Shared by Amos Britton on May 30, 2021
In 1989 I organized a meeting at the Tropical Springs Nightclub in Brooklyn, NY.        This special meeting was to promote EXPO 89, a venture I had orignated to focus on Guyana's products and businesses located here in New York. I had invited three speakers:
      1.      Guyana's UN Representative Hon. Rudy Insanally.
      2.      Former Guyana Police Commissioner Mr. Felix Austin.
      3.      President of Guyana Ex-Police Assoc. of America Mr. Oscar James.
I will never forget the way in which Oscar was able to connect with the audience in a most eloquent manner. He proudly spoke about Guyana, the Expolice Association and the upcoming EXPO 89. Oscar's sincerity, eloquence and exceptional delivery went beyond my expectations that evening. I will never forget the diligence and support he extended toward me and EXPO 89 which thanks to him and others was indeed a success.

I consider myself most fortunate to had the opportunity to have known such an intelligent, sincere and reliable man who I am proud to say was not only my friend but also my "BROTHER FROM A DIFFERENT MOTHER."

Amos A. Britton.

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