Ntate Shale

Shared by Masego Seane on July 7, 2021
Where do I start? I guess by asking: “how do you know someone’s got an MBA”?…as I chuckle, this time by myself expecting your laughter to follow.

Anyone who knows you, will remember your sharp wit and sense of humour. I will definitely miss our laughter filled chats. 

A true gentleman, you were. Would not hurt a fly. I don’t remember us having a single altercation. If anything, we would have very constructive conversations and where we did not agree; we would agree to disagree and laugh about it in the end.

You were a true proponent of continuous  improvement and I have learned so much from you.

You always spoke fondly about your kids and family. You absolutely adored your wife. I will forever cherish the conversations we exchanged about family values and the importance of family.

To Tsholo and the kids, may you find comfort in knowing that Mosalla made an huge impact on many of us. We pray for your strength and healing during this difficult time!

Rest in eternal etepeace Ntate Shale.

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