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Cant still believe you're gone...

June 6, 2013

Brother Akin was what I grew up to know you as even when you became Pastor from FUT Minna rhema campus fellowship to Rhema Church to House on the Rock, Abuja I still found it hard calling you Pastor Akin because somehow it felt distant. Your loving kindness, gentleness, meekness, driving and challenging with a funny attitude and utmost your love for God from the on set was so remarkable you became a force to be reckoned with in our large family...
Akinzo Baba when we last saw on the 25th of May last month in Ibadan, you said a lot in the short period we were together, there wasn't even enough time to say all you wanted to say... I called and tried to see you the next day before you left town but you were so busy...
Pastor Akin of all you said that day, you never said We Won't Be Seeing Again... I just want to tell you I have left there and I promise to hold unto God tighter cos this fight aint over... Rest for now bro...

(Written a year ago)


Akinzo Baba... Its now a year you left to be with the Lord... Grace and Mercy Love of the Lord whom you so loved and served whole heartedly, preached heartily, bless us till wee see again...

A True Friend - A Divine Inspiration

June 26, 2012
Akin. I can't believe you're gone. I think of you and I can't cry. I only have fond memories and a deep, firm, unshake-able faith and assurance that you are with God now and you will be very cross with us if we cry or are unhappy that you are no more here with us. We went to C & S College Ilorin Kwara State. I was quiet, timid and reserved. You were happy, bubbly and friends with everyone. You drew me out of my shell. We met on and off at University. I was at OAU, You were at Minna. We met and became firm friends in 2007 when I came back to work in Nigeria and became a member of HOTR, The Refuge. You encouraged me to take the "Finding The Rock" Classes and become a Worker in Church. You loved God, You loved Pastor Obi. I remember asking for your advice during Pastor Obi's Birthday and Pastor's Appreciation Day - re what to give as presents. Your advice was always spot on and I felt I was doing my bit to further God's Ministry and appreciate our Pastor and Father in the Lord - Pastor Obi. You had a way of telling us what the Church needed and we willingly offered what we could - no pressures - you made it easy to give. You took charge of my Sister's Wedding in 2008. The media was perfect. The Montage was Perfect. The compere was Perfect. You calmed me when I was upset with the "Typical Nigeria Factor". You made the day a success. We kept in touch when I moved back to London. You came to see me when I had my baby, Jayden and your prayers are still in my heart. Over Easter 2012 - you saw my Sister on Oxford St, with Pastor Temi and she extended your warm regards. That was the Last time we spoke. Now. You. Are. With. Our. Lord. I am sad your cheeky bubbly love for all your friends is gone. But I am glad you lived a Godly Life and you are with Jesus now - willing us all to live a life true to God. You are an inspiration and you will be deeply missed. May God continue to keep your family, your wife, Toyin, and your lovely adorable angels in the palm of his loving hands and comfort them as they miss you in their lives. Have fun with God and rock heaven......we will see you soon. Toyin


June 15, 2012

Reverend Akin Olumodeji, 39, was one of the 153 passengers aboard the crashed DANA Air flight. Even days after, members of House on the Rock the Refuge, Abuja, find it difficult to accept the fact that he is dead. Through blackberry chat groups, departmental yahoo group messages, it is clear nobody is willing to accept the truth. One of them kept saying: “If only one person survived, it would be Pastor Akin.” Even when news filtered in that there were no survivors, many BB status read: “Pastor Akin, I still believe”.
Many of the members are still distraught. Many recall some of his sermons, one of which was: “Actor no Dey Die.” Yet, while some remember his daring dress-sense, others recall his style of prayers, amongst other numerous fond things about him.

As if he knew his time was near, at the last Saturday prayer meeting, Morning Glory, the day before he died, he had said it was okay to cry, but not to stay crying.

On Sunday in the Spiritual Authority Class, before the communion service at 9 am, one of his students, Cynthia Allagh recalled: “His teaching was apt about four things: His unshaken love for God; his undying love for his wife, vowing to marry her again if he had to do it all over again. To his Pastor and Father in the Lord, he spoke of the joy of serving him and if he had to do it all over again, he would serve under him and still be a son in the House on the Rock. He spoke of the time being very short....... Time is indeed Short”.

Pastor Akin was popularly referred to, as “ Pastor Colour,” because of his love for colours, which is not conventional with men. Yet, he always turned out outstanding in it. Despite his dandy side, he was spiritually deep. He was Reverend Goodheart Obi Ekwueme’s (the Senior Pastor House on The Rock the Refuge, Abuja) armour-bearer and also handled some key departments in church. So, he was always in your face.

A die-hard Chelsea fan, Pastor Akin, as his admirers loved to call him, was exceptional in every way. To some, he was a Pastor with the swag, which a million dollars can never buy. To some he was a teacher, unearthing heavenly servant leadership. To Pastor Goodheart, he was a faithful son; his unfailing love to serve was never in doubt.

Pastor Akin was also a mentor, using his life experiences to draw many out of the woods, and since he had no chips on his shoulders, he practiced what he preached.   A driving force to many across all ages, Pastor Akin was the first to admit his weaknesses, using them to tell the congregation how he overcame just by serving God. He never failed to recount the benefits of walking with God.
His life was more than a message. There was no pretense about his service. He motivated those that worked closely with him, and never failed to compliment when the job was done.

Pastor Akin was also a devoted husband and father. His refrain each time he held the microphone to preach was to look towards his wife and say: “Toyin, no one do me the way you do.” He had a large extended family, having from come a polygamous background. His doomed trip to Lagos was to enable him attend a family meeting and he was looking forward to having a nice time with them.  According to the Assistant Head of Protocol Department, Obinna Ejiogu,  “Reverend Akin Olumodeji, a million words would not bring you back, we know because we have tried, neither would a million tears, we know this because we are still in tears. 

  “We are confident you are resting, for you have laboured early to deserve Heaven’s merit. We remember you telling us our Maker is Calling us; that irrespective of what and how we feel, we should remain joyful, letting all that is weighing us down to go. We don’t doubt that in anyway because you lived your life better than you preached every single message that blessed us. That’s where we find our solace; our assurance and certainly the sure confidence that you have with our father”.

Another member, Arnold Jackson, said: “Words will fail me if I attempt to utter them at this moment of grief over the incident that resulted in the demise of our own pastor, a son in the house, Pastor Goodheart’s armour-bearer, Akin Olumodeji.

“However, we do not mourn as those without hope. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall be made alive. For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, God will also bring with Him through Jesus those who have fallen asleep (in death).

“The greatest tragedy is not death, but life that never realizes its full potentials. Our pastor, mentor and a brother, though short-lived, had maximized his God-given potentials”.He is survived by his wife, Toyin, his daughter, Hilary and his son, Goodheart.

The above story was published by JULIANA TAIWO-OBALONYE on 9/6/2012. Accessed from


June 7, 2012

Pastor Akin Olumodeji was  a Pastor at House on the Rock (The Refuge Abuja) until his death on 3rd June 2012.

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