and enjoying your birthday while you look down at us remembering it. I'm sure Fred remembered it too lol! We will continue to celebrate March 2nd every year in your memory!
Posted by greg kalata on March 2, 2012
Happy birthday mike i still cant believe gone. you lived your life to the fullest and i GOD BLESS YOU FOR THAT. UNCLE GREG
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