Posted by Edwin Bako on May 11, 2021
A mother is almost always protective of her children. You were no different but much more. You did your best to make sure we had everything.
You showed us love and taught us love. Yours was always about peace and you brought us up that way.
Memories of you in my childhood days were the excellent meals, the breads & the “medemedes”. The need to be diligent & upright. You encouraged us to be compassionate & loving. These were the very same virtues you extolled that became the hallmarks of your life for which you were recognized.
Your life with grand-pappy J (your husband, our father) was exemplary and we all practically copied and pasted!! No wonder he couldn’t you but call you Sweet Olivia.
Deola and I were making plans for your return to Abuja but alas, the Almighty had bigger plans. I thank God for your life and what you meant to many people while alive. To God be the glory. I will always miss you and you will forever be in my heart.
Edwin Bako
Posted by Betty Adepoju on May 10, 2021
Mama, you impacted my life in no small measure which I was never opportuned to receive  from any of my biological sisters. Having made me a complete professional graduate, you never failed to instil the qualities of a complete woman into me.
Your love for family values as one united front cannot but be mentioned which you did not lack in introducing your children to all corners where you are related. This has gone a long way in my life too and same in the life of your children (My cousins).
Sleep well my beloved Auntie.
May your soul rest in perfect peace ma.(AMEN).

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