her Life


Neecie-Boo was an amazing friend to have.  When her light shone on you, she could make you happy or sad or mad or whatever it was she felt like that day haha.  Her joy was the best though, her boundless joy at times.  She was always expressive, and bubbly.  She could make anyone happy if she wanted to. 

Nyssa cared for the people she loved.  Often bringing their pain into herself.  She would have shielded anyone she cared for from pain.  And she hated to see anyone's feelings get hurt.  No one got bullied when Nyssa was around ( unless she was being the bully **poor Nathan**)


Nyssa Elizabeth Repella was born on June 28th,1988 to Mark and Terri Repella.   She had two older brothers Nicholas and Nathaniel, whom she loved very much.  Her parents jobstook her family around the country.  They lived in Tennesee, Pennsylvaia, and Michigan during her childhood.  As a result Nyssa grew into a bubbly dynamic personality who made friends with ease.