When There Gone

Shared by Gail Miller on March 16, 2013

Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone how much you love and care for them. Because when there gone it want matter how many times you wish you would have told them how much you cared.
No matter how loud you may shout and cry... They want hear you anymore...It's too late, because they are done gone.
Michael left this world 2-16-06 knowing how some of his aunt's felt about him. But he would always pray for them.  

Roses In Heaven

Shared by Gail Miller on February 20, 2013

Michael Son
If roses grow in Heaven will you send one just for me.
So I can hold it close to my heart, where you will always be.
I will lay it on my pillow each and every night. As the angels
tuck me in. I will know that you are near me. And feel your
precentce once again.
I am so thankful for the 28 years you were here to help me
through. Michael I will never stop loving and missing you.     

Grieve In Silents

Shared by Gail Miller on November 15, 2012

Why must I grieve silently, when my heart is so loudly screaming. The emptiness I feel is comsuming me, Oh God I wish I was dreaming.
The silence around me is deafening, For no one knows what to say. To comfort this agony I'm feeling since my precious Michael went away.
And each day the sun continues to rise. And the earth is still turning. Though my world has came to a screeming halt. No one can ease my yearning.
For a part of me has vanished, and a part of me has died. No one can hear my heartache. Or feel the turmoil I carry inside.

I will go on grieving silently. And exist on a different plane. And I'll keep my love deep for my precious son in my heart until I see him again.     

I Miss My Son

Shared by Gail Miller on October 26, 2012

Michael Son I never got to tell you good-bye. You were gone before I knew it. And God only knows why.

My heart will always ache with grief and sadness. And my secret tears will continue to flow. What it meant to lose you only God and I will know.

Michael Son, I will pledge to you today a hollowed place in my heart is where you will always stay.

I pledge to you today the empty place in my heart will never and can never be replaced.

You will be in my heart forever. And that is where you will continue to stay. I love and miss you.    


Shared by Gail Miller on July 26, 2012

I've have several pictures in my heart and here at home. But I'm afraid they will fade with time.
 Your photographs are cold. And memory is so hard to hold.And I never had a change to tell you good-by. Sometimes I catch myself as I sit beside you grave, asking you out loud. What would you do if you were in my place. 

My Son

Shared by Gail Miller on July 3, 2012

The bond I had with Michael was like no other bond. He was my baby and my bestfriend. He never missed telling me he loved me. And it didn't matter where we were at he would hug and kiss me.

He was a hard working man, but didn't let nothing interfer with his work. Michael was having to take shots twice a week in order to be able to walk. 
Michael had Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease. A.S. is a disease that so many people don't understand. Michael's bones was fusing together. We were told when it got into his spine he wouldn't beable to sit, or bend. A.S. was in his neck,  hips. His rib cage would soon be nothing but soild bone.
But he never let his disease interfer with what he wanted to do in life. He was in so much pain it broke my heart to see him suffer. But his disease didn't take his life. He was burally murdered.

If you never meet Michael in person you missed out on something special. He always was smiling, he would give the shirt of off his back to help you. When he walked into a room he would light it up with his beautiful smile. He loved kids so much. But he wasn't able to have kids. He always said even if he did he wouldn't. Because he would be scared he or she would have A.S.

Michael's Mom     

Michael sent Me A Penny

Shared by Gail Miller on April 26, 2012

As I was sitting on the bench beside Michael's grave today. I looked down in front on me and there this penny layed. I knew it wasn't just a penny. So I picked it up. as I picked it up I heard Michael say " In a gentle voice " Mom I know you and dad, Jeff. Brandon and Landon are missing me today. So I tossed you this penny down from Heaven for you. It landed on my grave. So please mom put a smile on your face, I'm standing right beside you.
I couldn't help from crying. my tears isn't because Michael is gone to Heaven. It is because I love and miss my son so much. 

Sitting At Beside Michael's Gravesite

Shared by Gail Miller on April 26, 2012

Michael, God called you home to Heaven. I wished you didn't have to leave. But God had a place set aside for you. And now I am left behind to grieve.

Michael, we miss your gentle smile, laugh and never ending love. Son please watch over your precious family from up above. Your dad and I am sending you all our hugs and love to you in heaven up above.

Love Mom   

"Happy Heavenly Birthday Baby!"

Shared by Gail Miller on September 28, 2011

                       "Happy Heavenly Birthday In Heaven Baby!"

Michael my sweet angel in heaven, another birthday without you oh what is it a grieving mom should do...on her sweet precious's son's birthday when he is without you...I remember the day God gave you to me. A precious day I will never forget.

Then a horrible evening had to come, a day I wasn't prepared  for. You were taken away from me so soon. Without a warning in sight I lost my precious son on that night.

The Bond

Shared by Gail Miller on September 9, 2011

There is nothing more greater than the bond between a mother and her son. He grew up not just being my son, but my best friend. There was nothing he wouldn't tell me. We were so close to each other. When he hurt, I hurt. When I hurt he was hurt. he always said Mom if anything happen to you before me they will have to bury me with you. I want beable to live without you.

But on 2-16-06 he took his finally ride without me. I was 7 minutes to late getting to him. By the time I got to him his girlfriend had already shot and killed him. I never knew when I left home to go see him I would fine him died. And see her standing over him with so much anger and hate in her eyes. I feel as I  should have protected him as I have always.

But I know now he is in Jesus's arms and no one will ever beable to harm him ever again. But I miss his so much. Loving him comes easy, I do it everyday. It is the grief and pain that just want go away.

Michael Baby, I dropped a tear in the ocean today. And when someone fines it. That will be the day I will stop grieving over you...I Love You and will Miss You Forever and Always. 

Tell The Truth Before It's To Late

Shared by Gail Miller on August 15, 2011

It has been 5 1/2 years tomorrow. Please come out of your denial and stop lieing to yourself and to God also to the world. To the horrible thing you done to my son. How can you stand and look into the mirror or look at you little girl and boy knowing what you did to my wonderful son. A man who loved your kids as if they were his. And saw what you done....How can you look at yourself, knowing you are living a lie each and everyday. With a conscience that you don't have, hopeing that someday it will go away...Face the truth and be a woman don't lay the blame on your vitium...Be a corward like you are and alway have been for the last 5 1/2 years. Turn and walk away like you are free...Just remember this, one day God will seek justice for him, And I hope I will long enough to see you have to pay. For taking my precious's son's life away.

Mom~I Love You Michael~


Shared by Brandon Miller on August 1, 2011

Uncle Michael was a uncle that I will forever cherish. He was my only uncle. He was so dearly to me, he is like a flame that will always shine for me. He is shining a light from Heaven just for me.

I was only 12 when my Uncle Michael was taken away...It is really hard for me to know my Uncle Michael was taken away in a horrible way. Because he didn't deserve to die  that  way. But I know he is in Heaven now a place where his killer will never get to see. He is with our Heavenly Father and no one will harm him ever again. And one day I will see him again.

My Son Did Exist

Shared by Gail Miller on June 10, 2011

I've lost my son, I hear myself saying. But the person I am telling this to turns and slowly walks away...I then stop and realize they don't care or don't understand...I don't just tell them this for sympathy or to get a helping hand. I just want them to know, I've lost something so dear. I simply want them to know that my son was here. 

My son left something behind which no one can see. My son made a person in my precious wonderful family. So when I speak of him and that upsets you. I 'm so sorry as can be. People will have to forgive me, I can not resist. I just only want people just to remember that Michael did exist.

He was murder by his girlfriend just 5 years 3 short years ago...That is just how long it has been since I've last saw or heard my son voice. My heart is broken into a million pieces. And it will never mend back together until I see my son again.

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