Her Life

The Last Chapter

Mikki has left us, gone to where human spirits go after life as a human is done.  She was friend, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, a gentle person with a sweet disposition. She had a ready smile, was open to reinventing herself as the decades passed,  loved a good beer and a stroll on the beach.  

Her old body wore out and she is now departed from that shell.  Her spirit, hopefully, journeys on. Perhaps it lingers in the vicinity, perhaps it is flying amidst the heavens. Hopefully she knows, somehow our thoughts and continues on.  If you knew/know her, leave a note. Share your love. 

She was born in Pennsylvania, moved to California in the 60s, and lived in the Tulare and Kern County areas since the 90s. She left behind family and friends, people who will miss her.