Let the memory of Mikhail be with us forever
  • 19 years old
  • Born on October 16, 1995 in Kingston 20, Patrick Gardens, Jamaica.
  • Passed away on November 29, 2014 in Kingston 6, Old Hope Road, Jamaica.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mikhail Campbell 19 years old , born on October 16, 1995 and passed away on November 29, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kristi Charles on 29th November 2018
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you my friend. I remember every inch of detail from the last day/night I saw you. From the daytime when you were being your playful self trying to show that you were taller than me lol , to the nighttime when Romario and I got the call from the library where we literally just spoke to you and we came to see probably one of the worst things we could possibly see. I remember watching you lay on the bench outside the library with your arm over your face as if you could feel that something was going to happen. I remember you offering yourself some of the food I was eating... But I remember the scores of jamaicans crowding around the scene ,most ,if not all of them not even knowing who you guys were. I remember walking, refusing to assume the worst, towards the crowd and asking someone what happened and if you guys were okay while trying to see for myself. I remember how the callous response of one of them made my heart drop. I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't for a while actually. Instead of thinking of that night or bad memories, its probably best to hold on to good memories of you Mikhail. And there are tons ! You were an angel sent from God and it was an awesome privilege to have you in my life for so many years. I miss you immensely. And as I approach the end of medical school, that we entered together, I'll hold you close to my heart and do my best . I will keep Anty Alice and the rest of your family in my prayers. Love you bro!
Posted by Jaevanie Ferguson on 29th November 2017
A very tragic day. Still remember the depth of sadness I felt and how inconsolable I was. Wishing the day could start over "properly". Unparalleled disbelief. Rest easy my friend. Knowing that you knew I loved you as a true friend, takes away a little of the pain.
Posted by Kristi Charles on 16th October 2017
" A tiny flower lent not given,to bud on earth and bloom in Heaven" Happy 22nd Birthday Mikhail <3 <3
Posted by Jaevanie Ferguson on 28th September 2017
Hey you, Saw something yesterday dated the same day you passed and it made you weigh heavy on my mind. Not that it doesn't from time to time on a regular basis- I mean, who can forget 7 years of friendship- but this time it sunk so deep into my core, it invoked a crying so painful it felt like a wound freshly reopened. But one of the best things happened for me last night. I dreamt of you standing so close beside talking to me, the look of you was so refreshing. Your skin, nappy hair, your height that was a little more than mine, your bandy legs, your smile and your laugh! We were laughing about something like old times but then it came to my mind, "Aren't you dead? This is just a dream.". So I asked you to go do something so you would walk away from me because I said to myself that chances are you wouldnt come back and I'll know this all was an illusion. But guess what? You came back! And you stood up beside me again smiling. And I said "I thought you were gone. I thought you were dead". Then you're like "Nah, that's not true, I'm right here." And for that moment I relished in such hope and said "See! I knew it wasn't true! It was just a prank." And we laughed. Then I woke up from my dream and my heart sunk that I had to enter another reality. The harsh one. But then in my mind I received a revelation- words so clear in my head the voice said "Mikhail CAN always live forever because he lives in your heart." And I burst out in tears of sadness but more of joy. So I'll carry you with me Miki til we see each other again. Rest easy. Love, Your sister from another mister.
Posted by Alice Campbell on 20th December 2016
I miss you so much son, it's so difficult to go on. Right now am crying so much, I can hardly say much. I just want you back. My heart is aching...no one will ever understand.
Posted by Xanz Xee on 29th November 2016
RIP Miki, sleep well and we will see you soon
Posted by Kristi Charles on 16th October 2016
Mikhail! Happy 21st Birthday <3 <3 Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. We all love you and miss you....miss you so,so so much. Oh ,How I wish you were here today for me to tell you in person. It still hurts the way you left and how soon you left but I trust God and I know it happened for a reason and that you are in Heaven right now basking in His presence, in paradise celebrating 21!. I am so grateful that you were a part of my life and look forward to seeing you again. I will forever cherish all our memories. Happy Birthday <3
Posted by Jaevanie Ferguson on 16th October 2016
Happy birthday bro! Man I wish you were here so we could celebrate the big 2-1! Anyways u live in my memories and in my heart and I will forever miss u and love u my bestie.
Posted by Jaevanie Ferguson on 24th May 2016
Miki!!! Thank you for visiting me last night in my dreams! It was the best dream I have had in a long time. I saw you and we were hugging each other for so longgg it made some of our friends uncomfortable, lol! Then I told someone (still hugging you) that you were my best friend for life, and then you were like "Yea, no matter what, this friendship nah go noweh! Fi life!" I felt so reassured and happy when you said that because in the back of my mind I knew you were dead but if that's how your soul feels about me I'm so glad. Then it was back to high school old times- the due date of a bio assignment was here. We and some other people weren't done and we were hurrying to finish it up together, dwl. I love u bro! I hope to see u again soon :)
Posted by Jaevanie Ferguson on 17th May 2016
My brother from another mother!!! I dont know about anyone else but I can only vision you as the chirpy, alive Miki I know, thinking of you dead feels unreal most times. I love you Miki and I hope I dream of you again, Im longing to chat to you.
Posted by Britani Stephenson on 16th May 2016
MiKihail I miss you every day. I just can't believe you're really gone. I remember the first time we meet it was through Jenelle. I remember all the memories we had shared. I love you Miki, rest in peace.
Posted by Xanz Xee on 16th May 2016
Mikhaillllll just seeing this page takes me back to memories..such an extraordinary young man, driven, focused and disciplined in everything. Met you through Shalane and since then you were seen as the little brother to not only me but by extension her other girlfriends..miss you loads Miki but I guess the Lord needed you beside him..rest in peace
Posted by Roxanne Dobson on 15th May 2016
He would always make the weirdest sounds, like a cat trying to bark softly (like I said weird), but good weird.

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