One little Welsh lady who said "Yes" to God changed lives around the world by her testimony and song.
  • 85 years old
  • Born on August 4, 1926 in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on October 12, 2011 in Everett, Washington, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved Mother, Nickie 

 Nickie Stansberry Memorial Fund:

Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center

20800 Marine Drive

Stanwood, Wa.   98292



 On October 12, 2011, she was carried in the arms of Jesus to the mansion prepared for her.

Mom was surrounded by her children and their spouses during the 5 day vigil at her bedside. On one afternoon there were 28 of us, children and grandchildren, in her room. We sang, recited scripture and recalled old family history. Circling around her, each one held her hand and gave thanks for the love and sacrifice she had given. She humbly shook her head as if she was amazed at such attention. It was a gift of time we are so grateful for. On the evening of October 12, Brian, Wendy and I sang a song, "In His Time….He makes all things beautiful in His time." The presence of Jesus was evident as peace filled the room. Mom was lifted away from a bed of pain and brought into a home she never had on earth. It must be a glorious mansion. I know she sings in the presence of the One she loved the most, Jesus.

At 85 years she had 6 married children and 61 grand & great grandchildren, 85 in all. 

 "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself' that where I am, there you may be also."

She will live in us and through us forever.

Posted by Jean Lynn on October 13, 2013
I can hardly believe that it has been two years since our "songbird" flew to be with her Savior. She often is on my mind, and I imagine that she has been reunited in heaven with my Mom and Dad who really loved her, too, and prayed for her. Dad built the metal boxes which contained her traveling sound system when she went to speaking engagements. His way of giving to her. Missing her!
Posted by Sam Knight on August 14, 2012
It’s been my privilege to share a birthday with Nickie, along with the Queen mother, James Blackwood, & others. Cherished times for Marilyn and myself after College were when Nickie was our house guest. The best tribute I can offer is in this same site under “Stories”. Check it out. No doubt Nickie and Marilyn are once again enjoying each other’s company. I miss you both so much!
Posted by Rich Hamack on August 4, 2012
Remembering your birthday today brings back so many beautiful images and feelings. We always enjoyed getting the families together to barbecue, play games and just catch up. Just being together brought you such joy, and your smile lit up the day.
Happy birthday, Mom. We miss you, and will celebrate "your day" today with many happy memories.
Posted by Gary Cornish on April 11, 2012
My first meeting Nickie was at Arlington Beach Camp on a warm, July, Sunday afternoon. She was sharing her personal testimony with a host of people, young and old. It was given in a spirit of humility, grace, and radiance evident of love and compassion of Christ. The song "Christ, the Transforming Light" deeply ministered to many in Aldersgate commencement services. Thank you.
Posted by Louis Sutera on March 3, 2012
What a privilege was ours to have Nickie singing in many of our revival crusades in various places in Canada. Her spirit as well as her gift of music touched the hearts of thousands in those places. She had a tremendous ministry among women as well as those who were hurting because of seeming injustices in their lives. Her captivating love for her Lord was so embellizing to the hearers
Posted by Linda Pillilng on February 12, 2012
How honored I feel to be among the many God gifted through Nickie's love, friendship and ministry.First as singer & speaker at Arlington Beach camp, later as Aldersgate College house 'mom', counselor, encourager and friend. Her consistent honoring of God's call made a lasting, eternal legacy for myself and so many others. Precious is the thought that we will meet again.
Posted by Rebecca S Hamack on November 11, 2011
Keith Elford, Bishop,The Free Methodist Church in Canada:    "Nickie was a dear friend and a woman of God that the Lord often used to encourage me in my pastoral ministry. She was a woman of the Word and of prayer. It was because of this intimacy with the Lord that she lived sang and spoke with the Spirit’s anointing upon her life.
Posted by Rebecca S Hamack on November 11, 2011
Phil and Carmena Capp; career missionaries of FM Church
"..your Mom lived out her deep surrender to God. I do know that she left an enduring gift to me in the form of her own life story..the clear evidence of letting God use who she was and what God could do in and through her. A most beautiful example of a person not only "singing redemption's story" but living it, as well."
Posted by Rebecca S Hamack on November 11, 2011
Rev. Joe James: Bishop of Free Methodist Church of Canada (Former President of Aldersgate College)
Nickie lived simply, beautifully, elegantly. No one doubted her love for Jesus, her family or His church. We considered it an honor to walk alongside of her for a few years of her life’s journey. Our lives were enriched.
Our prayers from India
Posted by Rebecca S Hamack on November 11, 2011
Richard Houston Greenville College: Professor of History
"Like so many others, she made an indelible mark on us, at a critical period of our development, newlyweds.We still draw inspiration from her example of gracious hospitality.We are also struck by the fact that from her role at Aldersgate, she influenced a generation of pastoral leadership of theFree Methodist Church”
Posted by Rebecca S Hamack on November 11, 2011
John Schurmann:
Your precious mother introduced me to counseling which jump started my career passion - counseling others as she counseled me.I have had the privilege to counsel 1000s of people as a professional therapist and life coach for the last 12 years. And what a privilege to have your mother introduce me to the finest counseling. She is one of the best counselors I have evermet.”
Posted by Rebecca S Hamack on November 11, 2011
Gayle Larabie: thank you Nikki for being there the night my dad died. Without a second thought she handed me her credit card and paid for my plane back to Ontario for the funeral. She prayed all night and was an amazing counselor to me. I am working with persons with disabilities now and my son is in Saskatchewan training to be a youth pastor in Saskatoon…"
Posted by Rick McPeak on November 8, 2011
A great memories from my experience at Aldersgate College was hearing Nickie sing, "Something Beautiful" by the Gaithers. God had indeed made something beautiful out of Nickie's life and she in turn participated in God's work in those whose lives coincided with hers. She was one of those people who could look beyond the surface and see a real person. I always felt like she saw me.
Posted by Lori Nesvig Miller on November 7, 2011
At Aldersgate & through the years, Nickie was like a mom to me. Her presence & God given wisdom were truly healing to me. In Christ goodbye is never forever. Someday I will be standing side by side with Nickie singing to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. So, for now, goodbye Nickie, goodbye "Mom."
Posted by Vivian Cunningham on November 4, 2011
I met Nickie through Lori Miller. Nickie was Lori's dorm mother in college. She spoke wonderful things about her for years before I got to meet her. What a beautiful wonderful woman of God she was. She visited our church Rancho Christian Center in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. and shared with our ladies. We all fell in love with her. Thank you for sharing her with so many. We all grew!!
Posted by Roger Duryea on November 4, 2011
I recently read the tribute to 'Nickie' Stansberry ( I went to high school with her son, Brian).
Her testimony reminded me of the brevity of life and a quote by the late C.T. Studd "Only one life 'twill soon be past, Only what's done for Christ will last".

She was truly an inspiration for all who knew her!
Posted by Pearl Dodson on November 4, 2011
There is a lot of great things that could be said about Nickie. She was a blessing to all who knew her. Her and God did a great job in raising a great family. Wendy lived with me during her senior year of high school and was a very special girl. I'ld love to hear Nickie sing again,  " The Old Songs" and I plan to again some day.
Posted by Glenn Teal on November 2, 2011
Like everyone who heard Nickie's exceptional singing voice, we loved the Welsh lilt of her graceful alto, but we both felt that her lovely Christ-like character outshined her voice. She marked us with her love. We will never forget her influence and example. Her song goes on and on forever - in the lives of those she touched and in eternity.
Posted by Robbyn Handel on November 2, 2011
Truly, one of the loveliest ladies I ever had the blessing to meet. She radiated love in her smile, her countenance, and her song. But, this is merely a temporary loss; I look forward to meeting her again. Perhaps we'll have tea at her mansion.
Posted by Gary Stalder on October 29, 2011
"...a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised." Proverbs 31:30. Nickie's reverence and joyous love for Jesus was an inspiration and hope to many. She was a mother to hundreds of us who have called her blessed. Thank you, Nickie, for living Jesus. Keep singing!
Posted by Jean Lynn on October 28, 2011
Nickie was more than a friend, she was family to us for many years. When I first saw Nickie she sang, "Ten Thousand Angels" at our church. After that, I prayed that someday she and I would be friends. When her ride fell through for a conference in Saskatoon she called to ask if there was room in my car. God's answer - friendship and then "familyship" came readily after. A BLESSING!

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