This tribute was added by Adrienne Bins on October 10, 2020
Ten Years! It's hard to believe so much time has passed since I lost my husband and you lost your beloved family and friend Milton Bins. During the last few months, in particular, I have wondered and shared thoughts with friends and family about how Milton would feel about all that's happening these days. What would he think? What would he say? We could guess what he might think, but he had a way of going beyond everyday thoughts.  He definitely would have had a lot to say! He was a profound and innovative thinker.

Ten Years! Milton, you are still loved and missed!
This tribute was added by Gregory Bins on October 10, 2020

Ten Years ago today, my Father lost a 10 year battle with cancer. Many noted how interesting that a mathematician passed on 10/10/10. Born 12/11/34 in Hazlehurst, MS, you moved to Chicago, became a High School Math Teacher and married my Mother. But as happens in life, the marriage did not last; and you moved east: Philadelphia, NYC, and finally D.C. Grateful that you committed to staying actively involved in my life as I was a young child at the time of the divorce. So I travelled often to see you, opening my eyes to the world. You shared all of your life with me, including the many people whose lives were enriched by your passion for social and political change. A great lover of reading, always pursuing learning as life long pursuit. One special memory for me was, before retiring to Florida, you treated my family to a private tour of the White House. And speaking of family, you loved your grandchildren and supported me through a very difficult period after my Mother passed in 1992. So much more could I say, but I will just close now, giving thanks to God for the Man you were, inspiring me to become the Man I am. Rest In Paradise Dad.
This tribute was added by Terry Tabor on December 11, 2014
Milton was one of a kind type person. He will be forever missed. He was my boss, my friend, my advisor, my Godfather. Loved him much and missing him more.
This tribute was added by Adrienne Bins on December 11, 2014
This tribute was added by Linda Davis on December 11, 2014
I can still hear the excitement in his voice and my mother's too whenever they saw each other and that hearty laugh of his. Rest on Angel...Missed terribly
This tribute was added by Crystal Kuykendall on October 11, 2014
Gone but never forgotten! What an AWESOME Godfather! Miss you more than ever! RIP
This tribute was added by Terry Tabor on October 10, 2014
I miss Milton's Santa Clause laugh, his honesty and opinions on love, peace and happiness. Such a very wise man. To me he was my father by heart. I truly miss a dear friend.
This tribute was added by Adrienne Bins on October 10, 2014
Four years have not reduced the impact of 10/10/10. My view of life has been forever broadened because of the twenty-seven years of marriage to Milton. His achievements and the risks he took were remarkable. I have gained in appreciation for living life to its fullest.
He will forever be missed by those of us who had the opportunity to fully know him.
This tribute was added by Adrienne Bins on December 11, 2013
My dear Milton, I have such wonderful memories of your birthdays. My favourite includes celebrating with your Goddaughter Crystal and the wonderful parties we shared!
This tribute was added by Linda Davis on December 11, 2013
May your soul rest in paradise.Just thinking you are among all of the rest of the family that has gone before and after you celebrating. I really miss that big laugh.
This tribute was added by Gail Hansberry on October 29, 2013
Milton joined our family when he married our cousin Carolyn Fitchett. My sister Kay and I enjoyed a warm relationshp with them, including lively discussions about politics and education. After Carolyn died in 1981, Milton remained our cousin. I particularly appreciated his moral support when I was executive director of ASALH. Kay and I always remember Milton's reflections and friendship.
This tribute was added by Adrienne Bins on October 10, 2013
One of the things I learned from the years spent with Milton is that is no path in a real relationship is free of conflict. How two people work through these inevitable challenges will reveal the caring and strength that lay behind their commitment. This is true in love and friendship. Rest In Peace.
This tribute was added by Terry Tabor on December 12, 2012
I am blessed to have Known Milton as my boss as well as a friend. My father passed away when I was only 19 years old. So I considered Milton as my father by HEART. I will miss his wisdom and Santa Clause laughter. He will NEVER be forgotten. Thank you Milton, I love and miss you!
This tribute was added by Adrienne Bins on December 11, 2012
Happy 78th Birthday Milton! I added the photos taken at the Memorial Dinner in December 2010 at a Washington D.C. steakhouse. Milton requested that in lieu of a formal memorial service and funeral that Gregory and I get together with a few of his closest and dearest friends and have a great dinner to celebrate his wonderful life and that is what we did!
This tribute was added by Marty Bond on December 11, 2012
Your wisdom lives on Milty! Smiles on your birthday! We will remember you ALL WAYS AND FOREVER!

Larry says, "may the politics of love always be with Uncle Milton!"
This tribute was added by Adrienne Bins on October 10, 2012
As the time passes since we were last together, I realize more and more how much my husband's friendship and love has meant to my life. I miss his wonderful smile, his laughter, the good times and even the bad times. I remember you today and always.
This tribute was added by Katrina Reed on October 10, 2012
It's hard to believe that it has been two years. I will always remember the fun times we all shared, the long talks some serious and some just plain fun. Will remember the Bar-b-cue runs which became a tradition for our gang of friends. You will always be remembered and a special friend.
This tribute was added by Marty Bond on September 16, 2012
My dearest forever friend Milty, your spirit truly lives on! What a blessing to have known you! There aren't enough words to explain how much you meant to me and how much I miss you. At such a time as saw beyond the skies....I am reminded of your strength. And I carry on! Thank you Adrienne for a memory-tribute. With love, Marty
This tribute was added by Crystal Kuykendall on October 11, 2011
I miss my beloved Godfather so much. For nearly 50 years he was friend/Godfather/Advisor/mentor/confidant.His passing has created a vast emptiness but the memories of happy days & laughs will never die! How fitting to listen to My Way, my late husband's theme song as I write!RIP!
This tribute was added by Carlene Bawden on October 10, 2011
My Dear Friend...

Rarely does a day pass that I do not think of you, then I see your great smile, and easy laughter, and sense of humor..... and you feel so close. Love, Carlene
This tribute was added by Adrienne Bins on October 10, 2011
My dear, dear husband, Milton, you are truly loved and missed.
This tribute was added by Marty Bond on October 10, 2011
Dearest Milton, You will long be remembered by me and my family. You taught us so much about so many things by being so true to being Milton. Your spirit lives on forever; we smile, and our hearts have been touched by you. Love you, Milty! Marty and the Bond family.
This tribute was added by Al Mazza on March 8, 2011
I remember the many times when Milton demonstrated his love for young people and the ways that he expressed that love in so many places in the USA and Israel.
He will be sorely missed by all.
This tribute was added by Sheila Joynes(bins) on December 24, 2010
My Dear Cousin Milton.....

It sadden my heart to have heard about Milton's homegoing weeks later. Having only just reunited with him through a by chance discovery of someone who knew him who just happen to put me in touch with Milton through Andrienne. It was a pleasure to have been able to reconnect to Milton after so many years. Thanks Andrienne for the reconnection and God Bless
This tribute was added by Del & Marilyn Marbrook on December 13, 2010
Milton was a dear man, a unique spirit, and we will miss him terribly. God bless you and all the smiles you left in this life.
Del and Marilyn Marbrook
This tribute was added by Mildred Hubbard on November 3, 2010
Although, I did not have much communication and contact with cousin Milton growing up. our grandmother had a graduation picture of him. I felt very close to him. The many times, I saw Milton, he always had a big smile and friendly conversations. He was a busy person and it was hard to keep in touch with him. He wii always be loved and remembered. Cousin: Mildred B. Hubbard----New Orleans, LA
This tribute was added by Arthur Jefferson on November 2, 2010
I was blessed to have Milton as a friend and confidant for over 35 years. I am a Democrat and Milton was a Republican but we shared many common enduring values:the importance of the viability of public education; equal opportunity for all students, and fairness and equal justice for all people.
Arthur Jefferson, Supt. Emeritus, Detroit Public Schools
This tribute was added by Sarah Davidsson on October 29, 2010
Milton's spirit will forever live in my heart. I am honored to have served as the Public Relations Coordinator for the Council of 100 under Milton. He taught me so much and he gave me numerous opportunities to use my skills. One day I will write about the Council and Milton's leadership will front and center of my book. Thank God for the gift of MB. Silver Spring, MD
This tribute was added by Brenda Alford on October 22, 2010
I got to know Milton when I became an officer of the Council of 100, and learned a great deal about Republican politics from him.  He was a real political warrior or a stalwart as they say. His legacy will never be forgotten. Just think of all he did without the technology of today . . . e-mail, iPhones and online capability to reach hundreds and thousands. Brenda Alford, Silver Spr MD
This tribute was added by Ken Silber on October 20, 2010
I knew Milton when we were interns in the Ford Foundation IEL program in Washington, DC, 1969-70. He was a great colleague and leader even then, and a friend. He led the group on a trip to Chicago and got us into the Chicago Conspiracy Trial, and we met Jesse Jackson at Operation Breadbasket. We had many wonderful adventures together in the IEL program. I will miss him greatly. He was a great man.
This tribute was added by Joan Harlan on October 19, 2010
Although I have only known Milton for a brief time, I am truly impressed with his legacy. He was a great man and I am proud to have made his acquaintance.
Joan Harlan
This tribute was added by Linda Davis on October 18, 2010
This is just what cuz Milton would've ordered, I love this tribute.I truly will and already miss the phone conversations my Mom, he and I had but I will never forget them, along with that big hearty laugh of his. I love me some Milton Bins.

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