Shared by latoya lindsey on March 10, 2011

I remember when I first met you. An unfortunate situation brought us together and I never knew then how close we would become. We use to bicker over the sillest things. You had OCD and hated when I moved your stuff. I thought you were just nitpicking. I thought you asked too many questions and you thought I was rude. Somehow our differences made us become friends,distant sisters even who use to cook meals for each other and our children played togther and we shared a common hurt that our friendship healed. I will never forget when I was in labor with my daughter and refused to go to the hospital until you finished the apple pie you were making me. (and girl it was so worth the wait! lol) I never got a chance to thank you for being there for me those times I felt alone, and for being a friend and a sister when I needed one. I feel like i never got to properly say good-bye. I didn't even know what happened to you until 6 months later through a mutual friend. I remember I just cried for hours that day. I'm so sorry Mykier...

This is my love letter to you cause as long as air travels through my lungs I will never forget you. I miss you still, my friend, my sister.... God bless you and your family and especially your children. I just pray they live good lives and are happy. I pray your finally happy too. Love you always....

Your friend,



I just pray that you are finally at peace. I know thats what you really wanted.


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