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Of Tim and Lydia

October 22, 2012

This short rememberance will not impact your view of the world, nor has it any serious import.  I just felt I'd like to share a triviality that, perhaps, shows a slice of Monte's good nature and sense of humor.

At the 29th Annual AEA Convention (Toronto, 1986) I had been asked to make a presentation on the use of CAD systems in avionics.  (Wow, using an Apple IIe, can you believe that??).

Not used to public speaking then, I was very nervous the day before.  When I confessed my trepidation to Monte he was very supportive and encouraging. 

"Tim, don't worry, you'll do fine" he said. Naturally, always busy around AEA convention times, he obviously had to remember a lot of faces and names - tough duty in the best of circumstances.  So, I didn't bother to remind him that my name is Tom, not Tim.

But it got a little worse that evening.  I introduced my (then [further details omitted :-) :-)] ) wife Linda and, as usual, Monte was polite and cordial as ever.  But he insisted on calling her "Lydia".  Again, I chose not to correct him.

Well, after my next day's presentation (along with Jim Cook and Paul DeHerrera), while feeling a great rush of relief that it was over, I bumped into Monte again.  With newfound bravado, I accosted him:  "It's Tom and Linda, not Tim and Lydia."  From then on, throughout the convention and years after, Monte always talked about Tim and Lydia.  He'd successfully turned a very minor faux pas into an ongoing good natured, humor full, delight.  Such was the man as I remember him.  May he rest in peace, awaiting perhaps, another encounter with his friend "Tim".

Tom Storli

Monte Mitchell & Bubba Hyde

October 16, 2012

I had the priviledge of addressing Monte in front of the AEA banquet crowd in Nashville in 1996 not long after he had announced that he would soon retire.  I fabricated a story that his focus on retirement had caused him to start doing strange things. I told in jest how Monte had been arrested recently for peeing in the public swimming pool and when Paula asked the arresting officer why that was an arrestable offense when everyone at some time has done it - the officer simply replied,"Umm - Not from the high dive, Maam." That was actually a set up for the song that I then sang to Monte from the stage - a Diamond Rio song originally entitled, "Barney Jekyl & Bubba Hyde" that now conveniently became "Monte Mitchell & Bubba Hyde" and elaborated on this ficticious guy with a split personality.  Monte didn't mind being the focus of our humor that evening as it was his nature to be gracious and gentlemanly to all at all times.  He is an unforgettable icon of our industry and will long be remembered and appreciated by those who were priviledged to know, love and work with him.  Go rest high on that mountain, Monte.

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