To Sherry

Shared by Sherrie Del Rivero on February 3, 2012


wow what can i say? I remember when u were born. i saw u b4 ur mom did and i described u to her: " mucho mucho pelo, gordita, preciosa, y cara de su papa!" We cried and cried. Tu papa no estaba porque tu sabes que era c-section y tenia miedo como todos los hombres, pero cuando el llego y they let me go inside the nursery and pick u up and bring u out to him.....era un momento inolvidable. mi abrazo bien fuerte y le dije felicidades y impeso llorar pero sonreir tambien. He cried, i cried, u cried, it was algo que tengo recorded en mi corazon pa' siempre.
I remember when they told me they were going to name u "Sherry" ... well u can't imagine that feeling. so from the time u were born u were "Sherita."  We will always have that connection and I'm glad. I'm proud of u and lil Juan is beautiful. He would have had the same reaction when he saw him. Love u mucho!

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