Shared by Michele Behrends on June 24, 2019

My best memories of Pat, were when we talked about, the wonderful gifts, that our children brought to us,  Those gifts, of course, were Katie and Sarah.  How happy could anyone be!  At that time they were living California, which was good, because it was so much fun when they came home.  She and I compared notes on what a difference, it was to having a baby at home & caring for the child.  We wondered many times together how our kids made it to adulthood.

She was with me when, the doctor, she worked for, explained about my husband's aggressive cancer.  She held me up, with her loving and kind words.  She came to the house to say hello, a couple of times.  Jerry, was always happy to see her.  She said that all I had to do was call and she would help in any way she.  I will be forever grateful to have known her genuine sweetness, her caring, and her tenderness.

I will miss you Pat, but just think of all the folks up there that could not wait to see you.  


Thank You

Shared by Karen O'Neill on June 23, 2019

Thank you Pat for accepting me as your daughter in law and always making me feel welcome.  Thank you for the laughs and the humor and your bright shining spirit.  I am forever grateful to you.  

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