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The Little Red Robin

July 13, 2011

At Lewis Point on Oneida Lake there is a little red robin who keeps Mikes family company when they are down at the lake,  This little bird comes out of no where, just appears.  He will come close to Mikes family members especially his mom, dad and cousin Anita.  We have begun to call this little Robin Michael as he appeared shortly after Mikes birday on July 3 and continues to make his presence known in his quiet little way upon our visits. 

Mike truly loved going to the lake and spending time at the Shanty as it was called.  He loved living on the lake and this piece of land was his very speial place to go.  He would entertain friends, play his guitar, and just gaze out onto the water and watch the sun sets.

Maybe this is our beloved son who comes in a different form to check on those who miss and love hom..




August 12, 2010

At least we were able to enjoy ourselves one last time.

You will be forever missed "Ackerman " 

I Will Meet You There

July 26, 2010
We all go through life with the love of friends and family
Even though we know they will all leave us eventually
Never knowing where the future might lead you
No worries though, there is a future for them too
Because even if there not in front of you they will always be in your heart
Nobody or nothing could tear a love like that apart
With that being said my friend you will always be with me
And when my time has come I will meet you there you will see
I know you are looking down on me now and then
Up in a place we like to call heaven
Make sure there is room for me when I get there
Just so that I know that you still care
I don't know how long it will be before it is my time
So I'm letting you know with this little rhyme
That I will always be here no matter where you are
You wont even have to reach out to me because I will never be that far
Don't ever fear because my love will forever send
And I will be by your side when my life comes to an end.

Source: Poem: I Will Meet You There, Goodbye Poems

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