Posted by Susan Quick on April 7, 2021
I met Naomi at Mohonk in the early 1990's. It was my pleasure to have her friendship and to see her at many dance opportunities in the following years
at Pawling and other wonderful balls.
Naomi showed many the joys of Scottish dancing and was always so glad to help someone to become a better dancer and to love the patterns and the music. The programs at Mohonk were such a nice combination of dance, music and culture for everyone. Dance on, Naomi, we will miss you very much.
Posted by Liz Burns on April 6, 2021
Okay, I remember Naomi for a number of reasons .
I remember the frustration when I missed out on winning the lovely dancer shirts that she would raffle off at the Pawling Weekend workshop for a number of years.( And believe me I tried..) Finally, for my 40th birthday, she took pity and gave me one which I still wear today and get many compliments and comments on. The most interesting comment, made by a non- dancer by the way , was why did the male dancer have only one leg ? That was something that I had not thought on, as I knew it was hidden behind the ladies dress. I also think of Naomi when doing my own stitchery projects because I have to make sure that the back of my work looks nearly as neat as the front. Many years ago at Loch Leven practice, I had a project that I was working on and the first thing she did was flip it over to check the reverse side. I am sure many of you remember the shirts but I posted a couple of views of mine in the gallery..
Posted by Wendy Katt on April 5, 2021
In addition to being an all around mensch, Naomi was my role model for aging gracefully. I am always refuting the patients I work with who say they are "too old" to enjoy ....(name the activity) by referencing her joi de vivre and active participation in whatever she wanted to do.
Posted by Rosalind Ilett on April 4, 2021
I always enjoyed going to Naomi's for Loch Leven practice. She made us all so welcome and we had fun while she held us to a high standard which was satisfying. And she would do generous things such as embroidering shoe bags with our names or making a dish for the only vegetarian. She will be greatly missed.
Posted by Ricardo Soriano on April 4, 2021
No more suffering for you, young lady, now it's time to enjoy the fruit of your love and kindness, only at a much higher level and for much longer. It was a privilege having met Naomi, I will forever treasure the good memories of our meeting, phone conversations and all the positive and uplifting comments I heard from Rosana over the years!
Posted by Debbie Moran on April 4, 2021
In 1993, Naomi introduced me not only to the joy of Scottish dancing but also to a community of wonderful people. I looked forward to Wednesday nights seeing everyone's smiling face and that amazing tea time! Naomi even had us dance at her house in the summer. She put some much time into us and I knew she loved what she was doing. What a blessing! She is dancing with the angels now.
Posted by Moishe Mark on April 3, 2021
 At this moment we mourn a great loss. Yet her great legacy, who she was, shines through.

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