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My Son

September 11, 2011

Nathan was the youngest of our 3 children and he was a wonderful son who meant the world to me. I have so many wonderful memories of him. He loved life and enjoyed making others happy. I rememeber so well his laugh and how he enjoyed my silly humour. One of my favorite memories was when he was little and we would lay on the couch together and watch the morning kids shows. And all of the times we would go shopping and make stupid jokes and laugh, and how if he wanted something he would just sneek it into the cart and I wouldn't see it sometimes until we checked out and I would say whats this? and he'd laugh and say where did that come from. And for awhile we had the chance to work together and I was so proud of him. Everyone commented on how fast he learned and what a great job he did. I miss him so very much, but I want fond memories here not sadness. He was a wonderful son, brother, and husband. He found joy in everything and rarely ever let anything get him down. I will never forget when he decided that he wanted a motorcycle so we went to a dealer and he bought a Kawasaki Ninja, even though he had never rode one in his life. We had to take it home in my truck because he didn't know how to ride it. He signed up for lessons and was soon riding it. He came home one day and told me that he had it up to 100 mph, I just said thats great but if you ever do it again just don't tell me. He had a couple of spills on it, but never gave up. I was really impressed one day when I came home from work and he had put new exhaust pipes on by himself. From that day on you always knew when he was coming down the street because it was so loud. His dog would always run to the door when she heard it. I remember the last time he got it out after winter and we put it on the back deck and cleaned and polished it. There are so many great memories, I just wanted to share a few. Rest in Peace Son, Love Dad

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