Cooking with Natalie!

Shared by Cindy Cash on July 14, 2020
As many of you know, Natalie developed an extensive palate for delicious cuisine!  She learned about enjoying and preparing delicious food from her parents!  Check out a few of her “cooking class” videos trying to help me!

Natalie and Jennifer

Shared by Jennifer Thomas on July 12, 2020
We grew up together on Garden street and she loved telling the story to people about how I taught her to tie her shoelaces and to ride a bike. I am only 3 years older than her but we had so much fun together playing in the front yard (red light-green light), woods, beach, going to grandma Chambers house and Fort Wilderness. I would push her around in the stroller. As we got older we went snow skiing, drove for the first time on ice and almost slid into another car, was stranded in the snow with no power, and no wood to keep us warm and yet still it was amazing fun and crazy times. These are some of the great memories we laughed about and the crazy stuff that sometimes just happens. She just loved to eat out and her favorites were often mine. Chicken piccata and a Shrimp lover she was. Always loved to eat at Benihana or Kobe style cuisine.  Her dreams were to travel to exotic destinations and enjoy the experience, she worked to save money and then travel with friends to those places. She did just that! She was one of the sweetest person’s  I have ever met and I was proud to call her a best friend for 50+ years. 

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