Let the memory of NNEKA be with us forever
  • 54 years old
  • Born on March 24, 1962 .
  • Passed away on August 25, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, NNEKA MGBEMENA, 54, born on March 24, 1962 and passed away on August 25, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Our Lovely Mummy's burial rites are as follows :

8/11/16: Service of Songs at her residence, No. 35 Akpo Street Achara Layout, Enugu. Enugu State.

11/11/16 : Funeral Service at St. Thomas Anglican Church, Neni. Anambra State. Internment follows immediately at Prince Nwabude Mgbemena's Compound Umudioka Neni.

12/11/16: Condolence Visit by friends and in laws.

13/11/16: Thanksgiving Service.



Posted by Nnamdi Mgbemena on 26th August 2017
I really struggled to write this... Ifunanya has said alot and all I should have written. I have a strong feeling you know all these coz of what you told me in a dream this January. I really miss you...I thought I could cope, but the thought of you shows me how empty I am. keep resting in the Lord....I love you so so much.
Posted by Kenechukwu Nwosu on 25th August 2017
It's a year now and your Son I fondly call Nna still misses you a lot as if you left him and the rest of us yesterday only.... He tries to be strong in front of me and others most time but I can hear the hurt in his voice whenever he speaks about you... Please do me just this favour... As from God above an angel to console my dear friend tonight so he knows its okay... He's special so please grant this my special request Mama Nna. Thanks and rest on in our Lord's bosom.... Happy 1 year birthday in Heaven Mum
Posted by Ifunanya Mgbemena on 25th August 2017
A year already Mum and it feels just like yesterday. I must say I'd never thought we would get over this but thank God for time, it's healing us gradually. Daddy is fine, tho he can never forget you but we are trying our best to show him all the love and attention we can. Kenechukwu has become better than you left him and Chisom has been a great Mum to all of us. Nnamdi keeps surprising us everyday Mum and I know you are so proud of him. Chidimma is writing her project for her Masters degree... I know right, she will soon bring asoebi clothes for us. Chinny your baby has changed a lot you know. She slimmed down and is now eating healthy. Iloabuchi has grown so tall Mum, he will soon be taller than all of us. Your grandchildren are doing well, you need to hear Chinodebem talk, you will be surprised at what he voices and how he pronounces his words. Dumkenechukwu is so adorable, most times when i look into his eyes, i see a reflection of you in him. Your inlaw is doing well as well.I myself have done well for myself too. That red mini sewing machine you got for me Mum, I got a bigger one, an electric machine for that matter Mum. I'm proud to tell you that I've finally started pursuing my passion for fashion designing and adding it to my makeup business. A lot has happened in just a year since you physically departed from us Mum, a lot that I wish everyday that I can call you and tell you about. We keep getting better day after day because we know our guidian Angel is always there watching over us. I have to say goodbye now Mum. I'll visit you soon. Just know I love you so much and can never forget you. Keep resting in the Lord Mum. Till we meet to part no more. With love❤❤❤ Ifunanya... Your nwanyi malogu
Posted by Chika Ikem-Mgbemena on 25th August 2017
One year Lolo, sleep on Mummy Chisom.
Posted by Chika Ikem-Mgbemena on 24th March 2017
Forever Missed just reminded me it your birthday today and the sad memories came flooding back. I shed tears the day Chisom called to say her baby had arrived because i knew you would have been estatic if you were still on this side of the divide. We miss you Lolo and the vaccum you created in our family is too wide to be filled. Rest on Lolo and happy post humous birthday.
Posted by Nnamdi Mgbemena on 20th January 2017
Hey mum, It has been a while...I have been told severally by dad to stop thinking about you so I will stop disturbing you because you deserve eternal rest. I find it difficult to believe him. You are always on my mind, each time I remember the pleasurable moments I shared with you...my heart bleeds again and I break down...I keep crying when I remember you...I will be convocating as the second best graduating student in my class on the 26th of January, I know that since you are an angel, your presence will be there....You always believed in me and by the Grace of God, I have made it and made you proud...I just came to tell you how far I have gone in life ...I miss you so much...Continue to rest in the bosom of the Almighty God.
Posted by Nnamdi Mgbemena on 22nd November 2016
Mum... Thanks alot for reminding your co-angels about me. As you know, the dissertation defence was an excellent one. I have never been commended like this before by an examiner. Also, help me and thank Jesus Christ for his immeasurable blessings.... I Love you mummy.
Posted by Nnamdi Mgbemena on 21st November 2016
Mum, . I know you are now my guardian angel and I just want to tell you that I will be wearing that purple and lilac stripe tie you gave me last year...I have never worn it, but I will be wearing it for the first time on the day of my dissertation defence and I know you and your co-angels have spoken excellence upon my life. Also, I want you to know that I love you so much and I will also plead for you to come and visit me once again in my dream...it's been a while I saw your beautiful face...Please I will be waiting for you. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.
Posted by Chidiogo Ibe on 16th November 2016
What can I write? Words fail me each moment I wish to express my deep sorrow at your exit. I had never seen one so generous as you until I met you. You opened your house to many. You welcomed me as your daughter. I will never forget how you even visited me at Ituku. You were open and sincere, nothing to hide. You shared the sweetness of your family with us. It is very painful that you had to depart so quickly. But I'm consoled that you are with The Lord. Rest forever Mama Nnamdi. Your family is forever blessed because of you. The God of all comfort will comfort Daddy, Kene, Chisom, Nnamdi, Mummy nne, Ifunaya, Chiny and all of us that have been affected by your loss.
Posted by Chinenye Okeke-Umejiaku on 22nd October 2016
Lolo Mgbemena like I fondly call you.a true replica of my mum.since your demise I kept pondering why good peopledon't last.but this response came to my heart"they are angels".You played a great role in my life and that of my siblings since my mother died.You always guide us in the right decisions.mere looking at you one can perceive the fragrance of true love from just like your name implies.a virtous woman.Whenever I see you my heart is at peace because I could see a true mother in you but death took you away almost the same age my mum died.Aunty rest in peace.
Posted by Andy Epie-Sona on 21st October 2016
I can't believe that on a day like this, I'll be writing a tribute to mummy Nnamdi, but, sadly, it's unbelievably true. You were a real mother, not only to your children, but to us their friends as well. We saw, we heard & we experienced alot of good things & times about you. Your passing was a great shock to me, I was dazed, even till now, I still am. But, be that as it may, IT IS WELL. We know you are with the LORD, and that's our greatest consolation. May your gentle soul rest in the perfect peace of the LORD, Amen.
Posted by Kenechukwu Nwosu on 16th October 2016
*As Pretty as a Rose* .... an expression used for the most beautiful of women is something that depicts what you are physically and internally... I write as if you're before me still 'cause your essence & life lessons lives on in your children so much so that I feel I can tell much about who you were though we never got to meet, after all, its said "You can not give what you don't have" & knowing my friend Nna and what he stands for, I know you did plenty right as an ideal mother to make him into what he is today ... Bless you for the gift of my friend, Bless you for the gift of life to his siblings and so much more... You would always be missed and fully represented here on earth whilst you rejoice in heaven ... ...like the tender and fragile petals of a ROSE you faded away from our midst but would flourish in our hearts for always Mama Nna...God Speed Nne
Posted by Obiora Jideofor on 16th October 2016
I was only a close friend to your son but your love and acceptance of me as another son of yours would never leave my heart. Your witty comments always brought laughter whenever I had an encounter with u. It's still like a dream but we hope on God to live this reality, we find ourselves in. Daddy, Kene, Chisom, Nnamdi, Chidinma, Ifunnanya and Chinny... God be your strength.
Posted by Tony Mbawuike on 15th October 2016
The cloud descended so heavily on us the day you crossed over the other bridge, it choked us and made us tremble. We feared that the air we breath in your house while you were away will make us awry. But with every passing day, we are pleased that you left beautiful memories that will fill our imaginations of your absence. My few memories of you was an array of salubrious fantasies of how lucky I was to have met you and shared moments with you and your family while schooling in Enugu. Your constant advice when we -Nnamdi's friends- visited your home gave us warm chill, made us fill at home that we always want to come again -to have another proper meal away from Oga Emma and co poisons. It was quite sad that you left so early and didn't wait much to see the products of your felicitous advice; the men you fed with those sumptuous meal, whose belly you dignified and whose expectations you kept esteemed. I had imagined gracing your home in grandeur to a merry occasion -say Nd's wedding. It's so sad those imaginations came crushing like a hurricane-deluged skyscraper, to a reality of a "come to say goodbye" occasion. I cannot miss you more than your children does. I saw them heartbroken, and I am seeing them even more confident than they were before. It showed you left them with much sumptuous memories to look up to. They will miss you, but they can be consoled with the memories you left them, the smiles you gave them, the love you bathed them with, and the bond you built around them. While we stay mourning, consoled that you left to a better place, we pray that you find eternal rest in God's bosom where we all hope to be some day. Adieu Ma! You live on!
Posted by Chisom Olivia on 12th October 2016
Life cn b unfair sumtyms takin such a beautiful gem away...i cldnt believe u were gone.my mum n i still cnt get ova ur death.i remember wen u praised me bcos i cld rili dance n wen i grew up u complained dat i cldnt dance again n dat i was fat.i will always remember u in my prayers.rest in peace aunty.we will see in heaven someday.luv u to the moon n back....
Posted by Fidelis Mmofunanya on 10th October 2016
Oh my beautiful sister! I was preparing to come up to Enugu to give you my long expected wedding invitation card, when I received a call about your journey to great beyond. I shocked to my bone marrow and only managed to pull over the road to calm down. Oh death, where is your ruin? Oh death where is your sting? We love you but God loves you most and He knows better than we do, irrespective of the manner with which you passed on. As you rest in the Lord, may He grant you eternal and peaceful rest. Amen!!!
Posted by Kenneth Ojukwu on 10th October 2016
I write this with great sadness over the unimaginable loss of my my auntie. She was loving & real. I remember the first time i met her in Jos, in 2004, in my uncle's place. when she came for a wedding. My uncle introduced me to her as a son of her sister, she was so happy & embraced me & i felt the warm of her arms; She was such a caring & wonderful auntie, she's jovial & smiles a lots. Her beautiful spirit will live on through her children, i know she tried with all her heart to stay for them, but God called her, & she had to go. We all miss her. My hope is that God Almighty grant her eternal rest, Amen. Adieu Aunty Rose....
Posted by Nnamdi Mgbemena on 9th October 2016
Babes.... I promised you I will write to you once in a while. Everyone in the family is getting stronger and dad is eating better now although he slimmed down abit. I am no longer having the back pain that started few days after your death. I am reading better now and preparing for my exams coming up in November. I can't stop staring at mothers on the streets of Lagos or at any function I attend here. I will keep your memories alive. I have also joined the intercessor group of our ⛪ this month. It charges me up in my prayer life the more, especially now. Keep praying for us with the angels of heaven. I will leave a rose for you when next I write to you, because you are a PRICELESS ROSE.
Posted by Ogechukwu Ikokwu on 7th October 2016
I have been to your fb page severally just to wish its a dream,to smile back to your beautiful and charming smiles.Even in death Anty Nneka you live on in me.I apologize for not letting you know i learnt a lot from you and am putting most in practice.More especially your nature of being selfless.From that very moment you came into our lives, you have remained a mother, sister, friend & confidant.These i wished i voiced out to your hearing before you departed unannounced.I know it must have been difficult for you because you still have so much to live for.Your wonderful kids,us you big and small friends.I love you Anty Nneka,but God loves you most.Je nke Oma Nwanyi Obioma
Posted by Okeke David on 7th October 2016
I Was Lost And Confused In The Year 2012, Didn't Know How To Place My Life Because I Was Facing Challenges.When I Came To Your House To See Your Son And Friend Of Mine Nnamdi Only For You To Welcome Me With A Plate Of Semo And Ofe Nsala.I Didn't Know How You Knew That I Was So Hungry.I Wasn't Your Son Yet You Treated Me As One.You Told Me That all Will Be Well.You Immediately Became A Mother To Me And To Hear That You Are No More Hurts So Deep. Who Knew That A Plate Of Semo And Ofe Nsala Would Later Make Me What I'm Today. I Will Forever Miss You.Remain In The Bosom Of The Lord Til We Meet Again.You Can Never Be Replaced.
Posted by Uche Uzoh on 7th October 2016
I really don't know what to write here.. But I must say God knows best. Aunty.. My mother can't stop missing you everyday. Rest in peace.
Posted by Kobimdi Sharon Okonkwo-As... on 6th October 2016
Ohhhh Death where is thy Sting!!!! Ohhhh grave where is thy victory!!!!! "Who am i to question u O' God"...No Words!! No Word!!! No Words..
Posted by Ebuka Anieto on 6th October 2016
'' Though i wasn't afforded the opportunity to get acquainted with you before your demise, i'll undoubtedly say that you were an enormous blessing to the many people that came across you. I'm so convinced with my assertion because one of your seed 'PT Nnamdi Mgbemena' is towing a similar path. I'm earnestly anticipating that very day we'll all meet at that place the Lord promised His servants. You'll always be remembered Ma. Rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Chigozie Nnajiuba on 5th October 2016
The news of your demise marks a dark moment in our life, "though it is physical but certainly you are always present in our heart" every moment spent with you brought us laughter, joy and art of fulfillment. Surely, your legacy shall live with those of us you left behind and the next generation after us. "Beloved rest in the bossom of the Almighty God till we meet to part no more. Adieu lolo !!!! Adieu first lady
Posted by Onwuvuya Onyekachukwu on 5th October 2016
Mummy u'll live forever in our Heart... We miss you so much but we cannot question God and we know that Heaven is the best place for you and we are very sure that u are resting in the bossom of the Lord. JEE NKE OMA
Posted by Arinze Mgbemena on 5th October 2016
Aunt Lolo! Aunt Lolo!! Aunt Lolo!!! Ah, where are you? Still oin shock and can't believe that I'm seeing you again in life. You were so caring, loving and a role model to many. Words can't put in the right words or phrase to describe you. All I Can say is, Rest On Lolo" I love you, we love you, Mummy loves you(Lady). #RIP
Posted by Hillary Nnaeto on 5th October 2016
Our Rose...you'll ever grow in our hearts. Loveliness we've lost, these empty days without your smile This torch we'll always carry... Even though we try The truth brings us tears All our words cannot express the joy u brought us through the years You lived your life like a candle in the wind and you'll never fade even when the sun sets or the rain sets in Your footsteps will always fall here Along earth's greenest hills. We love you; I love you We miss you; I miss you much more. Rest in the bosom of my Lord!
Posted by Onyinye Mgbemena on 4th October 2016
Still unbelievable. I remember how you were there for me when I lost my mom and how you tried to be there for me and fill the void after my mom left, never thought you would leave me too... Barely one year interval and it hurts sooooo bad! You had the most amazing heart and I am sure heaven has gained another angel. Till we meet again, kachifo mommy.
Posted by Amah Obioma on 4th October 2016
News of your passing hit me as a shock ! You were so young and vibrant ! Beautiful in and out ! We will miss you ! I am still not in terms with your death . I pray it's a dream ! God knows best !
Posted by Udoka Mary Tripsy on 3rd October 2016
Is still unbelievable mum,d memries of my stay in d family house both during my school days and clearance.i was alwaz welcomed.u never stoped prayn for my own family during each morning devotion.i cn still vividly remember d setting of ur room where we seat for catchup.i became closer to not only Chisom as my paddy nd coursemate bt also to d entire family after ur wonderful reception at my first visit.u ill alwaz b rememberd.i pray for d strengh to pull tru esp for Chisom at dis period.Nnamdi,kene,Chinny,mummynne, ifu nd Dad, it is surely well.Rest on beautiful woman wt a heart of Gold.
Posted by Udoka Mary Tripsy on 3rd October 2016
Is still unbelievable mum,d memries of my stay in d family house both during my school days and clearance.i was alwaz welcomed.u never stoped prayn for my own family during each morning devotion.i cn still vividly remember d setting of ur room where we seat for catchup.i became closer to not only Chisom as my paddy nd coursemate bt also to d entire family after ur wonderful reception at my first visit.u ill alwaz b rememberd.i pray for d strengh to pull tru esp for Chisom at dis period.Nnamdi,kene,Chinny,mummynne, ifu nd Dad, it is surely well.Rest on beautiful woman wt a heart of Gold.
Posted by Udoka Mary Tripsy on 3rd October 2016
Is still unbelievable mum,d memries of my stay in d family house both during my school days and clearance.i was alwaz welcomed.u never stoped prayn for my own family during each morning devotion.i cn still vividly remember d setting of ur room where we seat for catchup.i became closer to not only Chisom as my paddy nd coursemate bt also to d entire family after ur wonderful reception at my first visit.u ill alwaz b rememberd.i pray for d strengh to pull tru esp for Chisom at dis period.Nnamdi,kene,Chinny,mummynne, ifu nd Dad, it is surely well.Rest on beautiful woman wt a heart of Gold.
Posted by Nwamulunamma Oboli on 3rd October 2016
I never met you Mummy Nnamdi. I had the privilege of knowing one of the best people I have ever met I in my life in your son Nnamdi. I feel a certain sadness that death took you away from my dear friend at this point in time but God knows the best. You lived highly celebrated mummy and somehow I always looked forward to seeing you one day..... Jee nke oma nwanyi oma... You will never be forgotten mummy Nnamdi... Omalicha nwanyi...I pray that your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen!
Posted by Adaeze Metu Motanya on 3rd October 2016
I am scared of so many things that I never was before. On receiving the news of your demise,I just kept on saying how can? How can??? & I never received any explanation. You can no longer be seen ,by the human eye but your soul and love that you gave so many will never die. I take solace knowing that you are in a better place,where there is no hatred,no sorrow,a place full of peace & love. People never die as long as someone remembers them;I have no doubt that you will live on in so many hearts. We will all miss you especially your children. Sleep well nwanyi bu so mma! Jee nke oma! Adieu nwanyi na achoro nsogbu !
Posted by Akpunonu Chidera on 3rd October 2016
its so hard writting a tribute for you.cause your death came to me as a shock to me.being close to your son its so hard for for you to know nnamdi if he hasnt told you at least 5 stories about his mom.i remember the faithful day you died as if it was yesterday.i relive every moment of it. i remember carry a bucket of water and all a sudden the both hands cut and the bucket fell on the floor and broke and all the water in it poured on the floor it was as if the kind of things you see in nollywood movies until nnamdi gave the news of your sudden death later that night.i remember the last time i saw you,i was in enugu and you gave me 2digestive biscuits.evry moment with you was always fun.no more tinjezieand ijeze.i miss you
Posted by Ivy Anozie on 3rd October 2016
You were so full of life, happiness,fun always beautiful and tell us to always look sharp.lol. I will forever miss your advice. You were a light on our path. Not a dull moment with you around. Keep watching us over and will be keep the light shinning for you. Miss you so much Adieu loolo.
Posted by Duenna Ottong on 3rd October 2016
I used to tell my friend about a very rare kind woman who would go the extra mile to put a smile on pples faces,she could practically do anything 4 anyone.that special person was my precious AuntyRose...I remenber how u didn't sit down on my wedding,u where up nd doing trying to ensure everything went perfect... U did the same on my sisters wedding nd we couldnt help thanking God for blessing us with a Gem!!!u took good care of my brothers during their university days, u continuously played the role of a mother to my baby brother wenever he had his asthmatic attack, nd my heart was always at peace when ever I heard d where with u...Life is full of pain nd sorrow,ur here today nd gone tomoro, if only we knew when we're going to die, we'd all b prepared to say goodbye! Mr DEATH doesn't seem to care, why do u come so suddenly?u r my worst nightmare
Posted by Chukwuemeka Nwosu on 3rd October 2016
The little time I spent with you, you thought, words of encouragement and behaviour just resembled exactly the life of my Late Mum(Nature), a times, I wondered whether (NATURE) had a twin sister. You were such like a mother and mentor to me. it is even better you had left this wicked terrestrial Planet because "Good people go too soon, they have only a short time to leave their footprints in this wicked terrestrial planet", though the family of Mgbemena and everyone that had the opportunity staying with you will surely miss you. A word says "Earth's loss is Heaven's gain". May your soul Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord. CHUKWUEMEKA NWOSU.
Posted by Ebele Ikem-Mgbemena on 3rd October 2016
....Very few times in our lives, we come in contact with a person and we realise we have been touched by an ANGEL.....Sis. Nneka you were one of such. I call you my sister because you were always there for in good times and in bad times. You loved me as a younger sister, advising and directing my steps....Oh death, you dealt a HARD BLOW on me. I remembered our last discussion some days before you left us....I promise to keep those words and never to disappoint you. You taught me to be strong woman, a good wife and a wonderful mother. Your love and care for me and my family cannot be explained, you loved everyone around you, you derive joy in making everyone around you happy. "She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future" Prov. 31:25 NLT. Omalicha nwunyedim, we will forever miss you.❤
Posted by Pharm Christabel on 3rd October 2016
I will miss her sitting close to us in the front seat of St Thomas Church, Neni. I will miss her smile and how she plays with my brothers and I. She showed unwavering support to my mum and her love for my mum affected the way she treated us. I remember how she took care of my late grandmother who was admitted in Unth at the time. Neni will never be the same without your beautiful personality and fashion sense. Continue to rest in peace ma. Your memory will live on in our hearts.
Posted by Skye Mbonu on 3rd October 2016
May her gentle soul continue to rest in peace...I am sincerely going to miss the way you call me ARIBOBO!!!
Posted by Hillary Nnaeto on 3rd October 2016
Still speechless...still heartbroken...still finding it hard to swallow the bitter pill...but one thing I know for sure " you are in heaven smiling down on us". Your memories are giving us the strength to proceed. We won't weep like the world, we only weep cos of the pain of your physical absence...we rejoice because as Jesus said, she's not dead, she's asleep! Keep resting in the bossom of the Lord. I love you ALWAYS.
Posted by Uche Nnenanya on 3rd October 2016
Tribute to (Mrs Mgbemena Nneka Rosemary) It was with shock beyond words that i received the news of your demise, it hit me hard and i must confess i am still finding it hard to come to terms with the new reality that you are no more with us. They say life is like a vapor, it comes and disappears in a short time, but I am glad i was able to be heated by the warmth of your affections, kindness and compassion. We truly cannot question the Supreme Creator, for all He does is perfect and works for greater good in the end, so I am sure that He has called you home for the best. I recall i met you through your son (Nnamdi) back in 2011 and how you took me in as one with him, how you made me feel as part of the family. I do wish you would have lived longer and overcome this sudden illness, but i am gladdened and grateful for the huge impact you had on me and those who were fortunate to come in contact with you, and i am confident that you are showing the same kind of kindness where you are right now, making everyone, even angels feel warm and comfortable. It is our loss, but a gain also, as we endeavor to continue in the legacy you laid down. May your soul find rest eternal and we are confident we will meet again in the end with everlasting joy, never to part again. Go well Mummy, I will never forget you or cease to love you, as i cherish your memories.
Posted by Ugochimelu Eze on 3rd October 2016
Who am i to question our Lord Almighty the Creator. The Lord took you because your asistance was needed in Heaven to interceed for your family and loved ones. RIP Aunty Rose Mgbemena.
Posted by Ngozi Edu-Okpala on 3rd October 2016
Sister,I never know that August.2016 would be the last time I will see you on earth,i was shocked when I heard the news but one thing I know is that you will resting in the Lord,Rest in Peace sister until we meet to part no more,we will miss you especially Mama Rosa
Posted by Julius Anozie on 2nd October 2016
I hear your voice ever clearly in ears As you never failed to called me bro Julius with that ever pleasant smiles, And ever encouraging me to be the best. I still see your face with a beautiful gilt, still seems a joke how you left without even giving us a sign. It is still difficult to grasp, I lack word to eulogize you, because words truly cannot fully or even partially describe you, its only felt not said. I sing this hymn for you as I bid you farewell For all the saints who from their labors rest, Who Thee by faith before the world confess, Thy name, O Jesus, be forever blest, Alleluia! Alleluia!...
Posted by Ifunanya Mgbemena on 2nd October 2016
Time I believe will heal this huge wound I have in my heart.. I have a lot to say mum but I will conclude with this promise... I will leave to make you Happy and continue in the legacy you created... Sleep well Obim... Your friendship I truly treasure, it's value no one can measure. Your Nwanyi Malogu Ifunanya
Posted by Seun Ejiade on 2nd October 2016
Never had the privilege of meeting you.....but I met your son at d nysc camp dat year and we became fast friends, largely because he was so so friendly. I'm convinced you lived an impactful life as is evident in the way you raised Nnamdi and I pray God grants you eternal rest.
Posted by Anderline Ezeala on 2nd October 2016
Rest in peace ma. I do not know you or your son personally but the lil love I hv seen him display on fb,I can imagine how sweet u were. I understand how he feels because I hv been there and till after 6 years of losing my mom I cnt stop feeling that way. Mother's care is what I always yearn for. I pray the people you left behind will learn to grow stronger I the Lord.... miss you mom. Stay well
Posted by Chukwuebuka Okafor on 2nd October 2016
The only hope I have is that you are in a better place where there is no pain, no tears, no sorrow but everlasting joy.... I thank God for the life you lived on earth, for the lives you've touched... We sure miss you Ma. Keep resting in the Lord.

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