His energy is with us.

Shared by Jewels Monetti on October 6, 2020
I am still at loss for words. Over time I am sure they will come. I want you all to know that the other day I was walking down a dirt road and found the part I had been looking for years for the door on my place. My father always made sure I was okay and still is now. I have some big boots that I can only fill half of. 
Shared by Gregory Balck on October 3, 2020
Just wanted to let you know how sorry we are for your loss (our loss). Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We always looked forward to visiting the big beautiful house in Greenlawn. There was so much love, warmth and fun that Glenn and I will remember forever. I always looked up to Michael. He always made me feel like a little brother.
Shared by Allen Todd on September 28, 2020
Thanks Susie for sharing this picture. 
From right to left, Nancy, Michael, Paul, Charlotte, Susan, David, Karl, Allen.

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