Let the memory of Our Mother be with us forever.
  • 80 years old
  • Born on October 12, 1938 in Ikere, Ikere Ekiti, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on July 18, 2019 in Ife, Ile Ife, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our mother, Olukemi Regina Akomolafe, born on October 12, 1938 and passed away at the age of 80 years old on July 18, 2019. We will remember her forever.

Mama Titi as many refer to her, has been a pillar to our family. Till death, she was married to our father, Dr G.O. Akomolafe for 56 years.

Through her life, she showed us what grace really means by never holding a grudge against anyone. She had a heart of forgiveness that we will always remember and work to emulate.

Please join us in celebrating her life and we welcome you to share your tributes and memories.

Mommy loved everyone and her generous heart is unmatched.She is survived by her Husband, our father, many children and an abundance of grand children and great grand children. She was a mother to all. 

Funeral Arrangements are as follows:

Wednesday, November 27th - Service of Songs and Night of Tribute at the house in Eleyele, Ile-Ife. Time will be at 4pm.

Thursday, November 28th - Commendation Service at their Church in Ile-Ife (address to come later) Time will be at 10am.

Thursday November 28th - Wake Keeping and Lying in State at the house in Ikere-Ekiti. Time will be at 5pm.

Friday November 29th - Funeral Service, Interment and Reception in Ikere-Ekiti. Proposed start time is 11am.

Thank you for all your support but we encourage you to celebrate our mother, not in grief but as a shinning example rejoicing in how she lived her life. If you really want to get to know the woman we call our mother, read Proverbs 31: 10-31. That is our mother all her life!
Posted by Ada Nwankwo on July 23, 2019
Dear aunty Titi’s mumy, i May not have known you but I have known your work and your fruit which is your daughter
Thank you for your labour on earth , we know you are resting in the Lord which is the joy and peace we have, Thank God for eternal life
Posted by Gbenga Akomolafe on July 23, 2019

It took me a while to really accept that I won’t be hearing your voice on the phone ever again, saying those comforting prayers that allow me to continue to pave my path through life. You have always been my super woman. I have always admired your boldness to speak out for what you believe in, to speak up for others, to always say what’s on your mind without apprehension. Even with your show of strength, you were also generous at heart, easily forgiving. You opened your heart to the world around you.

As you would say, one should not sit around like a hermit - You not only ventured out into the world, you infused yourself into the lives of those you encountered in your journey –the neighbors, the market women, the church members and their families. You did make one big family that extended beyond your blood line, and that was easy, because that’s your nature, you are a people person.

As a wise man one said, ‘A bone to the dog is not charity, charity is the bone shared with the dog when you are just as hungry as the dog’. You truly gave from what you had, not your surplus. I remember you tried several times to open shops to sell things, but we all knew you normally just give the shop items away, and you would say the customer had no money, and really needed the item that was gifted. Looking back now, I realize while we were looking at the math of profits, you were giving someone hope.

I thank God for the life you lived. The lives you touched in your unique way. And I pray that as we continue on our journey, we can pause at the bus stops of life to reflect on how you helped people around you, and be able to extend that gesture to those we meet as well.

Eye RO, O di sin
Posted by Elizabeth Akomolafe on July 23, 2019

As I sit here reflecting on memories of you, it's hard to decide where to start from. You were strong and persistent in everything you believed in. From the time we interacted before I became a part of the family through the times we spent together during visits to help with post deliveries, all those stories you told me... everyday we spent together.

I remember your prescription lists you got from tv shows and commercials throughout the day and you would give to Gbenga in the evenings telling him the tv doctors recommended them for you to buy... Lots of fun memories with you Iya.. many more I hold dear to me.

I want to say Thank you, for the weekly calls to confirm we had spoken with my mum, Mummy and Daddy Apapa every week, for all the Ori oke prayers you went for on our behalf. Thank you for staying with us for about a total of a year on both occasions when we needed help with post deliveries, for teaching me how to cook beans, for the big heart you showed the Jonahs, visits to Ilesha on our behalf and more.

This year on my birthday, you called me Aanu for the first time, it made me think a little, I mentioned it to Gbenga but we tried not to think too much about it, you always called me by my full name. I guess this is it. You are a RARE GEM AND I AM HONORED TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF YOUR LIFE.

Aanuoluwapo (Daughter-in-law)
Posted by Adefolakemi Palmer on July 23, 2019
What can I possibly say or write about a selfless woman? Beautiful in and out!
Growing up that was the only family I and my siblings knew because of Grandma's unwavering love towards my dad and which eventually was extended to my siblings and I.
Sundays after church, was never complete without dining and wining at her home from road 7 to road 23 and finally Eleyele. This was a routine for us and my cousins (The Akinshipes) for yearssss.

Grandpa and Grandma always made issues/challenges of life seem so easy once you get them involved..there lies a solution..a burden is lifted.

Mummy was so selfless, she will do anything, go the extra length for her own! She's an example of one i will refer to as "Olukoya" (defender, one who fights on your behalf). Let one teacher mess with her child in school, any school for that matter.. That teacher will know she has messed with the wrong child!
No one touches/messes with her own.
Her abode is what I will refer to as a "safe haven" because you will always feel safe, protected and loved.
You mess up in your father's house, just carry your bag and run to "Eleyele". That's it!
Mummy "General" because she was a mother to all. Kai! That house was never empty nor quiet. she always had people living there every minute from one relative's child to neighbor's child or church member! And this virtue you ingrain in your daughter.
Mummy's generosity is inimitable! I remember while staying with my Aunty Titi in Lagos and the house phone rings, after her usual greetings from the youngest to the oldest, mummy's conversation never ends until she tells me to tell my egbon not to forget somebody's child school fees, somebody's child getting married and the list goes on and on.
Is it her fashion sense? Tell your egbon the yellow shoe and bag oo !
Thank you for your love for all! I will miss your soothing voice and loving arms!.
Rest well mummy!!
Posted by Araoluwajomiloju Oluwagba... on July 23, 2019
Oh grandma, a woman with a great heart, a woman who accommodates all tribe and race, a woman with a kind, loving and forgiving heart.
You taught me a lot of lessons in life and i had a lot to learn from you especially in the aspect of marriage. Our deal was for you to live to 120 so you could see my children but the lord knows best, words can't express how much i will miss you, how you were genuinely concerned about me and everyone around you, how you never allow anyone disturb your grandchildren, how you smile at everyone.
Oh your smile , it is ever bright and always on your lips, even when you were extremely sick you kept smiling.
Grandma may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, till we meet at the bosom of the lord to part no more.
Posted by Yewande Tiamiyu on July 23, 2019
TRIBUTE TO A MOTHER INDEED.                   Mama,as I fondly call you,your passing on has no doubt left a hole in our heart,which will never be filled.I met you as Mama ni Ikere’s sister but you have for all my life brought a huge pleasure for my Late Dad and the rest of the family ,even more ,after the death of Mama ni Ikere.This singular act stands you out as a rare person who ever lived.As I mourn your departure I am consoled that you have lived a truly virtuous life.In this, I am satisfied that your place in the hands of God is guaranteed .Rest in peace .Mama.
Posted by Jumoke Koyejo on July 23, 2019
Mo nlo ile Iya Titi (I am going to Titi's mum's house) this was a regular sentence from my late mum. Praying together and making sure all their children become successful in life.

I really don't know where to start from. The role model of motherhood has gone to meet her creator.

Iya Titi, rest on.
Posted by Feyikemi Obayemi on July 23, 2019
My ever Wonderful and most Inspiring GRANDMA!
What can I ever write to capturize Grandma's personality!
Grandma's personality was a perfect description of a
Posted by Adebayo Mary Oluwadamilol... on July 23, 2019
Ohoooo what a life well spent; I met Mama 6 years ago at Seventh-Day Adventist Hospital Ile-Ife, she was a wonderful patient and that gave me the opportunity to know her family. She was a lovely Grandma, a rare gem that will surely be missed.
We love you, but God loves you most. Rest in peace Ma; may the Almighty grant the families of Komolafe and Marcualy great fortitude to bear this loss.
Posted by Sayo Odumosu on July 23, 2019
Mummy as always called by all both biological and adopted children including my humble self and my wife. I make bold to say that the journey was long and almost impossible to be captured in a piece. Mummy was a mother, a Barnabas ( an encourager of no match) a care-giver to all broken souls and a book that is opened to all. She opened her doors and heart to all and cared equally for all. She had laid the foundation upon which we are challenged to build on. Though the age is glorious but too short and sudden to part with you and your words.Your remembrance is always and forever. Rejoice with your friend (my dear mother) at the bosom of God Almighty and Continue to Rest In Peace. We remained your children. Sayo+Tayo Odumosu Abuja. Nigeria
Posted by Anjola Macaulay on July 23, 2019
My lovely grandmother where do I start? You always being a smile to my face whenever I was sad or angry. I am going to miss you call me anjiboy and you asking what I was going to eat every 5 minutes . You were always someone that cared for everyone like they were your own children. I am going to miss you smiles and when you challenge mummy for me.
I miss you soo much my fun, loving and caring grandmother you will ever be in my heart and I will tell my future wife about you
RIP grandma ❤❤❤
Posted by Nike Adebayo on July 23, 2019
Mummy as I fondly call her was a loving mother to all of us Titi's friends, she became my second mum the day I got introduced to her. She was a devout Christian who feared the Lord, a woman of prayers and faith with a heart of gold, my fashionista. She was a warm and kind hearted being to all, mummy, your memories will forever live in our hearts.
Your compassionate spirit never fail to amaze everyone that came in contact with you mum, you were a rare gem. You will be deeply missed Iya Titi, though we feel pains in our hearts, we know it was God's time.
Now that you are gone, our joy is that you lived a fulfilled life and are now resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus. May your loving soul Rest In Perfect Peace till we meet to part no more. Adieu Mum
Posted by Dimeji Oguns on July 23, 2019
During the very short moment I spent with you ma ,It made me know and realised you were such an amazing mother and grandmother to us . Mummy Regina Komolafe.You may have passed on, but your memories would always live on within us. Thank you for your sacrifices, your care and concern, your love and everything that you have done for the family and close friends . Wherever you are, I know you are in a much better place.

Sun re oooooooooo Mummy wa
Posted by Bola Akinyosoye on July 23, 2019
She was a very active woman, no dull moment, very cheerful and resilient. We sure miss her. God shall grant her soul eternal rest. Sun re o Mama
Posted by Ayo Fadugba on July 23, 2019
Shocked to my bones to hear of 'iya titis' passing.. Mmm sunn re o mummy. Greet your good friend Iya Ayo (Mrs Fadugba) when you get "there".

May God almighty give you eternal rest. May HE strengthen those Mrs Komolafe left behind. The journey of life continues. Ojo a jinan si ara O.

Stay strong Daddy Komolafe.
God bless

Dr Ayo Fadugba
on behalf of the Fadugba family
Posted by Adeoluwa Akomolafe on July 23, 2019
My mum, my first love... I still cant string the right words together, I am numb, my eyes get wet but the tears don't flow, I saw your lifeless body and something left me..I lived life somehow carefree cos I had you in my corner, I really do not know what tomorrow holds, still feels like a dream but its what it is mama, you lived life to the fullest, you loved all regardless of how they treated you, that nature I do not have and do not want, you taught me to be strong willed positively and I do not intend to disappoint you..You would frown at some actions but know I am just being YOU...

Who would call and say "Baby, Bawo ni"... You know I say I am a child of enjoyment; I was born exactly 9 months after your birthday; we still need to have a conversation around that, some day, some time, some place.... Love you mom and miss you like crazy......
Posted by Shomoye Macaulay on July 22, 2019
Hmmmm Mummy Ife,Iya Titi,Granma Ife................
I had to take a long walk this morning to put my thoughts together because there is so much to write about Mummy Ife. However today I will call her Mama Arike who I will describe as a strong willed, determined,never say No and in some cases a No Nonsense lady.Mummy says it as it is ,whenever and wherever she wants to say it.
When Arike and I got married it took some time to get used to sharing her with Mummy.She will call at least thrice a day asking Arike if she had eaten, what she ate etc .But when she cant reach Arike,she calls me and asks "Nibo lo fomo mi si ?" I always enjoyed teasing her by telling her that she will have to wait for another 48hours because Arike was at some meeting or the other. That is when I get her calling me Shoboy and that gets me to quickly try to get Arike to call her back.
Mummy Arike transferred this same level of love to not just my kids but to all her grandchildren, her in laws, children's friends and everyone around her in the neighborhood,church and everywhere she found hereself.
Family was very important to her.In fact I dare say she cared for all of us the same way.
Mummy Arike i will miss you but we surrender you up into the hands of our Lord where you have been given a special place in His Kingdom.
Sleep on
Posted by Akintunde Adebiyi on July 22, 2019
Tribute to a Matriarch
Mrs Regina Olukemi Mafolayomi Akomolafe
Mummy words cannot describe how sorely I miss you . But in a few words, you were a definition of Love. You loved so selflessly and this I personally enjoyed since I was a child and to the very end of your race on earth.
Death is a price we must all pay but I never knew it will come so soon. You always told me that your target was 120yrs but alas death came so soon.
Mummy mi many didn't believe you were not my biological mother because of your love, care, and how your loving arms always welcomed me.  Each time I step my foot into your home and i met you eating, the next thing is "Tunde, wa gba eran" . Treated me like a baby till her last breath!
You were an example of a woman of honour.  You touched so many lives. No one comes into your house without you feeding them or even meeting his or her needs.
You are indeed a perfect definition of a "Mother hen", who shields and overly protects her own!
Mummy you have fought a battle and you have finished a race.
Enjoy your well deserved rest Mummy!
Iku oro reda!
Isa oku isegun re da!!
Sun re ooo omo owa,omo ekun
Bami ki egbon re oo!
Posted by Saheed Oyinloye on July 22, 2019
Our Mummy,I never knew it will be so soon but I thank you for your care and love over me and my children.
Who will send us soup from Ile-Ife now?we have missed a rare gem.
   Gloria Akomolafe.
Posted by Saheed Oyinloye on July 22, 2019
O death where is your sting, O hodes where is your victory.A loving mother who always think of the future and has qualities that are more valuable than money.Her priorities in life all begin with God and her generosity to ALL marked her out as a SPECIAL MOTHER.She has been my eyes and ears and has continually encouraged and supported all my aspirations,even the absurd ones.She always says "Ma gbagbe Omo eni ti iwo image"(Don't forget the son of whom you are)
Iya Titi as fondly called,on behalf of my wife and children,we want you to know that we love you and appreciate all you have sacrificed to make us who we are today. "SWEET MOTHER"-You will forever be in my heart and your spirit will always be in me.
May Your Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace.
      Babade Akomolafe.
Posted by Mercy Oluwagbamila on July 22, 2019
 It is so painful to lose a dear mother like you. You were very caring, hospitable, tolerant and compassionate. In fact, words are not enough to describe your loving nature. Everyone that came in contact with you always had cause to smile. I cherish the legacy of self- sacrifice, kind-heartedness and generosity that you have left for us. I am deeply touched by your exit from this world however, I am comforted with the fact that you are resting in the bossom of the Lord where we shall meet to part no more. You shall be greatly missed.      
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.               Your daughter.
Posted by Kike Ojo on July 22, 2019
Forever In Our Hearts
I lost my Aunt, nay, my Mum, to the cold hands of death.
Does anybody know how it feels? It feels sore! Somebody you have known all your life! Somebody who was always there for you! Somebody you related to like your mother! I grew up knowing her and I started living with this great woman from the time I was nine years old until the day I got married. She and her amiable and iconic husband, Dr G. O. Akomolafe, contributed to who I am proud to be today. She was a loving disciplinarian!
I was an undergraduate but I dared not allow my boyfriend, then Dr Deji Ojo, drop me in front of our house in Arubidi. I pleaded with him to drop me two blocks away because my Aunty must not see me with a man, a car owner for that matter, unless I was sure it would lead to marriage!
We’re talking of Mrs Regina Olukemi Akomolafe, fondly called Mafolayomi by my father, her brother-in-law and father, Pa Daniel Olajide Adebiyi. She was my mother’s kid sister who lived with my mother until she too got married. Everyone who knows me would know Mama Titi!
Mummy always exuded love to and made herself available for the children of her siblings who had all passed on before her: Momo Susanna, Aba Natha, Eye Segbede (Tejumade), Ainti Bolaji... This now made her the last of the Mohicans! We’re all going to miss her loving kindness, her protective arms!
Mummy, even if you had lived to be one hundred and twenty years old, as you made us believe you would, I know you would still be sorely missed. The one and only Iya Titi! The one and only Mummy Road 23! A biological daughter of Ikere Ekiti but a bona fide indigene of Ile-Ife!
I know this woman, beautiful in and out, kind-hearted to a fault, nice beyond the call of duty, generous to all and sundry, fashionable till the very end! Mummy Mummy!
On behalf of myself, my husband and my children on whom you doted unreservedly, I say, “Sleep on beloved, we love you very very dearly. We’ll always remember your good deeds and you’ll forever have a special place in our hearts.
Good night.... Mummy dearest, Sleep well.....
Enjoy your well-deserved rest in the bosom of your Maker.
Mrs Kikelomo Ajoke Ojo.
Posted by Titilayo Macaulay on July 22, 2019
MAAMI !!!!!!
MamaTiti as you are popularly called but I call you Maami because you are a true mother and a role model.
It is often said that a mother’s heart is the child’s classroom. Mum you taught me through the years and I thank God for your life and what you represent. I struggled everyday to be like you.
Maami was a godly woman and I’m proud to be her daughter, for years I live my life with the assurance that mummy will be somewhere praying for me, until I had an encounter with Christ and I know how to pray myself. Maami can do any kind of fasting programme, go to any prayer mountain because of her children and grand children. Her faith in God is unmatched to the extent that she begins to tell us confidently that she will live to the age of 120yrs, she was so sure that you will think she has a contractual agreement signed with her creator.
Maami taught me endurance, never to quit no matter what. Growing up there were some hard times but through her example of endurance we learned to keep going even in the hard times. Whatever we are today and everything in our lives is from the small beginnings. I remember when everyone believed I was not good enough for a university education because I could not pass jamb. She believed in me and kept urging me to endure, work hard and succeed. Here I am today.
Maami also taught us to minister to the needs of others. Even when we don’t have enough she still gave to others who were in need than we were. She welcomed everyone to our house, our house was a home to the children in the community. In fact from my cradle to now we always have people that lived with us. She was generous and accommodating to a fault. My mum has an extraordinary ability to give love but was bold and fearless.
Maami’s heart of forgiveness is unrivaled, she hold no grudges, she is quick to forgive no matter the offense. After my mum’s death I said to myself that I need to make peace with a lot of people because that is what my mum would do.
Maami the fashionista, she takes care of herself, she has a routine every morning, what she puts on, her make up, what she eats in fact her usual phrase is “Olorun o da mi Shaka Shaka, mi o gbodo se ara mi Shaka Shaka” meaning “God created me beautifully so I must always be beautiful in and out”.
Mummy dotes on all her grandchildren so much that she spoils them, I thank God that you had an amazing time with all of them.
Maami, Eye RO, Mafola, Mi for mummy, mummy campus, mummy Rd23, Mama Titi these are the numerous names people call you and of course Iya Executive as you call yourself.
Mummy we wish that you stay longer with us but you deserved the rest. Your life has been with a lot of hard work, restlessness, endurance, pain etc so you need the deserved rest and we know you are resting in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Now you have gone, who will be my confidant? Who will be my counselor? Who will be my gist partner? Who will call me Arike three times a day? Who will always ask me are you ok? Have you eaten? What do you need? Do you have food at home? Who will tell me it’s ok everything will be alright? I know you gave your life for your children and grandchildren.
My mum was just too unique in every way. Maami you never said goodbye, you were gone before I knew it, and only God knew why. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place that no one could ever fill.
Maami is beautiful, softened at the edges, tempered with a spine of steel and a heart of Gold.
May your soul rest in perfect peace. I love you so much but God loves you more, see you on Resurrection day.
— Arike
Posted by Tina Akomolafe on July 21, 2019
Oh Mommy where do I start? As I am saddened that you are no longer here physically, I am rejoicing that you are resting well in the hands of our Lord. Mommy, even though we lived a world apart, you left me with so many wonderful memories and life lessons that I will cherish and reflect on forever. 

Thank you for immersing me in the Nigerian (Yoruba) culture; teaching me the language, how to cook the food and more importantly teaching me about the Nigerian traditions. No matter how bad my food turned out in the beginning you will always say “ E Ku Ise, my Daughter” - you have done well! It was your pleasantries and patience that pushed me to become better. Thank you.

Mommy, even through the tough times, your faith in God is what kept you hopeful and confident that everything would be fine and that’s what I really loved about you and hope to emulate in my own life. You were a true woman of God and your trust in Him was very strong.

I miss you dearly, but as Josephine said, you have been placed in all of our Hearts and your spirit will always be with us.

I love you Mommy and trust that your spirit is with us. Rest well.

Love from your daughter Mrs. Tina Akomolafe
Posted by Femi Akomolafe on July 19, 2019
My Dearest Mother,

You brought me into this world and though i was troublesome and caused you a lot of grieve, you never saw anything i did wrong. You never let me forget how long you were in labor during my birth or the fact that neighbors were shocked you were having another child after me but you loved me unconditionally.

I remember when a lecturer came home to report that i was speeding on Road One, you challenged the Professor and said if my son was speeding, you must have been speeding too.

Mommy, you were a precious gift from God, so much beauty, grace, love and patience that you possessed. You always remind me that its not worth it being upset with anyone even when they did you wrong. You touched my heart in so many ways, your strength and smile even on dark days made me realize I have an angel beside me.

Mommy, you heard God's voice telling you to come home but you tried to not leave us. You fought so hard and I was confident in your confidence that you will live until you were 120 years old. I had seen your fights and you loved us so much that you held on very tight until your strength was completely expelled and you could no longer hold on. Finally, you gave your hand to God and slipped away quietly from us without telling us goodbye.

Though my heart is heavy , i have accepted that you have gone to rest. You fought a good fight and touched so many people. You loved all and opened your heart to everyone even those you allowed to hurt you but you never wavered in your love for anyone.

Thank you for bringing me into this world and giving me all the values and examples you showed me and as you continue to live in my heart, I will always ask myself, what will my mother do in any situations and I know it will be to love unconditionally and expecting nothing in return.

You used to say, I won’t let any child kill me so they can put it in the obituary that the woman who never lived to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Well, you never lacked throughout the years and I am proud of all my siblings and I can say everyone stepped up in their own way and you did enjoyed the fruits of your labor and for that I am happy you are away from the craziness of this world.

One thing is guaranteed, no one is getting out of this world alive and till we meet again, I promise to keep your principles and attitude towards life at the fore front of my day to day living.

Your Forever - AboyFem!

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