Let the memory of Sir P.C be with us forever.
  • 73 years old
  • Born on March 17, 1939 in Nimo, Anambra, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on November 1, 2012 in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our dearly beloved Dad, Sir Patrick Chizoba Omabu, aged 73, born on March 17, 1939 and passed away on the feast of All Saints, November 1, 2012. We will remember him now and always.

Posted by Steph O on 2nd November 2017
Dear Uncle, Your life was a blessing and your memories are treasured. We love and miss you beyond measure. Your memories live in our hearts to stay and your life goes on forever!
Posted by Oraka Nnaemeka on 2nd November 2017
He was a great man and one of the pillars Nimo stood on, a devoted christian and a friend to all. May he continue to rest in His bossom Amen. We miss him dearly
Posted by Ikenna Wilfred Ogakwu on 1st November 2017
We really can't stop missing you Sir
Posted by Lucia Okonofua MJ on 1st November 2017
Sir Omabu, it's five years now since you went "marching with the Saints". You did not just exist while with us, you lived and did so in the fear of God. Not surprising you were called Home on the day of the Saints.
Posted by Ikenna Wilfred Ogakwu on 19th March 2017
Sir P.C. Omabu was a very distinguished and interesting man. Never would you find a dull moment with him, continue to rest in peace sir.
Posted by Ejii Eke on 18th March 2017
A charming gentle man. Very humble, soft spoken and ever classily dressed. May ur soul keep resting in peace in the lord.
Posted by Ikenna Odike on 18th March 2017
May his gentle soul continue to rest in the bosom of the lord!
Posted by Ethel Anarado on 17th March 2017
He has done his bit while on earth. He was an epitome of virtuos character. His cheerful mien always endeared me to him. Erat honorabile! Eternal peace grant unto him ,o Lord. May he keep resting in peace: Amen!
Posted by Kiki Ukachukwu on 17th March 2017
Just last week I was telling someone the story of a dear uncle of mine "Uncle Pat". One in a million! I still don't understand why the good ones die early...... I guess we should not question God! You are greatly missed dear uncle. There is no doubt that you are with our Lord, keep resting dear uncle.
Posted by Innocent Anene on 17th March 2017
Words do fail me. I only have this to say to my friends. You look at ur immortalized Dad Sir P. C Omabu. He died a great man, he lived a great man. His legacy will endure in the hearts of those he touched indirectly and more directly. Find love and Kindness, encourage one another and endure in forgiveness no matter the hurt. Tell me you love me now not while am no more he will probably say. Just saying Rest In Peace to a Man some of us wished was the guy behind us.
Posted by Chioma Afuba on 17th March 2017
Still missing you. Which I know will never stop. Still praying and hoping for a miracle or divine intervention. Continue to rest in peace Dad.
Posted by Lucia Okonofua MJ on 1st November 2016
Posted by Charles NDUBISI on 1st November 2016
He was indeed great in every manner; great in faith, vision, wisdom, charity, simplicity and dedication. He was ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of peace. His golden rule was;"There is no amount of sacrifice that is too much for peaceful co-existence". Another, "where there is peace, there is always 'onye nzuzu' " He had no problem taking the place of the 'onye nzuzu'. The times I spent with him were moments of learning and understanding deeply the eternal truths. He shared with me, how he bought a land three times from one family. To many, it is a mark of stupidity, but to him, a sacrifice, necessary for peace. No wonder Jesus, announced the blessedness of peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. Sir P.C Omabu lives in the hearts of many, because he nurtured many giants. I pray in a special way today and always for his peaceful repose.
Posted by Chinwe Ozoegwu on 1st November 2016
Continue to watch over your children daddy with the rest of the saints.
Posted by Chioma Afuba on 1st November 2016
The days are still very much troubled ,still praying for a miracle and wishing you were here. Miss you Dad.
Posted by Daniel Fernandez on 19th April 2016
I had the great pleasure to know and work together with Mr. Patrick Omabu long time ago, but his memories remain with us as a trustable, honourable man and excellent person. Our company RAYT is based in Barcelona, Spain, and we had the chance to share with him some days during his business visits to us. May he rest in peace and all this family and friends remain honoured for having the chance of sharing life with him.
Posted by Donald Ekpeh on 11th April 2016
Last March 17, Sir PC would have been 77 years. Anyway, he has celebrated that with the angels! Many, many congratulations Sir.
Posted by Donald Ekpeh on 22nd February 2016
Our very own dear Sir PC! May your gentle and lovely soul continue to rest in the bosom of your God and our God until we all meet again never to part!
Posted by Chidiogo Akpuokwe on 6th November 2015
A gentleman to the core, Sir PC Omabu....... I know he is resting in the Lord's bosom.May eternal rest be granted to him and his good deeds never be forgotten.
Posted by Wilfred Ogakwu on 3rd November 2015
Today and always may loving memories of Patrick Omabu bring peace,comfort and strength
Posted by Chinelo Ngene on 2nd November 2015
Uncle Omabu was always so kind, so generous, so willing to assist everyone around him. I am so thankful to have known him in my life, I feel really blessed for the part God led him to play in our lives. For his courageousness, wisdom, integrity I bless and thank our dear Lord. I am confident that he is resting in our Lord's bosom where he belongs. Adieu papa, till me meet again.
Posted by Ifeyinwa Okoye on 1st November 2015
Time may pass and fade away, but memories of you will always stay.
Posted by Chisom Okoye on 1st November 2015
Thinking of you and sending a very special prayer; that God will bless you, keep you safe and tend you with great care. You were such a special Dad in every single way. Continue to rest in the Lord's bosom.
Posted by Lucia Okonofua MJ on 1st November 2015
Sir P.C., a knight in word, deed and thought; you had a trully noble spirit and certainly was never satisfied with half measures. You loved God and lived in Him; you even had a special day to seek Him out in the poor and needy. An eye for details and a deep thinker. I believe God wanted to bear witness to your love for Him and His ways by calling you to Himself on All Saints day. May your kind and caring soul rest in perfect peace. Pray for us.
Posted by Ethel Omabu- Atuanya on 1st November 2015
Daddy continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord; Amen. Adieu
Posted by Ethel Omabu- Atuanya on 1st November 2015
Daddy continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord; Amen. Adieu
Posted by Ngozi Ogakwu on 1st November 2015
"To live in the hearts of those who love you is not to die." We miss you,great man that you were! Forever in our hearts!
Posted by Esperanza Obinyan on 1st November 2015
Sir Omabu was a man of integrity. He touched so many lives and mine. The day I will never forget was my wedding day. My dad passed in 1994 and each time I went for a wedding I always had tears in my eyes when I see dad's walk their daughters down the aisle.. I knew I was never going to have that experience and begged GOD to help me walk down the aisle on my own day without crying. The day came and I was informed that my handsome kid brother was going to play that role. I waited outside the church and no one could find him and from nowhere ......literally from nowhere someone touched my elbow and it was Sir Patrick Omabu. He did not even give me the chance to say good morning all he said was "are you ready" I nodded and he walked me to my husband and I heard him clearly telling him to "please take care of her". Just exactly what my dad would have said. He filled a big hole in my heart on that special day and I am forever thankful. Continue to rest in peace my great uncle.
Posted by Lylien Ozor on 1st November 2015
You were genuinely a man of the people, a man loved by the people and surely a man of God. Though our paths never crossed, ur deeds spoke volume of your kind. May Gods perpetual light remain shining upon you...You fought a good fight and you will receive your crown. RIP Sir!
Posted by Chioma Afuba on 1st November 2015
I think of you so much these troubled days and I keep wishing for a miracle.
Posted by Tagbo Oguejiofor on 13th August 2015
I first met Patrick C. Omabu in 1990. That was when I went to do my industrial attachment at the Africana book publishing company where at that time he was the chairman and managing director. He used to fondly call me MAO. He was humble, humane and highly intelligent. May god rest his soul in peace.
Posted by Chioma Afuba on 17th March 2015
Happy Birthday Dad. Still miss you so much.
Posted by Charles NDUBISI on 17th March 2015
Yes, he was a giant in all ramifications but he lived a saintly life of humility. He was all things to all men; detached, friendly, unassuming and always ready to go extra miles with everybody. He was succour to the poor, companion to the sick, example to the rich and pillar to the Church. Many lived because he came and for this he lives….
Posted by Chinwe Ozoegwu on 1st November 2014
Continue to rest in His bossom daddy. And may you continue to watch over your children with the angels as new memories are made today.
Posted by Mac-Arthur Obi on 17th March 2014
Just like yesterday, you left this wicked world. U have left some marks on the sands of time. Your family misses you, the church needs you back, the community wishes you could be reincarnated ASAP but one thing keeps coming to my mind and that is, may be God needs you more now and that could be the reason you left. ...greatly remembered by us sir. May your legacies live. .
Posted by Anyadiegwu Theophilus on 17th March 2014
Oh! What a glorious celebration as we mark the birthday of Our Patriarch Sir PC Omabu,, my prayer is that the good Lord shall continue to shower his perpetual light on your great soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God.. Amen!!! Happy Birthday Celebration With Thy Saints In Heaven, We Love You but God Love you most. Requiescat In Domino Pace!!
Posted by Buchi Michael on 2nd November 2013
I think of you in silence, I often speak your name But all i have are memories And your picture in a frame. You are a great man, a disciplined general, a faithful father, A dependable mentor and my BOSS. Few years working in your film was a great experience and impact you made to my life. You live an existence that’s elevated in nature I love you Sir
Posted by Chika Moore on 2nd November 2013
My first encounter with Sir Patrick Omabu was at a dinner organized by ANSA (Association of Nimo Seminarians and Aspirants) as a send forth for then Mr (now Rev Fr Dr) Fabian Ndubueze Mmagu. Sir Omabu made an impression on me with his humility and the talk he gave that night "Things for which posterity will remember us". He lived the words he spoke that night with profound humility.
Posted by Ugo Ubili on 2nd November 2013
Sir PC, because you loved humanity, because you loved simplicity & humility, because you loved generosity, because you loved God, because you were a family man, because you loved entrepreneurship, because you conquered, because you believed in God & resurrection. PC, it is & combination of reasons why we LOVE you back. Rest till we meet again. Adieu Dike!
Posted by Maryanne Ibida on 1st November 2013
You were indeed an iconic saint for the exemplary life you lived on earth.God called you back to him on the feast of all saints. You will be missed and remembered always on this saintly day. May you and all the other saints in heaven intercede for us. Adieu Sir knight!!!!!!!
Posted by Obinna Nwaobiora on 1st November 2013
Sir P.C Omabu, a man whom you can learn so much from within a twinkle of an eye.... A true defender of the church. Generations yet unborn will gain from his contributions to mankind. Continue to rest in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
Posted by Patricia Reilly on 1st November 2013
I only knew Patrick Omabu for the last 15 months of his life, during the illness which brought him to my parish church in Glasgow. I found him to be the most humble gentleman I have ever met. I feel honoured that I was able to take the Eucharist to him almost daily during those last few weeks. He accepted his illness with dignity and great love for Mary Rose and his beloved children.
Posted by Chidimma Ekpeh-Amobi on 1st November 2013
Indeed a rare gem Sir PC left us. You are gone but memories of u remain same. Continue to rest in peace the great man.
Posted by Anyadiegwu Theophilus on 1st November 2013
The value of man is not known, until his absent is felt.. Sir P.C Omabu's Humility and Kindness is a NOVEL which everyone will like to read. May His Great Soul, My Dad's Soul Chief Lawrence Nwachukwu Ayika Anyadiegwu and the soul's of all the Faithful departed Requiescat In Domini Pace. Through The Mercy Of God.. AMEN!!
Posted by Ifeyinwa Okoye on 1st November 2013
As years roll on and days go by, In our hearts a memory is kept Of a great and humble man that will never be forgotten. Rest in perfect peace, Sir P.C Omabu
Posted by Ada Omile on 1st November 2013
The Omile and Muoegbunam family remembers Sir P.C.Omabu. He was a great man of goodwill and great vision. His legacy is carried on by your children. May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Ikenna Wilfred Ogakwu on 1st November 2013
If Love Could Have Kept You Here.You Would Never Have Gone.May God Keep You In His Loving Care Amen.
Posted by Hyacinth Akunne on 1st November 2013
"We dearly miss you in all aspects of human endeavor which you gracefully steadfastly stood for. We continue to honor thee for the contributions, and as this year passes by, along with your family members, we miss you but we remember. May the soul of Sir P. Omabu and those of all faithful departed rest in perfect peace, AMEN".
Posted by Chika Okoye on 1st November 2013
.....And he matched on with All the Saints, to heaven. His legacy lives on.....You will always be remembered Sir. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Chioma Afuba on 1st November 2013
For the times we lived. For the moments we shared. For the influences we had. For the witnesses we testified. The reward is one and the same, ETERNITY. That's what Dad has gotten. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Amen! Fr Gerald Nwafor.

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