Posted by John Murphy on August 24, 2022
Happy 50th sweet man! You are never far from my thoughts and heart♥️! Love you and miss you always! Cheers to you in the stars shining bright as always
Posted by Michelle Vittorie on April 26, 2022
Michael's smile, warmth and positivity were a few of his strengths. He was a "teddy bear" of a man whose demeanor was infectious and it was wonderful to be in his presence.

You will be forever missed, Michael!
Posted by John Murphy on April 26, 2022
You may have left this earth but you will never leave my heart or mind sweet, gentle giant. I’ll love and miss you forever❤️
Posted by Karen Bernert on August 24, 2021
Thinking of you today, as I do often … I can still hear your laughter, see your smile and feel your contagious fun filled energy !!! You are missed by so many … you will always hold a special place in my heart ❤️
Posted by Michelle Vittorie on August 24, 2021
Just thinking of Mike today on his birthday, as I do often....
Posted by John Murphy on August 24, 2021
Happy Birthday sweet man! You live on in out memories and in our hearts, most especially mine. Love you and miss you forever.
Posted by Suzanne Hord on August 24, 2021
Happy Birthday Michel
I think of you often & miss our good times together.
Posted by Suzanne Hord on April 27, 2021
Two years later, and I still think of you and the good times we shared.
The years I was fortunate to be your Jewelry Rep & work at California Style.
Your sweet smile was a warm greeting I’ll always remember.
I’m thankful for all you taught me, working for you.
You are missed my friend, & in my heart.
RIP ❤️

Posted by Karen Bernert on April 26, 2021
Think of you often and all the fun times we had ... Miss your smile and your laughter and the joy you brought to so many !!!! -You will always hold a place in my heart ❤️
Posted by John Murphy on April 26, 2021
Truly crazy this is 2 years since you started your eternal journey of peace and happiness. I miss you crazy and love you eternally. Thank you for being the bright light in my life and know you are always in my heart.
I love you Mike.
Posted by Sharon Trimbo on August 24, 2020
Happy Birthday Michael! I miss you buddy, you could always make me laugh. I'll be sure and "drink my juice" and to not forget the "torillas" in your honor today. Love you ❤
Posted by John Murphy on August 24, 2020
Happy Birthday sweet man! You are never far from my thoughts and I rest knowing you are no longer suffering. Your courage and spirit have been an incredible comfort for the deep loss I will always feel. Love you!
Posted by Mary Suzukawa on May 7, 2020
Just one moment of gossip, one silly discussion and one big hug could give this gal and this world some rejuvenation.  I truly miss you and so many others do.  Forever loved!!!!. Forever remembered!  My sweet old lady magnet!!!!!
Posted by John Murphy on April 26, 2020
A year later after your tragic loss, the world seems even more topsy turvy. Yet, I know you are safe and healthy and playing with the pups.  I think of you every day and the memories fill my heart sweet man. Thank you for the years of joy together and the eternal memories. Love you ❤️
Posted by John Murphy on August 24, 2019
Happy Birthday Babe! You are in my thoughts, my heart and soul. I know you are with me every day and I feel it but I miss you. I will love you forever my sweet man. Love, John
Posted by John Murphy on May 27, 2019
You left me too soon Mikey... one month ago you transcended to a more peaceful place, pain free where you can swim in the ocean, play in the parks with all the puppies and breath full and deeply. The hole in my heart is huge, I miss you every second of the day and night. I miss your huge hugs, your even bigger smile and your playful ways...I am so grateful for you it hurts. I selfishly want you back by my side full of your trademark adventurous spirit. I love you sweet bear and will never stop. ❤️
Posted by Sharon Trimbo on May 18, 2019
I have been at a loss for words to adequately say how much Mike meant to Quin and I. Mike's hearty laughter and his zest for life was contagious and watching him enjoy his friends and family, with that big heart of his, taught me how to enjoy every moment that we have in this life.
Things that remind me of Mike:
•He was ALWAYS ready to refill my cup of cheer and him telling me to, "Drink your juice Shelby"
•Remembering the "Corn tortilla situation"
•He made a damn good Cosmo
•That time playing "Cards Against Humanity"
•Being a good papa to Bo and Mac
•His good intentions to actually workout (but he never cancelled on me)
•His sarcasm, but in a good way
There are so many more but what I remember the most was his big open heart. We love you Mike and always will.
Sharon and Quin Trimbo
Posted by Judy Ziccardi on May 17, 2019
I am so thankful that I had you in my life. We always had the best conversations, and you were always there to support all the people you cared about and loved . You had unbelievable talent and boundless ideas. I am really still at a loss and I miss you so very much.
Judy Ziccardi
Posted by Karen Bernert on May 17, 2019
So saddened by the loss of Michael, a gentle giant who was loved, adored and admired for many, many reasons. He brought so much joy and laughter to all the lives he touched. His warmth, his kindness, his humor, his talent, his smile, his passion, his energy and the sparkle in his eyes will be missed.
A gift to all that knew him !
Always in our hearts,
Karen & Rick Bernert
Posted by Andrew Maldonado on May 16, 2019
Your laughter and smile filled the room. We will miss you dearly. Thank you for the many years of friendship and applying your amazing design talent to our homes. We will be here to help take care of John.
Posted by Michelle Vittorie on May 10, 2019
I had the pleasure of working with Michael for around 3 years. He was ALWAYS very pleasant, positive, cheerful, affable and it was a delight to be in his presence. I found him to be a bright, giving and caring man. 
May he rest in peace and may all of his friends and family members find solace and peace by remembering all their good times with this very gentle giant of a man. He will be missed by all that knew him, including myself.
Sending caring thoughts,
Michelle Vittorie
Posted by John Donnelly on May 9, 2019
I had the opportunity to do business with Michael for a few years . I remember him for his positive attitude, optimistic business sense, and his confidence, and his smile. He had a nice way of lightening the mood and making me feel comfortable , and it was easy to see he had a big heart.
Unfortunately for me, I had not seen Michael in a few years, Im so sad and sorry to hear of his passing.
I will remember him
John Donnelly
Posted by Suzie Berger on May 8, 2019
I have known Michael for a number of years now--I've lost count and how is it I Never realized we shared the same Birthday! August 24th---now I will never forget!--
I will miss you and know that you made an impression on me and my view of business--so glad to have had you in my life---and yes gone way to soon!
Love ya' and hugs to all the family--be strong and remember together all the love shared together!
Hugs---Suzie Berger
Posted by Donna Morris on May 8, 2019
John - while I never had the chance to meet Mike - it was a gift to learn about your adventures and incredible partnership.  There are no words to express the loss you have experienced.
My heartfelt condolences to you and Mike's extended family xo
Posted by Roy Ravenstahl on May 7, 2019
Taken from us way too soon, you were a shining star for the 46+ years you were amongst us. I miss our texts and will miss even more, the Thursday night dinners we shared in Palm Springs. Who will I have to race to get the last piece of bacon at our favorite bed and breakfast in Provincetown? I'm so honored to have made so many memories with you in Europe, Puerto Vallarta, Alaska, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston and Provincetown. Those memories I'll take with me until the day we meet again my dear friend. ❤️❤️
Posted by Mary Suzukawa on May 7, 2019
Our dear sweet Mike - i miss you everyday.  I miss your energy. I miss your laughter.  I miss your creativity. I miss your kindness. I miss your passion!   I miss your ability to get all of us moving.  I miss your cocktails, (even the ones I didn’t really like).  I also miss your silly bull dog posts.  I do have comfort in knowing that you were able to pile in every single day, two days of living. You are an amazing example of how to love, produce and share.  ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Cynthia Voss on May 6, 2019
Knowing Mike was a gift to our lives! I'll never forget when John first told me about him and their magical trip to Big Sur. I was so happy to see John truly happy again! I think in love already! We loved him when we met him too!
Larry and I have enjoyed completely our times with John and Mike...great great friends! Mike helping Larry rescue Mack when Mack tried to rescue Larry in the Patel house pool. Only Mike could call out Larry appropriately trying to influence his cards while playing Cards Against Humanity...OMG we laughed so hard! I don't think there was ever a time that we didn't have belly laughs with Mike! We are sad that we won't be seeing Mike for a while if heaven exists. I know that if it does exist he is lighting up the place with abundant joy!
Love you Mike!
Cynthia and Larry
Posted by Marilena Bocanfuso on May 6, 2019
Sallie and I are forever grateful to have had the pleasure of Mike designing our home. Being what some call a control freak, I was very reluctant to give Mike permission to select the furnishings for our home without our consult. But after walking through the house with Sallie and I, Mike transformed the rooms to our delight. I was amazed how he put it together like pieces of a puzzle: the furnishings just fit and it fit us. One of our prize possessions is a floral arrangement he made and gifted us. Mike, you’ll always be with us, and forever missed. We love you!

Michael had such an enormous laugh that was so endearing - you couldn’t help be drawn to it and him.
Posted by Suzanne Hord on May 5, 2019
Dearest family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you for the loss of Michael. 
He was a great friend and boss for the few years I worked part time at California Style., and as his jewelry rep.
Michael & I had a lot of fun, laughs, & good times together.
He will be truly missed, and always in my heart.
Suzanne Hord and Tom Schick

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