KNight in shinning armor..

Shared by Jessika Stanley on January 6, 2010

I remember fighting him on Menlato like two weeks before his departure... I jumped through the car window and punched him in his mouth he jumped out and picked mi up and threw me on the grass i was amazed at his strength then we wrestled until it was time for me an dTav to clave ova the stove for his prawns.. he was such a spoiled brat...

Mi Brother

Shared by Jessika Stanley on January 6, 2010

DOnt have any chocolate chip cookies in  your house because he was the cookie monster... lol.. WHen ever he came to my house he would go straight to the kitchen and bake all our cookies he would not even eat regular food.. I got a lifetime supply and we dont even eat em its like we got used to buying them for him and now he cant even eat them.. missing my brother like crazy..

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