Morgan Haku Graduation
Morgan Malkovich
Morgan was Grace...... She was Love.............. She was Light.

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of
 Morgan Nicole Malkovich.  

Morgan was a magnificent, kind, generous being who
touched everyone she ever met.
She loved life..... always yearning for more.
She was a wonderful role model
and a teacher to all, 
We Will Miss and Remember Her Always!

Born in her natural body March 4, 1993
Raised in her spiritual body May 20, 2015

A 'Memorial Fund' has been set up in her honor to assist the Malkovich family with her funeral/ memorial arrangements. 


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Kimberly Drake on 23rd June 2015

"Morgan was a student in our Core II course, “Constructions of (Dis)Ability,” this past Spring semester. This course examines different perspectives on issues related to disability, issues that are often difficult to discuss. Even on the first day of class, Morgan was generous and courageous, sharing personal stories about herself and her own experience in a way that facilitated an energetic and substantial discussion. The class was quickly able to form a community of trust largely because of Morgan’s honesty. Her well-developed critical thinking skills allowed her to question what we tend to take for granted and elevate the discussions, which helped the other students wrestle with serious and difficult topics.

Morgan was invariably positive and cheerful, and she always seemed happy to be in class, even when she encountered obstacles along the way (such as being trapped on the second floor of the Humanities building when the elevator broke!).

When she took a leave of absence, we all missed her, and the class was not the same without her. We were looking forward to working with her throughout her years at Scripps and were thinking about ways to include her the next time we taught the course. We were devastated to learn of her passing. Scripps has lost a smart, wonderful student who made giant contributions to our campus community in the short time she was here.

Kimberly Drake, Associate Prof of Writing, Scripps College
Jennifer Armstrong, Associate Prof of Biology, Scripps College"

This tribute was added by Rachel Gerry on 20th June 2015

"Love you forever and always my brave, wise, beautiful friend. Morgan brought so much light to the lives of those around her, through her uplifting energy and perspective, and her truly humble, kind, and selfless nature. I have so many fond memories laughing and laughing and laughing together, being silly in every way, and finding adventures in simple things – from handing out flowers to strangers, to creating extravagant meals for our families, to pulling off the Haleakala highway to get out of the car and look at the stars, to driving down less traveled roads to find places to take pictures – Morgan was always thinking of creative ways to explore together. In recent years, Morgan continually amazed and inspired me by her strength and positivity through all that she went through. I am so grateful to have had the honor to be her friend these last 12 years.

Morgan, I will miss you always, but am happy that you are now free of the physical constraints holding you back. I hope your spirit is dancing."

This tribute was added by Sandi Mero on 17th June 2015

"I feel so blessed to have met Morgan. Her smile brightened my day every time I saw her on campus at Scripps. My thoughts and prayers are with you."

This tribute was added by Iris Xiao on 6th June 2015

"Hi Morgan you were my best friend and very helpful camp counselor i appreciated all u did for me you were the sweetest and caring and generouss kind friend and someone who wAS there for me thank you so much you are forever missed and god bless you from me Iris Yawen Xiao i wAS IN camp in 2008."

This tribute was added by Chana Boone on 3rd June 2015

"Aloha to Morgan,

It is with deep reverence for Morgan and her family that I say goodbye to a person that has fought so hard to see and be the best she could be in this life. There are not many people that I can think of that have paid such a tribute to the happiness of being.

The Malkovich Family as a whole has given the island of Maui such an incredible example of what it means to love and care.

There are no words to say how much Morgan will be missed.

My prayer is:

May you all remain steadfast and hold onto one another tightly in this time of deep sadness.May the Malkovich Family be embraced with love to keep them whole. May Morgan's exemplary LIFE always live on thru her family.

Much love to you all...

This tribute was added by Carolyn Wright on 3rd June 2015

"I remember the first time I saw Morgan...she may have been in 1st or 2nd grade...and it was at a t-ball game at Eddie Tam. One of the only girls in the game, Morgan walked up to the tee and hit the ball and then made her way to first base, then second base, as the boys on the other team scrambled to get the ball. I remember being filled with joy and awe and love for this girl I had never even seen before. Her courage and spirit shone so brightly in that game. It would be almost a decade until I saw her again...this time on stage...her spirit shining just as brightly as the first time i saw it. May your spirit continue to shine, Morgan. We are all better for having known you."

This tribute was added by Sally Sefton on 2nd June 2015

"Morgan came to us in the  ninth grade, entering school for the first time.  Until then she was home schooled and tended to keep company with her family.   Being a family friend I know how apprehensive she was when she toyed with the idea of entering Seabury.  She knew she was hungry for more instruction, but she feared what might happen to her confidence in the face of so many strong secure  people who were not limited physically. There were questions at the time about how much  sitting she could endure because it was painful if she stayed in one position for too long.  

She got into Seabury.  I will never forget the fear in her face that first day she came to school.  She was terrified.  Being out in public had at times been very painful.   Within days at our school Morgan began attracting people to her.  She was almost like royalty as she would make her way through the halls.  The students were drawn to her graceful, humorous, openhearted approach to her life as a student.

Another of the many reasons that everyone was drawn to her was her belief in the goodness of everyone  she met. She always refrained from making judgements about the choices of those around her.  I have noticed that when we feel badly about ourselves, we humans can tend to be catty and negative towards others.  Morgan never went there.  She maintained a kindhearted attitude towards everyone and consistently believed the best about all of us.

I had the good fortune of directing her in two plays and teaching her world literature.  She was also a devoted friend to our daughter Anneka.   I believe in all of these situations that Morgan was the very best that she was capable of being.  In English each paper was carefully written and rewritten.  Each person that was lucky enough to get her for a peer editor got the most carefully, thoughtfully edited papers. During class discussions her presence always brought our conversations to a deeper level.  In rehearsals, she was the first to learn her lines and the most ecstatic about being cast in the production.   She was always helping the cast with hair and makeup.   As Anneka's friend, Morgan often tutored  her in math.  She was forever giving her advice about hair and fashion, and they were often caught up in fits of laughter together.  

When I heard of her passing, I wept.  I am still weeping.  Not so much for Morgan since I believe her life on this earth was more difficult than any of us can imagine.   But I wept for us.  I felt like she was our teacher.  She was our guide, showing us how to be brave and smile through the deepest, darkest times.  

I feel so lucky that I got to be her student.  I know I am a better person because I knew and loved Morgan."

This tribute was added by Joseph Schmidt on 2nd June 2015

"It is with deep sadness that I learned or Morgan's passing.  This world lost a wonderful young person and God gained a partner.  I was blessed to have known her and Seabury Hall was blessed to have had her with us.  Her inspiration, courage, intellect, artistic talent, positive energy, and simply her sweet spirit graced the school for four magnificent years.  I wish her a speedy passing into Gods hands and I wish for her family deep healing.  We all love you Morgan - Joe Schmidt"

This tribute was added by Alan Hodara on 2nd June 2015

"This is the speech I gave when presenting the English award to Morgan in May of 2011:

This year’s English award winner brings her whole heart and soul to the study of literature and the craft of writing. Let me add to that…brain. A substantial brain it is, able to make brilliant, creative, wide ranging connections, and to say things simply and clearly, and to remember and discriminate and do all those things that brains are supposed to do.

But all that brain power would be nothing if it weren’t for the first two things. And anybody who knows Morgan knows that this girl is all about heart and soul. She has a heart as big all Maui, welcoming all her classmates to the discussion, caring for everyone, seeing the emotional center in every reading and bringing grace and humor with her to school everyday. And she has a soul as deep as the ocean, constantly searching, searching for truth, for the real meaning, for the ways in which a work of literature can guide us toward knowledge of ourselves and the world.

The English award should go to the best—and we’ve certainly found her: the best reader, the best writer, the best discusser, and the best classmate. But Morgan brings more than bestness—she invites and inspires, she’s playful and serious, she’s always prepared and always on time, and she, Morgan Malkovich, is the winner of this year’s Virginia Wells English award."

This tribute was added by Susan Pirsch on 2nd June 2015

"Your light continues to shine."

This tribute was added by John Briley on 2nd June 2015

"Aloha to a wonderful woman. Till we meet again."

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