This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Olayinka Asagba. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Oyebola Oyeniyi on April 19, 2022
My dear cousin, it's now 1 year on since you have left our world to be with Christ in glory. There is not a day that goes by that i don't think about you, It all seems so unreal that you are no more with us......gone you may have, but you will never be forgotten. Continue to rest in peace and may the perpetual light of God shine on you always!!! I pray for your husband and children that they find comfort in knowing that you are with the Lord now and singing with the Angels...Rest rest now beautiful one and let your smile live on in our hearts...!!!!
Posted by Ejiroghene Adetiba on April 18, 2022
Sis Mi,

It is a year already that you left us. We still feel your absence strongly, but we are consoled that you are resting in Gods love. I continue to pray for Pastor Ope and the children for God's unending comfort everyday in Jesus Name. Amen. Keep soaring with the angels till we meet to part no more. Amen
Posted by Tolani Ajao on April 18, 2022
A Year Already & it still feels so unreal. It is well Keep Resting Mama❤️❤️ I’ll never forget you
Posted by Tolani Ajao on April 16, 2022
Happy Posthumous Birthday Mama❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for being an Angel Always ❤️ we love and miss you dearly  ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by T O on April 15, 2022
Happy Birthday Sis,

You are sorely missed
Posted by Olabanji Alabi on April 15, 2022
Happy Posthumous Birthday Boss…… Thank you for always telling me what’s wrong and what’s right, and thank you for helping me on the path to life. She gazes in the sky and Shining on us like a FOREVER-SHINING SUN, She lives-on in Us and She never left Our Stories, forever,
Thank you Mentor! We Missed You
Posted by Imade Edward on April 15, 2022
Olayinka darling. Happy posthumous birthday. I missed you dearly. I still can't believe you were gone. I find myself asking several questions with no answer. My friend and sister. Keep resting in the bossom of our Lord!!!
Posted by Nene Tenabe on April 15, 2022
Dear Sis, Happy posthumous birthday! I remember you each day and sometimes forget you are no longer here on earth. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord Yinka. I miss you so much.
Posted by Ejiroghene Adetiba on March 25, 2022
Sis mi, you are fondly remembered always. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord, till we meet to part no more.. Still looks like a dream and it is almost a year.

Continue singing with the Angels
Posted by Oyebola Oyeniyi on March 19, 2022
My lovely and beautiful cousin, I would never have thought that last year Jan to April 2021, will be last that i will get to speak with you and thinking about you just brings tears to my eyes I still can't believe that you are no more with us..I pray you continue to rest in peace and May the Lord continue to bring comfort to your Family as they remember you nearly one year on
Posted by T O on March 18, 2022
Olayinka, your memory is blessed.

You are greatly missed.
Posted by T O on November 18, 2021
Dear Sis,

Thinking of you fondly. I watched one of your Karaoke videos. You were so happy and full of laughter and joy.

I'm sure you are singing and dancing iwith the angels

7 months gone but never forgotten
Posted by T O on September 18, 2021
We continue to miss you Sis,

5 months gone just like that.....

Keep resting
Posted by Ebunoluwa Akintoye on August 17, 2021
I still find it hard to believe you are no longer on this side with us. May God Almighty grant your soul eternal rest. Amen
Posted by Omotolani Ajao on July 23, 2021
I think about you Everytime
But I choose to just celebrate your impact & not be sad. I love u mama❤️ Keep Resting 
Posted by Gloria Ehims on July 21, 2021
Olayinka, my friend, my sister, my confidant. Ajinkuze(as popularly called by my hubby).

It's been 3 month you left us. I truly miss you. Still don't believe you are gone. I couldn't bring myself to write anything till today...

I still find myself calling your line several times.

Rest on sis.

You are truly an amazing soul. I love you.
Posted by Ejiroghene Adetiba on July 18, 2021
Sis mi, its 3 months since you left this sinful world. I trust that you are resting with Jesus. May God Almighty continue to comfort your family and all others you left behind. Amen
Posted by T O on July 18, 2021
It's been 3 months, we all miss you so much.

Still hard to believe. We hold on to the memories we have.

Rest well Sis
Posted by Toheeb Bakare on June 3, 2021
You are sorely missed Mrs A.

May Allah in His infinite mercies grant your gentle and peaceful soul eternal rest in paradise.

You were a wonderful human.

Sleep well sis.
Posted by Joshua Babatope on May 13, 2021
It was a rude shock hearing of your passing Yinka! What a loss. Still don't comprehend and have yet to come to terms with this...but God knows best. It was wonderful knowing and working with you. God will uphold and comfort the family you have left behind.
Posted by Tessy Gusim-Ndasule on May 5, 2021
Today, i finally pick up courage to write this tribute, it has been so surreal and i kept waiting for that phone call to say, it was all a joke. I summoned courage to join the service of songs via zoom but it still felt unreal till the following day, when i joined the funeral service and saw the casket and when it was time for those present to pay their last respect and the casket was opened, i lost it and started screaming, Yinka is really gone, i put a call to Ify in the UK crying and all i kept saying was "Yinka, is really gone".

W met in 2002 in Jos (funny how we are both Jos people and even share some common friends but our paths never crossed) as colleagues in Intercontinental Bank. Jos branch opened in February 2002 and i joined a month later from UBA, met you and Ify as the two ladies in marketing. We hit it off immediately, the three of us became inseperable, we became sisters, we will work, gist, hang out, vent, tease each other and even make the same hair at Chineme's place always. Mr. Ikima nicknamed us "The three musketeers" and we later became four, Omasan joined the branch and was our younger brother and will keep us updated with happenings in the branch while we were out. You were the crazy one among us, warm, caring, funny, mischievous, hard working and you Loved God, our prayer warrior and fellowship leader at the early morning fellowship before work commences. Our organiser, i remember the year you suggested we make our Christmas hampers for customers ourselves instead of contracting it out, Alhaji (Our Manager) agreed and viola, we went shopping and had very rich hampers and saved money for the branch, Alhaji was so pleased with it. Those lunch dates at Beach Restaurant, Juice and Grillade then, Rich bite and the nights out at Afri one and sometimes just the suya and balango spot beside the branch. It was so much fun, remember when Mr. Tor, our head of marketing gave an order that three of us should never go out marketing together or even for lunch, we all had cars by then and we will agree on where to meet for lunch and each of us will drive there and have lunch together and then come back at different times.

Then, Ify got married and was transferred to Lagos, but we still remained close and will chat via intranet with her. Some months later, you got married too and moved to Lagos as well, the branch was never the same again for me, and i was left with the naughty and mischievous Omasan but we were still in touch and will chat almost daily. A year later, i also got married, both of you came to Kaduna for my wedding, Ify with her baby of some few months and you pregnant with your son, such sacrifice. I don't wear make up but you insisted i had to on my wedding day and amidst the protest from me and Ify laughing all the way, you applied my make up and i loved it. Work, husbands, children and all the pressures of life didn't stop us from been in touch, we will talk about our work, challenges, plans and encourage each other, share our joys and successes and all, you were always making it light with your jokes, you were such a blessing and always positive. You were always supportive and encouraging whenever i will complain about my business and all the challenges, you were supportive all the way. You will call me, Tesssyyyy and later Mrs. Ndasuleee, stressing it always. and ask 'Where are you'

The three of us remained close and had a group chat page for "Us three" and kept in touch regularly, i had an issue with my phone and was off Whatsapp on the 15th which was your birthday and also 16th which was Ify's birthday. We would chat and send our birthday wishes to each other on our birthdays and do all the catching up and so i knew i will have lots of messages to read from the chats for the two days but said i will call you on Friday, the 16th and then decided to wait till Saturday, when you will be off work, so we could gist. I never got to make that call and had you on my ind all through Sunday for no particular reason and i have been beating myself up for not making that call. When i got a call from Ify at 7:03am on Monday, the 19th, i smiled because i thought she was going to harass me about not been online and wondering where i was and what i have been doing, i was not prepared for what i heard and didnt even understand how that was possible, i kept asking questions she had no answer for in my confused state. I am still trying to understand.

Yinka, Yinkus, Kuruzi, Mrs. Asagba, our friend, our sister, a beautiful soul, with that warm and infectious smile and like i will say, the toothpaste advert dentition. Its of course not good bye but see you on the resurrection morning, love you so so much. For Ope, your love and your beautiful kids, David, Kintan and Demi, you now have an additional angel watching and guiding you. The Lord will see you through this.
Posted by Abdul Razaq on May 4, 2021
I’m in shock !
I just learnt about your departure a moment ago, almost two weeks after, upon my occasional bank inquiries !

I had looked forward to a brisk but warm chat in Hausa and get business done with your usual signature dispatch. But no more!

I can only say we have lost a most caring, diligent and outstanding professional who was always there to serve and resolve issues with a smile. You always went the extra mile

To your husband and three promising children, l pray them fortitude in the memory that you were an amazing lady of grace , honour and loved by all.

Rest In Peace.. Sai wata rana!
Posted by Samuel Okosun on April 30, 2021
Rest Well! YINKA!
Rest well in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Rest well in His strong tower where the gates of hell can never prevail.
Rest well in His Kingdom where the Angels continually sing Halleluyah
Rest well in your father's mansion witth so many rooms.
Rest well in His presence full of opulence and wealth.
Rest well in His dwelling place free of rancour, animosity and struggle.
Rest well, holding hands with His Angels
Rest well in eternity.
Adieu Yinka. ! Rest in peace!!
Posted by Oyebola Oyeniyi on April 30, 2021
Bola kekere as i have always known you by. We grew up together and have always been close, until i left for England in 1990. She's not just my cousin but my little sister.

I remember during the secondary school holidays, we were always looking forward to giving each other sweet gist about secondary school life.

We where always seen together. I also remember you loved playing the Piano and you were good at it.

Bola was one of the kindest and special person, i was privileged enough to grow up with. Talented, funny, alway smilling and ready to lend a helping hand.

Our last conversation was about the forms that we need to fill out for Mum account you where handling for us, those forms never get to reach you, how sad.

We also spoke about when you will be coming over to England. It all seems like yesterday.

I am deeply saddened when i heard the news that you had left us so soon when life has just began for you.  My heart is filled with tears and broken that i will never get to speak with you again.

I want to say a big thank you for making my stay with your family (Koku) worth while despite the hardship. I will forever treasure those memories.

Bola kekere although we can no longer hear your voice or see your smile no more, your memory will always be with us.

A light has gone from our lives a voice we love is still.  We wish God could have spared her life if just for a few more years.  Sleep well my sweet sister until we meet again in glory.

I pray that the family you have left behind receive strength from God above.

I love you with all my heart.
Bola agba alias (Agbalagba-Bulagin)

Posted by oluwayomi atoloye on April 29, 2021
Olayinka Mobolaji Asagba, you were not just a boss, you were a big sister to me. You were so caring, thoughtful and your smile...your smile could heal, it was always soothing. God knows why you had to leave so soon, you left too soon sis. I pray for your beautiful family, may God strengthen your husband and uphold your children. Till we meet to part no more. Rest in God's bossom.
Posted by Tochukwu Ekwonna on April 30, 2021
My role model. Support system. Boss. Sister. Friend. Confidant. Kai! So a day would come when I would call and you wouldn't pick up???

You deposited a lot in me during my short stay. Your love for me was like magic! My colleagues wondered the secret. It was bewildering. And your rebuke was always from a place of love.

Everything you loved, you loved so much. Your family? Your job? Your colleagues and friends? Me??? Your love for Jesus was out of this world.
My respect grew when I studied and observed that you were even more angelic when no one watched. You always lived your life with the portrait and precepts of Christ in view.

I remember when we would ride home EVERY NIGHT AFTER WORK crooning Nathaniel Bassey's tracks. I would supply soprano while your alto never failed. We literally ate up every gospel music that played our way.

Sitting beside you at the office, I watched and wished to become a woman like you.

When I got the news, my heart was literally ripped in agonising pain. I

Jesus help me!

Aunty Yinka, I love you so much ❤
It hurts to say I'll miss you...

I can't send you love and light anymore because you dwell in them now.

If it pleased God to have you back at this time, who then are we?

Adieu mama...
I love love love you soooooo much

May God grant your soul eternal rest and abide with your family now and evermore.

Till we meet on that sure Resurrection morning.
Posted by Collins Okwor on April 29, 2021
Yinka, it was nice knowing you. Your were beautiful inside and outside. Always smiling and was really cool. It’s sad you had to go. But we all will leave someday. A reminder to live our lives like it’s the last and be ready when our creator calls. Rest In Peace my sister. It was nice having to share some time of your life with us at Jos. You will be missed.
Posted by Omolara Ismail on April 29, 2021
Olayinka , I still can’t come to terms with your passing . I can’t seem to comprehend the fact that you have left . You left unannounced , not a good bye , no sign , nothing to prepare us for this . You were so smart, intelligent dependable , dedicated , passionate , reliable , loyal , respectful , polite , warm , pleasant , sweet , friendly and most of us Godly . Anyone who met you would be struck by one thing which is a kind of warmth you exude which is rare. I have a met only a few people who leave such a positive impression like the one you left . I miss calling my “Olayinka” I miss hearing “I have a plan , don’t worry “ you always had a way with words , you knew how to calm people down even when the nerves are flaring . Your smile was so soothing . Everyone that had met you take away one thing ; the lady with an infectious smile . God must have a reason to take you away so soon . No one can fill the void your passing has created . You are so unique . I heard a lot of the tributes and I agreed with what everyone said about you . I wished you stayed longer so we could thank you for all you do and also try to love you back the way you loved us and cared for us . My colleague , sister and friend , I pray for God to forgive you your sins and find you a place at his right side . Your children and husband and siblings , May God comfort and strengthen them . For GTBANK and retail island division, we have lost you but the heavens has gained you . We appreciate you , love you and will continue to pray for the repose of your soul . Olayinka Asagba, I miss you already .
Posted by Obinna Ojiako on April 29, 2021
I remember waking up to see a changed group name annoucing your very sudden passing....we just celebrated your birthday a few days ago?? I choose to remember my very polite, ever smiling, kind and brilliant "glasses" wearing former classmate in far away Jos....JSS1D.

Rest in the Lord's Blossom Yinka and I pray that the Holy ghost comfort your family in this very difficult time.

Posted by Harriet Otomiewor on April 29, 2021
Such a gentle soul.Rest on in the bossom of the Lord..We will miss you sitted gently in your choice corner in Church (JP)
Posted by Midun Adegbayo on April 29, 2021
Yinka my able RM at GTB Marina Branch. As a new RM in the SME Division , though we weren't in the same Division your work ethic and advise were invaluable to me. I learnt so much from you. Yinka you will be missed. I pray that the good Lord in his infinite mercy will console you family. I will miss you.
Posted by Ope Olawore on April 29, 2021
Yinka... I am still short of words. When I heard I could not believe it. I had just spoken to you two weeks ago... I wonder so what if I was not able to speak to you. You were a wonderful, calm, caring boss. You took interest in me as a person not only at work. You helped me to grow and I am grateful to have met you.

May God give your loved ones peace and comfort.
Posted by Elijah Adetimehin on April 29, 2021
We are lost for words to express how great we think of you. We don't know how to express what your love meant to us. We miss you. Good night sister.
Posted by Felix Ihe on April 29, 2021
Our hope is beyond this life... Rest in Peace Yinka.
Posted by Olayiwonuola Okikiola Sol... on April 29, 2021
Dear Yinka it's so shocking that you have left us so soon,a sad day to behold. I pray for the family to take heart for the loss. Rest in peace dear friend, colleague and school mate,till we meet at Jesus feet sun re o
Posted by Johnson Fat on April 29, 2021
Rest in peace Yinka
Posted by Peter-Thomas Babajide on April 29, 2021
Dear Yinkus with the ever lovely smile. This is hard to believe. Really sad that you're no more with us. I'll take solace in knowing that your beautiful and happy soul is already in heaven with the Angels. Rest in Peace dear Sister.
Posted by Peter Iyoko on April 29, 2021
Adieu Yinka, your smiles will forever remain in our hearts. It may seem you left us too soon, but I believe you are in heaven where pains and sorrow you can't find. We miss you all but the comfort we have is that you are a gain to heaven.
Rest in peace our dear Yinka
Posted by Jide Lemom on April 29, 2021
Wow Its still a shock. You will truly be missed. I never got to see you after we left Jos but through the forum we kept in touch. Sun re o Yinka we will definitely find comfort in the good memories we shared
Posted by Ayo Rodah on April 28, 2021
A light stronger than the winds from our lives is gone
A voice deeper than the seas we loved is still
You left us far too soon
But your memories will always be in our hearts
You are always loved and never would be
May your soul rest peacefully in God’s blossom.
Posted by Chidinma Echibuogo on April 28, 2021
Mrs. Ezike, as you would fondly call me and ask about my husband because you were convinced I was the wahala person.

Your exit from this vain world shook me to my bone marrows.I will miss you greatly ma.

Rest in peace ma.We will meet again on the resurrection morning
Posted by Olabanji Alabi on April 28, 2021
Today, however, we have the privilege of celebrating someone who epitomizes leadership...someone whose life reflects a heart of service and commitment to faith, family, friends, and Farewells are sad, so instead of saying goodbye, I’ll focus on the positive. Working with you has been truly delightful and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity.It is written, “it is appointed for man to die once and after this, judgement.” But this we pray; that mercy reigns over judgement. Wishing you a blisful rest in eternity Mrs A
Posted by ikenga francis on April 28, 2021
It's still like a shock to Me to learn about your departure. But God knows the best, may all your sins be forgiven and may you have enternal rest. Goodbye till we meet and part no more.RIP
Posted by Lara Yusuf-Olukotun on April 27, 2021
Yinka, may you continue to rest in the blossom of the Lord. May He uphold the family you left behind and I pray the good deeds you spread around in your lifetime come back in multiple folds to be continuous blessing to your family.

Adieu Yinka.
Posted by Dayo Joshua on April 27, 2021

You were full of life. Always smiling. We have come to the conclusion that God loves you more. You have joined the Angels singing to His Glory. Adieu.

May your gentle Soul Rest in Peace and May He grant Opso and the Kids the gratitude to bear this huge unexplainable loss.
Posted by MultiTobias Olabisi on April 27, 2021
Gone but never to be forgotten. I pray God will comfort the wonderful family you have raised and nurtured. We'll miss you. Rest in peace.
Posted by Yemi Ejidiran on April 27, 2021
Yinkaaaaaa. Why ?????

I heard this morning and naturally devastated beyond words .
My meeting was stalled because you were beyond compare and such a loss can only be regarded as monumental and a stunner. 

Indeed GT BANK lost a gem !!!!!!

At Marina branch you have been my account officer since Yr. 2008 (or thereabout) and your diligence, commitment to duty , excellence, honor, professionalism and exceptional customer Service stood you out and naturally qualify GT bank as my No 1 Bank..... amongst others........ Just because of you Mrs. Olayinka Asagba . 

Sleep in the bosom of our Lord God almighty Olayinka.

You will be remembered for your selfless service and dedication to the interest of your customers and the values of GT bank.

I pray that God almighty grant your husband, children and the entire family of GT bank the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Posted by Yemi Abioye-Bello on April 27, 2021
Dearest Kuruzi - This is so painful and such a difficult loss. Now you belong to the ages and forever will be missed.
Posted by omolara martins on April 27, 2021
Today ... You would have harassed me to celebrate my birthday...waoooo...I will miss you indeed " my dear sis" thank you for encouraging all the time when we get bashed..not to loose faith, not to be are a darling
Posted by omolara martins on April 27, 2021
Waooo...not in my wildest dreams will I ever thought that a day will come I will write this about you. Life indeed is transcient. Yinka you were vast, deep and indeed you touched lives. We sat together every mpr or weekly meetings, you were my who will call me ' Lara lee".. who will say Ore mi were indeed caring that am ashamed that I don't know too much about you but you know about me...from Marina to Ikoyi to St. Greg's...You have gone before us, leaving the vanity of this world behind served God. May God comfort your family...till we meet at the lord's feet...we will see again sis....
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Posted by Oyebola Oyeniyi on April 19, 2022
My dear cousin, it's now 1 year on since you have left our world to be with Christ in glory. There is not a day that goes by that i don't think about you, It all seems so unreal that you are no more with us......gone you may have, but you will never be forgotten. Continue to rest in peace and may the perpetual light of God shine on you always!!! I pray for your husband and children that they find comfort in knowing that you are with the Lord now and singing with the Angels...Rest rest now beautiful one and let your smile live on in our hearts...!!!!
Posted by Ejiroghene Adetiba on April 18, 2022
Sis Mi,

It is a year already that you left us. We still feel your absence strongly, but we are consoled that you are resting in Gods love. I continue to pray for Pastor Ope and the children for God's unending comfort everyday in Jesus Name. Amen. Keep soaring with the angels till we meet to part no more. Amen
Posted by Tolani Ajao on April 18, 2022
A Year Already & it still feels so unreal. It is well Keep Resting Mama❤️❤️ I’ll never forget you
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Shared by Glory Ilesanmi on April 24, 2021
Seeing your picture I think it is a mistake. You still live on. I do not know  much about you, but l know of your smiles. You are never stingy with smiles. I can still see how you respond each time I greet you. Sister sleep on. Good night !good night !!good night!!!.