This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Omolara Eniolorunda, 31 years old, born on October 21, 1989, and passed away on April 10, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Darey Ola on April 12, 2022
You are forever remembered mate. Sleep on
Posted by Jason Onyema on April 11, 2022
Can't believe it's been a year! Continue to rest in power
Posted by Cynthia Eleje on April 11, 2022
Hey Lara, we all miss you soo much!
Posted by Steven Ibrahim on April 10, 2022
It seems just like yesterday. Lara you are gone but your memories live on larger than life. Rest on on my dear friend.
Posted by Jason Onyema on November 11, 2021

You were a breath of fresh air! You were a force! No one who met you could ever forget you! I'm glad I met you and could call you friend and I'll never forget you. You were unapologetically yourself and the world was lucky to have you. Now heaven has you, but your memories remain. Rest well my friend.

Posted by Darey Ola on October 21, 2021
Happy Birthday Mate. You are remembered today and always. Have fun in heaven 
Posted by Steven Ibrahim on October 21, 2021
It sure seems like you just travelled Lara. Your memory is forever especially your laughter. You are remembered today like, always. Your Friend’s and family surely miss you. Happy posthumous birthday pikin.
Posted by iyanu oni on April 25, 2021
"You were the epitome of selflessness.

You were a warm person with a contagious laugh, a generous hug, a considerate person with thoughtful words.

Your departure is nothing short of gut wrenching. However, I can only hope you find peace that matches the warmth you showed to everyone around you; I pray you find joy that matches your generosity and above all, i pray for strength for the family you left behind.
Adios my dear friend...
Posted by Shola Ajisegbede on April 25, 2021
Hmmm! Omolara! An absolute Angel... You’re the definition of “True Friend” ... Always looking out for your own. ... The memory of Our trip to ilorin lives forever in my heart.. Rest In Peace My dear friend. Till we meet at Jesus Feet ❤️❤️
Posted by Enikepo Williams on April 25, 2021
Lara, you will surely be missed, you had a good sense of humor, so full of life and fun to be with, very respectful lady, I had super fun with you that last time I saw you in abuja, I keep saying to kemi, that I love lara's spirit. Heaven's has gained an angel . I have fond memories of Omolara, and I choose to celebrate a life well lived. A strong woman Omolara....Go well Angel Rest On !

Adeiu Omolara Eniolorunda
Posted by Steven Ibrahim on April 25, 2021
Pikin as I called her is an enigma. Words fail me to describe her. Heaven has really gained an angel I will miss your laugh and witty comments. Lara lives in our heart
Posted by Fira Anwuri on April 25, 2021
I choose to celebrate you Lara B my cake human. You were amazing and will be missed. I know you have only transcended. God Rest your soul.
Posted by Peju Jaiyeola on April 24, 2021
Met Lara in FGC Azare,I remember calling you ‘Baby Lara’ cos of how petite you were.Lara was ( can’t believe I am using was for you) so cheerful and fun loving.She had a large and accommodating heart. I loved your relationship with your sister.How do I forget that your bigger than life laughter. You sure live on Angel
Posted by Serah Morah on April 24, 2021
I didn’t get to know Omolara until I worked with her sister;Korede. I loved and envied their closeness. I learnt to be close to my younger sister through them. I know Omolara to be a very cheerful person and I admired the way she smiled and laughed. Korede was super proud of her, you would definitely know they were best friends... Omolara, I know you fought so hard, you won regardless. I know you are in a better place. Keep being the angel that you are.
Posted by Segs Akinpelu on April 24, 2021
'Aunty Lara'..That's what I call you. I remember always asking you to teach me the secret behind candy crush and you'd laugh and say 'it's a talent'...
I know you lived well. You enjoyed life. You are in a better place. May the LORD comfort and console the lovely ones you left behind.
Goodnight Aunty Lara...
Posted by Nasir Abdulkareem on April 24, 2021
You were a beautiful person, inside and outside, with a big heart.

I will never forget how you always wore a bright smile, it was fun and easy to be your friend because you were such a kind and wonderful person.

Our last goodbye was never said, but I am truly grateful to have known you! Heaven has gained an angel.
Posted by Adaku O on April 24, 2021

I know we always say to enjoy your life while you can and I know we did but now that you are gone it hurts like mad and that saying does not make it any better. If anything, it makes it hard to look back at all the memories and be reminded that we will not create new ones with you.

I don’t know if I have a video of you in it that does not include your laughter. 8 out of 10 times, you are either saying something funny or laughing. I don’t think words can fully describe how I feel. I really do wish you had more years to do this thing called life because you handled it so so well and spread joy and love to those around you. 

I miss you already and I pray that you are resting well cos you truly deserve the best even in the afterlife. Watch down on us and be a shinning star up there.
Posted by Adaeze Okoroafor on April 23, 2021
Lara, knowing you was knowing pure joy & happiness, our exchanges were consistently filled with laughter. Whenever I saw your status update I knew I was in for a good laugh, and you were this way with everyone else.

I told everyone around me how much I admired you and Your bestie’s friendship, only God knows how she and your family must feel right now, if I feel this crappy.

I pray God gives them the solace to bear your loss as he knows best why you are no longer with us. I hope you are somewhere better than this place because you deserve the best as you were an Angel on earth.

Goodbye for now my dear friend, you fought a good fight.
Posted by Oluwawumi Adegunwa on April 23, 2021
It's with a very heavy heart I write this.

I came to know you through my great pal, Tomisin. The news of your demise has left me wondering 'why'. that, I might not be able to answer till the last day!

Such a lovely soul you were, and it's so sad to lose you in such short time.

May the Almighty rest your soul safely in His bosom!

Either ways, you won!
Posted by Korede Yusuf on April 22, 2021
My colleague I sincerely know heaven has received a treasure. The only way I can
describe u is a fun loving and happy person.U remain a symbol of driving force to me and my colleagues.Omobabes as we fondly called u rest in d bossom of the lord. Till d day we meet again.
Posted by Chimereze Nwosu on April 22, 2021
What drew me to Lareni was her laughter, sense of humour and general vibe and we hit it off straight from day one. She's also generous and funloving. We have shared many laughs together and I always look forward to her status posts and IG comments cos they are sure to crack me up.

She's was a really good friend and I am proud to say I knew her and also contributed to her laughter and joy while with us. She will be missed and I know she will be watching over us...

God shall give her family and friends the strength and grace to bear this loss and I wish Lala safe passage to the great beyond!
Posted by Grace Vontau on April 21, 2021
This news came as a shock.. There can NEVER be another Lara. Your laughter always gave us Joy and keeps ringing in my head, your driving still trips me. You cared for us and tried to patronize our businesses, You made everything look simple, Easygoing and jovial. Zuma rock, Pascal’s place, 3km walk and evening hangouts would have never been fun without you. The way you appreciated everything and everyone around you taught me to do the same. Rest In Peace my friend it is well
Posted by Kene Adibe on April 21, 2021
My last memory of Lareni was sometime in 2020. It was at the Jabi Lake Mall and she was so happy to see me as we hadn't seen for a long time because of Covid. She accompanied me as I went shopping and we caught up on lost time. It was the last time I saw her. The constant and general recollection of Lareni is that of wide smiles, hearty laughters and jokes. Her sudden demise is heart-wrenching but this can't take away from the life she lived and the memory she left us with. So in the words of Paul, "Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever are things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think of these things". Death won't cast a gloomy cloud over the sunshine that she was. Thank you Lareni for being friends with me. Rest in the Lord's bosom.
Posted by Email Reply on April 20, 2021
It is still very surprising to me Lara. You are one of the most amazing person I have ever met. Your smile, your selfless attitude and even the aura of your presence around creates a good ambience that no light can dim.
I will always miss you Lareni. I look for your trouble alot and you still smile in all. That alone gives me good drive to chat with someone like you. You will really be missed Lara. Till we meet again. WS
Posted by Darey Ola on April 19, 2021
Dear Lara,
We became good friends because we share same birthday. You are one of the purest and realest person have ever met. Your attitude towards kingdom matters is worth emulating. Beautiful in and out. I remember how you would tell me to keep pushing and do what's best of me. I'm glad we share beautiful moments together before my departure to canada. I will forever cherish those moments. Continue to rest in the lord dear . I will miss you
Posted by Uncle Gerry on April 19, 2021
For all the moments I shared with you, you were always full of smiles and endearing hugs. One could easily tell that you loved life and life loved you. You were so easy to get along with, beautiful and smart. Only God knows why he to take you at this time and i know that you will keep smiling wherever you are and also put smiles on faces of all that is around you. Good night my friend, It was an honour!!!
Posted by Cynthia Eleje on April 19, 2021
It’s surreal you are no longer with us, I find it hard to believe. I have been stalking your Instagram page just to watch your pictures and videos and I still can’t believe you are now an angel. You fought a good fight Lara and you won. You gave a lot of people strength, you were a perfect example of a fighter. I will miss your smile; oh your vibes too whenever we hangout.
I am sure heaven is more joyful since you arrived.
Sleep well Larani.
Posted by Anne Enunwa on April 19, 2021
If anyone had asked me for the definition of joyful, I would have pointed at you because from the first day I met you to the last time we saw each other one thing was constant Lara, you exuded joy from your core.

The world is definitely a lot dimmer now that you're gone but one thing I'm sure of is that you're in heaven, laughing that your special laugh.

Rest in Peace Angel.
Posted by jackson okeri on April 19, 2021
Lara you're in a better place even if i cant deal with that fact yet. I know for certain the pain is gone except for us who miss you and will continue to do so. I find some solace in the fact that you touched lives and made an impact in everyone you came across.

You may have lived for a shortwhile but you made that time count. Rest on my dear amazing friend, I will miss you and will celebrate the life you lived. I will remember your selflessness, laughter and unique ability to take and make everything with humor.

It was a blessing to have shared earth with you, to have watched you laugh and shared laughter with you. Thanks for all the laughter you brought and for always being unapologetically you!

Soon we will meet to part no more. I hope the angels will be ready for us because we go rock heaven even God go laugh.
Posted by Oge Mendu-Nwankwo on April 19, 2021
The toughest thing I have had to do in a long time is say RIP under your photo. You were such an amazing human, vibrant and blessed with an infectious laughter.
You fought so hard to be here with us. Oh you fought!!! I admire your strength in the midst of adversity, your smiles while you fought. Remember the ass challenge photo we took while I climbed your big bum?? Its my favourite photo of us. Looking at that photo now, all I see is strength, no one would know you were fighting for your life while you had me climb your bum. Lara!!! I just can't do this. I can't .
I will definitely miss you alot. They say when we loose someone we love, we must learn not to live without them but to live with the love they left behind. I have found strength in the love you left behind and solace knowing that the pain is gone and you are resting in peace. FLY HIGH FIGHTER.
Posted by Ede Asa Samuel on April 19, 2021
Dear Omolara. I saw your pictures all over on my timeline. I never met you in person but I feel we would have been friends cos you seemed a lovely person who was close to a major chunk of my friends. Rest on angel. Keep smiling down on us from heaven.
Posted by TOLEFE NNEKA on April 19, 2021
Can’t remember ever seeing you without a smile, that infectious smile. You were a beautiful soul, so full of life, always dancing with such a hearty laughter. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Ibrahim Mazai on April 19, 2021
Such a beautiful soul. Shes a joy to the life of everyone who she comes in contact with. She has been a blessing and her heart is immense. She shares her love generously. You'll forever be missed. Rest on Lara.
Posted by Somadina Hilary on April 19, 2021
I never got a chance to meet Lara in person. We spoke just one over the phone and I was so sure she'd be an angel.
What is especially most endearing is the fact that even just knowing someone who knows her gives her personality off. Lara's personality is seen in the lives of those who were close to her.
My sincere prayers is for us to live each day with lovely memories and work hard to leave a similar legacy if not better.
Posted by Bodinga Boyiga on April 19, 2021
The short time I got to know you allowed me to understand the true beauty of being happy and staying jovial. Rest well in the blossom of peace and love.
Posted by Cynthia Uhia on April 19, 2021
What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day,one more word, one more touch,we may not understand why you left this earth so soon,so young, or why you left before we were ready to say good bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget. Your laughter rings in my head like a church bell, you will never be forgotten. Sleep well OMOBABE .

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Posted by Darey Ola on April 12, 2022
You are forever remembered mate. Sleep on
Posted by Jason Onyema on April 11, 2022
Can't believe it's been a year! Continue to rest in power
Posted by Cynthia Eleje on April 11, 2022
Hey Lara, we all miss you soo much!
her Life

Lara's first day in school back from the village

She was a very vibrant and happy child. Our parents just brought her back to Kano from the village where she was staying with Grandma. Inasmuch as we all stayed with grandma,she stayed a lot longer but exuded a lot of vocal aptitude and so much confidence for someone coming from the village. She was registered in the same school as we her siblings and on her first day after classes I went to pick my sister and she was so happy to see me, what was striking was that she actually knew her classmates name but she spoke to them in her dialect and while they laughed at her ,she cared less. She was just happy,she didn't speak English on day one but she caught on very fast .
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Shared by Gee Sphinx on April 22, 2021
Though our contact was brief, it was not possible not to have noticed how effervescent this young lady was. The shock of her passing got me thinking: why does God allow parents to bury their children? Why don't we exit in the order that we entered? But we cannot question God.
Lara, you are (and that is deliberate) a candle in the wind. Even though your light may have been blown out, it shines on in the hearts of those you touched with your readily available smiles.

Mr. Gersh.