Until I see you again GRANDMA PAT .. JOHN 16:22

Shared by Salena Schilling on April 23, 2021
Grandma Pat you have always been the rock in our family ...all my memories of you up until the day you went home with our lord and savior have been nothing but warm and loving . One memory i would like to share is when I was a little girl you would read books to me when I came over and when you moved away to Tahoe you continued to read me books by recording your voice on cassette tapes and sending them to me every couple of weeks. These are memories I will never forget grandma Pat and when my kids would come to visit you.. you  continued this tradition because of you my kids love books . Now you will be our guardian angel in heaven even though you have always been an angel in my life grandma . Until we meet again in heaven me a spot with all our family John 16:22
Shared by Anastasia Keola on April 23, 2021
Living with you and you would cook me breakfast in bed and just sit with me and tell me all your stories when you were younger or when we would be in your living room listening to oldies and we would just dance together. Saving money for Disney land. Christmas mornings was the best mornings with you ever. There’s so many stories I have of you. 

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