our life ❤ together

Shared by Stacie Sexton on May 16, 2021
We spent over 28 years together. known each other and were friends since teens. We made a great family with a son and a daughter and two beautiful  grandchildren  who we love with all our hearts.  He was our rock our glue and my other half that made me whole. We miss him dearly . We always laughed about getting old together and rocking in our chairs outside . He always wanted to go to Alaska and im saddened that he never made it there. We are simple people.  we didn't need a bunch of money or a bighouse to be happy.  We had everything we needed and were very happy to be simple.  Mitchell was a good man who would help anyone that needed it whether he knew you or you were a stranger broken down o the side of the road. We loved to go crabbing and have our close friends and family over to enjoy them. We were blessed to have had so many years together and im so grateful for that. I wish we could have had many more. I'm lost without him he made me whole. I know he is with me and watching over our family and can't wait to be with him  again. I know he will be waiting for me with his arms opened wide waiting to hug me and tell me he loves me. Waiting for that day it can't come soon enough.

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