Missing you

Shared by Alida Tchicamboud on January 31, 2012

Evertime I am in church I feel your presence, at time It's feels like I am going to see you or hear your voice. It's amazing how I miss you. I realize how much you taught me everyime time I quote you in my stories, Thank you for everything.
I miss you.

Shared by Tamara Littlejohn on December 30, 2011
Days have gone by and I still wake up thinking this was just a dream. Pastor Kitt I miss you so much. Missing your smile, your kind words, your love. You had such an impact on my life and Ashley's life. Iam so happy for you, you get to spend walking around heaven, no more pain, free from attacks. Dont forget to look down on us and send us some songs. I will forever love you and am looking forward to seeing you again. Tamara

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