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Tribute 1972

August 11, 2012

For so long I have wished to contribute an offering in honour of Dear Nickie.  Recently this document has come to light and has been established in the mouth of not two or three witnesses, but no less than seven.  Having long read and admired the sentiments in the tribute, which I assumed was the combined work of several people, imagine my joy at learning that it was the product of a sole writer, and that one, my own darling Marilyn.  She never thought it worth telling me who the author was.  I’m thrilled to make the discovery that the heart closest to my own gave voice to this wonderful tribute.  How much it does sound like her too.  It first appeared in the 1972 edition of the Aldersgate yearbook.  And now it appears for the first time with the appropriate acknowledgement.  The following was written solely by Marilyn Rose James, 1972.


Yes, she walks in beauty, in the beauty of holiness - in the true inner beauty that comes from walking close to her Lord.

Nickie is our Dean of Women but she is more than that:

            She’s the one who somehow secures storm windows for the girls’ dorm.

            She’s the one who offers advice on what not to bleach.

            She’s the one who carries and wields the green spray bottle. 

            She’s the permission-granter – to study late or for that special weekend trip.

            She’s the room-inspector – (Why do I always forget to make my bed on inspection day?!?)

            She’s our ambassador… and Christ’s  - when she goes somewhere to sing or speak-

And oh, how proud of her we are!

            She’s our example – a worthy pattern of Christian living and giving.

            She’s our inspiration – pointing us to higher ideals, and bigger dreams.

            She’s our counsellor – wise with the wisdom from above and always willing to listen if

we have a need.

            She’s our intercessor – and God answers her prayers.

And she’s our friend.

            She cares.  When we’re sick or troubled, when we’re lonely or discouraged – she cares…

Not just because it’s her job, but because she loves us – each one.  And we love her.

            And so to you, Nickie, we dedicate this book – in gratitude for your love, in appreciation of your service, and in love.

            You art so much a part of the spirit that makes this a “special place.”

Thank you.


Marilyn James  1971, 1972


Spot of tea

November 11, 2011

While staying with my family in Rancho Cucamonga, everyday exactly at 3pm, Nickie had to have a spot of tea and Dr. Phil.

I need my sleep!!!

November 7, 2011

At Aldersgate, living under the hustle and bustle of the womens dorm Nickie would sometimes have a hard time sleeping.  Her solution?  Nickie would put on the hair dryer cap and turn it on the drown out all the noise we made.  Very inventive!!!

The First Time I Met Nickie

October 23, 2011

I have always hated chili! In fact, I hated it so much that one bite would result in a gag reflex.

The first time I met Nickie Stansberry, I had been invited, by her oldest daughter Lynne, to her home for dinner. I was barely 17 years old and Lynne had just turned 14. To my horror, she was serving chili for dinner that night. I spent the entire dinnertime with head hanging down for fear of upchucking all over their table.

Well, I guess I didn't let the chili scare me off because, seven years later, I asked Lynne to be my wife. When she informed her mother who she would be marrying, Nickie said, "Isn't that the boy with the personality problem?"

Forty-five years later, Lynne and I are still husband and wife and Nickie will always be my beloved mother-in-law.

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