Mirabel Eyere Agbor
  • 29 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 27, 1986
  • Date of passing: Jan 14, 2016
Let the memory of Mirabel be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved daughter and sister, Mirabel Agbor, born on June 27, 1986 and passed away on January 14, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Please leave a tribute below and contribute pictures and stories to Eyere's memorial page. This website is intended to be where we share our memories of her. This page will be available forever. Her memories will live with us forever. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Larry Bauerband on 15th January 2018

"Faith, hope, love - abide these three. But the greatest of these is love. Two years gone and not a day without wishing you were still here. You  are loved and missed till the end of days. I wish you could help us to know what it is like for you to spend every day in the joyful and loving presence of God. It must be good. Peace to you sweetheart and send peace from heaven to me as well. You were always the giver of good gifts. Love you."

This tribute was added by Larry Bauerband on 29th June 2017

"Elove, I miss u more than anything in life. You were the best and made life truly wonderful.  Missing your love, smile, voice,  positive attitude, laugh, belief in God, beauty, good cooking, singing, enjoyment of nice clothes and travel, bearing of responsibility and care for your family. No matter how many birthdays go by or years till we meet in heaven, you will be loved, remembered and respected by me. If only the events of life could have been different and we could have made your dreams come true - all of them!"

This tribute was added by Kimah Jefferso on 27th June 2017

"ma am happy today but sad cuz u r not here to share my joy wit me as usual love u sis miss u .all alone but i will b ok .love u ma .frm manor agbor"

This tribute was added by Kimah Jefferso on 27th June 2017

"my ma ohhhh,if   isay i dont   u miss then am lying ,alot has happened without u but again we give God the glory,yr family is still trying to live to live without u ,i manor am doing my best to put a smile on their faces happy birthday my twin seperated by age.kisses to my beloved brother ayuk .yrs babysis manor agbor"

This tribute was added by Martha Atabongakeng on 27th June 2017

"Ma, Eyere, you live on. 2nd birthday with out you. It's so hard, but God is seeing us through.  Ma, there are no better words to tell you how we all miss you, your baby Nchong cries without ceasing.  Continue to rest in peace sweetheart,  till we meet to part  no more. Happy birthday in heaven. Much love from aunt Ma"

This tribute was added by Martha Atabongakeng on 14th January 2017

"Ma eyere it's exactly 1 year today that your departed from us. It's been a tough one year. No day have  passed without me thinking of you. Our love for each other,  our little gossips,  our plans and goals.
Every day I imagine how delightful I would have been with you in the USA. I have sent a wreath for you to be put on  your grave.  Continue to RIP ma. Eyere.  You are greatly missed,  and no one to replace you. But we are comforted because no one has a bad thing to say about you. Love you till Thine kingdom come."

This tribute was added by Martha Atabongakeng on 17th November 2016

"Ma I kind of thought about you. I smiled for the memories. And cried for the vacuum.  I miss you so much. Life will never be complete without you. I was sick ma, but iam find now. Be rest assured all will be well. Love you my sister. Continue to RIP.  Love aunty ma"

This tribute was added by Martha Atabongakeng on 27th June 2016

"Ma Eyere,  I come to giggle with you on our special day like we always do. I know you are smiling down on us, a golden heart, a treasure . I miss you alot ma. Continue to RIP.  Happy birthday and I thank God Almighty for the 30+ years HE shared HIS angel with me. I believe you will care to know that ma. Eneke graduated and will be going to Saker Baptist Limbe. Still proud over all what you did at your age. Love you dearly  ma."

This tribute was added by Larry Bauerband on 27th June 2016

"Eyere, This is a day to celebrate your life. I know you don't count these days in eternity like we do here. For us it is a milestone, a marker, to recognize we are moving forward with blessing from on high and shared among loved ones and friends. We remember your day of birth, we remember the years of your life with profound joy and celebration! You were always there for us, being so good to us. And each of us in our own depth of experience and feeling loved you more than life. Even now we love you more than death! You are Eyere Mirabel - one we treasure and adore. I don't get the happiness of your smiles anymore. You could light up a room with those smiles - you could light up someone's day - you cold light up someone's life. You did mine always.I know that what is good and true about a person here in this life will remain good and true about their life with God beyond. Now your smiles are lighting up the heavens! All those lucky souls! Well, I have a simple gift for you this birthday - a smile for you along with these words of love.  Forever missed, but more importantly, forever loved!"

This tribute was added by Martha Atabongakeng on 26th May 2016

"Ma I come this morning with a heavy heart to tell you howmuch  I miss you.  Today is ma enerstine's birthday. She would've been 40 today. They say life begins at 40. Ma tell her I miss her. Just like I miss you too. Continue to RIP ma. Don't forget us. My angel. Love u."

This tribute was added by Takor Des on 22nd April 2016

"Untimely death, such as that of Eyere is a reminder of the fragility of this drama we call Life. I got to know Eyere during one of my long-term stays at Holiday Inn Hotel while visiting Cameroon. Being a Bayang descendant like me, having the same name like my older sister, and given her people-oriented personality, I adopted Eyere as my younger sister and friend.
I randomly stumbled upon the news of her passing while browsing FB, and words alone can`t describe the gloominess inside as I am left with questions. I would just like to take this opportunity and express my sincere condolence to her family. Your loss, grief, and void left by the departed are shared by me in particular and I am sure by those who knew her well. Only nature alone knows why it tends to precipitously silence our most cherished."

This tribute was added by Martha Atabongakeng on 21st March 2016

"Ma. We thank God for a successful burial. You were a rock star. Continue to RIP.  Will forever miss you."

This tribute was added by liz marshal on 8th March 2016

"We were never that close while in school but my heart was filled with nothing short of admiration for you and I always saw you as a secret role model "senior Mirabel" it hurts so badly that I have to tell you this when you are gone. I can't stop going to your Facebook page every now and then to remind myself of that smile that gave me so much strength in my secondary school days and every other time I saw u. RIP my role model and I will celebrate your life till my dying day where I will meet with u and tell u how much u mean to me... till we meet again.  Much love"

This tribute was added by Sylvanus Ebot Agbor on 4th March 2016

"Tribute to a Beloved Sister

My loving, beautiful and caring sister Ma Eyere… my one and only Sister Eyere…do you remember how I fondly called you? Can you still hear me?

It is seven weeks today since you died; two weeks since you were laid to rest in Bachuo-Akagbe and I am still battling to come to terms that you are really gone?
Ma, you began embracing challenging responsibilities at a tender age and moved on fast to achieving significant results, winning admiration from many including family members, friends and well-wishers. You will always be remembered for your hard work and for your contributions to the wellbeing of mankind.
You have left many in total limbo... where have you left the woman you married for me on December 17th and 18th? You longed for this day and yet you could not exercise patience to even get feedback from our honeymoon? Memories of your omnipresence and spearheading active organisation of this event shall forever linger on my mind… You departed too soon my sweetheart…It has taken me extra courage to pour out my feeling…my heart bleeds as I write…it’s indeed hard to come to terms with your sudden demise my darling…you have created a vacuum in our hearts and that vacuum shall hardly be filled. You know how much we loved you… why did this have to happen?
Yes we know we love you but on second thoughts as believers we also know that the Almighty who created all of us loves you more. He has a timetable for all of His children but we are always tempted to ask questions whereas in reality we are in no position to do so, especially questioning His timing. In this light we pray O Lord that You remember how weak we are; remember our helplessness; remember our human frailty and come to our assistance.
Lord we pray at this juncture that that if she did not fulfill any of Your missions entrusted her while on earth; You should forgive her and grant her eternal rest in Your Heavenly Kingdom where we hope to meet to part no more; where sadness and sorrow would be something of the past; and where joy and happiness shall triumph forever in Jesus’ name-Amen!!!
Sister Eyere how wonderful is it to note that your burial coincides with the period of Lent when we reflect on the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we observe the various Stations of the Cross during this period, memories of that faithful Thursday the 14th of January keep surfacing as I remember when I handed over your body that was still oozing fresh blood to mortuary officials… Like water poured out, your blood poured out and your strength was gone. You fell as if to the dust of death… It was a tough thing to do but did I have a choice? However, one thing I know for sure is that you died answering our Heavenly Father's call and trusting in His care. In this light we pray again that our good Lord will commend you in His Father's hands!
You were buried like a seed falling into the ground, waiting to rise again. Here we ask our Lord to help you rise again after dying with Him. May He also help all those who have fallen asleep to rise again.
At this juncture we want to assure you that we are praying for you and will keep doing so my beloved Sister Eyere. Don’t forget to extend our love to all our other sisters; the likes of Ernestine, Mercy, Regina etc. brothers; the likes of Isaac, Victor, Alex, etc. grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, friends etc. who departed this world before you. It is a path that we shall all have to go through but the unknown remains ‘When, Where and How’
We miss you dearly Ma Eyere; we miss everything you; and we love you so much! Rest in Perfect Peace!!!
Your one and only Uncle Ebot as you fondly called me"

This tribute was added by Julie Bauerband on 21st February 2016

"Eyere, I never had the opportunity to meet you, but I'm grateful that I had the chance to hear your sweet voice on the phone.  It was like talking to an old friend. I can tell that you are dearly missed by everyone who knew you.  I look forward to the day when I can embrace you in heaven, sweet sister."

This tribute was added by Gustav Tabi on 13th February 2016

Thursday, 18th February 2016
12:00pm - Removal of Corpse from Kumba Divisional Hospital
1:00pm – Funeral Service at PCC Kossala Congregation
3:00pm – Laying in state at family residence at former Matoh Park
6:00pm – beginning of vigil without corpse

Friday, 19th February 2016
2:00am – Departure to Bachuo-Akagbe
8:00am – Arrival at Bachuo–Akagbe and laying in state
12:00pm – Funeral service at PCC Bachuo.Akagbe
3:00pm – Burial at Family compound (family only)

Saturday, 20th February 2016
                 Beginning of Death Celebration rites"

This tribute was added by Okolie Brenda on 4th February 2016

"Big sis I'm still shocked you're no more . I remember us chatting via facebook on Monday after you wished mum a happy bday and you were so full of life. I never knew you would be gone in a flash jst like the wind. But one thing is certain your legacy will live on, all those wonderful memories you made with us your family, your friends and whoever you met is what's gonna console us cos we know your in better place praparing our rooms and patiently waiting for us till the day we get to meet again. God bless you say hi to Grandpa and aunty Enerstine . Love you"

This tribute was added by Andrew Besong on 4th February 2016

"SPECIAL,UNIQUE,BEAUTIFUL....... Legion are the adjectives in the dictionary to describe who you were, what you were and what you represented yet there is no adjective to describe the pain your death has brought.
Every one was part of your family it was either papa,mami,brother or sister irrespective of the age,relationship size you gave everyone respect which was in turn given to you. You leave a vaccum but we are all subject to Gods decision. Farewell and till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Beyong Emilia on 4th February 2016

"Aunty Eyere, my black beauty grand seour, hmmmm! Where do i start? You were one of the few I refer to as grand seour who really made me feel like a kid sis. Whenever we meet you will always be touching my hair & cheek saying "Mah how noh" & sometimes people around will say " na ure sister dat, chia na very beautiful girl" and I will be so proud. Chia aunty Eyere who will call me Mah similing with dimples agian? Well, God alone knows best & to Him alone be the glory for He gave you to us and He has taken you. The little times we shared will be forever cherished. RIP my black beauty grand seour!"

This tribute was added by James Nanjoh Meyah on 4th February 2016

"It is true that good things do not last long.
It is true again that life is short. But how short is life?
Mirabel has lived the short and fulfilled life.
Her way of life has impacted many.
Her good deeds in life helped transformed many.
Her wrong deeds helped in correcting many too.
She lived her life and her caming on earth was by the will of God.
So, her exit from earth is still by the will of God.
We need to thank God for us to live and stay with a wonderful person.
We thank God Almighty for ur live and we will forever remember u Mirabel. GO IN PEACE."

This tribute was added by Hench Man on 4th February 2016

"Ma Eyere, your sudden death brought a lot of shock and pains in my life, since then i haven't seized sharing tears when ever I think of you. Thks for the advices and words encouragement you supported me with. Your memory will for forever not be forgotten. Rest in peace Bestie."

This tribute was added by Peters Etchu on 3rd February 2016

"It sounded like fiction, then it dawned on to us it's real. Men you too na wah o. I be really think say we go see again someday. You just decide you otherwise.  RIP Eyre."

This tribute was added by Brendabell Njee on 3rd February 2016

"May her gentle soul rest in peace and may the Almighty God grant peace and comfort onto family members and friends as they mourn Eyere. You have only gone ahead to prepare a better place for your beloved ones as you wait to meet them someday to part no more. Life is a stage where we all come to play a role and exit when our role is finish. You did your part and now we have to finish our part before exiting to meet you in our Father's Heavenly Kingdom. Waka fine Mami."

This tribute was added by Martha Atabongakeng on 3rd February 2016

"Ma, Mi, Miraaaa, Mirabel Agbor, Eyeeee, Eyere ma, sistaaa, mamiiii, Ngore ndeck, blacky, dimples mama, Pauli, mbiaya, motor, it's been three weeks today, and I still can't find words to write a tribute for you. The mere thought of writing a tribute drive chills to my spine. But Ma eyereoooo I refuse to lose my faith in God. May be I will write a book one day, if I could find enough words and vocabulary.

Eyere ma, I will cherish the good memories, I will value and honor the love we have for each other, our parents, siblings, and all family members, whether by, blood, our jobs, schools, churches, and friendship.
I will appreciate the respect you showed to me as a big sister, and the confident you had in my advices. Above all, iam and will forever remain grateful to God almighty  for sharing one of HIS Angels, Mirabel Agbor with me.
Mimi, I thank you for the life you lived. Even in death you make me proud, put a smile on my face, and a song of praise in my lips. You lived a respectable, responsible, exemplary, life. Nobody have anything negative to say about you. God Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnipresent created you very beautiful in his own image, pure, fluffy, cool, white as snow. HE called you at the right time to keep you stainless, Ma my love I release you as a dove , though with tears and a heavy heart, but with thanksgiving to God. I learnt alot from you at your very young age.

I know where you are,  right at God's right hand, watching over us with your unfading smile and love. Continue to intercede for us. I will write to you again when I find my strength,  and dry my tears, just remember I love you, will always love you, and will forever hold you in my heart. Many hugs and kisses, kisses, kisses, like I always do.......
Tons of love, Aunty Mar"

This tribute was added by Stella Collins on 25th January 2016

"I can't wrap my mind around the fact that you are gone. Words can't express the shock that i had when I heard of your passing. The last couple of days since your passing has been full with emotions, anger, despair, sadness, heartbreak, gilt.....to name a few. You were taken from us too soon and your loss is an unbearable pain to the family. My sweet , angelic, little niece grew up to be an amazing, loving, spiritual and selfless woman. I can see from your pictures that your positive spirit radiated. You will be deeply missed and forever loved.
Your beloved aunt Stella"

This tribute was added by Larry Bauerband on 25th January 2016

"How do we know what love looks like? A scripture we all know says, For God so loved the world that He gave......... When you see and know a person who gives away their life for others, then you see and know what love is. On this side of the ocean and on that side I have rarely known a person who was as sacrificially giving as Eyere. I could list a 100 wonderful attributes about her, but the one that stands above all is this, For Eyere so loved all of us that she gave......  No one has to look hard into their friendship with her to find the evidence of her love. She rests in peace because she lived the good life as her God desired."

This tribute was added by Orock Emile on 23rd January 2016

"No one can comprehend why it happened but God knows why, with chilling touch, death gathers those we love so much.
Eyere,my ever jovial,peace loving,caring and posítive minded sister you may be gone but not forgotten.Your memory lives on in our hearts."

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